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Martial World - Chapter 708


Chapter 708 - Breaking Through To Middle Revolving Core




A barrel-thick beam of black light tore through the seawater, turning into a devilish black spear that thrust straight towards the Giant Leviathan's auditory organs. This was one of Xuan Wuji's fatal finishing blows. Once this move had left his hands, all of the surrounding seawater instantly heated up to the temperature of magma. However, under the immense deep-sea pressure it didn't actually vaporize, but instead roiled and churned around. The black spear surged with a massive spiral of utterly hot water as it smashed toward the Giant Leviathan's ears.

Demonshine's heart tightened. Perhaps the Giant Leviathan really wouldn't be able to withstand such an attack. The Giant Leviathan's auditory organs were similar to a normal person's eardrums. No matter how powerful its defenses were, these eardrums were still a great weakness.

With a stir of his thoughts, Demonshine no longer sent the Giant Leviathan to attack. Instead, he made it gather most of its tentacles to cover and protect its ears.


The black spear smashed into the thick meat wall formed by hundreds of tentacles. Most of the outer tentacles were cut straight off, blood pouring into the waters.

However, Xuan Wuji's attack had also been offset. He would no longer be able to harm the Giant Leviathan's weak point a second time.

Several torn off tentacles wasn't much to the Giant Leviathan. Once Demonshine discovered how effective this move was, he simply completely gave up on counterattacking and manipulated all the tentacles to cover up the Giant Leviathan's ears as he plunged straight into the deep sea.

The Giant Leviathan had a streamlined and smooth body;it could maintain an extremely high speed in the sea.

’’This brat!’’ Xuan Wuji's expression became dark and gloomy. He had never thought that even with the interference of the Giant Leviathan Horn, Lin Ming would still be able to so calmly command the Giant Leviathan so that his attacks became much less effective.

By using that one attack Xuan Wuji had consumed a great deal of energy. He swallowed a pill and coldly ordered, ’’Follow it!’’

The group of seven chased after the Giant Leviathan all the way down. Along the way, all seven of them constantly attacked the Giant Leviathan. Xuan Wuji had a very profound grasp of the Giant Leviathan's weaknesses. Although they wouldn't be able to do a massive amount of damage at once, they could still create numerous small wounds all over its body.

The Giant Leviathan dripped with blood. Wherever it went it would leave behind a river of blood, dying the entire sea red.

Beside Xuan Wuji, the Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan Patriarch stretched out its tongue to taste the bloody waters. He chuckled and said, ’’Elder Xuan, it won't be long. Several days at most until the Giant Leviathan drops dead from exhaustion. Remember that we agreed that the Giant Leviathan's heart and spine will be left to my Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan. Elder Xuan, make sure you don't forget!’’

Xuan Wuji coldly coughed and said, ’’This old man will naturally keep his promises!’’

As soon as he spoke, he lifted his hand again and sent out a black beam of light, attacking an old wound on the Giant Leviathan's body and making it expand even more.

’’These damn brats!’’ Demonshine spat out. He wished that he could tear apart that damn Xuan Wuji and his little buddies. It was true that the Giant Leviathan was known as being invincible under the divine Sea, but that didn't mean this big fellow could just sit down and allow anyone to attack it, especially since Xuan Wuji's attacks were all specifically aimed at the Giant Leviathan's weak points. With a group of these brats attacking the Giant Leviathan, it had already lost a great deal of blood. There weren't any visible effects yet, but if this continued for another one to two days, then it would certainly have an effect on the Giant Leviathan. If this continued, then death by blood loss was possible.


The Giant Leviathan's dimension shook again. Xuan Wuji and the others had combined forces to attack the balance maintaining the Giant Leviathan's ventral fins!

The Giant Leviathan's ventral fins were only 200-300 feet thick and not too wide. If Xuan Wuji and the others attacked together, then it truly was possible to slowly cut off a ventral fin!

