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Martial World - Chapter 721


Chapter 721 - Test of Laws




When the red-robed man spoke about comparing comprehension of Concepts, all of the young elites' eyes present began to shine with a brilliant light. All of them were outstanding individuals of their generation and they all had absolute self-confidence in their understanding of Laws.

When such extraordinary youths gathered together, it was natural for them to wish to outdo each other, all of them hoping to have a chance to show off their superior abilities.

And this comparison of Concepts was exactly the best opportunity to do so.

’’Haha, a competition of comparing our Concept of Fire? I have complete confidence in this!’’ Yellowright Min excitedly rubbed his palms together, as if he couldn't wait to start.

All of the young elites present seemed eager to start. The red-robed old man didn't bother with any more small talk;he drew out a red picture scroll from his spatial ring.

This picture scroll seemed to reveal an atmosphere that made one feel the vicissitudes of life. It was tied together with a simple red thread.

’’That's the Ancient Phoenix Testament!’’

’’It truly is the Ancient Phoenix Testament! I've only ever heard about it in my clan's ancient texts, but today, I've finally seen the real thing!’’ A heroic elite's eyes shone. This Ancient Phoenix Testament was left behind by a Patriarch from the Realm of the Gods' Phoenix Clan just before he underwent Nirvana. He had written several dozen of these pieces, but there shouldn't be more than two within Timeworn Phoenix City. Besides the totem stones, these were the next-most precious treasures!


The red-robed old man unfurled the crimson picture scroll and a burning hot energy suddenly emanated outward. On the picture scroll, there was the image of a phoenix hidden within, twisting about as if it would escape the confines of the scroll at any moment.

’’Who's first?’’



’’Me, me!’’

Several young elites impatiently raised their hands, waving them about.

’’You!’’ The red-robed old man casually pointed at Yellowright Min. Yellowright Min's face immediately filled with excitement. A chance to perceive the Ancient Phoenix Testament was very rare.

’’Stand before the Ancient Phoenix Testament and comprehend the power of the Laws within. I shall judge your individual comprehension, compatibility degree, as well as your attainments in the Concept of Fire. The final outcome shall be decided by me. Now, start.’’

’’Yes, sir!’’ Yellowright Min stepped forwards, his eyes rapidly widening as he stared steadily at the crimson picture scroll. After several breaths of time, it seemed as if he had fallen into a peculiar trance. Reflected in the pupils of his eyes, all sorts of enigmatic flaming lines began forming, smoldering with all kinds of profound principles.

Yellowright Min stood in front of the Ancient Phoenix Testament for 20-some breaths of time. Then, beside Yellowright Min, several weak orbs of light appeared. These tiny spots seemed very common, but Lin Ming could sense that they were made of the purest fire origin energy, an energy that approached the source of Fire Laws!

After ten more breaths of time, these pale orbs of light slowly converged into Yellowright Min's body before vanishing out of sight.

Yellowright Min shook, suddenly waking up from his stupor. Those brilliant reflections of fire in his eyes faded away, and he dripped with sweat as he gasped for breath in heaving gulps, his eyes filled with excitement.

’’Too mysterious! Really too mysterious! If I could read this Ancient Phoenix Testament then I would definitely be able to understand the origin of all Fire Laws!

Yellowright Min's face was filled with happiness and longing. There wasn't just one Ancient Phoenix Testament. As long as his talent was high enough then he would have the chance to enter the Realm of the Gods' Phoenix Clan, and there he could perceive the other Ancient Phoenix Testaments. When that time came, his comprehension of the Concept of Fire would reach an astoundingly high degree.

’’Five breaths of Law fusion. The tiny amount of fire-attribute source energy you absorbed is barely passable. Your result is second-level, C-grade,’’ the red-robed Elder said without any expression.

Hearing the red-robed Elders evaluation, Yellowright Ming's burning heart suddenly cooled down with disappointment.

The tiny amount of fire-attribute source energy he had absorbed was just passable...

This evaluation really stung Yellowright Min's ego;he had been very proud of his strengths in the comprehension of the Concept of Fire. In fact, he had even surpassed the potential of an Emperor-level powerhouse and none of his peers had ever been able to catch up to him. Yet his evaluation here today had been classified as ’’just passable.’’

’’Five breaths of Law fusion can only be considered subpar.’’ Among the other young elites, a young man with scales between his eyebrows muttered, obviously looking down at Yellowright Min's results with disdain.

Yellowright Min's face flushed. He was about to snap back when another man interrupted him, ’’Stop fighting. Here, results are all that matter. I'll give it a go!’’

The martial artist who had spoken was also from the lower realm of mortals. His name was Man Ka and he originated from the Kobe Star. Earlier, Yellowright Min had introduced him to Lin Ming.

Man Ka and Yellowright Min might have come from two different worlds, but as martial artists who came from the lower realms, they naturally banded together when faced with a common opponent.

Man Ka stood before the Ancient Phoenix Testament and opened his eyes as wide as he could. For four breaths of time, he seemed to enter into some strange trance. Then, after another 30 breaths of time, a very weak fire energy formed around him. It slowly converged into his body. Man Ka shook, then awakening from his stupor.

The red-robed man said, ’’Four breaths of meditation. With the small amount of fire source energy you absorbed, your comprehension of Laws is barely above average. Your result is second-level, B-grade.’’

Another second-level evaluation.... Ma Ka frowned, obviously not satisfied with his result.

In the group from the Realm of the Gods, the man with red scales between his eyebrows faintly smiled. He said to a grinning, red-clothed young man beside him, ’’Huo Ping, why don't you go up and try?’’

