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Martial World - Chapter 740


Chapter 740 - Reverse the Chain of Stars




A two mile wide meteor didn't sound that much larger than a half mile wide meter, but the truth was that it weighed 64 times greater.

64 times more weight also meant 64 times the striking intensity. Using the Revolving Core realm and the Life Destruction realm as examples, a small boundary meant that there was only a total true essence quantity difference of several times.

In other words, if this two mile wide meteor and half mile wide meteor were compared to a martial artist's attacks, then the former would be one or two great realms higher!

Facing a half mile wide meteor, Lin Ming didn't even need to use a martial skill to easily break through the shockwaves.

And then facing a mile and a half wide meteor, Lin Ming needed to use his strongest move, Burying the Heavens.

And now, facing a two mile wide meteor, even Bury the Heavens was only barely able to withstand the explosive shockwaves!

Once he was injured, then even if he could resist the next attack, the continual barrage of two mile wide meteors would inevitably defeat him.

Seeing this, whether it was General Smoke, Guru Blueflame, or Fairy Feng, all of them opened their eyes wide, waiting to see just how Lin Ming would withstand this attack.

’’Nuyan Ming's luck is too poor... normally, two mile meteors would only appear in the second half of the 50 breaths...’’ Fairy Feng muttered to herself.

’’I thought that 60 breaths of time were a bit too forced, but still, this Nuyan Ming is already impressive enough. This strike will truly surpass the abilities of a middle Revolving Core martial artist to resist. Once Nuyan Ming is injured, he won't be able to last much longer. His limit should be 55 breaths of time. 55 breaths of time is already an incredible result!’’ General Smoke said with appreciation.

Guru Blueflame stroked his beard, a bit of regret in his eyes. 55 breaths was indeed an excellent result, but 60 breaths of time would have been even more shocking. If Lin Ming's luck was just a bit better then he might even be able to pass 60 breaths of time!

’’Haha, Blueflame, aren't you satisfied yet? Your Timeworn Phoenix City has hit the jackpot this time, and my fog flower wine is already waiting.’’

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the skies, countless shards of stones formed a chain of stars that revolved according to the mysterious rules of the world, constantly gathering rocks together, binding them and giving birth to new meteors. Here, two mile meteors formed, wrapped in a hazy fog of fire. As long as they fully formed, they would be driven by the annihilation energy, rapidly crashing down at extreme speeds!

But at this moment, Lin Ming suddenly raised his head and looked towards the heavens. Within the pupils of his two eyes, the mystical power of the stars and the Laws of revolution in the world were reflected. Within Lin Ming's body, the Heretical God Seed howled and the compressed fire true essence began gushing out like a rising tsunami.

Lin Ming's two feet tread the sea of raging lava. Holding the red long spear in his hands, his body shot up like a rising star!

The high pitched keen of a phoenix's cry resounded in the world. Between Lin Ming's eyebrows, the mark of the Ancient Phoenix began to shine with a blinding golden light. A massive red phoenix shot out from Lin Ming's body, directly impacting into the horizon.

Bury the Heavens!

Lin Ming thrust out his spear. Space collapsed and countless space shards flew out, spinning along with the power of fire and intertwining with it, forming a black storm vortex of flames.

This vortex was like a black dragon that shot into the skies, breaking apart all that fiery fog!

As General Smoke saw this, his eyes brightened. What was this boy trying to do? Could it be...


The black vortex finally struck the chain of stars. Compared to the vast chain of stars that was like an endless ocean, the attack was just like a tiny trickle of water, simply nothing to mention. However, unbelievably, while this attack appeared trivial, due to the force of some mysterious Law, a path was cut through the revolving region of the chain of stars, interrupting it!

Next, a stupefying scene occurred. In the fog of fire where the meteors were being born, the Laws suddenly reversed. Not only did the crushed stones stop gathering together, but instead countless stones flew off from the surface of the meteor, causing it to constantly reduce in size!

When the meteor finally separated from that fog of fire and howled down, its size was already reduced by a mile and a half in size!

Eventually, it turned from a massive meteor to a slightly larger one. The explosive aftermath was completely broken through by Lin Ming's Bury the Heavens!

’’This is... reversing the chain of stars!!?’’

General Smoke, Guru Blueflame, and Fairy Feng were all shocked. To reverse the chain of stars... this proved that Lin Ming had already touched upon the method to break past the second world. He still had a long way to go from actually doing so, but he had still managed to touch upon it! And this was with a cultivation at only the middle Revolving Core realm!

’’Nuyan Ming has already begun to touch upon the nature of the Annihilation Laws. Although it's just a bit, everything is difficult at the beginning. His future achievements in the Concept of Fire will not be low at all.’’ General Smoke had seen countless heroic young elites grow up. By just looking at Lin Ming, he could judge his future trajectory to a certain extent.

’’Indeed. But what I find strange is if Nuyan Ming could reach this step so quickly, why would his comprehension of Fire Laws at the beginning be so different when he first arrived?’’ Fairy Feng asked, puzzled. When Lin Ming had just arrived, his comprehension of Fire Laws really left one speechless. He had only been equal to a 13 to 14 year old child.

’’It's not as if he's being lazy. Haven't you discovered that this boy Nuyan Ming, besides Fire Laws, also has pretty good accomplishments in Space Laws and Thunder Laws. Not just that, but he follows a dual body and essence cultivation process and has also formed his own battle spirit. How old is he? And yet he has already perceived so many things! Even if he didn't eat or sleep, it would still be nearly impossible to perceive all of this!’’

