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Martial World - Chapter 747


Chapter 747 - The 100,000 Mile Chase





With another violent explosion, Xuan Wuji was only able to barely defend against Lin Ming's Bury the Heavens. Under the shockwaves, he was sent flying back thousands of feet. In the shifting tide of the battle, Xuan Wuji's minimal advantage against Lin Ming had already disappeared.

As for Lin Ming, after he was forced back several hundred feet, he shook his long spear and stabbed towards Xuan Wuji again.

Penetrating Rainbow!

A blazing spear light pierced through the deep sea. At this time, Xuan Wuji was still exhausted. He hadn't even managed to conjure up any new strength before Lin Ming's strike came hurtling towards him once again.


Xuan Wuji coughed stuffily as he was sent flying away. The tumbling blood in his body was barely suppressed by his true essence.

The difference in their remaining strength was only growing!

Chasing Sun!

Bury the Heavens!

Law of Annihilation, Chain of Stars!

Lin Ming used move after move, completely overwhelming Xuan Wuji!

How was this possible!?!?

Xuan Wuji felt the blood surging up in his body as wounds accumulated all over him. As he faced Lin Ming's non-stop barrage of increasingly powerful attacks, fear finally began to bloom in his heart, causing him to draw back. He was truly ambitious, but in this situation where his chances of success were becoming increasingly slim, he wasn't stupid enough bring himself to death's door.


This thought flashed through Xuan Wuji's mind. He indeed had some cards left in his hands, but facing this inexhaustible puppet-like Lin Ming, Xuan Wuji already felt a tinge of fear. He feared that even if he used every final card in his hands he still couldn't kill him. If that happened, then he wouldn't even have the chance to escape anymore.

With twist of his hand, Xuan Wuji took out an ash gray pill from his spatial ring. This pill was refined from 10,000 year old milk stalactite. After swallowing it, it could rapidly restore 30% of one's true essence. It could be said to be a miracle medicine capable of reversing any battle.

There was still a vast distance from here to the Sky Spill Continent. Xuan Wuji only had less than 40% of his true essence left. If he didn't supplement it, then it would be impossible for him to return.

With a flick of his finger, Xuan Wuji grudgingly swallowed down the pill, immediately turning around to escape!

’’You want to run away?’’

Lin Ming's eye flashed with a thick killing intent. If he didn't remove the weed by the roots then there would always be a viper aiming at him from the dark. After suffering a lesson from Ouyang Boyan, Lin Ming would not allow this kind of matter to repeat itself again.

True essence erupted and a battle spirit infused Asura force field spread out at the speed of light. The force field instantly overtook Xuan Wuji, leaving behind an undetectable battle spirit mark on his body.

Lin Ming had used this battle spirit mark once in the Eternal Demon Abyss to search for an exit from the 1000 mile forbidden zone and also once in the South Sea Demon region to chase down the numerous escaping masters there. If one didn't have a battle spirit like Lin Ming, then it was impossible to detect it, much less remove it.

After leaving behind this battle spirit mark, Lin Ming would be able to find Xuan Wuji even if he fled to the ends of the earth.

’’Demonshine, have the Giant Leviathan float back up to the surface to recuperate its wounds. I will chase down Xuan Wuji!’’

’’Okay!’’ Demonshine chuckled, ’’Hunting down and killing others is what this Saint likes the most!’’

Lin Ming received his red spear and stepped with Golden Roc Shattering the Void, instantly chasing after Xuan Wuji.

In the deep sea, it moving forwards was very slow. In addition, every step forwards required several times more energy it took than to fly. Xuan Wuji didn't have much of his original energy remaining to begin with, thus he naturally needed to run out of the sea first.


Sea water exploded, forming a massive spray of water hundreds of feet high. Xuan Wuji shot up into the heavens, flying straight towards the north. As he flew, he took out a enchantment bead from his spatial ring and tossed it behind him.

Xuan Wuji had used this kind of enchantment bead once before in the Demon God Imperial Palace to block Abbot Whitebrow and the others from chasing after him. If it hadn't been for Lin Ming tinkering with the transmission array and changing it, then Xuan Wuji would have had enough time to escape.


The bead burst apart at the sea level, forming a blue hued enchantment barrier that sealed up the water surface like a glass wall. As soon Lin Ming ran out his speed dropped as he was caught by this enchantment.


Lin Ming thrust out his spear. With his battle spirit infused into it, he struck the enchantment barrier. This blue barrier that had originally been able to withstand both Nanyun Wang's attacks and Abbot Whitebrow's Bright Buddha Palm Seal now had countless cracks appear through it.

’’Break again!’’

Lin Ming thrust his spear out a second time. This time, the enchanted barrier completely collapsed. He stepped on the void, turning towards Xuan Wuji and chasing after him.

’’This brat!’’

Xuan Wuji's mind went cold. Although he knew Lin Ming's striking power was formidable, he didn't that that his enchantment bead would only be able to stop Lin Ming for a single breath of time.

’’3000 miles to the north is a transmission array of my South Sea Demon Region. As long as I can pass through it first and destroy it from the other side, I can expel Lin Ming from the space channel. With that, I should be safe.’’

’’Mystic Thunder Wings!’’

Xuan Wuji formed a series of seals with his hands. Then, clothes on his back tore apart, revealing a pair of purple wings that stretched out. This was a flight-type treasure that was refined with plumes from several different Saint Beasts. It could improve Xuan Wuji's speed to a certain degree.

’’This boy is too difficult to deal with. Fortunately, this flight treasure that I refined can finally show its use. With it, it shouldn't be a problem to increase my speed by 20-30%.

