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Martial World - Chapter 737


Chapter 737 - The Final Test




A result of 33 breaths of time was astonishing, but to the martial artists who hadn't yet experienced the second world, it wasn't as horrifying as they thought. This was because they could only contrast this with Huo Wenlong's result of three breaths of time.

33 breaths of time to 3 breaths of time, that was a difference of eleven times.

’’Nuyan Ming, come to the Nine Layer Tower in the center of Timeworn Phoenix Tower.’’ As Lin Ming withdrew from the God Transforming Mirror, Fairy Feng's true essence sound transmission sounded in his mind.

’’Yes, Senior.’’

Lin Ming nodded. Before this, Fairy Feng had bade him to see her again once he could surpass 20 breaths of time in the second world.



Fairy Feng was wearing a red dress as before. Every movement she made gave off a noble, lofty temperament. Her appearance was that of a 30- or 40-year-old young married woman, beautiful, curvaceous, and in the prime of her life. But the truth was that she was an existence that had been alive for over 10,000 years.

Fairy Feng raised her hand and several red lights shot into Lin Ming's palm. When Lin Ming looked down, he saw that they were three array discs and a jade slip.

’’Take a look.’’

Lin Ming nodded and input some true essence into one of the array discs. A phantom scene suddenly popped up, playing in the air. Meteors came crashing towards the earth, dragging long tails of flame behind them. And in the sea of lava, a young, red-clothed man stood there, a long spear in his hand as he faced the might of the world alone.


A meteor smashed into the ground. Waves of roiling lava shot up into the sky, but that red-clothed youth calmly broke through the waves, his clothes not even disturbed in the least, an easygoing look on his face.

This person was...

Lin Ming's eyebrows shot up. In this scene, this red-clothed youth's comprehension of the Laws far surpassed him.

Lin Ming continued to watch. The more he saw, the more charmed he became. It was only after an incense stick of time passed that the images were interrupted.

’’Senior, the person in this scene is...’’

’’This is from tens of thousands of years ago, the scene of my Honorable Master in the second world of the God Transforming Mirror. Now, this array disc will be lent to you. I hope that you will be able to obtain some insights from it. But remember. What others have comprehended may not necessarily be suitable for you. You must form your own comprehensions from this array disc.’’

As Lin Ming heard this he felt overjoyed. He would be able to obtain a great deal of inspirations from this array disc. He gave a deep bow and reverentially said, ’’Thank you for your guidance, Senior.’’

’’Mm...there are also two other array discs. Take a look at them.’’

Lin Ming activated the second array disc.

Another series of phantom images appeared. This was still the second world of the God Transforming Mirror. But the character in this scene was a red-dressed woman;she looked somewhat similar to Fairy Feng. Upon closer inspection, this was actually a scene of a younger Fairy Feng in the God Transforming Mirror's second world.

Lin Ming took a deep breath, feeling grateful to Fairy Feng from the bottom of his heart.

Fairy Feng said, ’’This is a recording of my experience in the God Transforming Mirror's second world. Compared to my Honorable Master, I am much more foolish and slower than him. Still, this should be of some help to you. These two array discs will be lent to you for month. Afterwards, return them to me. As for the third array disc and also that jade slip, they are gifted to you. Go ahead and take a look at them.’’

Lin Ming activated the third array disc. He thought that this would be the phantom images of another senior in the God Transforming Mirror, but he never thought that it would actually be the scene of himself within the second world.

Lin Ming was happy and surprised. If he could watch his own moves from the vantage point of a spectator, then it would be easier to find any problems, not to mention that he also had Fairy Feng and her Honorable Master's array discs as a reference comparison.

As for that last jade slip, Lin Ming swept his perception through it. There were only several hundred words written inside in Fairy Feng's writing. The notes pointed out some deficiencies in his moves. Fairy Feng must have casually written them down after watching him in the second world just a while ago.

What sort of unbelievable cultivation boundary was Fairy Feng at? Even if she casually gave him some pointers, this was still enough to give him a great deal of inspiration.

’’Nuyan Ming, I wrote down ways to correct some of your problems in that jade slip. But I hope that you do not look at this jade slip at the start. Instead, look at the three array discs to improve yourself first. Enlightening yourself and understanding your own style will give you the most profound advantage. As for the words I have written, lay them down for now. I hope that by the time you have finished meditating on the array discs and looked at the jade slip, you will have discovered that you have already corrected the problems listed within.

’’Well. This is the limit of guidance I shall give to you for now. Go back and close up. By the time you have been at Timeworn Phoenix City for 100 days, there will be a messenger from the Realm of the Gods coming down to inspect the situation of your smelting trial. When that time comes, I hope that you will be able to show excellent results. Someone from the Realm of the Gods will take a look at your assessment three times. At 100 days, 200 days, and 300 days. The first assessment at 100 days is the most difficult. If you can show amazing results, then that will also be your final assessment and you may obtain the rewards for completing the first stage of the king level smelting trial as well as returning to your Sky Spill Continent. At that time, your fate with me shall be considered finished. In the future, if you enter into the Realm of the God Ancient Phoenix Clan, then perhaps we shall also have a chance to meet again.’’

’’Now leave!’’

’’Yes, Senior. Senior, this junior shall forever engrave this kindness into my heart.’’ Lin Ming was very grateful to Fairy Feng and Guru Blueflame for their guidance. For them, these were only minor matters not even worth mentioning. Perhaps every time they meet a good seedling in a round of the smelting trial they would also do these things. But for Lin Ming, this help would allow him to lay a much more solid foundation in a shorter time, allowing him to achieve more magnificent results in the future.

Lin Ming bade Fairy Feng farewell. Then, he returned to his own dimension and sealed it with a spell, adamantly putting out a notice that he would refuse all visitors as he started his closed-door seclusion.

