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Martial World - Chapter 714


Chapter 714 - Name of the Death God




That very night, news of the assault on the South Sea Demon Region spread out like a tide.

Upon learning this, within the Five Element Region, Zhan Yunjian, the Sunfire Princess, and everyone else was happy and excited.

’’Lin Ming just gives too many pleasant surprises. I thought that after Xuan Wuji left seclusion, Lin Ming might be suppressed for some time. Perhaps even that Xuan Wuji would have managed to take back the Giant Leviathan. But I never imagined that Lin Ming would kill his way through the entire the South Sea Demon Region by himself, and turn that fifth-grade South Sea Demon Region into a fourth-grade sect.’’ the Sunfire Princess giddily said.

Zhan Yunjian took a deep breath and shook his head, saying, ’’It's not just falling to a fourth-grade sect. If Xuan Wuji doesn't return to the South Sea Demon Region, then the entire South Sea Demon Region could disintegrate because of Lin Ming. When Lin Ming returned, he wasn't yet strong enough to match a second stage Life Destruction master. But now, after just several months, he was actually able to reach this point through his strength alone. How ridiculously unbelievable....’’

Several months ago, Lin Ming had broken into the South Sea Demon Region the second time. He had trotted in on the Giant Leviathan and had dug up the entire medicine garden, including the spiritual earth! In front of Lin Ming, the fifth-grade sect was like a lamb in front of a butcher, only able to lie there to be slaughtered.

The first time that Lin Ming had broken into the South Sea Demon Region, he had also relied on the strength of the Giant Leviathan, managing to kill a massive amount of low-level disciples. Both the first and second time he had gone to the South Sea Demon Region, the disaster had been the cause of the Giant Leviathan's strength.

But now, this third time, he had actually relied on his own combat strength, killing only high ranking martial artists!

Out of the seven great Life Destruction Elders, none had been spared. And over twenty Revolving Core Protectors had been buried along with them, most of them at the mid and late Revolving Core realm.

Also, it had been reported that after Lin Ming had killed his way in, all of these people had scattered, running into different directions. No one was an idiot, they would naturally wish to escape. Still... Even so, none of them had been able to escape the fate of annihilation!

For all of them to scatter and yet be completely killed...

Was this a demon?

This ability to kill others far exceeded the understanding of ordinary people. It was so great that the martial artists of the South Sea Demon Region were left fleeing away in abject despair and fear.

Then, before Lin Ming left, he had also jotted down a message, 'To those who remain in the South Sea Demon Region, death!'

These words seemed to contain the Concept of Slaughter. A weak martial artist would be severely wounded just glancing at these words.

Now, there was not a single Life Destruction Elder remaining in the South Sea Demon Regions. And those words still stayed in the South Sea Demon Region sect;no one had dared to erase them.

Following this, the martial artists of the South Sea Demon Region began escaping in droves.

The reason why a martial artist joined a sect was for its training resources and its spiritual land. Now, nearly all of the training resources of the South Sea Demon Region had been destroyed by Lin Ming, and the rest had been looted. If they couldn't even keep their lives, then what was the point of staying in such a sect?

People were easily affected by general opinion. Once one martial artist decided to escape, of course, many others decided to join him. After all, in this vast and endless world, there were more sects than only the South Sea Demon Region.

But there were some martial artists that still knew that Xuan Wuji and Xuan Yuqie were still alive, and stayed to show their loyalty. Even so, they did so with trepidation and fear. None of them dared to return to the Demon Region's three islands. They only hid on the surrounding islands, lest Lin Ming came back to look for them.

These people's so-called 'loyalty' was actually that, seeing a massive number of people leave the South Sea Demon Region, they hoped to gain some benefits by staying behind. But, this was far from true loyalty. If Xuan Wuji or Xuan Yuqie didn't return to manage the chaos, then these people would leave sooner or later.

This was why Zhan Yunjian said that the South Sea Demon Region might be ruined by Lin Ming alone!

As for Xuan Wuji, if he returned, then there was naturally no way for him to continue chasing the Giant Leviathan.

’’It's really like a dream. Ah, just four years ago we attended Revered Master Tianguang's birthday banquet with Lin Ming. Although there was still a difference between us and Lin Ming's levels back then, it wasn't as exaggerated as it is now. I really wonder just what Lin Ming experienced these past years...’’ said Artic Ice Palace's Bai Aoxuan as she shook her head. She was no longer able to fathom what boundary had Lin Ming reached now.


Several days later, Lin Ming had been given the title of Death God. This news spread throughout the entire South Sea. Even in the Great Zen Region over a million miles away, there were still people who were aware of how Lin Ming had ravaged the South Sea Demon Region three times.

Flower Coil Restaurant was a restaurant with over a thousand years of history. It was located in the heart of Zen City.

Zen City was subordinate to the number one sect in the Great Zen Region, Great Zen Temple. Its City Lord was a Life Destruction powerhouse, and throughout the entire city, it was easy to spot Xiantian martial artists and even Revolving Core martial artists. Zen City was a land of martial artists.

