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Martial World - Chapter 736


Chapter 736 - Leaving Seclusion




’’Oh? Nuyan Ming has left seclusion?’’

In Timeworn Phoenix City, the other martial artists had already heard this news. There were even some martial artists that had returned to Timeworn Phoenix City a second time for the smelting trial that were piqued by Lin Ming's situation.

’’I wonder if Nuyan Ming will go directly to the God Transforming Mirror...’’ A martial artist said, his voice tinged with envy and worship.

’’He should go close up for another period of time. There are many martial artists that will have numerous new comprehensions after enlightening themselves with the totem stones. They need to thoroughly digest everything they've learned so that their grasp of it is greater.’’

’’How long will Nuyan Ming last this time? Can he break through the second world?’’

’’Break through the second world? Don't be silly, how simple do you think the second world is. The God Transforming Mirror has a total of nine different worlds. If you can break through the sixth and seventh, then your power is equivalent to a Holy Lord. If you break through the ninth then you are the incarnation of a fire god. If you want to break through the second world, you would need strength at least equal to a divine Sea powerhouse from the mortal worlds. Nuyan Ming is talented, but his cultivation is only at the Revolving Core realm;how can he possibly break through the second world already? If he can last for a few breaths more of time then that's believable, but anything beyond that would be too freakish.’’

’’Power to contend with a divine Sea powerhouse from the mortal worlds?’’ The martial artists present were startled as they heard this. Although the mortal worlds were nothing compared to the Realm of the Gods, a divine Sea powerhouse was still a top level existence within those lower realms and they were still at a level that these young martial artists couldn't match yet.

As everyone was discussing Lin Ming, they actually received the news that he had gone straight to the God Transforming Mirror!

He didn't go back into seclusion but instead rushed directly there!

’’This Nuyan Ming fellow is too confident in himself!

’’I wonder what he managed to comprehend these past 11 days. I really envy him!’’

Besides masters like Lin Ming and Huo Wenlong, most martial artists here didn't have the chance to close up for such a long period of time. In fact, they had very few chances to enlighten themselves with the totem stones. When they could no longer perceive the Laws through meditation, they could only come out from their dimensions and watch the revolution of energy Laws of Timeworn Phoenix City, obtaining some minor understandings from experience.


At the entrance to the God Transforming Mirror's hall, old man Jun smiled as he looked at Lin Ming and said, ’’You came straight here instead of closing up for some more?’’

Lin Ming replied, ’’These past days, this disciple has a few things that he wishes to try. I can't wait any longer.’’

In these past 11 days, Lin Ming had achieved an extremely high degree of understanding towards the Concept of Burning Heat and had even seen through the next level to the Concept of Annihilation. With so many new comprehensions, he wanted to determine whether these were true or not and could only do so by testing them in the world of the God Transforming Mirror.

Although Lin Ming was well aware that his progress would be even better if he closed up some more, to Lin Ming, this sort of progress wasn't important. What was important was enhancing his understandings of Laws and Concepts.

’’The God Transforming Mirror is in use. It will be ready in less than an hour.’’

In Timeworn Phoenix City, there was only a single God Transforming Mirror and all the martial artists needed to use the God Transforming Mirror in their smelting trial. Although the time for each use was very short, one would often encounter a situation in which the God Transforming Mirror was being occupied by others.

After calmly waiting for an hour, old man Jun lit up a sound transmitting talisman to Fairy Feng, informing her that Lin Ming had come to the God Transforming Mirror.

This was the first smelting trial test after Lin Ming came out of seclusion. Thus, he naturally attracted the attention of a massive number of martial artists.

However, Huo Wenlong and Huo Yu hadn't come. After all, looking at someone else bathe in glory wasn't too comfortable for them, not to mention that Huo Wenlong was also in seclusion perceiving the Laws too.

With a hand touching the God Transforming Mirror, Lin Ming instantly entered into a trance.

’’First world, break!’’