Hearing General Smoke speak, Guru Blueflame became irritated, ’’Humph, this boy is a muddle. He could be considered part of my Ancient Phoenix Clan, but instead of fully focusing on perceiving Fire Laws he actually spent so much time on other things! How absurd!’’

Fairy Feng smiled, ’’Comprehending a single Law isn't enough. Comprehending multiple Laws and being able to fuse them together, that will allow his power to increase by several folds. For instance, when Nuyan Ming broke through the meteor's shockwaves just now, he had fused Space Laws and Fire Laws together...’’

As these Supreme Elders discussed, several more breaths of time passed. At this time, nearly 60 breaths of time had passed.

The reason that Lin Ming was able to comprehend the Fire Laws so rapidly was mainly because of the Heretical God Seed. On the surface of the Heretical God Seed, within that golden flame totem, the principles of Fire Laws had been engraved there. By relying on this, Lin Ming's speed at perceiving the Fire Laws was astronomical.

Bang bang bang!

Meteors exploded one after another. Lin Ming was always paying attention to the changes in the chain of stars within the heavens. Once the meteors began to approach two miles in width, he would then interrupt the path of the chain of stars with Bury the Heavens, breaking them ahead of time!

However, by repeatedly using Bury the Heavens, in addition with the massive gravity of this world, Lin Ming was rapidly spending his true essence. Even with the support of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, he had already consumed 50-60% of his true essence!

65 breaths of time!

66 breaths of time!

The critical 70 breaths of time mark became increasingly close. Outside of the God Transforming Mirror, Lin Ming's true body flushed red with blood. His entire body was slick with sweat and his hand that touched the God Transforming Mirror was trembling.

On the side, Huo Wenlong, Huo Yu, Huo Ping, and the others all looked fearful and alarmed. Especially Huo Wenlong;he was well aware of just how difficult the God Transforming Mirror's second world was.

Every 10 breaths of time, the meteors would grow in size, their weight growing that much more. Moreover, the second world would also cause the meteors to fall even faster by making the gravitational force greater. Huo Wenlong found it hard to imagine how difficult it was to last in that world for 66 breaths of time!

In the God Transforming Mirror, several more breaths of time passed.

70 breaths of time!

Because Lin Ming's true essence was lacking, he was finally unable to break past the shockwave of flames. The turbulent energy flooded over him, giving him his first injury!

’’This boy... he's been injured...’’ General Smoke actually felt a sense of relief. If this had continued then he would have no idea just how long Lin Ming would have been able to persist. If Lin Ming was a heroic young elite from a Holy Land in the Realm of the Gods, then that was reasonable. But Lin Ming was only a martial artist from the lower realms... that was truly incredible.

’’It should end soon. Once he's injured, defeat will come swiftly. He should be able to last for another four to five breaths of time. That should be around 75 breaths of time as a final result. That's also acceptable...’’ General Smoke thought. Generally, once a martial artist was injured they would consume even more true essence. Coupled with the increasing number and weight of the stars, under this barrage he would be defeated in several more breaths of time.

Within the God Transforming Mirror, Lin Ming fiercely bit down on his tongue, forcefully revolving the Heretical God Force and suppressing the rampaging fire energy in his meridians. As he spat out a mouthful of blood he stabbed his spear out once again!

At 72 breaths of time, Lin Ming was injured yet again. This injury was even more serious. His chest was struck by the violent energy flows, causing blood to gush out. However, Lin Ming had completed 100% of Tempering Marrow and had used the profound gold divine fruit to temper his body. His body was as formidable as a treasure. Even though his chest muscles were scorched black and ruined, he still forcefully lived through this attack with none of his internal organs injured.

74 breaths of time. The raging energy flows were too strong. Lin Ming's ribs were cracked by the shockwaves and his organs were slightly injured.

76 breaths of time...

77 breaths of time...

At 78 breaths of time, Lin Ming had nearly used up all of his true essence. But at this time, a two and a half mile meteor began forming in the chain of stars. Lin Ming no longer had the strength to reverse the chain of stars. He could only look on helplessly as this meteor came crashing down, its speed accelerating at a ridiculous rate due to the force of the Laws, bringing a flaming tail behind it!

79 breaths, 80 breaths, the meteor blazed and an incandescent light lit up the entire sky.

81 breaths of time.

A horrifying explosion tore apart the earth. Lin Ming no longer had even the least bit of ability to resist. His body was shredded to pieces in the shockwaves.

The smelting trial test had ended here!

When Lin Ming drew back from the God Transforming Mirror with a pale face, General Smoke still hadn't composed himself.

81 breaths of time!

This was too incredible!

Lin Ming had lasted several more breaths of time than General Smoke had expected. From 70 to 80 breaths of time, the difficulty increased by yet another level!

’’This boy, not only has he made excellent progress in his battle spirit and understanding of Laws, but his endurance and defensive ability are freakishly abnormal! If an ordinary martial artist was injured at 70 breaths of time, they would at most be able to last until 75 to 76 breaths of time. Yet this boy actually desperately dragged himself to 80 breaths of time. What a freak!’’

As General Smoke thought that Lin Ming was about to be defeated after being injured, Lin Ming had actually grit his teeth and stumbled forwards, defying all expectations and lasting for another 11 breaths of time.

General Smoke had no idea just what expression he should be making.


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