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Martial World - Chapter 751


Chapter 751 - Collapse of the South Sea Demon Region




Since Xuan Wuji died, half a month had peacefully passed.

In this half month, many matters had occurred.

The news of Lin Ming chasing down Xuan Wuji over a space of several hundred thousand miles became increasingly intense. At first, not many people believed this. However, with the passage of time, all signs began to point to this news most likely being true. In particular, after 10 days, the Giant Leviathan once again appeared over the skies of divine Phoenix Island. And in divine Phoenix Island, the original disciples of that land had begun to reconstruct their sect on a massively grand scale!

After seeing divine Phoenix Island build new grand temples and plazas and all sorts of complexes, the South Sea Demon Region actually didn't interfere. Instead, they retreated from the South Horizon Region and hid away.

And then, just three days later, another matter occurred that caused all the great sects to be completely bewildered.

That was... the South Sea Demon Region branch in the South Horizon Region had been disbanded!

The Demon Region disciples all went their separate ways. Some joined small sects, some concealed their identities, some went to mortal kingdoms, and some went off on into the distant lands. Overnight, the last stronghold of the South Sea Demon Region had quietly disintegrated.

Now, the South Sea Demon Region that had survived in name only had completely crumbled away!

The South Sea Demon Region that had a legacy of over 4000 years had disappeared like this?

The sects of the South Horizon Region and Five Element Region couldn't believe this. The South Sea Demon Region had once been a Holy Land level sect. From the time when the Silent Demon Emperor City had been destroyed 300 years ago until now, that mysterious and powerful South Sea Demon Region that had dominated the South Sea had now vanished. It was like everything they knew had been an illusion.

It was no different from waking up from a dream.

After several days, masters of the Five Element Region finally reached divine Phoenix Island. There, they obtained news that left them shellshocked.

’’Xuan Wuji is dead;Lin Ming killed him.’’

In front of important figures from the Five Element Region, Mu Bingyun recited this to them in a very calm tone.

’’What did you just say!?’’

The Sunfire Sect Sovereign stood up on the spot, his entire mind in utter chaos. For a long time he didn't respond to Mu Bingyun's shocking words.

’’Xuan Wuji has died, therefore the South Sea war has ended.’’ Mu Bingyun repeated without expression. Although her voice was calm and light, the truth was that her heart was not composed at all. She too was incomparably flabbergasted. Even though she knew that Lin Ming had a heaven-defying talent, she still didn't dare to believe that it was real.

’’Lin Ming... killed Xuan Wuji? Heavens! He is only 21 years old!’’

The rumors that had reached deafening proportions said that Lin Ming had chased down Xuan Wuji over a distance of several hundred thousand miles. Many people couldn't believe this to begin with, and now Mu Bingyun had spoken even more outrageous news: Xuan Wuji had actually been killed by Lin Ming!

Since this was confirmed by Mu Bingyun, and in addition to everything that had occurred recently, this was most likely true!

A 21 year old Revolving Core youth had killed a fourth stage Life Destruction master! Then how monstrous would he be once he reached Life Destruction? Or the divine Sea!?

The many people present couldn't help but wonder this terrifying question.

Looking through the entire Sky Spill Continent's history, and setting aside that blank period from 100,000 thousand years ago and before, a time had never been recorded when a late Revolving Core youth had killed a fourth-stage Life Destruction martial artist!

When Emperor Shakya had comprehended seven kinds of martial intents and fused them all together underneath a Bodhi Tree, his martial path had broken through the void, and he ascended into the heavens. Since then, he had been known as the Sky Spill Continent's number one genius. But even when Emperor Shakya was at Lin Ming's age, he absolutely couldn't achieve such a degree of strength.

’’Xuan Wuji was the top master of the South Sea. Since Lin Ming killed Xuan Wuji, he is now the top master of the South Sea instead!’’

’’The Great Zen Temple's presiding abbot and the South Sea's Nanyun Wang were weaker than Xuan Wuji. Now, Lin Ming's status is even higher than theirs! Even if you consider the formidable powers backing them, Lin Ming can still be treated equal to a holy abbot from the Great Zen Temple!’’

