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Martial World - Chapter 711


Chapter 711 - Sweeping Through The South Sea Demon Region




Hearing Lin Ming's arrogant words, the Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign flew into a furious rage. ’’You want to settle old debts? Hehe, brat, you think you're talking in a dream or something? Your Giant Leviathan is already stuck within the deep sea trench! Without the Giant Leviathan, I wonder just how much longer your flagrant attitude will remain. Hahaha, really, you could have walked the road to heaven but you chose to burst through to the gates of hell instead! Today you are not leaving!’’

The Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign's voice was full of confidence and bluster. However, just as he spoke, he found the strength behind his words trailing away. He discovered that the place where Lin Ming had come from was exactly where Third Elder Sun lived. Because the warning had sounded out so suddenly, the Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign was in a hurry to catch up and didn't have enough time to investigate just who had died. Now that he carefully scanned over everyone, he found that, of the seven Elders, only Third Elder Sun was missing.

Was he the one that was killed?

Was that even possible?

The Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign's heart jumped into his throat. Third Elder Sun being so quietly killed meant that Lin Ming had strength at least equal to the peak of the second stage of Life Destruction!

Either that or there was some great expert behind Lin Ming, hiding away in secret, who had such a strength. Thinking of this, the Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign felt weak at heart. It wasn't just him;the other five Elders also thought of this. Lin Ming was not an idiot. Unless he had absolute belief in himself, why would he come to the South Sea Demon Region?

’’Line up in formation!’’ The Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign spat out an order.

If martial artists formed a killing array together, then they could enhance the ability of their combined attacks, greatly increasing their total combat strength. In Yin Yang Profound Palace, those eight mid and late Revolving Core martial artists were able to form an array formation that allowed them to contend with a first-stage Life Destruction powerhouse for at least 10 breaths of time.

Those were only mid and late Revolving Core powerhouses. And now, in front of Lin Ming, were six Life Destruction realm martial artists.

’’Dream on!’’

Lin Ming's eyes shone with a thick killing intent. How could he possibly allow these people to just do as they wish and form a killing array around him? Did they think he was an idiot?

He stepped upon Golden Roc Shattering the Void and flash stepped in front of a first-stage Life Destruction Elder, his white spear thrusting forth!


The first-stage Life Destruction Elder was horrified. How could Lin Ming be so fast? He had simply appeared in front of him like the ghosts and gods. There didn't even seem to be a path of movement;he had just materialized right there in front of him!!

The Life Destruction Elder couldn't bother thinking about such things. He raised his sword to defend, but in that moment, he felt as if Lin Ming's speed had suddenly slowed down. As his spear thrust forward, it actually wasn't much faster than the attack from a normal body transformation martial artist.

However, even though Lin Ming's spear was slow, the Elder's own movements were even slower. He had no time to defend against Lin Ming's attacks!


That Life Destruction Elder's eyes widened. He could only watch on helplessly as Lin Ming's spear pierced through his throat, an ice-cold feeling spread through his neck. The Life Destruction Elder gazed with eyes like a dying fish's, his face full of unwillingness. He could not believe that he had died under the hands of a mere 21-year-old youth, against a single spear jab that he had no power to resist.

In full view of everyone, a Life Destruction Elder was instantly killed. All of the other Life Destruction Elders and Revolving Core Protectors were utterly stunned.

What kind of strength was this!?

How could he possibly be this strong!?!?

Moreover, the way Lin Ming had moved was far too strange. It was like he had simply teleported over. Although that spear strike didn't seem too fast, that Elder's speed had become even slower, as if mired in tar. That Elder had only been able to stare blankly at Lin Ming's spear as it killed him,not even able to lift his sword.

These martial artists were not stupid enough to think that the Life Destruction Elder had deliberately slowed his movements because he had been bewitched or was playing around. Something strange was happening here, as if a demonic force was present. Lin Ming was wholly emitting a strange energy.

Everyone was shocked, unable to respond. But, Lin Ming was not fazed at all. He swung his spear, shaking off the body of that second Life Destruction Elder's corpse. Then, with a single forward step, he instantly arrived in front of the third Life Destruction Elder, his spear raised in a thrust.

In that instant, that Life Destruction Elder felt a chill crawl up his back. It was like he wasn't facing a 21-year-old youth, but instead the very incarnation of a Death God!


The disparity was just too great. The Life Destruction Elder didn't even have the least bit of courage to resist, instead immediately turning to run away.

The other Elders also swiveled around and dashed away like their lives depended on it. The South Sea Demon Region martial artists were inherently self-centered to begin with. It was impossible for them to trade their own life for the fate of their sect. After encountering such a strange and mystical youth who seemed like the God of Death come to slay them, they all chose to run.

The four first-stage Life Destruction Elders instantly scattered. As for the 20-some-odd Revolving Core realm Protectors, they all turned and ran after seeing this scene occur before them. Only the Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign was left over;this was because he had some degree of confidence in his strength. He was suspicious about Lin Ming's strength, thus he hesitated for a moment.

But in the moment of hesitation, Lin Ming had already caught up to that first-stage Life Destruction Elder he had targeted. The spear in his hand thrust out, piercing through the Elder's back leaving no chance for resistance.

As the Demon Region Easter Faction Sovereign saw this, he finally became scared, losing any and all spunk he had previously. He quickly took out a small jade-green sword from his spatial ring. As this small sword appeared, it actually stretched out into the air, forming into a massive pair of twin wings that attached themselves onto the Demon Region Easter Faction Sovereign's body. With these jade-green wings supporting him, the Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign turned without further ado and flew away!