Xuan Wuji unfurled his two wings, shooting forwards like an arrow. Wherever he went, a terrifying sonic boom formed, rumbling through the air like a moving thunderstorm. Even the sea surface was split apart from the wind pressure!

In a single go, Xuan Wuji was able to fly out several hundred miles. As he swept his perception behind him, a chill crept up his spine. Lin Ming was still chasing him! Not just that, but he was closing the distance between them!

’’How could this be!?’’

Xuan Wuji was greatly shocked. Even though he was flying at full speed and had the support of a flight treasure boosting him, he was still slower than Lin Ming!

He discovered that with every single step Lin Ming took he would cross several miles. Space twisted underneath his feet as if it shrunk. With just a several steps the gap closed by several dozen miles!

What kind of movement was this!?

Xuan Wuji grit his teeth, revolving his true essence to the limit. To a character like him, a 3000 mile distance didn't take long to traverse all. But now that he was being chased down by Lin Ming, this distance actually became a trial of life or death!

The distance between them increasingly shortened. If this continued for another half incense stick of time, then Lin Ming would catch up to him. Once he was embroiled in another battle with Lin Ming, running away again would be far harder.

Xuan Wuji cursed aloud and clenching his teeth, cutting a line across his wrist with his fingernail. This was the third time that he would be using his blood essence. Two drops of blood essence shot out, one to each wing. The Mystic Thunder Wings turned a blood red and his speed rose up once again!

After using his blood essence three times, even though he only used a few drops every time, it would still accumulate. Even Xuan Wuji wouldn't able to continue like this. In this battle, his life source had already been damaged. If he wanted to restore it, it would take at least several dozen years of time and a massive amount of heavenly treasures.

’’This damned boy!’’

Xuan Wuji was breathless with anger. The chances of him obtaining the secret on Lin Ming's body was becoming increasingly slim, not to mention that the South Sea Demon Region was already 90% destroyed by Lin Ming. His losses had been far too great!

’’I will no longer care about the South Sea Demon Region. After I leave the South Horizon Region, I will go straight to the four divine Kingdoms!’’

Xuan Wuji and Lin Ming flew after one another, causing massive explosions on the sea's surface from the high speed sonic booms that they created. After making a blood essence sacrifice to his wings, Xuan Wuji had finally been able to create some additional distance from Lin Ming. Now, the transmission array was directly in front of him!

This was a transmission array established on a desolate island. There were originally South Sea Demon Region disciples protecting it, but now that the South Sea Demon Region was in a state of near dissolution, these disciples had long fled to lands unknown.

Xuan Wuji fell to the ground like a cannon strike. As he hit the floor, a massive crater formed from the impact, shaking the island and causing rock formations all over to collapse.

’’The transmission array is still here!'

Xuan Wuji was overjoyed. He ran into the transmission array, and with a flick of his fingers, true essence stones flew into the four corners of the transmission array.

The array formation was activated!

After seeing the blazing comet that was Lin Ming closing in from a distance, Xuan Wuji's eyes flashed with hatred. ’’One day, this old man will have you pay the price for today!’’

In the next moment, Xuan Wuji's hideous expression completely disappeared in the transmission array.

’’Mm? He ran through a transmission array?’’

Lin Ming fell down to the island and swept his perception around. He instantly understood the principles behind this transmission array. This was the most ordinary of transmission arrays;it would at most send someone 100-200,000 miles away.

’’Xuan Wuji will definitely destroy the exit of this transmission array when I'm inside, forcing me out of the space channel.’’

For a small transmission array like this, if there was a problem in the transmission process, it would be life-threatening for a martial artist with a weaker cultivation. But, for someone like Lin Ming, this was not a problem. At most he would pop out halfway through.

Lin Ming jumped onto the transmission array and launched the array formation. Space twist, and in the next moment, Lin Ming entered the space channel.

A transmission channel of several tens of thousands of miles could last from a dozen to several dozen breaths of time. As soon as ten breaths of time passed, the space channel suddenly shook and the power of space began to chaotically distort. Massive cracks began appearing in the space channel. It was obvious that the exit was being destroyed by Xuan Wuji!

Hu hu hu!

From the cracks in the space channel, a massive overflow of turbulent space began to flood inside, forming a black storm that swept towards Lin Ming. If a martial artist with insufficient cultivation were swept up by this storm, they would be shredded apart and die. Even for a martial artist that was strong enough, they would still be thrust out of the space channel, terminating the transmission process.

Facing this sort of situation, Lin Ming didn't panic at all. He flicked all 10 of his fingers, forming a number of true essence air flows that shot out. After the menacing space storm was struck by the true essence air, it actually began to rapidly fade away, and soon subsided after several breaths of time.

Compared to the super long-distance array formation that Lin Ming had experienced before, violent space turbulence of this degree was nothing at all. With Lin Ming's comprehension towards the Concept of Space, he could actually break apart the turbulent power of space and forcefully complete the transmission.

’’Set for me!’’

Lin Ming thrust out his spear, stabbing it into the space barrier around him. The space channel that was about to break apart was actually forcefully stabilized by Lin Ming.

’’The exit coordinates are around 70-80,000 miles from here!’’

With the exit destroyed, the transmission coordinates would blur. Lin Ming wasn't a god. Although he could rely on his understanding of Space Laws to forcefully complete the transmission, he still lacked the exact coordinates of the exit point.

However, with the battle spirit mark that Lin Ming had left on Xuan Wuji, he could use that to approximate the location of it.

’’There is still around 30,000 miles.’’

Lin Ming confirmed the position once again.

’’20,000 miles... 10,000 miles... it's nearby!’’


Lin Ming stabbed his spear into the space channel barriers. In the next moment, space collapsed and Lin Ming was flushed out from the space channel.


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