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Martial World - Chapter 755


Chapter 755 - Swords Drawn




Wang Yichan's words were a clear threat;the atmosphere immediately became tense.

Although a fourth grade spirit vein source was precious, it was still absolutely obtainable to a power on the level of the Northwest Great Desert.

Before this, the Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan Patriarch had taken out a fire-attribute spirit vein source at the quasi fifth grade, thus he felt pained in his heart to do so.

Now with Lin Ming wanted to exchange a mystic realm key for a fourth grade spirit source vein, that wasn't too expensive or demanding at all.

But, the crux of this entire matter was - that jade pendant woman!

’’Interesting, very interest! He doesn't love treasures but loves beauties, hahaha!’’ Li Yifeng said with zest as he drank some wine in a corner of the hall.

’’Does Young Master think that everyone is as depraved as you are? There must be some problem with that woman if they are fighting over her!’’ Li Yifeng's maid grumpily said.

’’But...’’ The young maid suddenly smiled, a bit happy that there was a ruckus occurring, ’’No matter what the situation is, it's quite lively right now. If they fight then that Wang Yichan boy won't be easy to deal with. He is a talent himself and he's also crossed the second stage of Life Destruction;it's hard to estimate just how high his true combat strength is. I think it's most likely for Lin Ming to lose here. Since he claims to be a Young Emperor then this should be fun. I wonder just how this whole debacle will end.’’

’’You naughty girl, your heart is no good at all. But, this Wang Yichan is indeed fierce;it won't be easy to deal with him.’’ Li Yifeng licked his lips. Whether it was Lin Ming or Wang Yichan, both of them would be future overlords of their own domains. Although divine Phoenix Island was the weaker party right now, Wang Yichan wouldn't do something so brash as offending a potential future powerhouse.

Lin Ming didn't expect that Wang Yichan would have such a violent reaction. As he looked at the young woman standing next to him, he discovered she simply stood there like a block of wood, her gray pupils not even having the slightest change in them. From just looking at her, one felt a deep sense of pity and regret for her existence.

This woman... she shouldn't have been willing to be Wang Yichan's concubine. Rather, she had been forced. She was completely indifferent to Lin Ming asking for her, as if her heart had died out long ago.

What sort of secret was on her? How was it related to the goddess in the Eternal Demon Abyss?

For a time, all sorts of thoughts flashed through Lin Ming's mind. The reason that he had wanted this mysterious woman to begin with was because he wanted to ask her about her life experiences as well as her family. Secondly, he wanted to conceal the secret of the jade pendant. If he directly requested the jade pendant from Wang Yichan then it would easily arouse suspicions. If Wang Yichan thought that there was some special secret with the jade pendant then he would definitely refuse.

But now, it looked as if this young woman had an extraordinary significance to Wang Yichan.

Lin Ming caused all sorts of suspicions to rise in his heart;there was definitely something special about her.

’’I can provide you a top fourth grade spirit vein source, but as for my concubine, I advise you not to think about that any more. I hate others encroaching on my women the most!’’

Lin Ming replied with a true essence sound transmission, ’’Sir, if I'm not wrong then this woman is still a virgin. Although she is your concubine, you have no intention of marrying her, am I right? As long as I can borrow this woman then that will be enough. As for the fourth grade spirit vein source, the quasi fifth grade spirit vein source from the deep sea Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan will be enough. I need to borrow this woman for three years, and three years from now I will return her to you untouched. When that time comes, you can again receive her into your room!’’

The reason that Lin Ming said these words was first to probe if Wang Yichan was only interested in the jade pendant young woman's beauty. Secondly, he asked for a three year deadline because three years from now, Lin Ming's strength would definitely have risen to another level. At that time, he would have the strength to negotiate better terms. After all, the Northwest Great Desert was a Holy Land level force;Lin Ming didn't wish to become enemies with them.

’’Lin Ming, stop repeatedly testing my bottom line, otherwise I will turn your grand wedding into a funeral!’’ As Wang Yichan spoke he released a thick killing intent. This also confirmed Lin Ming's guess. Wang Yichan definitely didn't keep this woman around him for her beauty. In fact, it was unknown whether or not she was even his concubine.

’’Turn my wedding into a funeral?’’ Lin Ming coldly smiled, ’’It's true that you are from a Holy Land, but so what? If we really fight then I will have the Giant Leviathan lead everyone from divine Phoenix Island deep into the South Sea. I don't believe that in such a vast South Sea I won't be able to evade you. And then, dozens of years from now, I will instead kill my way into your Northwest Great Desert. At that time, it's hard to say just how the situation will turn out!’’

’’Kill your way into my Northwest Great Desert a few dozen years from now? Hahaha!’’ Wang Yichan recklessly laughed, ’’Others call you Young Emperor, but do you really believe you are capable of entering the divine Sea dozens of years from now? How ridiculous! I don't need the future, just here and with my strength alone I can already dye divine Phoenix Island in blood!’’

As Wan Yichan spoke to here, a red light appeared in his eyes and a faint black fog seemed to emanate from him as if he were ready to erupt at any moment.

Although there were many esteemed guests here, the strongest among there were Nanyun Wang and Abbot Konghe of the Great Zen Temple. Both of them were third stage Life Destruction masters. However, they were still guests here and as heads of their own forces, they wouldn't meddle in affairs of the Northwest Great Desert and divine Phoenix island.

As for everyone else, they were nothing to speak of.

Seeing the tense atmosphere that was ready to blow up at any second, the guests present turned somewhat white. This other party was not easy to handle. Wang Yichan's foundation was extremely solid;it was hard to say where the limits of his strength were!

