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Martial World - Chapter 710


Chapter 710 - The Death God Comes At Night




300,000 feet down, there was such poor visibility that it wasn't even possible to see one's own hands. Lin Ming quietly left the Giant Leviathan, sneaking into the vast and endless sea. A massive wave of pressure enveloped Lin Ming. But, with his abnormal defensive ability comparable to a treasure, bearing such water pressure wasn't too difficult at all.

Xuan Wuji had left a soul mark on the Giant Leviathan, but it was only to track its movements. As long as Lin Ming was careful, it wouldn't be too difficult to evade Xuan Wuji's perception.

Lin Ming swam 100 miles down the trench before turning upwards. As he restrained his energy, he quickly rushed towards the surface.

After reaching the surface in a single go, Lin Ming flew close to sea level, straight towards the South Sea Demon Region!

After being raided twice by Lin Ming and the Giant Leviathan, the South Sea Demon Region was entirely under total martial law. There was a massive scout line in the 5000-mile radius from the South Sea Demon Region. Once the Giant Leviathan's approach was discovered, this news would quickly be reported to the main island. Thus, it was no longer possible for Lin Ming to control the Giant Leviathan and create another massacre in the South Sea Demon Region.

As he flew along, Lin Ming discovered energies from three different layers of scouts. However, with their extreme Xiantian cultivation, it was simply impossible for them to detect Lin Ming.

Lin Ming easily bypassed these scouts. In just two days of time, he arrived at the South Sea Demon Region sect.

Night had fallen. During this dark night, a chilling wind blew across the lands.

It was an excellent time for assassinations.

Several months had already passed since the last time that Lin Ming had come to the South Sea Demon Region and razed the place to the ground. Many of the ruined buildings had already been rebuilt. It was only missing the medicine garden, great protective array, training arrays, and other such structures that would require between three to five months to rebuild. In order to rebuild these structures, one needed to invest a massive amount of manpower and all sorts of resources.

As Lin Ming saw the South Sea Demon Region that had mostly been rebuilt, his lips curved into a cruel smile.

Once Xuan Wuji was the only Elder remaining in the South Sea Demon Region, just what sort of expression would he have?

Completely bundling himself up, Lin Ming was like a bat in the night. He quietly snuck into the buildings of the South Sea Demon Region.

The night wind breezed past him. Lin Ming could taste the flavor of these Demon Islands mixing with the sea air;this sort of flavor tasted faintly like blood.

The dim moon was completely hidden behind the clouds, making the sky seem even darker. Lin Ming walked on a dark path, hearing the rustling sounds of insects wherever he passed.

After stealthily walking for a half an incense stick of time, Lin Ming came upon movements. He could hear the low and deep moans of a woman, her tender sighs rapidly rising. Lin Ming's mind stirred and he stopped where he was.

The South Sea Demon Region was a sect of obscenity;it was different from the killing path that the Demon Emperor had taken. The Demon Region disciples needed to have se* every day with various women, using them to increase their cultivation. Some of the women who lived at the South Sea Demon Region were forced, and some were completely willing to be used as cultivation tools. They were no different than those girls who tried to enter the Acacia Faction. After all, it was still joining a great sect. If they could curry some favor with a male disciple and obtain some resources, that would save them many years of hard work and effort.

Lin Ming placed his back to the window and extended his perception into the room. On baby pink sheets, he could see a round and buxom, veiled woman sitting atop a man, wantonly twisting around. As for that man, he was reaching out his disgusting hands and stroking her body.

The man's cultivation was at the Xiantian realm, but the woman was only at the early Pulse Condensation realm. Most female martial artists didn't have much martial talent;they only wished to breakthrough to the Pulse Condensation realm so that they could enjoy several dozen more years of youth. They never had much ambition to walk the road of martial arts to begin with.

Lin Ming stretched out his finger, and a wisp of dark green light appeared in the origin energy flow above his finger. Seeing this origin energy flow, Lin Ming was startled. His battle spirit had grown these past months!

For a martial artist, the earlier they formed their battle spirit, the greater its potential for growth in the future would be. As a martial artist trained and made breakthroughs, their battle spirit would slowly grow with them. Every breakthrough meant that the battle spirit would also grow. When Lin Ming first broke through to Revolving Core with the support of the Blood Demon Bone, he had fully formed his bronze-level battle spirit. Now, having broken through to the middle Revolving Core realm once more, Lin Ming's battle spirit had already passed from the bronze-level elementary stage to that of small success.

Every level of battle spirit was divided into four stages: elementary, small success, large success, and perfection.

Still, in the Sky Spill Continent, even an Emperor-level powerhouse would only reach a bronze-level battle spirit.

’’My battle spirit is near small success of the bronze level. If I can reach Life Destruction in the future, would be I be able to reach perfection? If I reach higher stages of Life Destruction, would I be able to form a silver-level battle spirit? I wonder just how powerful a silver battle spirit is?’’

Lin Ming's mind was filled with expectations. But now wasn't the time to think of these things. He flicked his finger, and the battle spirit fused into the air, shooting towards the two figures.

Swoosh! Swish!

Two wisps of air with battle spirits attached to them quickly shot out, instantly piercing through the man's and the woman's neck.

In that moment, the battle spirit plunged into their minds, making them immediately faint.

Lin Ming's figure flashed and he appeared right at their bedside.

On the bed, with fat buttocks and breasts splayed out in the open, the scene was infinitely revealing. Lin Ming pushed the woman off the male Demon Region disciple's body, and then placed a hand on his head.

