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Martial World - Chapter 739


Chapter 739 - 50 Breaths




General Smoke was a connoisseur of wine. Naturally, he also had his own vintage collection. Guru Blueflame had also been longing for a taste test of this collection for a very long time. As soon as Lin Ming broke through the first world in three breaths of time, Guru Blueflame was immediately energized, thinking that he could gain some benefits from General Smoke.

’’Alright, I do have a 10,000 year fog flower wine that I've been keeping around;it's also a top class wine. If what you said is true, then I'll take out this wine to celebrate such a rare joyous occasion in your Timeworn Phoenix City that you've managed to produce a passable heroic young elite.’’

’’What kind of joyous occasion are you talking about? Humph, your filthy mouth can never speak anything good. My Timeworn Phoenix City has always produced excellent talents!’’

’’Hahaa, Old Blueflame, don't be in such a hurry to argue. It's true that Nuyan Ming broke through the first world in three breaths, but that was just relying on absolute strength, not the power of Laws. A Revolving Core martial artist's absolute strength won't go over so well in the second world!’’

’’We'll see about that!’’

The God Transforming Mirror was an illusory magic array that used the mysteries of the Chaos Stones as its basis. If one was skilled in the source of Fire Laws, then they could use their divine sense to search the God Transforming Mirror and watch the scene of the trial challenger within.

At this time, in the second world of the God Transforming Mirror, Lin Ming was facing a pack of meteors that came howling down towards him.

Penetrating Rainbow, Bury the Heavens, Chasing Sun, Chasing Thunder;of these four moves, the best ones to break through the Concept of Annihilation was Chasing Sun. As for Bury the Heavens and Penetrating Rainbow, they were indeed powerful, but the consumption was far too great. As for Chasing Thunder, that move involved a completely different type of Concept.

According to Guru Blueflame's thoughts, Lin Ming would use Chasing Sun until the very end. However, Guru Blueflame never imagined that as the first meteor landed and caused a massive waves of turbulent lava to rise up and plunge towards Lin Ming, Lin Ming would only casually thrust out his spear, not even using any special move but still breaking through the shockwaves of fire, safely making it through.

’’This young fellow has made a great deal of progress these past 55 days!'

Guru Blueflame's eyes lit up, joy filling his heart. He was looking forwards to seeing just what sort of result Lin Ming would be able to obtain.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Meteors fell down one after another, each of them half a mile wide. The explosive shockwaves were no threat to Lin Ming at all. With a simple spear thrust, he easily ablated the waves of fire. After 10 breaths of time passed, Lin Ming was still filled to the brim with energy.

’’Haha, how about that! Even under the oppression of the Annihilation Laws, he's not even breaking a sweat! This boy still has many ultimate moves that he hasn't even used yet!’’ Guru Blueflame proudly said.

General Smoke faintly smiled, ’’Don't be so happy yet. The first 20 breaths of difficult aren't too hard. Later, the shower of meteors will become increasingly dense and the size will also grow larger. After 30 breaths of time, the meteors will each be a mile wide. After 40 breaths of time, the meteors will be two miles wide. At that time, the difficulty will truly grow, and the real show will begin.’’

In an instant, 15 breaths of time passed. At this time, another half mile wide meteor came crashing down. The rock island that Lin Ming had stood on had been completely sundered by the meteors, melting into the vast sea of lava. As he faced shockwaves that had become several times more powerful, Lin Ming held up his spear, his body like a leaf in a storm as he was sent flying back by the shockwaves. As he retreated, he casually stabbed his spear out, every spear strike glowing with a deep azure light. Every strike easily pierced through the chaotic flow of fire energy. After drawing back several thousand feet Lin Ming was completely unharmed. Using a minimal amount of energy, he had completely resolved the shockwaves of the explosion.

’’He broke through? Even a half mile wide meteor couldn't force out this Nuyan Ming's martial skills.’’