Three phantom image array discs, the several jade slips that Fairy Feng had given him containing experiences of Laws and Concepts, as well as what he had learned from meditating on the Ancient Phoenix Totem Stone.

All of this required time to fully absorb.

For a month and a half, Lin Ming completely isolated himself, no longer going out.

During this time, Lin Ming's progress was slower than when he had meditated on the Ancient Phoenix Totem Stone. However, this was ultimately the process of consolidating his foundation.

As Lin Ming meditated on the Fire Laws, a faint trace of this source energy was kept in his dantian, constantly nourishing the Revolving Core there.

After 50 days passed, Lin Ming still hadn't taken a single step out of his dimension. During this time, Huo Wenlong had already managed to persist for 20 breaths of time in the second world, Huo Yu for 10, and Huo Ping had also just managed to break through the first world. Up to now, five martial artists had managed to break through the first world. Besides Lin Ming, every single other person was a martial artist from the Realm of the Gods.

On the 55th day of Lin Ming's seclusion, a red spirit boat appeared in the skies above Timeworn Phoenix City. This spirit boat was half a mile long, and images of phoenixes undergoing nirvana in a sea of fire were engraved onto the hull. The spirit boat was pulled by nine golden crows, releasing phoenix-like cries as they flew, emanating a grandiose aura.

The spirit boat stopped above the Nine Layer Tower at the center of Timeworn Phoenix City. A man wearing red armor and carrying a golden war lance stepped out.

’’Haha, old buddy, you've come to personally manage the assessment this time?’’ From within Nine Layer Tower, Guru Blueflame flew out to greet the spirit boat. He was apparently old friends with this red-armored warrior.

The red-armored warrior loudly laughed. He said, ’’Blueflame, Long time no see! You're looking so much better already!’’

’’Bah, what are you talking about? This old man is always looking great!’’ As Guru Blueflame spoke, he actually sighed with emotion. ’’Ever since I was injured in the war with those other clans, I've been slowly recuperating in Timeworn Phoenix City, giving some casual pointers to these juniors. I've only returned to the Realm of the Gods three times in the last 3000 years. I'm afraid I haven't seen you for an entire 2000 years!’’

’’Close enough, time passes too fast!’’ The red-armored warrior sighed, a hint of sadness tinting his voice. He was over a twelve thousand years old. In the blink of an eye, 2000 years had passed;it was natural to feel surging emotions. ’’Have your old wounds recovered yet?’’

’’They're no longer a problem. Although this old man can't rebirth myself in a nirvana of flames, recovering from some old injuries isn't a problem.’’ Guru Blueflame stroked his beard, laughing as he said, ’’That's right, you're here this time to manage the 100 day assessment?’’

’’That's right. I just had a sudden inspiration to see if there were any good seedlings about. After they mature in the future, perhaps they might join my army!’’ The red-armored warrior was an army general from the Ancient Phoenix Clan in the Realm of the Gods. If there were any outstanding young elites here who wanted to join the army, they would naturally come under his command.

’’Speaking of good seedlings, there really are a few here. Huo Yu and Huo Wenlong are both from the Huo Clan. Huo Yu can now last for 10 breaths of time in the second world and Huo Wenlong can last for 20!’’

’’20 breaths of time?’’ The red-armored warrior didn't seem surprised. He nodded and said, ’’That's nothing impressive, but it's not too bad either.’’

The red-armored warrior's frigid and imperious tone was well within Guru Blueflame's expectations. He laughed, saying, ’’Old buddy! Ahh, your judgment is too high! This is the lower realms, not the Realm of the Gods. But still...’’

As Guru Blueflame spoke here, he deliberately drew out his words, tempting the red-armored warrior and stirring his interest. It was only then that he said, ’’Speaking of someone more outstanding than Huo Wenlong, there really is someone like that. Nuyan Ming is from the lower realms but now he is able to persist in the God Transforming Mirror's second world for 33 breaths of time.

’’33 breaths of time?’’ The red-armored warriors eyebrows pricked up, but there still wasn't any surprised expression on his face. ’’That's decent, but not too surprising. I can only say that perhaps there might be some hope in this assessment.’’

’’Hehe.’’ Guru Blueflame revealed an expression that he had already anticipated this reaction. With a great deal of satisfaction he said, ’’What I mentioned was his last result. But recently he has closed up in seclusion. After he exits, you can take a long, hard look at just how good his performance is. Perhaps after he enters the Realm of the Gods, he won't bother to join your army as cannon fodder!’’

As the red-armored warrior listened to Guru Blueflame talk, he glared back and said, ’’What are you saying? My army is comprised of elites of the Ancient Phoenix Clan. How could they possibly be cannon fodder? In fact, this time, when I went to Sacred Flame Phoenix City, I did indeed find a good seedling willing to join my command in the future!’’

’’Sacred Flame Phoenix City?’’ Guru Blueflame curled his lips in disdain. ’’Are you talking about that little loser city in the middle of nowhere? Heh, all they produce is a few big kittens every year. How could they possible compare to my Timeworn Phoenix City? I can hold my hands behind my back and still defeat them!’’

Sacred Flame Phoenix City and Timeworn Phoenix City were the same;both of them king level smelting trial sites in the lower realms. Naturally, these two king level smelting trial sites were ruthless in fighting each other for the top position, none willing to admit they were inferior to the other. Generally speaking, Timeworn Phoenix City had the most minor advantage, but it wasn't as exaggerated as Guru Blueflame mentioned.

The red-armored warrior thought this was quite funny. He said, ’’Leather can't be broken by blowing through it. That youth truly is excellent. He managed to last in the second world for 45 breaths of time. In addition, he also made good progress in the 100 day assessment.’’


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