Both of them were geniuses, but Lin Ming was only at the late Revolving Core compared to the second stage of Life Destruction. That was a large boundary and a small boundary's difference added together.

Jumping ranks to fight wasn't terrifying, what was terrifying was for a favored son of heaven to jump ranks to fight amongst his peers. Even a difference of half a small boundary was extremely difficult to overcome.

No matter how one looked at it, divine Phoenix Island looked a bit powerless here. It would be an injustice if they were swept up in the mess and ended up perishing.

’’Young Master, why are still talking nonsense with this brat. Just capture him and take what you need away. If he remains a thickheaded idiot who still wants to chew off more than he can chew, just kill him!’’ Behind Wang Yichan, a third stage Life Destruction Elder drew out his weapon.


A sharp origin energy immediately cut several nearby wedding tables in half, causing a number of exquisite jade tableware pieces to fall onto the ground, broken.

As Lin Ming saw this he scowled. This was his grand wedding banquet after all. With all these esteemed guests gathered here at his home, it should be a festive and auspicious event. But, for this person to draw out his weapon like this was truly slapping his face in public.

At this time, two women appeared in the main hall - they were Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan. According to normal wedding customs, Mu Qianyu should be waiting in the nuptial chambers while Lin Ming greeted and entertained the guests outside. But now that matters had devolved to this level, she had no choice but to appear.

’’Master, what's happening?’’ As Mu Qianyu saw the scene unfolding in the main hall her complexion paled a bit. Mu Yuhuang quickly placed Mu Qianyu behind her, her expression solemn. ’’Yu'er, tell Demonshine to ready the Giant Leviathan, the situation is very bad right now!’’

Wang Yichan simply didn't care about what Mu Yuhuang was doing. He coldly smiled and with a flick of his finger, a palm-sized jade dish flew up, falling atop his fingertips where it rapidly spun around.

Lin Ming was startled as he saw this. As for Li Yifeng, his complexion completely changed. This was... a battle spirit!

’’That brat Wang Yichan has comprehended his own battle spirit!?’’

Generally, only divine Sea powerhouses were able to form their own battle spirit. But, there were occasionally extraordinarily talented martial artists that were able to comprehend their own battle spirits in the Life Destruction realm. The growth of a battle spirit followed that of a martial artist's cultivation. Thus, the earlier a martial artist comprehended a battle spirit, the more potential for growth there was in the future.

'To comprehend a battle spirit at the second stage of Life Destruction, there are many divine Kingdom Princes and Crown Princes that aren't able to achieve this. It seems this Wang Yichan has an amazing talent in the aspect of martial arts will!'

Li Yifeng sighed in his heart. In this regard, he had no choice but to be ashamed at his own inferiority!

A talent often had particular areas in which they excelled. For instance, Li Yifeng excelled in the Concept and Laws of Wind. His comprehension of the Concept of Wind had already caught up to that of a divine Sea Supreme Elder.

But, while this Wang Yichan was clearly extraordinary in the aspect of will, it was possible that he was relatively weak in the comprehension of Laws. There were very few geniuses that were strong in all aspects.

It wasn't just Li Yifeng, but the worldly and experienced Great Zen Temple's Abbot Konghe also recognized this battle spirit. He bowed his head and began to recite Buddhist sutras. It appeared that this situation seemed more and more likely to end poorly.

’’Lin Ming, I will give you a final chance to hand over that jade key. You have already aroused my anger, now I will no longer pay you any compensation.’’

Lin Ming narrowed his eyes and looked at the spinning jade plate above Wang Yichan's fingertip. This person obviously thought far too highly of himself. Otherwise, he would have poured his battle spirit into his own treasure weapon instead of a jade plate.

As he glanced over at the grey-pupiled young woman standing beside Wang Yichan, he noticed a sad light in her eyes as if she were mourning for her fate. Lin Ming was inexplicably touched;just what sort of story was behind this woman?

’’It seems you insist on dying! Then, let me help you along!’’

Wang Yichan coldly coughed, suddenly throwing out his palm. The battle spirit-infused jade dish was like a death-dealing wheel as it cut straight towards Lin Ming's neck. In that moment, the degree of hardness of that small jade dish had reached that of a heaven-step treasure!

’’Be careful!’’

Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan cried out in the same time, their hearts in chaos. At this time, they couldn't imagine just what they would do if Lin Ming was harmed.

Lin Ming's vision condensed and he flicked the fingers on his hand. A battle spirit wrapped around the air, howling forth like an arrow!

A battle spirit was immeasurably fast. In a flash, the battle spirit of the air and the battle spirit of the small jade dish violently collided.

With a 'peng!' sound, the small jade dish split in half. As for that battle spirit infused air current, it continued to cut towards the point between Wang Yichan's eyebrows without slowing.


Wang Yichan was greatly shocked. Waving his right hand he immediately brought up a black long sword!

With a loud ringing sound of metal crashing, the battle spirit smashed into the blade of the black sword. The long sword trembled!

That Li Yifeng who had been drinking some good wine and watching the play unfold was dumbfounded on the spot. His mouth opened wide, wine pouring down the corners of his mouth as he looked on in shock, seeming like an old man suffering from senility.

A battle spirit was powerful but it also depended on what kind of object it was attached too. Attaching it to a treasure obviously provided the strongest striking power. In his arrogance, Wang Yichan had underestimated his opponent and only used a jade dish. But, Lin Ming was even more arrogant and had only used the air!

Air was even lighter and frailer than that small jade dish. But, in Lin Ming's hand, air had actually broken through that small jade dish!


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