Seeing that the ventral fin was injured, Demonshine's heart burned with a blazing fury. However, he couldn't think of any solutions to this. This was just like an elephant being chased by a horde of blood-sucking mosquitoes;it was impossible to effectively counterattack.

This went on for another 10-12 hours. The Giant Leviathan was losing more and more blood, and the right rear ventral fin was already half cut off;it was greatly affecting the Giant Leviathan's speed in the water.

But at this moment, a gigantic canyon appeared in front of the Giant Leviathan.

It was a deep sea trench.

The deep sea trenches of the South Sea could reach 500,000 to 600,000 feet, or even 700,000 to 800,000 feet deep. This was several hundred miles. At this depth, the water pressure would reach an unimaginably terrifying degree. Even if it were the Giant Leviathan or the various deep sea clans, they couldn't stay submerged forever.

As for Xuan Wuji, he was a land-dwelling human. Even with the support of the deep sea clan's secret skills, there was still a limit to how deep he could go;it was somewhat less than that of the Giant Leviathan and the various deep-sea clans.

Now, let's see who could dive deeper!

Demonshine grit his teeth and commanded the Giant Leviathan to plunge directly downwards. Even if he couldn't throw off Xuan Wuji, the area of this deep sea trench was narrow enough;it wouldn't be easy to avoid the Giant Leviathan's tentacles here.

The depth rapidly increased!

220,000 feet!

230,000 feet!

250,000 feet!


The Giant Leviathan constantly swallowed the high-pressure sea water, filling its blood and muscles and balancing out the enormous pressure of the deep sea. As for the disciples of divine Phoenix Island, because they were in a separate dimension, they weren't affected by this pressure at all.

After reaching a depth of 260,000 feet, Xuan Yuqie and the Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign were the first ones who were unable to withstand going any further. The thick protective shields of energy they formed around their bodies had begun to emit crackling noises. Obviously, they had reached their limits. Even with the deep sea clan's Water Repelling Pearl, they couldn't go any further downward.

’’You two return first,’’Xuan Wuji tersely ordered.

’’Yes.’’ Xuan Yuqie and the Eastern Faction Sovereign immediately stopped. If they went any further than that, the barrier they had made to protect themselves could instantly shatter. At that point, they would be crumpled to death by the extraordinary sea pressure, without a chance to react. As Life Destruction masters, if they were to die here because of sea pressure it would truly be laughable.

This went on...

290,000 feet...

300,000 feet...

Right now, they were already 200 miles deep underwater. The Black Flood Dragon Clan Patriarch and the two second stage Life Destruction Turquoise-Eyed Apes couldn't bear the pressure and turned to go back.

330,000 feet...

At this time, Demonshine could feel the Giant Leviathan's entire body shaking. Even as a great beast of the deep sea, there was a limit to its ability of pressure self-adjustments.

’’These damn brats are really insistent.’’ Demonshine looked at the scene outside of the Giant Leviathan and began cursing wildly. Indeed, to him, who had lived for tens of thousands of years already, characters like Xuan Wuji were simply little bumbling babies.

350,000 feet...

At this depth, there were already several million jin of pressure on every square foot. Xuan Wuji grimaced, finally stopping. Even with the secret techniques of the Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan, he was also approaching his limit.

Right now, 90% of his energy was already being used to resist the immense pressure of the deep sea;he simply couldn't attack. Even the Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan Patriarch wasn't much better off. If they fought here, then they would consume a massive amount of energy. If they even used just a few moves, it would nearly deplete their energy reserves. At that time, even returning to the surface alive would pose a problem.

’’They can count their lucky stars. Let's return to the 100,000 feet sea-depth first.’’ Xuan Wuji left behind a monitoring soul mark on the Giant Leviathan's body before turning around and swimming back up.

The Turquoise-Eyed Ape Patriarch had long had the intention of returning. He immediately stopped diving and swam back up.