Soul searching technique!

This was a secret skill of the demonic realm. Demonshine had used it before, and Lin Ming also studied it for convenience. With the intensity of Lin Ming's soul force and mind, mastering his ability wasn't difficult at all.

Because the difference in their soul force was far too great, Lin Ming was able to scour the Demon Region disciple's mind without injuring his spiritual sea, finding out whatever information he wished for.

’’There are a total of seven Life Destruction Elders in total on the South Sea Demon Region's three islands...six at the first stage of Life Destruction and one at the second stage....’’

Lin Ming tossed away the Xiantian realm disciple. After locking onto the location of several Elders, he quietly made his way over.

After forming a Black Hole Revolving Core, breaking through to the middle Revolving Core realm, and then opening another of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, Lin Ming's strength had far surpassed the past him from a few months ago. Killing a first-stage Life Destruction Elder would simply be a joke now.

As for the man and woman who were having se*, Lin Ming simply left them where they were, unconscious. He rearranged them so that it seemed like they had fallen asleep from exhaustion. Lin Ming didn't really care about such minor trash as them. He had a very singular and explicit goal now: to kill every Elder here.

In the South Sea war, every Elder of the South Sea Demon Region was bathed in the blood of countless Wartime Alliance disciples. To the Wartime Alliance, a first-stage Life Destruction Elder was nearly the strongest war strength possible. It was nearly impossible to find a force to contend with them.

As he snuck his way along, Lin Ming relied on his own keen perception and powerful soul force to avoid another sentry post. He finally approached the great palace of the first Elder.

Carefully probing the situation, Lin Ming saw a gray-robed man. This old man was studying a jade slip with one hand while playing with two glass balls in the other. In front of him was a porcelain cup filled with a crimson, blood-like liquid.

’’The first one...’’

Lin Ming took a deep breath. He had noticed this Elder had attacked the South Sea Demon Region the first time around. This Elder's cultivation was only at the early first stage of Life Destruction. With Lin Ming's newfound abilities, killing him would only take a heartbeat.

Lin Ming quietly rubbed his spatial ring and withdrew the heaven-step spear.

At this time, the Elder stirred in his room. His eyebrows twisted together. Although he didn't discover Lin Ming, he could feel a thick killing intent aimed at him.


The first-stage Life Destruction Elder reflexively moved to draw out his lance from his spatial ring. But at this time, the great wooden doors to his room suddenly shattered into fine powder as a highly concentrated spear light thrust straight towards him, aimed right between his eyebrows.

Before the spear light had arrived, the gray-robed Elder already felt an incomparable pain between his eyebrows, as if he had already been pierced.

In that instant, the gray-robed Elder's hairs all stood on end. He could clearly feel the specter of death looming over him!


The gray-robed Elder issued a deep shout and a lance jumped from his spatial ring into his hands as if it had a mind of its own. He no longer had time to dodge. He decided to thrust his lance at Lin Ming, forcing him away by threat of mutual annihilation, but at this instant, the gray-robed Elder felt the space around him twist. In the next instant, that singular white spear seemed to teleport right in front of him.

A spear pierced right through his skull, and the power of a battle spirit erupted, instantly shredding that gray-robed Elder's brain to pieces, blood and pulp shooting out!

The Elder had instantaneously died!

Lin Ming hadn't chosen a weak point like the heart or throat, but instead the brain. This was to immediately kill his opponent without allowing him to even cry out.


Lin Ming took away the gray-robed Elder's spatial ring and corpse. Afterwards, he quietly left the room. His first assassination here had gone smoothly.

However, just as Lin Ming was about to find the second Life Destruction Elder, a loud and deafening alarm horn sounded over the entire Demon Island. Then, torches lit up from all over, converging from all directions of the Demon Island, composing a massive line of flares.

Every Revolving Core Protector and Life Destruction Elder flew into the air, spreading their perception to search the entire area.

Lin Ming was startled. ’’I've been discovered!’’

He felt he had done everything cleanly and quietly;he actually had no idea how he was found out.

’’The South Sea Demon Region is truly worthy as a fifth-grade sect with thousands of years of inheritance;they have methods to guard against assassins!’’ Lin Ming muttered to himself. He guessed that there was probably a lifesoul jade slip or some other similar mark on the first-stage Life Destruction Elder. As soon as he died, this contingency was activated and he was found out.

The flying Life Destruction Elders and Revolving Core Protectors quickly locked onto Lin Ming's position. They soon surrounded him.

Since he was already discovered, Lin Ming no longer hid himself. He gripped his white spear and soared up into the air.

He wondered, did all of these martial artists surrounding him realize that their fate was to be chased down and slaughtered by him?

There were a total of six Life Destruction Elders. The one leading them wore a silver mask. He was the Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign!

This Elder instantly recognized Lin Ming. He clenched his teeth in hatred. ’’Little brat, so it was you again!’’

Lin Ming glanced at the Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign. Just ten days ago, he had followed Xuan Wuji to chase down the Giant Leviathan. Although his attacks weren't too strong, he had attacked the Giant Leviathan's already opened wounds, causing no small amount of damage.

After the Giant Leviathan had submerged deep inside the sea trench, the masked Elder could no longer help due to the massive water pressure. Thus, he returned to the South Sea Demon Region.

Lin Ming sneered. ’’That is also what I want to say. So it's you again, eh? I was just about to look for you to settle some old debts, but I never thought you'd deliver yourself right to my doorstep!’’


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