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Martial World - Chapter 752


Chapter 752 - Lin Ming's Wedding, the divine Kingdom Prince




South Horizon Region, Scarlet Peak City -

Scarlet Peak City was a relatively large city in the South Horizon Region. This was because it was where the headquarters of a top third-grade sect were located.

Just a few years ago, because of the invasion of the South Sea Demon Region, Scarlet Peak City had gone into decline with many of the martial artists relocating elsewhere. However, with the death of Xuan Wuji, Scarlet Peak City was once again booming with the hustle and bustle of vibrant crowds.

At this time, in a high class restaurant in Scarlet Peak City, there were several martial artists sitting together and talking. ’’I heard that the Young Emperor of divine Phoenix Island will have his great marriage in another month! The entire divine Phoenix Island is now lively with countless guests from all around. Many important characters of the South Horizon Region and Five Element Region will be attending. Even the Sovereign of an ordinary third-grade sect doesn't have the qualifications to go into the main hall, they can only enter the side halls!’’

’’Whew, to think even a third-grade sect Sovereign can only go to a side hall.’’ A martial artist commented with some emotion as he drank. All of them came from the third-grade Scarlet Peak Sect. It was rare for them to even see a Sovereign level character. To them, that was already a very high existence.

’’Who did you say was getting married just now?’’ As the several martial artists spoke, a lazy voice suddenly drawled out.

The several people followed the voice and saw that in a corner of the restaurant, there was a young man wearing a yellow Kirin robe, a purple gold crown on his head. The young man was fiddling with a wine glass, and beside him were three beautiful woman accompanying him, one of them a young nun.

As the group saw this, the reaction of a common man would have been to become jealous and upset, cursing at this man in his heart that he would be such a lucky pig.

And these martial artists were no exception. The leading Scarlet Peak Sect disciple couldn't tolerate this any further and shouted out, ’’divine Phoenix Island's Young Emperor Lin Ming's wedding! It will happen in just a month!’’

After Lin Ming killed Xuan Wuji he had become the shining star of the South Horizon Region. No one dared to call Lin Ming by his full name any longer.

From the start, they had referred to Lin Ming as the Holy Son of divine Phoenix Island, Great Hero Lin, and so forth. Later, the name of Young Emperor Lin Ming had randomly caught on and this name had spread out.

In their opinion, Lin Ming would inevitably become a Peerless Emperor in the future. Referring to him as Young Emperor now was also an appropriate matter.

’’I see, so it really is him.’’ The Kirin-robed youth was the divine Kingdom Prince, Li Yifeng. When he had arrived at the Great Zen Region, he had also heard of Lin Ming's name. Now, accompanied by his bevy of beauties, he leisurely made his way to the South Horizon Region where he learned of Lin Ming's great wedding.

’’Young Emperor? This Lin Ming actually dares to refer to himself as Young Emperor?’’ A young maid dressed up as a beautiful noble girl didn't take this very well. ’’Not even my young master dares to take this sort of name. Yet this Lin Ming only comes from a small fourth-grade sect and he dares to call himself Young Emperor? That is far too arrogant!’’

’’Arrogant?’’ The Scarlet Peak Sect disciple stared with wide eyes, as if he had heard wrong. What sort of small fourth-grade sect? It was like these people looked down on all fourth-grade sects in general. ’’Humph, what would you know? Young Emperor is not a title that Lin Ming calls himself, but is what all the martial artists of the South Horizon Region have recognized him as. Young Emperor Lin is so young and yet he managed to defeat Xuan Wuji. His talent far surpasses anyone from the present or from ancient times. It is inevitable that he will become a Peerless Emperor, so what is so wrong with calling him Young Emperor now?’’

The young maid curled her lips, apparently not convinced, ’’Who cares about who you South Horizon Region martial artists have recognized? Over 90% of the Emperor level powerhouses are concentrated in the four divine Kingdoms in the center of the mainland. Your South Horizon Region is only a very ordinary region in the Sky Spill Continent. In these past several thousand years has an Emperor level powerhouse ever been born from here?’’

