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Martial World - Chapter 738


Chapter 738 - Blood of the Ancient Phoenix




’’45 breaths of time?’’ As Guru Blueflame heard the number '45' he felt his heart thump for a moment. What horrible luck! 45 breaths of time was already defying the heavens. How could Sacred Flame Phoenix City have been such lucky bastards and picked up such a talented person this time around?

In the lower realms, there were three king level trial sites of the Ancient Phoenix Clan - Fuxi Phoenix City, Timeworn Phoenix City, and Sacred Flame Phoenix City. It was already very rare for a talent like Huo Wenlong to be produced. But to last for 45 breaths of time before the 100 day assessment, that was even rarer.

After 30 breaths of time, the meteors that came falling from the sky would vastly increase in terms of force. When Lin Ming had reached 33 breaths of time, he had perished there because he had encountered a giant meteor nearly a mile wide.

If a meteor's diameter increased from half a mile to a mile, the weight would be nearly eight times that of the original! Thus, the explosive impact force would also increase by nearly eight times.

Thus after 30 breaths of time, the difficulty would increase at an exponential rate.

As for how long Lin Ming could last in that situation, Guru Blueflame lacked assurance in his heart.

’’How about it, eh? Not bad, right? After this young man that can last for 45 breaths of time reaches the divine Sea and ascends into the Realm of the Gods, he will join under my command as a soldier.’’ A faint smile hung on the red armored warrior's lips as he waited for Guru Blueflame to wither away.

’’45 breaths of time isn't even worth a fart. Nuyan Ming can easily accomplish that.’’ Since he had already started bragging, Guru Blueflame naturally had to hunker down and continue until the end.

’’Heh, this old fellow would rather die than lose face.’’ The red armored warrior secretly mused to himself. The corners of his lips curved up in a smile. ’’How many breaths of time do you think Nuyan Ming can last for then?’’

’’At least...’’ As Guru Blueflame spoke to here, he made some grabbing motions with his hands, at least 50 breaths of time!’’

Guru Blueflame didn't dare to exaggerate too much. In his opinion, 50 breaths of time was still very possible.’’

’’Hehe, since you've said so then if it is any less you must bring out your 30,000 year vermillion fruit wine so that us brothers can drink a cup together.’’ The red armored warrior said as he licked his lips. He was after all, a lover of wine, and Guru Blueflame's 30,000 year vermillion fruit wine had been brewed and kept in a cellar for over 30,000 years. It could be said to be a top-grade wine.

’’F*ck you! You want to rob me while my house is on fire? I've kept that wine for over a thousand years without bearing to drink any of it!’’ Guru Blueflame shouted. The two of them had a very good relationship together, thus they would play such jokes on each other.

At this time, a clear and delicate voice rang out, ’’General Smoke, how about I make a bet with you? If I win, then you will reward Nuyan Ming some of the Ancient Phoenix bloodline according to regulations. How about it?’’

The red armored warrior looked up at saw the red dressed Fairy Feng standing not too far away, a pleasant smile on her face as she looked in his direction.

The red armored warrior quickly stood up and cupped his fists together in greeting, ’’Since Fairy Feng has spoken, then if Nuyan Ming does indeed show outstanding results, according to clan rules I can indeed apply for a corresponding Ancient Phoenix bloodline reward...’’

’’Then I thank you very much.’’ Fairy Feng faintly smiled. These recent years, the Realm of the Gods Ancient Phoenix Clan had become increasingly strict regarding control and distribution of its Ancient Phoenix bloodline resources. Without the red armored warrior's application, it was truly hard to obtain some.

In any case, Lin Ming was a heroic young elite from her Timeworn Phoenix City. In the future, if Lin Ming even had a faint chance of becoming an Elder of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, then that was a matter worth celebrating for Timeworn Phoenix City.

’’General Smoke, since that's the case, I shall then start the smelting trial.’’ Fairy Feng stood up, leading the red armored warrior over to the hall of the God Transforming Mirror.