Although Flower Coil Restaurant seemed ordinary, it was actually constructed from metal used to forge earth-step treasures. Since Flower Coil Restaurant had been built, it had withstood the tests of time, passing through wind and rain and calamities, but still emerging bright and new as if it were freshly constructed.

At this time, in a luxurious room on the second floor, there was a young man wearing an extravagant Kirin robe with a purple-gold crown nestled atop his head. He had a young girl on each of his sides. One seemed like a maid, and the other seemed to be a cute little nun.

On the opposite side of this purple-gold-crowned young man, there was an astoundingly beautiful and elegant young man. This youngster was dressed as a scholar, and held a folding fan in hand. When one looked carefully, one could see there was something particular about this young man;he didn't even have an Adam's apple, and his fingers were extraordinarily slim. This young man was actually a young girl dressed up as a boy.

This strangely dressed young girl was quickly swinging her fan. She tittered and said, ’’Brother Yifeng, during this time's outing for adventuring, I heard that there was something fun happenings in the South Sea. I wanted to go and join in on the fun, but now it seems as if it's been stirred up by this Lin Ming and it's not as chaotic as it was before. Ahh, so boring. But, this Lin Ming fellow is called a monstrous genius;perhaps he might not be any worse than Brother Yifeng. Brother Yifeng, what do you think?’’

This young girl dressed as a boy and the man opposite of her called Li Yifeng both originated from the four divine Kingdoms. Li Yifeng was one of the sons of one of the four divine Kingdom's Emperors.

They had come out to journey and gain experience, and had especially chosen the South Sea Demon Region. But never would they have imagined that just as they reached the Great Zen Region, they would learn news that the situation within the South Sea had changed so suddenly. As for main lead who had caused all these changes within the South Sea, it was Lin Ming. Thus, they had set their sights on him.

Li Yifeng didn't speak. The young maid however, didn't seem to be convinced. She said, ’’Humph, these South Sea country bumpkins have never seen the wide world. A fairly decent young elite came from their ranks and now they're bragging so much. If they came to the four divine Kingdoms, then their chins would probably fall off in awe!’’

As the young maid spoke, she had a very smug and satisfied expression. If those small-time people came and saw what happened in the four divine Kingdoms, it was the same as a country bumpkin coming to a major metropolis.

Besides this young maid, the other cute little nun also nodded vigorously. Although she didn't speak, her eyes and face were clearly full of confidence in Li Yifeng.

Li Yifeng smiled and lazily stretched out. As he bit on a toothpick he said, ’’It doesn't matter. Struggling all day and all night is so silly, ah. To live a great life, have fun, eat and drink to the heart's content, make love under the stars, that's the stuff. What use is there in struggling every day to be number one? Try too much and your head will explode!’’

This Li Yifeng, with his purple gold crown and Kirin robe, seemed noble and handsome, but his personality was actually the opposite. He picked up a jug of wine and took a gulp before exclaiming, ’’This Flower Coil Restaurant's millennium-old Falling Autumn Leaf Wine is actually quite good. I'll have to make sure to bring along two extra jugs with me. But what a pity... without some young girls singing and dancing, this Zen City is just too old-fashioned and boring for me. No fun, totally no fun,’’ Li Yifeng said as he shook his head.

Hearing Li Yifeng's completely unreliable words, the young girl disguised as a boy suddenly had a frosty expression. With disgust, she said, ’’Li Yifeng, for this time's outing I will make sure to record every word you say and everything you do. I will report this all to your Sir Shangchen!’’

Li Yifeng nonchalantly said, ’’Meh, go ahead and report all you want. I've already violated around 800 rules or so anyways. I'll have you know, lice do not fear being bitten. Go and add a few more faults on my list.’’

Li Yifeng had a very 'go ahead and bite me' expression. It was truly aggravating for one's nerves.

’’You...’’ The young girl clenched her shining teeth. As for the young maid near Li Yifeng, she covered her mouth and laughed.

The young girl fiercely said, ’’Li Yifeng, if you go too far then Sir Shangchen will bring you back.’’

’’Heh, that depends on whether he can catch me or not. Do you know how hard it is to find a chance to come out and play? How could I go back to being surrounded by that group of old men? F*ck, ever since I was born, those old men have been bothering me all day long, touching me left and right. Shit, if I have to go back then I'll really be driven insane!’’ Li Yifeng said as he leisurely drank his wine.

Then, he seemed to think of something. A devilish smiled crossed his face, as if he were thinking of something naughty. ’’This Lin Ming is quite interested. Our next stop will be the South Horizon Region. I'll go and visit him first before deciding on what to do next.’’


At this time, deep within the South Sea, Xuan Wuji was suspended in the pitch-black waters. Xuan Yuqie didn't even dare to speak or look ahead. Her hand on her chest, her head bowed, she waited for Xuan Wuji's orders.

Xuan Wuji indifferently said, ’’Yuqie, go back first and stabilize the will of the people.’’

As Xuan Yuqie heard Xuan Wuji's order, her heart tightened.