Seeing those two annoying and disgusting brats leave, Demonshine finally sighed in relief. 350,000 feet was near the limit of what the Giant Leviathan could withstand. Although the Giant Leviathan's body was incomparably tough, it also had a much greater surface area. Thus, it naturally had to withstand a much greater amount of pressure.

At this depth, the Giant Leviathan had to rapidly consume energy. Even though it absorbed heaven and earth origin energy at an extraordinary rate, it still only managed to barely maintain itself.

’’We've been trapped in this trench by those dirty bastards!’’

Demonshine was exceedingly morose, having noticed Xuan Wuji's perception lock on the Giant Leviathan's body. As soon as the Giant Leviathan moved or decided to surface, then Xuan Wuji would organize another attack. Moreover, as time passed, Xuan Wuji might even find more helpers to come.

After the previous battle, the Giant Leviathan was covered with hundreds of small and large wounds. The damage to the right ventral fin was the most serious. It had been attacked by Xuan Wuji's focused barrage of attacks for several hours, and it had nearly been ripped off. It would take at least a month to recover. But, under the pressure of this deep sea trench, it was simply impossible for the Giant Leviathan to conjure up the excess energy to regenerate the wound.

This was a horrible situation!

At that moment, Demonshine suddenly felt a series of vibrations in another dimension. The origin energy there stirred, rapidly running out.

Demonshine was startled. He immediately shot through a space barrier and appeared in the dimension where Lin Ming was. In this dimension, the heaven and earth origin energy had formed a massive vortex of energy which was funneling into Lin Ming.

’’Good young boy, you've finally broken through to the middle Revolving Core realm!’’

Demonshine had thought that Lin Ming would need another week or so;he had never imagined that Lin Ming would make the breakthrough today.

Controlling the Giant Leviathan, Demonshine sent all the heaven and earth origin energy from the other dimensions into this one, so that Lin Ming could absorb it. After half an incense stick of time passed, Lin Ming had sucked all of the heaven and earth origin energy into his dantian.

The Revolving Core in Lin Ming's dantian more than doubled, and then a scene similar to when he had broken through to Black Hole Revolving Core occurred.

Within his dantian, the crystal Revolving Core first shattered, then began to collapse. After several breaths' time, it condensed into a much smaller form, and its spinning speed became much faster than before. The crystal core seemed to form a perfect ball, darker than ink. The true essence contained within was several times the previous amount.

This was the middle Revolving Core realm!

Because he had formed a Black Hole Revolving Core, Lin Ming's entire true essence was incomparable to that of a normal Revolving Core martial artist.

On the road of martial arts, the Revolving Core was a particularly special boundary. It was divided into two great stages, both of them considered separate from each other, yet linked. The first was the ordinary Revolving Core realm, and the second was the Life Destruction realm.

Normally, when a Revolving Core martial artist reached late Revolving Core, the next step after that would be to pass the stages of Life Destruction. This was the same for the extreme Revolving Core. A Life Destruction martial artist still had the Revolving Core in their dantian.

In other words, Lin Ming was merely two boundaries away from reaching Life Destruction.

’’Lin Ming, Xuan Wuji's perception has already locked onto the Giant Leviathan. He is keeping guard at a depth of 100,000 feet in the sea. As long as the Giant Leviathan moves, he will be able to sense it. He wants to lock us in here until we give up or die. What do you want to do now?’’ After being forced into such a miserable situation, Demonshine was crestfallen. In these depths, the Giant Leviathan wouldn't be able to support itself for too long. Three to five months was manageable, but after a year or two passed, the Giant Leviathan would die of exhaustion. As for Lin Ming, although he had broken through to the middle Revolving Core, it was still impossible for him to currently contend with the fourth stage Life Destruction master, Xuan Wuji.

Lin Ming thought for a moment, then his eyes flashed with a chilling light. ’’Go up for a bit. Since they want to stay here, then they have to pay the price.’’


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