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Martial World - Chapter 748


Chapter 748 - Chase Through the South Horizon Region




Because the exit to the transmission array was destroyed, Lin Ming had forcefully stabilized the space channel, eventually stalling him for a period of time. After he emerged, Xuan Wuji had already vanished.

’’Is this a series of transmission arrays?’’

Lin Ming could feel that the battle spirit mark he left on Xuan Wuji was already fleeing at a ridiculous speed. There was only one possibility and that was that Xuan Wuji had entered another transmission array.

Casting a net with his perception, Lin Ming quickly found the transmission array. This island was obviously a transmission array transit station that the South Sea Demon Region had established. The entire island was protected by an illusionary array formation, making it well hidden. There was also some towers on this island, that should have been where the disciples who protected the island lived, but now the towers had long been emptied.

Besides there towers were several large and small transmission arrays, each of them 100 to 200 feet in diameter. Lin Ming estimated that they should have a range of 100 to 200,000 miles.

Among these transmission arrays, one of them had been destroyed. It was clear that this was the one Xuan Wuji had just emerged from.

Additionally, besides this ruined transmission array, there were 3 to 4 similar transmission arrays. One of them was still shining with light, releasing fluctuations of energy that indicated that it had just been activated.

Without a doubt, Xuan Wuji had gone through this transmission array. While Xuan Wuji could destroy the exit of a transmission array, he couldn't destroy the entrance, otherwise, even he couldn't pass through.

After Lin Min understood the principles behind these transmission arrays, he stepped into another transmission array, launching it once more!


At this time, several hundred thousand miles away from the South Sea Demon Region, in the valley of a remote mountain range, there were 7 to 8 martial artists sitting in a circle near a group transmission arrays.

’’Senior-apprentice Brother, I heard that the 70 to 80% of the South Sea Demon Region was destroyed. What should we do now? Should we continue waiting?’’

Among these martial artists, a 20 some year old youth asked the red-clothed martial artist that led them.

These people were disciples of a third-grade sect in the South Horizon Region. They were situated here specifically to guard the transmission arrays.

The South Horizon Region was an incomparably broad land with many transmission array transit points. Because of the sky high cost of construction, several sects would often group together to build the transmission arrays. Then, since they collected fees for their use, they naturally had to send disciples to protect them.

However, several years ago the South Sea Demon Region had invaded the South Horizon Region. The three great fourth-grade sects of the South Horizon Region were divine Phoenix Island, Dire Space Sect, and Supreme Mystery Temple. These sects had been slowly annihilated, one at a time. Since these third-grade sects had lost their supporters, they naturally became subordinate sects of the South Sea Demon Region.

As for the transmission array network in the South Horizon Region, these were naturally taken by the South Sea Demon Region.

It often required multiple people to guard a transmission array transit point. Because there were so many of these transit points, it was impossible for the South Sea Demon Region to send guards to every single one. Normally, they would send a single South Sea Demon Region disciple to the transmit point and the rest of the staff was filled in by disciples from smaller sects.

All of these people, without exception, had a spell placed on them by the South Sea Demon Region. If they ever tried to rebel, their fates could be imagined.

But now, they heard the news that the South Sea Demon Region was razed several times by Lin Ming and was on the verge of being completely extinguished. The Demon Region disciples didn't dare to stay in the South Sea and had flocked back to their homelands in the South Horizon Region and other places. Since things had reached this point, they had no idea what to do.

’’Don't talk so carelessly. Although the South Sea Demon Region has suffered some setbacks, a centipede that's been cut in half can still live on. Even its remains are something that we can't contend with. Moreover, in the South Horizon Region, the South Sea Demon Region's influence hasn't been affected too greatly. There are still Elders here keeping command. If our conversation were to be known by them, then we would undoubtedly die.’’

’’Yah, unfortunately, Great Hero Lin has only rampaged around the South Sea area. If he could come to the South Horizon Region then the South Sea Demon Region branch here would probably instantly dissolve. Perhaps when that happens, our spells will be undone and we can obtain our freedom...’’ in the circle of martial artists, a yellow-clothed girl whispered in a quiet voice.