Go back?

If she went back, that didn't necessarily mean she would be able to stabilize the situation there. The key was her own strength. Facing Lin Ming, she might not even be able to persist for five moves. Once she encountered Lin Ming, death was inevitable.

Wasn't this just sending her to die?

Xuan Yuqie's lips twitched. She wanted to say something, but a cold light flashed in Xuan Wuji's eyes. ’’What? Is there a problem?’’

’’No...’’ Xuan Yuqie exhaled, feeling her heart turn cold. To Xuan Wuji, every person was just a pawn in his great game.

This was her sorrow, the sorrow of the weak. She bit her teeth and asked with despondence, ’’Should I lead the disciples somewhere else?’’

’’Manage the matter yourself. You only need to support them for five months,’’ Xuan Wuji said, expressionless. Since the South Sea Demon Region had already turned into this state, stabilizing the hearts of the Revolving Core and Xiantian martial artists was worse than focusing his efforts here to kill the Giant Leviathan. As soon as the Giant Leviathan died, he could grab hold of Mu Qianyu and force Lin Ming to face him.

He had to take advantage of Lin Ming while he still hadn't grown up, and kill him. If he couldn't, and left him alive, then there would be no end to his future troubles.

’’Haha, what wise words from Elder Xuan, right!’’ Beside Xuan Wuji, the Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan Patriarch laughed as he said, ’’A real man must make choices. All those disciples that fled are unreliable and worthless trash. Although this disaster is a setback to the South Sea Demon Region, it's also a good deed. Through this trial, those who left are all disloyal garbage, but those who remained are the extraordinary heroes. If you can take these heroes as your future foundation, then with Elder Xuan's support, rebuilding the South Sea Demon Region wouldn't be difficult at all! This King fully supports Elder Xuan's decisions.’’

The Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan Patriarch's goal was the Giant Leviathan's heart and spine. He definitely wanted to stay here with Xuan Wuji to make sure they killed the Giant Leviathan.

When Xuan Yuqie heard the Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan Patriarch's 'comforting' words, all she could hear was the gloating tone behind it. She grit her teeth in hate, wanting to run a sword through the damned old ape.

But right now, she could only endure the insult. She coldly replied, ’’I do not need your judgment on how my South Sea Demon Region will pass this disaster!’’

’’Heh, Sovereign Xuan is truly like a thorn-filled rose, what a spicy attitude...’’ The Blue-Eyed Ape ignored Xuan Yuqie's words, instead choosing to lasciviously harass her. As he was about to speak further, water twisted in front of him and a blue light shined.

A message sounded into the Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan Patriarch's ear, the old ape's smiling expression suddenly freezing as he listened.

After several breaths' time, the Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan Patriarch's monkey face turned blue, and then a deeper blue, and then green. Both of his eyes looked as if they were about to spout fire.

A message had just come from his clan. His Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan's Royal Palace had just been attacked by Lin Ming eight hours ago. They had lost four Life Destruction Princes and 20 Revolving Core Generals! In addition to that, hundreds of Xiantian and Houtian realm martial artists had died from the shockwaves of the fight!

Before Lin Ming had left, he had also left behind some words in the Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan's Royal Palace Square.

'Stay in the deep sea. Ten lives a day!'

Only these words, and not even the Revolving Core martial artists were able to approach.

’’That bastard!’’ The Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan Patriarch's intestines twitched which rage. Lin Ming was threatening him! For every day he didn't return Lin Ming would kill ten people!

The Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan Patriarch had never imagined that Lin Ming would attack their Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan. Their clan headquarters were located 80,000 feet in the deep sea. At this depth, a human martial artist's combat efficiency, speed, and striking power would all be greatly weakened. But, the Turquoise-Eyed Apes wouldn't be affected at all.

Lin Ming didn't have anyone to share a water repelling technique with him, so just how had he been able to kill four Life Destruction Princes?

Within the Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan's Royal Palace, there were now only four Life Destruction Princes in their entire clan. If they were killed, then the entire clan might perish! Even if Xuan Wuji went there, he would only be able to kill one or two at most;it was impossible to kill everyone!

Just what method had Lin Ming used, to efficiently kill those that he wanted dead, not even giving them the chance to escape?

’’Patriarch, what is it?’’ beside the Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan Patriarch, a second stage Life Destruction clansman nervously asked. The Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan Patriarch had obviously just received some terribly bad news. In truth, the moment he asked the question he already had an inkling as to what had occurred. But, he didn't know just how bad the extent of damage was.

The Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan Patriarch simply didn't speak. His mood was extremely poor. Originally, when Lin Ming had launched a massive massacre within the South Sea Demon Region, he had relished their suffering. But in the flash of an eye, this dark star had been turned onto his own clan and people.

As Xuan Yuqie saw this, the corners of her lips curved into a happy smile. She was extraordinarily perceptive;it was easy to guess just what news the Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan Patriarch had received.

She faintly smiled at the Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan Patriarch, and asked with a 'concerned' expression, ’’What's the matter? Could something have happened with your clan?’’


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