The young maid's question left the Scarlet Peak Sect disciples speechless. It was indeed true that there hadn't been an Emperor level powerhouse born from the South Horizon Region in a very long time. In fact, even the Netherworld Great Emperor from 3000 years ago was not someone from the South Horizon Region but had come from somewhere else instead. This was not because the South Horizon Region was inadequate, but because it was hard to find a single Emperor level powerhouse in the majority of the Sky Spill Continent's ordinary regions. Even the Great Zen Region was in a similar state.

There were many Emperor level talents but very few Emperor level powerhouses. This was because an extraordinary young elite only had to come across a lucky chance and, coupled with their own astonishing talent, this was enough for them to join the ranks of Emperor level talents. But after that, there was still an extremely long road to cover before becoming a Peerless Emperor. It was possible that one wouldn't cross any more great lucky chances on this road, and these talents would easily exhaust their potential, finally stopping in Life Destruction.

Furthermore, many geniuses perished along the way. To cross the stages of Life Destruction was to risk your life every time. For a human to reach the divine Sea, they would have to overcome countless difficulties and make innumerable gambles with their lives.

This was still the South Horizon Region after all. After hearing the young maid's words, many martial artists refused to listen further. They all stood up together and said, ’’You dare to bully my South Horizon Region?’’

For a time, the young maid had become the target of everyone.

As Li Yifeng saw this, he laughed out loud and said, ’’Everyone, please do not take offense. This young maid is just a silly girl and was speaking some nonsense just now. Please don't be too agitated, hm?’’

As Li Yifeng spoke in a conciliatory tone, the standing martial artists didn't want to cause a stir because of a little girl and they immediately sat back down.

The young maid had a very morose expression. She said with a true essence sound transmission, ’’Young Master, why do you apologize to these stupid fellows. You can beat them all up with just a finger!’’

One of Li Yifeng's eyebrow curved up, ’’What meaning is there in bullying these common mortals? Speaking of this Lin Ming's big wedding, it should be rather interesting. Let's go and have some fun.’’


One month later, divine Phoenix Island -

After Xuan Wuji died, divine Phoenix Island finished rebuilding in just three months. And then, Lin Ming's wedding soon followed. Nearly all the Life Destruction level powerhouses from the southern point of the Sky Spill Continent had received invitations to divine Phoenix Island.

This great wedding was singlehandedly managed by Mu Yuhuang. The marriage of a divine Phoenix Island Saintess was a major event to begin with. And added with the fact that Lin Ming was the top master of the South Sea, it had become even more extravagant.

To be the top master of the South Sea at such a young age, his future prospects were endless.

Such a grand event naturally needed to be handled well and with the utmost care.

For several days, the skies above the entire divine Phoenix Island were covered by multi-hued rays of light like a kaleidoscope of colors. Everywhere one looked, there were shimmering clouds of iridescent light. Occasionally, a flaming Vermilion Bird or frost Blue Luan would fly back and forth between the clouds, as if this island were a true immortal paradise!

On the main island, all sorts of immortal grasses and trees bloomed at the same time under the driving force of an array formation. For a time, the entire divine Phoenix Island was filled with the vibrantly aromatic and sensual sense of the wild, fragrant scents floating in all directions. Among the scintillating clouds, grandiose palaces and temples of jade thrust into the heavens as if it were a scene from a dream.

With Lin Ming's fame in the South Sea, nearly every Life Destruction level martial artist invited came. Below Life Destruction, countless Revolving Core martial artists had already arrived early at divine Phoenix Island. As for the third-grade sects and above, even if their Sovereign didn't come, there would at least be a Vice Sovereign present.

And below that, there were even many unremarkable Xiantian martial artists that arrived;there were even some martial artists that weren't in a sect. These people didn't have an invitation, but had come anyway to experience such a grand celebration in the South Horizon Region that could only be seen once every several thousand years.

And several thousand years wasn't an exaggeration. With Lin Ming's current limelight, only the Netherworld Great Emperor of 3000 years past could compete with him in fame. In this situation, in just three short days, nearly 10,000 martial artists had arrived at divine Phoenix Island and more were coming every minute.

For those martial artist that weren't invited, divine Phoenix Island didn't turn anyone away. In order to hold a massive celebration for Lin Ming, Mu Yuhuang had several reception halls built in the surrounding miles around where the ceremony would take place. For this great wedding ceremony, divine Phoenix Island had spared absolutely no effort.