’’Nuyan Ming, the 100 day assessment from the Realm of the Gods has begun!’’

Inside his dimension, Lin Ming heard a true essence sound transmission echo in his ears. Lin Ming had closed up in seclusion for over 50 days, meditating over the various Laws, array discs, and jade slips. He had already passed the time limit for the items that Fairy Feng had lent to him, but she didn't seem to have any intention of taking them back, instead she let Lin Ming meditate on them until today when the 100 day assessment of the Realm of the Gods had begun.

Lin Ming awoke from his enlightened state. As his eyes opened, they seemed to flash with a faint light of the Laws.

’’How long have I been in meditation?’’

’’You've immersed yourself in the ethereal martial intent for 55 days already. Altogether, it has been a total of 100 days since you've come to Timeworn Phoenix City!’’ Within Lin Ming, Demonshine's soul slowly answered him.

’’55 days... got it.’’ Lin Ming stood up. The 100 day assessment could be said to be taken at the 100 day mark, but the truth was that it could be done ahead of time. Some martial artists in the king level smelting trial would apply to take the 100 day assessment at only 70 to 80 days in, finishing it and completing this stage of the king level smelting trial.

The earlier the assessment was, the more difficult it became. To complete the smelting trial at 70 days was much more dazzling than doing so at 100 days.

Afterwards, at the 200 day assessment, the difficult would again drop down a scale. As for the 300 day assessment, that wasn't even worth mentioning.

By the time Lin Ming arrived in the hall of the God Transforming Mirror, old man Jun, Fairy Feng, Guru Blueflame, and even Huo Wenlong, Huo Yu, and the others had all gathered there.

Lin Ming noticed that there was a red armored martial artist standing in front of the God Transforming Mirror, smiling at him. Without a doubt, this person was the messenger from the Realm of the Gods.

After Lin Ming came, more and more people began to stream in. These were all the most outstanding disciples currently in Timeworn Phoenix City. As for the others who hadn't been able to break through the first world yet, they didn't even have the qualifications to take this 100 day assessment.

’’Everyone, I shall first make introductions...’’ As everyone finally arrived, old man Jun stood up, ’’This is Guru Blueflame, the City Lord of Timeworn Phoenix City! This is Fairy Feng, the Supervisory Envoy of Timeworn Phoenix City! And this is General Smoke, a messenger from the Realm of the Gods, as well as the official who will be conducting this 100 day assessment!’’

Old man Jun introduced everyone one at a time. Lin Ming had already seen Guru Blueflame and Fairy Feng so he wasn't too surprised but the other disciples were bewildered. Whether it was the Timeworn Phoenix City City Lord or the Supervisory Envoy, both of them were extremely top level characters.

To see such legendary characters, this naturally gave birth to a sense of excitement in their hearts.

The red armored warrior known as General Smoke faintly smiled and said, ’’Everyone here are the most outstanding young heroes of this year's smelting trial. My management of the assessment is extremely strict. To be honest with all of you, your chances of passing this assessment are close to zero. But, the truth is that this is unimportant. This assessment is mainly to decide your current smelting trial situation, and my score will also be added to your final results. In the future, if you decide to serve in my Ancient Phoenix Clan then this score will become a reference of your strength.’’

As the red armored warrior spoke, the several martial artists from the Realm of the Gods became nervous. If this score was included in their final result then that means it would also be noticed by their various family clans. This would greatly affect their future development, for better or for worse.

’’First of all, all of you shall undergo a test in the God Transforming Mirror. Only those that can last for 15 breaths of time in the second world have the qualifications to continue with the assessment.

As the red armored warrior said these words, Huo Ping, and the other martial artists' hearts instantly dropped to their stomachs. They also knew what was happening here. Besides Huo Wenlong and Nuyan Ming, everyone else had basically been called over to increase numbers and embarrass themselves.

One only had the qualifications to start the assessment if they could last for at least 15 breaths of time in the second world? Huo Ping had just broken through the first world 10 days ago. It would already be a miracle if he could last 3 to 4 breaths of time in the second world.