’’Shh, don't say that! We still have a Demon Envoy from the South Sea Demon Region at our island. If he heard our words, then consequences would be dire. Moreover, I heard that around four months ago, Lin Ming was trapped along with the Giant Leviathan in a deep sea trench 300,000 feet under the sea by Xuan Wuji. It's hard to estimate how long Lin Ming can hold out. Once Lin Ming is defeated, Xuan Wuji will rejoin the South Sea Demon Region and become its rallying point. It won't be difficult for him to reform the South Sea Demon Region as most of their disciples are still alive...’’ The red-clothed martial artist sighed as he mulled over the situation in the South Sea.

In these past months, Lin Ming had virtually become a figure of indomitable faith of the entire South Horizon Region. With just his strength alone, he had captured the Giant Leviathan and then killed his way into the South Sea Demon Region, razing it to the ground multiple times and killing thousands of South Sea Demon Region disciples, which even included the majority of the Elders stationed there.

Such a series of victories were simply a heaven gifted miracle!

What was even more miraculous was that Lin Ming was only 20 or so years old with a Revolving Core cultivation. He took advantage of the period when Xuan Wuji was in closed-door seclusion to repeatedly ruin the South Sea Demon Region.

However, Xuan Wuji had now left his seclusion and had even broken through to the fourth stage of Life Destruction. In the face of such a mighty Xuan Wuji, could Lin Ming still withstand it?

Hearing the red-clothed martial artist's words, the yellow-clothed girl gripped her fists. ’’Nothing will happen to Great Hero Lin! That's right, I heard before that Great Hero Lin also came from the Seven Profound Valleys. Doesn't that mean he is from the same sect as Brother Jiang?’’

The yellow-clothed girl suddenly remembered the rumors so she asked the red-clothed martial artist this question.

’’That's right...’’ The red-clothed martial artist named Brother Jiang suddenly seemed sad as he heard this question. Lin Ming had truly originated from his Seven Profound Valleys. Moreover, he had even become the champion of the Seven Profound Valleys' Total Faction Martial Meeting. No one had ever imagined that in the near future, Lin Ming would become a top master of the South Horizon Region only inferior to Xuan Wuji!

As he remembered the past, it was like everything had been a dream.

The yellow-clothed girl's eyes shined brightly as she heard the red-clothed martial artist's words. ’’Brother Jiang, can you tell me about Great Hero Lin's adventures in the Seven Profound Valleys?’’

The red-clothed martial artist shook his head. He ruefully smiled and said, ’’I am only an outer court disciple of the Seven Profound Valleys. At the Total Faction Martial Meeting, I was only able to sit in the audience and watch the fight onstage from a distance. Although Lin Ming and I are from the same sect, the truth is that our paths have never intersected...’’

As the red-clothed martial artist spoke to here, his complexion suddenly changed. He quickly whispered, ’’Don't say anything, the Demon Envoy is here!’’

As his voice fell, a black-clothed South Sea Demon Region martial artist at the early Xiantian realm appeared in front of them like a ghost.

His sharp and cruel eyes swept over the group. He coldly said, ’’Gathering together to spread rumors, hm? I advise you lot to smarten up. Lin Ming has already been sealed by the Great Elder 300,000 feet deep in a sea trench. Soon, the Great Elder will solve the problem that is Lin Ming. Once the Great Elder reaches the divine Sea realm, the South Sea Demon Region will rise to become a Holy Land. We will rule over the entire south region of the Sky Spill Continent and establish our own divine Kingdom in the future. For you lot to become early subjects of our divine Kingdom, all of you should feel honored!’’

’’Yes, Sir Envoy!’’ The red-clothed martial artist ignored the black-clothed martial artists bragging and secretly relaxed, replying in a respectful tone.

The black-clothed martial artist nodded with satisfaction. Just as he was about to speak some more, the transmission array near them suddenly flashed with a blazing light.