As General Smoke saw this, his expression finally changed. In every half mile meteor, the turbulent energy shockwaves afterwards weren't easy to deal with. The fact that Lin Ming could use such a minor amount of true essence to break through them was incredible.’’

’’That azure light, it's as if it's a... battle spirit!’’

General Smoke's eyes widened. When this battle spirit attached to the long spear, it caused the striking power to be even greater and even more focused, allowing Lin Ming to break through the energy shockwaves with the least amount of energy used. He couldn't help but praise this level of strength.

In fact, not only was General Smoke shocked, but Guru Blueflame and Fairy Feng were also surprised, ’’This boy has already comprehended a battle spirit, moreover it's already reached the small success stage of the bronze level!'

This was the first time that Lin Ming had used his battle spirit in the Annihilation World of the God Transforming Mirror. Until this point, Guru Blueflame and Fairy Feng had no idea that Lin Ming had a battle spirit.

Fairy Feng said, ’’In the last smelting trial test, Nuyan Ming want to verify his power of the Laws, thus he didn't use his battle spirit. If he did use it at that time, then he would have lasted even longer!’’

A battle spirit had no connection to the Concept of Fire. Lin Ming only wanted to understand the Laws he had comprehended in the God Transforming Mirror. Although using a battle spirit would have gotten him a better result, a better and more glorious result was not important to him at all.

Of course, this time was different. For that all important blood of the Ancient Phoenix, Lin Ming decided to go all-out!

For those heroic young elites in the Realm of the Gods, comprehending a battle spirit in the middle Revolving Core realm wouldn't be considered a monstrous genius at all. But, to have a small success bronze level battle spirit at this stage, that was actually terrifying!

This proved that Lin Ming had already formed his own battle spirit for a long time now, perhaps even when he was only at the Xiantian realm!

Only by forming his own battle spirit at the Xiantian realm would it have grown along with his cultivation, finally reaching this current level!

Fairy Feng sucked in a deep breath. She didn't expect that Lin Ming's will was so astounding!

’’This is ridiculous! If Nuyan Ming really comprehended a battle spirit during the Xiantian realm, then that means that his heart of martial arts and will is extraordinary!'

To a martial artist, one's will was no less important than understandings of Concepts and Laws. Thus, a martial artist with a strong will was extremely respected.

General Smoke was quietly recording the entire test in an array disc, ’’This boy, if he can really last 50 breaths of time, then in light of him comprehending a battle spirit at the Xiantian realm, that alone is enough for him to receive a great deal of focus from the clan!’’

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Meteors continued smashing into the earth. Azure light wrapped around Lin Ming's long spear. No matter how monstrous those waves of fire were, Lin Ming still didn't need to use his martial skills.

With just a tiny bit of true essence, coupled with his battle spirit and his profound understanding of the Laws and Concepts of Fire, this was more than enough to deal with the current situation!

By not using martial skills, he would save the most energy. This would allow Li Ming to retain enough strength to face the bigger meteors ahead.

At 30 breaths of time, a mile wide meteor came roaring down, dragging a tail of fire behind it. As soon as it smashed into the earth, the explosive shock wave seemed to sweep up the entire sky. Lin Ming's vision widened. Without hesitation, he flourished the long spear in his hands.

Chasing Sun!

The highly compressed true essence in the Heretical God Seed erupted outwards. Lin Ming became one with his spear, shooting through the skies like a divine arrow. In a single thrust, he moved dozens of miles forwards, directly piercing through the walls of flames!

This was the first time he had used his full strength. In addtion, because he had used Chasing Sun, his consumption of energy was still small.

It had taken a full 30 breaths of time before Lin Ming was compelled to use a martial skill. When Lin Ming turned serious, his comprehensive combat strength startled even Fairy Feng.