Even those 30 Revolving Core Protectors scattered in separate directions, none of them even close anyone else, in the fear that by gathering too much they would create a path that the death god could follow.

After the Revolving Core Protectors left, those extreme Xiantian martial artists realized the situation had deteriorated, and they to turned to run away.

As for the other guards, they had all gathered here with determination and wrath in their eyes, but now they were completely dumbfounded. They never thought that after all the Elders had gathered together and encircled the assassin, that assassin would actually beat them into the ground, killing them and making them all run away!

By this point, none of them were stupid enough to approach Lin Ming;that was just the same as running to their deaths. What a joke. If even the Eastern Faction Sovereign ran away, then even all of them together wouldn't be enough for this death god to lift a pinky. They didn't dare escape either. With their Xiantian realm cultivation, just this midnight killer's spear light itself was able to slaughter them all as they fled!

At this moment, a strange scene occurred. The four guard squadrons of the South Sea Demon Region stood 1000 feet away from Lin Ming, bewildered, unsure of what they should do as they all glanced at each other.

Floating in air, Lin Ming indifferently looked at all the martial artists that were flying away, trying to escape. His perception instantly covered them like a surging tide, including even the Elders and the 30 Revolving Core Protectors!

There were simply too many of them. If they all escaped in separate directions, then according to common sense, even a fourth- or fifth-stage Life Destruction powerhouse would find it nearly impossible to kill them all. After all, a martial artist's perception was limited. If they flew far enough and dove into the sea, finding some deserted island to hide at, then it would be difficult to chase them.

Lin Ming's eyes flashed with an icy killing intent. His battle spirit fused with his Asura force field, instantly surging outwards!

A force field was a special intangible existence;it was able to expand at near the speed of light. In an instant, it overtook every martial artist. With the support of the battle spirit, the Asura force field enveloped the entire area.

In the 1000-mile forbidden zone of the Eternal Demon Abyss, Lin Ming had been trapped in a maze of space and time, unable to find his way out. As he tried to figure out what had happened, he had left array symbol marks that had been eventually erased by a strange and mystical power. It was only after leaving behind a special mark mixed in with his battle spirit that Lin Ming had been able to slowly figure out just what was happening in that space-time maze, slowly leading his group out of the 1000-mile forbidden zone.

The battle spirit had a special characteristic of being everlasting and endlessly enduring. After a Supreme Elder died in the Eternal Demon Abyss, and with the passing of tens or hundreds of thousands of years, their bodies would have long rotted away, the energy within them condensing into Demon God Bones. But their battle spirit still wasn't destroyed. Rather, it was able to preserve itself, and sometimes even turn into a very elementary consciousness.

Thus, making a mark with a battle spirit was the best method!

Within the Asura force field, every Elder and Protector of the South Sea Demon Region instantly had a wisp of battle spirit attached to their bodies!

A battle spirit was an extremely high-level power. Normally only a divine Sea powerhouse would be able to trace it. Even the Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign had absolutely no idea what this energy was. All of them only felt that the instant they were covered by the terrifying pressure of the Asura force field their speed dropped, breathing became hard, and even their heartbeats seemed suppressed. In fear, they pushed their strengths past their limits to flee, only relaxing when they escaped the range of the force field.

None of them knew that at that moment, Lin Ming had already marked each and every one of them with his battle spirit. But, even if they realized this, it would still be useless. They simply had no knowledge of what a battle spirit was, and also had no way to erase it!

’’I've locked onto them all!’’

Ln Ming's eyes radiated a devastating light. The furthest martial artist fleeing right now was a yellow-robed first-stage Life Destruction Elder. He was the first one to run and he was also quite fast. He had already made it around ten miles away. The second farthest was the Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign. He had a strange pair of jade-green wings assisting him;his speed was the quickest of everyone running. It was just that his start had been a bit later, and now he had only made it eight or nine miles away. As for those Revolving Core martial artists, they were only a few miles away.

Lin Ming decided to give up on the second-stage Life Destruction Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign for now. His first target was that yellow-robed Elder ten miles away.

If he wanted to kill that Eastern Faction Sovereign, it might take more than a few moves. If he also had some sort of master move that was able to save his life, then that would extend the battle by some time. Afterwards, having to chase after the other martial artists would be much harder, even if he had a battle spirit mark on them.

After choosing his target, Lin Ming sneered. His feet stepped upon Golden Roc Shattering the Void, and the space beneath him suddenly shrank. His flying was similar to teleportation. From the distance, it appeared as if Lin Ming's figure suddenly disappeared into space, abruptly appearing several miles away. Such a method of flying was so fast that it made one's scalp tingle with fear.

The more Lin Ming came to understand the Concept of Space, the closer he came to reaching the third layer of ’’Golden Roc Shattering the Void.’’ Unfortunately, it was just that Lin Ming's Concept of Wind was still lacking throughout, much less refined than his other Concepts. This caused his movement technique to appear strange, missing a hint of flexibility and nimbleness. Otherwise, he would be able to fly even faster!

As for that yellow-robed Elder in the lead, he seemed to know a special fleeing movement technique. His entire body was wrapped in a thick black fog. As he flew away, the fog formed a tail behind him like a streaking comet, making him seem like a very large, black snake. This movement technique obviously didn't come from the South Sea Demon Region. It was likely some ability obtained from some ancient ruins somewhere.

’’Damn it all. It's like I've seen a ghost or something. To think that a 20-year-old boy could be so strong. Luckily, this old man's evasion ability is quite good, otherwise I probably would have died here today!’’


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