The entire Great Zen Temple had a total of three great abbots. The Great Zen Temple had a very deep and formidable strength, and they had dominated the entire Great Zen Region for thousands of years now. They were a fifth-grade sect truly worthy of that reputation. Whether it was power or their inheritance, they were stronger than the South Sea Demon Region in all aspects.

No matter which abbot it was from the Great Zen Temple, they were an existence that the Sovereigns of the Five Element Region's seven sects all had to respectfully bow to. But now, Lin Ming's status had actually far surpassed the three great abbots'!

At this time, let alone calling Lin Ming a 'boy', they didn't even have the qualifications or gall to address Lin Ming by his full name.

’’To be on the same footing with an abbot from the Great Zen Temple... being the top master of the South Sea probably doesn't mean much to Lin Ming. In the future, he will definitely become the number one powerhouse of the entire Sky Spill Continent!’’

As several Elders were discussing this, at a corner of the meeting table, Zhan Yunjian opened his mouth several times, wanting to speak, but was unable to force out any words due to the rumbling emotions in his heart. He wasn't able to calm himself down. Spoken words could no longer describe the gap between him and Lin Ming.

’’Is there anything else? If there is no other matter to discuss then I shall not accompany you. Since divine Phoenix Island is being rebuilt right now, I have many matters to attend to.’’

Mu Bingyun's words seemed to awaken everyone from their dazed state. In truth, everyone wanted to meet Lin Ming and pay their respects, in particular the Sunfire Princess, Zhan Yunjian, Bai Aoxuan, and several other young disciples that had known of Lin Ming from long ago. However, no one dared to open their mouth and ask such a brazen question that could be considered as pestering.

Like this, the envoys from the Five Element Region left the South Horizon Region. As they left, news of Lin Ming killing Xuan Wuji spread like a tide!

The remaining forces of the Dire Space Sect, Supreme Mystery Temple, and all the third-grade and second-grade sects of the South Horizon Region were discussing this shocking news with vivid excitement.

Especially the disciples of the Seven Profound Valleys;they had been stirred into a frenzy. As long as Lin Ming didn't perish in the future, he would eventually reach the divine Sea realm and become a true Emperor level powerhouse! He would be considered a legendary existence within the Sky Spill Continent of which there was only just more than a hundred!

Moreover, Lin Ming would not be some ordinary Emperor level powerhouse. In the future, they could brag to their descendants that their grandfather had once been in the same sect as an Emperor level powerhouse.

Lin Ming had suddenly become the idol, goal, and dream of countless young disciples everywhere, and the object of admiration and love of innumerable young girls. Nearly all of them had been converted to Linmaniacs. Lin Ming had become the top master of the South Sea, but these young disciples couldn't even reach the Xiantian realm. Even though they knew perfectly well that they could never reach the same heights as Lin Ming, all of them struggled their hardest to reduce the gap between them as much as possible, lest they regret it in the future.


Ten days later, in the jungles of the Southern Wilderness, within a small tribe just shy of 100,000 people...

’’It's wonderful, wonderful! There are truly living gods!’’

A middle-aged man wearing the strange clothes of the Southern Wilderness was holding a crying baby as he knelt on the floor and began kowtowing. And, in front of this middle-aged man was a young black-clothed sorceress wearing a black veil. She had wide and charming eyes, curved like a crescent moon. Although her face was blocked by black gauze, one could still make out slender eyebrows that tapered out;she was obviously a peerless beauty.

The sorceress was clearing up some medical tools. As she faintly glanced at the middle-aged man kowtowing before her, she expressionlessly said, ’’I will give you some medicine. Mix it with lukewarm water and divide it into seven portions and serve it for seven days.’’

With that, the sorceress waved her hands. With a sudden cool breeze, the middle-aged man was gently blown out of her tent.

’’Gods, it is the gods!’’ The middle-aged man cried out in happiness, ’’The Sorcerer has appeared! He has sent a young witch to save us!’’