’’Dire Space Sect Elder, Lian Chihue!’’

’’Storm Valley Vice Valley Master, Zhan Yuntian!’’

’’Sunfire Sect direct disciple, Huo Ruyan!’’

’’Nanyun Wang!’’

The master of ceremonies announced the names of arriving guests in order. As Nanyun Wang's name was announced, Lin Ming's mind stirred. He looked around to see a middle-aged man in a nine-clawed dragon robe and wearing a purple gold jade belt. He walked forwards, laughing, with a beauty on each of his arms.

When Nanyun Wang was entering the Demon God Imperial Palace, he also had a similar appearance where he was surrounded by beautiful women. Nanyun Wang was a martial artist who followed the demonic path to begin with. It was rumored he had a harem of 3000 beauties, all of them as pretty and exquisite as flowers with a high martial talent. If any one of these women were placed in a small country then they would definitely be a proud daughter of heaven in their lands.

’’Nanyun Wang!’’

Lin Ming cupped his fists together in greeting.

’’Haha, Lin Ming, if I didn't see you with my own eyes then I still wouldn't be able to believe that it's been less than three years since we ventured into the Demon God Imperial Palace. Originally, I thought you were just a common junior, but in the blink of an eye you've turned around and actually became the top master of the South Sea! That is truly incredible!’’

Now that things had come to this, Nanyun Wang naturally wouldn't bother with the matter where he was played around with by Lin Ming in the Demon God Imperial Palace. In just three years, Lin Ming's cultivation had risen by two large boundaries. This sort of matter could be said to be unprecedented ever since ancient times.

As all of these high level characters arrived, all of them also brought along wedding gifts. There were all sorts of top-grade true essence stones, heavenly materials, treasures, and many other valuables.

Mu Yuhuang met every guest one at a time. Seeing divine Phoenix Island enjoying such a flourishing state, her heart was filled with emotion.

’’Great Zen Temple's third abbot, Grandmaster Konghe!’’

After Nanyun Wang, another esteemed guest arrived. Great Zen Temple had a total of three abbots;Abbot Whitebrow was only one of them. For Lin Ming's grand wedding, Abbot Whitebrow didn't come but Abbot Konghe did. He was similarly at the third stage of Life Destruction.

’’Grandmaster Konghe.’’

Towards this sort of venerable monk, Lin Ming politely bowed. Thinking about his trip into the Demon God Imperial Palace, he still had to thank Abbot Whitebrow for protecting divine Phoenix Island. Otherwise, it would have been impossible to depend on Mu Fengxian alone to contend with the South Sea Demon Region.

’’Benefactor Lin is so young yet has reached the late Revolving Core realm. Moreover, your strength is above even a fourth stage Life Destruction master's. In the future, your accomplishments will be immeasurable.’’ Grandmaster Konghe held his hands together and recited some Buddhist blessings.

’’Grandmaster's praise is too kind. Please come this way, I've had a set of vegetarian dishes especially prepared for Grandmaster and other eminent monks.’’

’’Supreme Mystery Temple Temple Master, Guru Guang Shang!’’

’’Golden Bell Mountain Sovereign, Golden Sword Sage!’’

’’divine Kingdom Prince... uh... Li Yifeng!’’

At the wedding banquet, the master of ceremonies announced visiting guests based on the identity they wrote down. At this time, there shouldn't be someone bored enough to pretend to be someone else. When the master of ceremonies read the title of divine Kingdom Prince, he almost stumbled over his words thinking that he had read it wrong. Was this divine Kingdom Prince real or fake?

Everyone's eyes turned as the master of ceremonies introduced this character. They only saw that at the entrance of the main hall, there was a young man in a purple robe walking in, playing with a folding fan as a young maid and a young nun followed on both sides of him.

divine Kingdom Prince? Of the four divine Kingdoms?

Lin Ming narrowed his eyes. This Li Yifeng's cultivation should be at the late Revolving Core realm - the same as him. From his appearance, he should be around 30 years old, just a bit older than Duanmu Qun.

The four great divine Kingdoms had Crown Princes and Princes. The rank of Prince was somewhat lower than Crown Prince, but they were still dragons amongst humans. If one didn't have talent then it was simply impossible for them to enjoy the title of Prince.


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