’’Mm? Some people have arrived?’’

The black-clothed martial artist's heart stirred. For the first several months after the South Sea Demon Region was razed by Lin Ming, there were often disciples of the South Sea Demon Region come from the South Sea, all of the returning to the South Horizon Region branch to seek safety. They feared that if they remain in the South Sea they would be chased and killed by Lin Ming. But these days, ever since Lin Ming was sealed 300,000 feet deep in a sea trench, the transmission array hadn't been used much.

At this time, the shining light emitting from the transmission array suddenly brightened to an unbearable degree. A black ray of light shot into the horizon, causing the very earth to tremble.

The black-clothed martial artist's complexion immediately changed. ’’Who is brave that they dare to forcefully accelerate the transmission array just to save some time! This will overload the transmission array and could possibly cause permanent damage! Once there is an accident, the losses will be immeasurable! Just which dastardly fellow dares to mess around like this!’’

The black-clothed martial artist seethed with anger. He traced his spatial ring, extracting a long spear as he prepared to capture this arrogant fellow on the spot.

However, as the rays of light faded away, there was suddenly a pallid black-clothed middle-aged man standing in the array formation.

’’You overly arrogant bastard, you can...’’ The black-clothed martial artist words were suddenly caught in his throat. For a time, his face entire face twisted into something like a strange array formation.

’’G-G-G-G-Great Elder!’’

The black-clothed martial artist stuttered. As a disciple of the South Sea Demon Region, he naturally knew of Xuan Wuji. Although he had never met him personally, he had still seen portraits.

Moreover, the aura and unfathomable cultivation of the black-clothed man in front of him proved beyond a doubt that this was Xuan Wuji!

’’How would this... isn't Elder Xuan trapping Lin Ming in the deep sea? Why would he come to the South Horizon Region branch? Could he have killed Lin Ming already?’’

The black-clothed martial artist's mind raced even as he stood there stock still as if he had been petrified. But, behind the black-clothed martial artist, those several third-grade sect disciples were dumbfounded when they heard the black-clothed martial artist refer to this newcomer as 'Great Elder'.

Because of problems in the background and the legacy of the South Sea Demon Region, there were several great clans. Each of these great clans had their own Sovereign.

But, there was only a single Great Elder. And that was the number one master of the South Sea- Xuan Wuji!

Was this black-clothed martial artist Xuan Wuji? Could such a legendary character actually appear right in front of them?

It had to be known that they normally couldn't even see a Revolving Core martial artist, much less this Xuan Wuji was a fourth-grade Life Destruction powerhouse. To them, he could be called a god.

’’Even if I just look at him I can feel my very soul shivering;it's like I have no choice but to bow my head down before him. He is truly worthy of being called the top master of the South Sea!’’ The red-clothed martial artist thought with rising horror. Just by standing in front of Xuan Wuji he could feel a deep pressure pushing down on him. ’’Why... Xuan Wuji... it seems as if he's injured!?’’

Whether it was the several third-grade sect disciples or the black-clothed martial artist, all of them noticed the wounds covering Xuan Wuji. All of his clothes had been torn and he was covered with blood. Without a doubt, Xuan Wuji had just emerged from a fierce battle just now!

Just who was it? Who had the ability to contend with Xuan Wuji to this degree?

After Xuan Wuji appeared, he first swallowed down a pill. Without further ado, he turned around and slammed out his palm!


The transmission array shattered!

The black-clothed martial artist could only watch helplessly as this happened. He was dumbstruck;just what was going on?

’’Great... Great Elder, you...’’ The black-clothed martial artist trembled as he spoke.

’’Get out of my way!’’

Xuan Wuji roared out. The black-clothed martial artist shook and he collapsed just from the sound waves! With a wave of his voluminous sleeves, Xuan Wuji shot into the skies!

The eruption of energy caused winds to surge out in all directions and the seven to eight third-grade sect martial artists were blown away. Those with weaker cultivations felt their blood tumble in their bodies as they suffered minor wounds.


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