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Martial World - Chapter 731


Chapter 731 - Fusing Concepts, Creating a Move




Defeat the world? The ordinary martial artists present didn't understand what old man Jun's words of defeating the world meant. However, Huo Wenlong had a decent status in the Realm of the Gods as an outstanding youth. He naturally knew what it meant to defeat the world of the God Transforming Mirror.

This was the same as Lin Ming rushing past the first level Concept of the God Transforming Mirror in a single go, directly passing into the second level Concept!

The nine Concepts of the God Transforming Mirror corresponded to the nine mysteries behind the Laws of Fire. The further one went, the closer they approached the source Laws of all fire!

Comprehend seven to eight Concepts and become a Holy Lord. Thoroughly comprehend the nine levels of Concepts and reincarnate as the God of Fire!

Of the God Transforming Mirror's Concepts, even breaking through the first level was extremely difficult. Especially for those young heroic elites who hadn't reached the Life Destruction realm yet. In the entire Timeworn Phoenix City, this might not happen for even 100 years!

Huo Wenlong looked over at the God Transforming Mirror and then at the spot that Lin Ming had just been standing. And indeed, he saw that there were several cracks visible in the God Transforming Mirror. Although most of these had already restored themselves, the faint white marks proved that they had existed.

Break the world and thus break the God Transforming Mirror. This boy, just how had he done this!?

Huo Wenlong found this hard to accept. This wasn't something that could be done with just a higher level of compatibility. This proved that Lin Ming's Laws of Fire had improved tremendously after meditating on them.

Only a few days had passed... could it be that his perception wasn't poor, but rather that he hadn't come into contact with the Fire Laws before, thus his comprehension of them was only at the most basic level?

As Huo Wenlong realized this, he felt a cold chill creep up his back. If this were true, then any wish he had of chasing after Lin Ming was just a joke.

As Huo Wenlong was imagining these scenarios, Huo Yu had already flown back to her training area. She had been far too stimulated by this. As a young elite from the Realm of the Gods, Huo Yu was arrogant in her own right. Although her affinity with fire was lower than Lin Ming's, she still believed that at the start, her comprehension of Fire Laws exceeded Lin Ming. But now, that might not be true anymore. This placed a great pressure on her mind.

’’Brother Long... what's the matter?’’ A Realm of the Gods martial artist asked weakly. The had faintly guessed that something was wrong. It most likely had something to do with that crack that Lin Ming had left behind. They weren't idiots. Knowing that that old man Jun had given Lin Ming a high score, they were able to think it over and approximate the situation.


Huo Wenlong coughed, and without a single word further, flew towards his own training area. Since things were like this, that lofty dinner at the Ancient Phoenix Restaurant was also naturally canceled.

To defeat the world and rush past the first Concept of the God Transforming World. This result truly made Huo Wenlong feel as if he was being suppressed from all angles.

’’That kid's pretty good.’’ In the void, the tall old man nodded with satisfaction. ’’I thought it would be a bit too difficult for him to break through the world, but to think he actually succeeded... his willpower is strong! Otherwise, with just his meager understanding of the Laws of Fire, it would have been impossible to control the power of that world.’’

’’Mm, this time could be considered an accidental harvest. Nuyan Ming comes from my Timeworn Phoenix City, we can be considered as having a bit of fate together. I will deliver to him the complete 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle' as well as the first three layers of the 'Ancient Phoenix Law'. As for how he develops in the future, that will all depend on him.’’

As the red dressed woman spoke, she casually formed a seal and passed on a message.

Towards a genius like Lin Ming, the red dressed woman would only casually direct him without supporting him too much. First, she had no obligation to do so. Secondly, this world was simply too vast. There were as many talents as there were grains of sand in an infinite desert. To last three quarter hours in the first test could be called a 50 year talent of Timeworn phoenix City, but to break through the first world could be called a 100 year talent.

However, this was only the Ancient Phoenix Clan. In the countless other great sects, they all had their own extraordinary youths. And in the Realm of the Gods, there were even more than that.

There were countless heroic young elites, but in the Realm of the Gods, within the 3000 great worlds and more, there were only 3000 some World Kings and tens of thousands of Holy Lords. These World Kings and Holy Lords were accumulated over a period of tens of thousands of years, hundreds of thousands of years, or even millions of years. Let alone a 100 year talent of Timeworn Phoenix City, even a 10,000 year talent would have a near zero chance of becoming a World King.

There were many talents that started out extremely dazzling, like rising stars. But later, they perished, or perhaps they were lost in the masses of people.

The old man said, ’’This brat should have his own destiny to be able to reach this step. Let's not disturb him and let his fate freely take its course so he can develop his own destiny to the limit!’’

The world was endless. It was a common phenomenon for talents to all have their own destinies. Otherwise, among the countless beings that existed, how could anyone reach the front of the pack?

’’Alright. I'm looking forwards to see how he grows. I hope that he has a faint chance of at least becoming an outer court Elder level character.’’

As the two people finished speaking, their figures vanished from the void, no one knowing that they ever came.


At this time, in his chamber, Lin Ming had completely entered into a meditative state. His mind was flooded with the images of the world collapsing amidst that monstrous storm of fire. He recalled that massive red phoenix formed from the power of the world that fused together with the golden phoenix that came from combusting his own bloodline, tearing apart space itself!