The other disciples from the Realm of the Gods with results similar to Huo Ping also had bitter expressions. After all, this assessment simply didn't have anything to do with them at the moment.

’’The test begins.’’ As old man Jun announced this, old man Jun then stepped forwards and called out the names of Huo Ping and two other disciples from the Realm of the Gods. The three of them had only been called here to draw up the numbers. One of these three had only just broken through the first world yesterday.

These three people stepped forwards to carry out the test. However, no miracle occurred. None of them were able to last past 5 breaths of time and all of them were eliminated.

Old man Jun was not surprised at any of these results. Although he knew perfectly well that all of them would fail, this was also a very good smelting trial chance for them. This test would broaden their horizons, preventing any pearls of regret from surfacing in the future.

’’Now then... Nuyan Ming, Huo Wenlong, Huo Yu, come up.’’

Within the entire Timeworn Phoenix City, there were only six martial artists that had broken through the first world of the God Transforming Mirror. Two smelting trial tests, that was just enough for three trial challengers each.

Whether it was Huo Wenlong or Huo Yu, both of them were uptight and apprehensive. This assessment would affect their future status and their trajectory in their clan.

Lin Ming was the calmest. He didn't care too much about the result. After going into seclusion, he had gained a great deal of comprehensions and wanted to confirm them in the God Transforming Mirror.

Just as Lin Ming arrived in front of the God Transforming Mirror, a true essence sound transmission suddenly sounded out in Lin Ming's ear. ’’Young boy, I am Guru Blueflame. I know that the last time you went in the God Transforming Mirror you were testing out your moves so your result wasn't as high as it could have been. Now, this old man will be frank with you. You are currently the leading star in my Timeworn Phoenix City. I want you to honestly and ask you to completely display your full strength and use your abilities to their greatest effect, lasting as long as you can. I want this fellow from the Realm of the Gods to see just how fierce my Timeworn Phoenix City is. If you can't last for 50 breaths of time then this old man will come stir up trouble with you!’’

Lin Ming had wanted to confirm some truths about his moves, but after hearing Guru Blueflame's true essence sound transmission he was surprised. He didn't even have have time to respond before Guru Blueflame continued to say, ’’It doesn't matter if you test your moves here;there will be time in the future assessment for you to experiment. Moreover, Fairy Feng has already applied for some blood of the Ancient Phoenix for you. Whether or not you can obtain any, all of this will depend on your own ability!'

What!? Blood of the Ancient Phoenix!

Lin Ming was shocked. ’’Is this blood of the Ancient Phoenix to be transplanted into this junior?’’

’’Of course! What else do you think it is for? Of course, this is only if you have a good performance!’’

Hearing Guru Blueflame's confirmation, Lin Ming glanced at Fairy Feng and saw that she was giving him an encouraging smile. Lin Ming's mind immediately filled with a brilliant fighting spirit. Although he had the support of the Heretical God Seed, his bloodline was constantly becoming an increasingly great weak point. If he could obtain more blood of the Ancient Phoenix, then his ability to perceive the Fire Laws would be astronomically better!

It seemed that in this test he would have to put forth his true and greatest strength. As for confirming truths of Laws he had learned, that could all be placed on the backburner.

’’Test, begin!'

As the red armored warrior spoke, Lin Ming, Huo Wenlong, and Huo Yu all placed their hands on the surface of the God Transforming Mirror.

’’First world, break!’’

Lin Ming was in a trance for merely three breaths of time before the smooth surface of the God Transforming Mirror cracked underneath his palm like a growing spider web. The first world had already been easily broken by him!

General Smoke's eyes shined, ’’He used absolute strength to break through the first world, and moreover he only needed three breaths of time. This boy is quite interesting!’’

’’Hehe, just you wait and see!' Guru Blueflame said with a content smile. ’’If this boy lasts less than 50 breaths of time then I'll take out my vermillion fruit wine. But if he does, then don't think of keeping any of your own wine collection!’’


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