In the God Transforming Mirror, Lin Ming grasped his red long spear and immediately used Bury the Heavens. By consuming just 40% of his strength the first world directly collapsed around him!

In just six breaths of time, he had broken through the first world!

Old man Jun's eyes brightened. This was a result that defied the will of the heavens!

At the location where Lin Ming's palm touched the God Transforming Mirror, a small crack appeared. This crack was even larger than the last one;it was nearly a full foot long.

Six breaths to break through the first world, creating a crack in the mirror a foot long...

The martial artists who witnessed this were dumbfounded. Lin Ming's progress was simply too quick. None of them could think of catching up to him so they simply didn't bother comparing with him.

’’The second world!’’

Lin Ming stood at the bank of roiling rivers of lava. As he looked to the sky, the vast expanse of the heavens was covered in a chain of red stars. Giant meteors were born from this chain of stars, howling as they came crashing down!

This world held the Annihilation Concept of Fire. The power of space in this world was nearly indestructible. With Lin Ming's strength, he couldn't even shake it, much less tear it apart. If he wanted to destroy this world then he could only rely on the Law of Annihilation to reverse the chain of stars, breaking the balance between those glowing red lights and cause the world's power of annihilation to implode in on itself, eventually collapsing.

But Lin Ming's understanding towards the Concept of Fire hadn't reached such heights yet, his understandings of the Laws weren't even close. Not just that, but his strength was insufficient to reverse the chain of stars to begin with, so breaking the second world was simply a dream.

The reason he came to this second world was to substantiate the comprehensions he had made.


The first meteor came howling down, dragging a long tail of flames behind it. Lin Ming had no intention of dodging it. This rain of meteors was simply too dense. No matter where he tried to hide, he would still be caught up in the shockwaves of the explosions.

Lin Ming flourished his long spear, the image of the falling meteor reflecting in his ink black eyes.


The meteor crashed into the ground. The earth was torn apart and massive amounts of lava sprayed into the air, raising giant waves thousands of feet high!

As the shockwaves recklessly burst out, the images of the dancing flames of the Burning Heaven Totem Stone appeared in Lin Ming's mind. Burning Heaven Totem Stone, annihilation of the heavens, the most exquisite Law contained within it was the Concept of Annihilation!

’’Break for me!!’’

Lin Ming gave a loud shout. The long spear in his hands was like a red flood dragon as it pierced forth. An azure spear light followed behind it, directly impacting into violent waves of lava!

A flash like a birthing sun shined out. In that instant, the waves of flames were split apart by Lin Ming!

In terms of strength, these meteors that were hundreds of feet wide and had power comparable to that of a Supreme Elder from the Realm of the Gods. Even the shockwaves were not something that Lin Ming could withstand.

However, what happened was that Lin Ming had torn apart these shock waves, opening a haven of safety for himself within the raging energy.

This was the cleverness of Laws. If Lin Ming could thoroughly realize the Annihilation Laws of the second world then he could rise from weakness here and find a path to live.

After breaking apart the first waves of turbulent lava, Lin Ming's face flushed red with blood. Without even time to catch his breath, there was another deafening explosion as the second meteor impacted the ground!

Lin Ming summoned his true essence, raising his spear.

Chasing Sun!

With a spear thrust, he flew ten miles across the skies. The surging seas of lava were once again pierced through by Lin Ming.

Then, the third meteor!

This meteor was far larger than the last two meteors;it was nearly half a mile wide. When it crashed into the ground the entire earth shook and countless shattered stones and even the core of the world itself seemed as if it would be destroyed. Lava shot up, reaching into the heavens. As Lin Ming faced these turbulent waves of flames, he released the Heretical God Force to its limit. The Heretical God Seed howled as compressed true essence poured out!

Bury the Heavens!

A spear thrust out. Lin Ming reversed the power of space, and with his understanding of the Concept of Fire, this nearly 1000 foot wall of lava was torn apart by him!