The middle-aged man hugged the baby tightly in his arms, walking back towards his home even as he knelt down every few steps to kowtow towards the sorceress' tent.

But in the tent, the sorceress remained silent, displaying no emotion at all.

And at this moment, an old voice suddenly sounded from outside the tent. ’’Do you plan on continuing like this? Is there any meaning in saving the lives of a few mortals?’’

The sorceress calmly lifted her veil, revealing a beautiful face. She was the South Sea Demon Region's Western Faction Sovereign, Xuan Yuqie.

Xuan Yuqie gently shook her head, ’’There is no meaning.’’

’’Then why are you still wasting your time here?’’

Xuan Yuqie shook her head once again, ’’From the moment I was born, all that I was, everything I did, all of that was for the Xuan Clan and the South Sea Demon Region. Now that the South Sea Demon Region is exterminated, the Xuan Clan has also dissolved. What meaning was there in anything I ever did?’’

As Xuan Yuqie retorted, the old man was dumbfounded. Indeed, there had been no meaning at all.

Xuan Yuqie faintly sighed, saying, ’’Now that Xuan Wuji has died, from the original 18 Elders of the South Sea Demon Region, all that is left over is you and me. As for those sects that we destroyed, all of them wish for us to die. Perhaps in less than 10 days, the remnants of the Dire Space Sect and Supreme Mystery Temple will gather their remaining forces to chase down the last of the South Sea Demon Region disciples. That includes you, and that includes me.

’’In a thousand years of life, spring and fall have all become a dream. In this vast and endless universe, is there any significance to anything we do? Since the world will not accommodate me, then I shall walk alone, seeking only harmony and peace in my heart, creating my own pure lands of bliss.’’

As Xuan Yuqie spoke to here, she stood up and let her veil fall back down. In this South Sea catastrophe, the South Sea Demon Region had been destroyed but she had lived. Now, her entire mentality towards life had changed.

’’You want to find peace in your heart, creating your own pure lands? Do you think the mortals you save in the second half of your life are enough to atone for the countless sins you committed in the first half? Forget it;everyone has their own choices to make. Anything I say will no longer matter. I plan on searching for some remote mountain and closing up in cultivation. Although I know it is impossible for me to reach the divine Sea, I still hope that I can cross several more stages of Life Destruction. If I die during my attempts then I can only say that my fate has reached its end. When I was young I already resolved in my heart that I would explore the road of martial arts until I reached its end. If I die in the throes of crossing Life Destruction then that is still a worthy death for my final act!’’

’’Xuan Yuqie, after we bid our farewells today, our fated paths will likely never cross again. I wish you good luck!’’ As the old man spoke he floated away, leaving a desolate tent flapping in the wind.

Xuan Yuqie didn't turn around. She only quietly said, ’’Farewell and goodbye. I wish you good luck.’’


Time marched on. In the blink of an eye, another two months passed. The main buildings of divine Phoenix Island had been rebuilt already and many of the great training arrays were also in the process of repair. A massive number of disciples had returned to live on the island.

But at this time, Lin Ming was faced with a problem that he had no choice but to face.

That was... marriage.

For an entire two months, Lin Mu had constantly badgered and spoken about this issue. Although she wasn't too clear just what Lin Ming's boundary and attainments were, she did understand one thing, and that was that Lin Ming was destined to soar into higher realms, leaving everyone else further and further behind.

It would be increasingly rare for her to see Lin Ming. And when Lin Ming left, it might not even be strange for him to disappear for 10 years at a time. In this case, how could Lin Mu not desire a grandchild?

This was a reasonable argument. In fact, because Lin Ming had stepped onto the road of martial arts and doomed himself to constant loneliness, he felt extremely guilty towards his parents. Now facing the justified request of his mother, he naturally couldn't reject her.

Moreover, over the years, it wasn't like Lin Ming was a blockhead with no emotions or urges. He too had very sincere feelings of genuine affection. He also hoped for this.


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