’’Haha, I didn't want to go on stage and embarrass myself, but if Brother Long asks me to, then I should humbly accept this opportunity.’’

The red-clothed young man sounded modest, but his face was fully confident. His wide smile wasn't able to hide the obvious disdain he felt for the others. As he casually stood in front of the Ancient Phoenix Testament, only three breaths of time passed before traces of fire lines and flaming clouds reflected in his pupils. Then, after another 30 breaths of time, all around the red-clothed youth, dozens of rice-sized orbs of luminescent red light appeared, flying into the red-clothed youth as if they were a swarm of birds.

The red-clothed youth awoke from his meditation and said a bit breathlessly, ’’That felt great!’’

’’Three breaths of meditation, the little power of the fire source energy you absorbed can be considered just satisfactory. You, have you looked upon the Ancient Phoenix Testaments before?’’ The red-robed old man calmly asked. His eyes were extremely sharp;he easily saw that this wasn't the red-clothed youth's first time reading the Ancient Phoenix Testament.

’’Yes, Sir. I saw it once, just two years ago,’’ the red-clothed youth confidently said. He originated from the Ancient Phoenix Clan within the Realm of the Gods;it wasn't strange for him to have had a chance to have viewed the Ancient Phoenix Testaments at some point.

The red-robed old man said, ’’If this was your first time witnessing the Ancient Phoenix Testament, then I would have just barely graded you at the third-level, C-grade. But now, you can only be considered at the second-level, A-grade!’’

Hearing the red-robed old man's evaluation, all of young heroic elites from the lower realms, in particular Yellowright Min and Man Ka, had extremely ugly complexions. Just a casual youth from the Realm of the Gods had embarrassed them both.

The young heroic elites of the lower realms weren't convinced by this. They all came up one after another, and the result was that the majority of them were at the second-level, C-grade, with a small number of them making it through to the second-level, B-grade.

Such results were truly shocking. All of these young heroic elites present had been peerless youths of their own generations. Now, for them to have such a result, all of them experienced acute mental anguish!

’’Brother Nuyan, your comprehension of the Concept of Fire should also be good! How about you go up and give it a try?’’ Yellowright Min try to encourage Lin Ming to step forward. He was counting on Lin Ming to obtain some magnificent result.

Lin Ming was also left a bit speechless. In the comprehension of Concepts and Laws, he had considered himself quite proficient. But that was only compared to the martial artists of the Sky Spill Continent. If he had to compare himself to these geniuses from the Ancient Phoenix Clan, especially in the Concept of Fire that they all specialized in, then he was completely unsure of himself.

He suspected that if he went up, the most he would obtain was a third-level C-grade result. Third-level B-grade didn't seem likely for him.

'Looks like I won't win the chance to choose first.' Lin Ming shook his head. He didn't mind much. To each their own. What he received would be what he received, whether or not it was too extravagant.

’’I'll also try. I haven't seen the Ancient Phoenix Testaments for a long time already;I wonder just what sort of result I'll have.’’ After over 90% of the martial artists had finished, the youth with red scales between his eyebrows finally moved. He walked before the Ancient Phoenix Testament, casually standing there.

’’Ugh, just seeing that man's face disgusts me!’’ Yellowright Min said as he saw the youth's confident expression. But he also understood that since that youth was able to become one of the leaders amongst that group of six from the Realm of the Gods, he naturally had areas where he excelled.

As the youth stood before the Ancient Phoenix Testament, his gaze suddenly focused. As he faced the Ancient Phoenix Testament, it was like he was facing a mortal enemy in a battle where life and death were on the line.


Within the temple, a burst of wind suddenly appeared out of thin air. The scales between the young man's eyebrows suddenly shined with a brilliant red line. Then, images of fire began to reflect within his pupils.

’’Two breaths of time?’’ The red-robed old man that managed this test finally began to show some emotion. Any young elite who could start fusing the power of Laws with just two breaths of time would be considered quite good, even within the Realm of the Gods' central Ancient Phoenix Clan.

The young man stood in front of the Ancient Phoenix Testament for a bit less than half an incense stick of time. Then, small bean-sized orbs of red light began to form, lighting up the temple as they wandered about like fireflies dancing in the night sky.

When Yellowright Min saw this, even he had to admit that the difference between him and this red-scaled man was too great. The source energy this man had managed to condense was several times or even dozens of times what he had accomplished!

After several breaths of time, these tiny lights rapidly flew into the red-scaled man's body. Then the man's body began to shimmer with a faint blood-red light. A moment later, he let out a light breath, but not exhausted on the ground, heaving in great breaths like Yellowright Min had been. Instead, he seemed refreshed, in a much more comfortable mood.

Seeing this, Yellowright Min could no longer remain angry. Compared to this red-scaled youth, his own performance that he had been so excited about was probably no different from a country bumpkin messing around. It was no wonder that he had been looked down on by others.

The disparity in origin was simply too difficult to make up!

The martial artists from the lower realms were left with bad tastes in their mouths. This red-scaled youth had obviously looked at the Ancient Phoenix Testaments multiple times before this. As for them, this was their first time gazing upon it. There was simply no way to compare;this was the disparity of resources.

’’Two breaths of Law fusion, the moderate amount of flame source energy you absorbed is indeed satisfactory. Your result is first-level, B-grade.’’ The red-robed old man stroked his beard, smiling as he spoke.

First-level, B-grade?

All present couldn't help but be convinced from this. Besides this red-scaled man, none of the other martial artists had achieved a first-level result. Without incident, this should be the best result.

’’Now, for those who haven't been tested yet, come up.’’ The red-robed old man glanced over the remaining martial artists who hadn't yet come up for the test, among whom Lin Ming was included.


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