’’Old friend Blueflame, it looks like you are right. Now, it seems that I will most likely lose my fog flower wine. Not only is this brat's comprehension of Laws pretty good, but what is even rarer is that his will is extremely firm! If he doesn't lose himself to his own arrogance then he will surely rise in the future!’’ General Smoke praised without hesitation. Losing some of his precious wine was only a joke between friends. He was also happy to see a rising talent among the juniors.

’’Mm, this boy is too my liking. When he ascends to the Realm of the Gods, he can also be considered a follower of my Timeworn Phoenix City. Haha, I'm really looking forwards to his growth!’’

As Guru Blueflame and General Smoke talked, Huo Wenlong and Huo Yu withdrew from the God Transforming Mirror.

Huo Yu had just managed to last 15 breaths of time. As for Huo Wenlong, he lasted up to 28 breaths of time.

After retreating from the God Transforming Mirror, Huo Wenlong's first reaction was to glance over at Lin Ming. He saw Lin Ming standing still before the God Transforming Mirror, stable and calm, as if he were a great mountain that had existed there since eternity.

As he looked over at Guru Blueflame, Fairy Feng, General Smoke, and old man Jun, he discovered that none of them had even bothered to glance at him. All of them were completely focused on Lin Ming. Even Huo Ping and the others were intensely concentrated on Lin Ming. Huo Wenlong suspected that there wasn't even anyone that recorded his result.

How could he possibly feel any better with this?

’’Nuyan Ming... you closed up for 55 days in a single go and today you return to the God Transforming Mirror. This time, I want to see just how long you can last and whether or not our disparity has changed!’’

Huo Wenlong grit his teeth. This time, he didn't leave midway. Rather, he sat down where he was, waiting for Lin Ming to complete his test.



Within the God Transforming Mirror, another giant meteor crashed into the ground. Without batting an eye, Lin Ming used Chasing Sun once again!

Strike after strike, a crimson ray of light flashed forwards for several dozen miles, cutting a path through the clear blue skies!

At this time, Lin Ming had only used Chasing Sun a total of five times. As he simultaneously poured his battle spirit into Penetrating Rainbow, the power of his attacks rose precipitously!

36 breaths!

37 breaths!

38 breaths!

40 breaths!

After crossing the 40 breaths of time threshold, the shower of meteors became even denser. This time, almost every meteor that hurtled down was over a mile wide!

Lin Ming revolved the Heretical God Force to the limit. Bright red flames wrapped around his entire body as a blazing azure true essence erupted from him. At this time, he could no longer keep his calm. With absolute power, while simultaneously using the power of Laws, he forcefully broke through the explosive shockwaves of the meteor's fall!

At 49 breaths of time, a mile and a half wide meteor came howling down!

Compared to a mile wide meteor, this meteor's detonative energy was three times greater.


The earth was torn asunder and the entire world burned in an inferno of blazing red. In this terrifying storm of energy, he grasped his spear, the power of fire and the power of space revolving and twining together on the tip.

Bury the Heavens!

This was Lin Ming's strongest move. But even though it was his strongest move, he was still completely unable to compare with the horrifying explosive shockwaves of the meteor. Lin Ming gave a loud shot and the flame totem on the Heretical God Seed began to shine with a golden light, just like the resplendent eyes of an Ancient Phoenix!

By relying on his understanding of the Fire Laws, Lin Ming strenuously broke through the shockwaves of flame, his face flushing red with blood.

After breaking past the explosions of this meteor, 50 breaths of time had passed!

’’He really passed 50 breaths of time! This Nuyan Ming still has energy left!' General Smoke let out a long breath. 45 breaths of time and 50 breaths of time seemed to only be separated by 5 breaths, but the truth was that the difference was enormous. In the God Transforming Mirror, every 10 breaths was a new level. The difficult would increase at an exponential rate!

’’Can he possibly pass 60 breaths of time?’’ General Smoke muttered to himself. But at this time, in the skies, several even greater meteors were being born. Among these meteors, there were even some that were wider than two miles that were being slowly formed.


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