Then, that space storm has combined with the fire storm. The Concept of Space and the Concept of Fire had, in that moment, perfectly fused together. This was the convergence of the source power of the universe, containing the most fundamental source energy and principles. It was only under a great lucky chance that Lin Ming was able to see this.

The concept of Space and the Concept of Fire were two Concepts that Lin Ming had learned early on in his road of martial arts. Especially Lin Ming's comprehension of the Concept of Space. That surpassed even the Concept of Fire.

His mind constantly deduced the changes in energy. Lin Ming entered into the ethereal martial intent state, entering a completely enlightened condition.

Although the ethereal martial intent had no sort of combat efficiency, its benefits were extremely obvious towards Lin Ming's cultivation speed. Especially in this sort of situation. With this martial intent, Lin Ming was able to completely concentrate and reproduce the scene when the world collapsed.

The power of fire and space wove together in Lin Ming's mind. Then, Lin Ming suddenly thrust out his hand. All around his body, fire origin energy concentrated into a shining red light that sparkled around him.

The Heretical God Seed within him howled and the flame totem emitted a dazzling golden red light. Fire origin energy also began to revolve according to the totem, forming a vortex of red energy.

’’Power of space, fuse!’’

Lin Ming's eyes widened. Space around his palm began to warp. The power of space escaped his hand and gathered into the fire. The red vortex became increasingly intense, and the color gradually turned black, forming a black storm.

Chi chi chi!

The energy vortex howled. The energy contained within was compressed to an unbelievable degree, surging as if it would explode at any moment. The surrounding space became unstable, and a small crack suddenly appeared in the thin air before instantly fading away.

This was-!

Lin Ming's eyes lit up, his heart filled with joy.

This was the tearing of space!

He had finally reached the boundary of tearing space!

With Lin Ming's original strength and comprehension of the Concept of Space, he had only been able to distort space. As for tearing space apart, that was another level altogether!

Originally, the three great masters of Xuan Wuji, Nanyun Wang, and Abbot Whitebrow, along with several dozen Life Destruction powerhouses, had barely managed to make a connection through a space barrier in a world on the edge of collapse.

But to make a tear in stable space? That was another difficulty altogether!

The stability of Timeworn Phoenix City's dimension even exceeded the world of Sky Sky Spill Continent. If Lin Ming could create a small tear in the space here, then once he returned to the Sky Spill Continent, he could form an ever larger crack. If a weaker martial artist were to bump into this space crack, their body would be ripped apart.

Ka ka ka!

Lin Ming's control of this energy became increasingly unstable. With Lin Ming's understanding of the Laws and Concepts, he immediately lost control of this energy vortex;it was ready to implode at any time!

At this time, Lin Ming's eyes shined with a sharp light. A long red spear jumped into his arms, and the power of fire and the turbulent vortex of space energy poured into it. The entire spear turned a deep, dark red, the color of surging magma from deep underground!

The power of space and fire had finally fused together!

’’Bury the Heavens!’’

Lin Ming thrust out his spear. On the shaft, black and red fused energy intensely twisted together. In this moment, the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art' flashed in his mind. He remembered the power of the spear skills from the slaughter path!


A spear thrust out. The power of space and fire erupted;a black demonic flame scorched the void!

Chi chi chi!

Around the point of the spear, space was burnt by the power of fire. Little tiny dots of space fragments shot out, vibrantly revolving around the spear like Blood Drinking Seals.

To use space fragments to replace Blood Drinking Seals!

Blood Seal Twisting Murder!

A spear shot forwards like a meteor several hundred feet forwards. Countless cracks were cut open in space, like an invisible beast maw that was ready to bite!

Lin Ming looked back and immediately sucked in a breath of cold air. This move was definitely his strongest attack so far! With a single thrust, the black flames burned through the void. In addition to the attack of the space crack, the striking power against others could be imagined!

Lin Ming's talent in using the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art' wasn't too great. After all, it wasn't a style that he had created. Lin Ming's talents lay in his martial intent, soul force, and battle spirit. In the slaughter path, he wasn't too talented, thus the power he could pull out from the Blood Drinking Seals he formed was limited. Especially as Lin Ming's strength rapidly rose, the Blood Drinking Seals could no longer keep up with him.

But now, by replacing the Blood Drinking Seals with space fragments, Lin Ming was now able to use his superiority in the Concept of Space. Simultaneously he could fuse the power of fire into his attack. This was an attack that could manifest the absolute pinnacle of Lin Ming's strength.

This was why a self-created move was best suited for oneself. As for the foundation for Lin Ming's self-created moves, that was the massive amount of shattered memories from the Magic Cube. There were simply far too many styles that he understood.

With this, he began stepping onto the road of becoming a martial arts grand master. From Thunderfire Annihilation at the start to Chasing Thunder, Chasing Sun, Penetrating Rainbow, and now to Bury the Heavens, Lin Ming's self-created moves had become increasingly mighty.

Lin Ming examined his own body. That strike just now had consumed the majority of the fire energy within the Heretical God Seed, and the golden flame totem had also dimmed much more.

’’What a great Bury the Heavens. It can break apart the void, it is truly deserving of its name. This is my strongest move. Once I perfect it and fuse my battle spirit with it, my chances of coping with Xuan Wuji will greatly increase!’’ As Lin Ming thought of this, his eyes flashed with a shining fighting spirit.


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