In these three penetrating attacks, Lin Ming had consumed a great deal of energy. But, his ability to restore himself was similarly astounding. Lin Ming thrust forth his spear the fourth time - Penetrating Rainbow!

Bang bang bang!

Meteors continued to howl as they came roaring down. The earth was torn apart, hundreds of massive pits appearing in the ground. All of the rock islands had long been crushed to bits. Lava rained down on everything, covering the world!

Strike after strike came piercing out. Lin Ming was like a flood dragon swimming in a sea of lava. Chasing Sun, Chasing Thunder, Penetrating Rainbow, Bury the Heavens, all of these moves were used repeatedly again and again!

And this entire scene fell into Fairy Feng and Guru Blueflame's eyes.

’’This boy, he's using the meteor shower in the God Transforming Mirror's second world as a place to gain experience.’’ Guru Blueflame smiled, his tone filled with appreciation.

Out of Lin Ming's various moves, the truth was that Chasing Sun was the most suitable for breaking through the Concept of Fire. Chasing Sun was itself a move purely based off the Concept of Fire and its strength was decent too.

As for Bury the Heavens and Penetrating Rainbow, while these moves were stronger, the use of energy was also that much greater. In an extended battle, Lin Ming should have used Chasing Sun in order to minimize the amount of energy used and make the greatest progress.

But Lin Ming didn't do this. From Chasing Sun to Bury the Heavens, he used different moves every time. He even used Chasing Thunder which didn't have a matching Concept during the weaker shockwaves.

This was because only when one used different moves in different situations would one have a more profound comprehension of the Annihilation Laws. He did this all in order to verify the truths he had comprehended in the Sky Corridor.

Doing this would certainly cause a far greater consumption of energy and affect his final results to a certain degree. If Lin Ming was a vain person who only desired fame, then he wouldn't have done as such.

Guru Blueflame and Fairy Feng were both characters that had lived for over 10,000 years. With their vision, they naturally saw what Lin Ming was attempting. Thus, this was why Guru Blueflame appreciated Lin Ming's decision.

’’20 breaths of time. Nuyan Ming's endurance is far better than what I imagined.’’ Fairy Feng generously praised.

’’Mm... his endurance comes from his body transformation achievements. A dual cultivation of body and essence.. there aren't many heroic young elites in the Realm of the Gods that would attempt this. To reach this step at such a tender age, he must have experienced a great deal of pain but also a great deal of lucky chances. I think that he shouldn't be able to last much longer. Perhaps up to 30 breaths of time.’’

As Guru Blueflame and Fairy Feng spoke, several more breaths of time passed. Lin Ming had already consumed 60% of his true essence. His forehead was dripping with large beads of sweat and the Ancient Phoenix flame mark between his eyebrows was dark red like blood.


Another meteor half a mile wide smashed into the ground. Lin Ming's body was tossed up like a leaf. As he drew back he thrust out his spear several times, demolishing the shockwaves of flames. However, the aftershocks still rushed into his meridians, minorly wounding him.

25 breaths of time, 26 breaths of time, 27 breaths of time... 30 breaths of time!

The meteor shower became increasingly dense. Lin Ming's pupils were filled with the phantom of flames. The red long spear in his hand was scorched deep red, and even though Lin Ming was proficient in the Laws of Fire, there were still multiple burn wounds on his body.

31 breaths of time, 32 breaths of time...

Lin Ming's inner true essence rapidly depleted!

When one had 100% of their physical strength remaining, it was possible to easily defeat an opponent. However, when one only had 20-30% of their strength remaining, even if they gave it their all they still might not be able to wound their opponent, and they would even consume more strength at a faster rate.

At 33 breaths of time, a massive meteor nearly a mile wide came crashing down. For a time, it was like the sea of lava completely flipped upside down. The sky turned completely red and the lava nearly reached the chain of stars hanging in the heavens.

Lin Ming could no longer withstand this. His vision went black and he instantly passed out.


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