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Martial World - Chapter 707


Chapter 707 - Xuan Wuji Leaves Seclusion




Lin Ming took a deep breath, overjoyed. Not only was the Black Hole Revolving Core able to autonomously cultivate, but it could also absorb heaven and earth origin energy at a pace far surpassing an ordinary Revolving Core martial artist. This alone would increase his endurance and recovery to another level. In addition, a Black Hole Revolving Core martial artist had a true essence several times thicker than normal. In front of a Black Hole Revolving Core martial artist, an ordinary person would not even have the chance to resist.

After reaching Black Hole Revolving Core, Lin Ming still wasn't satisfied. He took out two more Demon God Bones and prepared himself to break through to the middle Revolving Core stage.

Currently, Lin Ming had been stranded at the early Revolving Core realm for nearly an entire year. His foundation was already stable enough;he just needed to seclude himself again and attack the middle Revolving Core in order to succeed towards the next step.

But while Lin Ming was in closed-door seclusion, 300 miles north of the South Sea Demon Region, a sudden loud noise exploded from the depths of the sea, causing all the surrounding waters to tremble. A faint rumbling sound lingered in the air like an endless thunderclap!


The seawater exploded and a blue geyser directly impacted into the heavens. In this terrifying spout of water, a black-robed, middle-aged man floated inside, his eyes seeming to sizzle with jet-black flames.

This person was Xuan Wuji.

Even though he had risked his life to make a breakthrough with great difficulty to the fourth stage of Life Destruction, Xuan Wuji's breakthrough wasn't perfect. After shattering his Revolving Core, there were many defects that existed after reforming it. These energy flaws would possibly be his mortal weakness when breaking through to the fifth stage of Life Destruction in the future!

And a considerable part of this was all thanks to Lin Ming. Because Lin Ming had recklessly rampaged through the South Sea Demon Region, it had affected his calm heart.

Crossing Life Destruction had always been extremely risky. Just the tiniest change in one's heart and mindset could create catastrophic consequences.

Fortunately,, Xuan Wuji had been prepared. If Lin Ming had angered him in a critical moment then he might have even died. Still, just these energy flaws in his Revolving Core would probably take a hundred years just to stabilize.

How could he not be furious about this?

Combined with the fact that Lin Ming had razed and pillaged the South Sea Demon Region, Xuan Wuji wished he could rip apart Lin Ming with his bare hands!

Xuan Wuji raised his hand and immediately sent out a sound transmitting talisman.

A moment later, Xuan Yuqie's reply returning.

She was both happy and afraid that Xuan Wuji had come out of seclusion.

She was happy that the South Sea Demon Region finally had its supporting pillar revealed. She feared, though, that Xuan Wuji would not be happy with her performance these days. She had lost the Giant Leviathan and allowed Lin Ming to completely bully the sect to near oblivion. She feared that Xuan Wuji would blame her for all this.

Xuan Yuqie completely listed out what Lin Ming had done these past several months without missing a single matter.

After Xuan Wuji listened to this, he viciously grinned. ’’You transferred all that garbage from divine Phoenix Island into the Giant Leviathan and then hid deep in the South Sea? Do you think that just because you are hiding in the Giant Leviathan, you have absolute safety? Do you think that I can't find you in the deep sea?’’

Xuan Wuji suddenly gripped his fists, his knuckles crackling. ’’Lin Ming, I will have you pay for everything you've done!’’


A black ray of light cut through the skies. Xuan Wuji flew at full speed not towards the South Sea Demon Region, but towards the deep sea waters!

After flying for a moment, he then shot into the sea. What Xuan Wuji was looking for were...the various clans of the deep sea!

When the South Sea war started, Xuan Wuji had obtained a great deal of help from the deep sea clans. In truth, he didn't even need them to deal with divine Phoenix Island in order to conquer the South Sea. But he became allies with them in order to deal with those other powers of the southern Sky Spill Continent, such as Great Zen Temple. However, he never imagined that he would actually have to borrow their power to face Lin Ming.


Another half month passed. Lin Ming had remained in seclusion for over four months now, and his 21st birthday had quietly passed.

Half of the second high-grade, earth-step Demon God Bone was already absorbed by Lin Ming. The energy within his dantian constantly concentrated into his Revolving Core, and he became increasingly close to breaking through to the middle Revolving Core realm

But at this moment, Lin Ming suddenly felt the stone bed underneath him shake, the entire dimension trembling.

’’Mm? What's going on?’’

Lin Ming was startled. Demonshine's voice instantly resounded in his mind.

’’Xuan Wuji is outside. Looks like he's brought a great number of helpers;it's quite lively outside.’’

Lin Ming frowned. This Xuan Wuji couldn't have come earlier or later, but had chosen instead to come at this exact time.

If he gave up his breakthrough here, he would have wasted all his efforts of this past month.


The Giant Leviathan shook. Lin Ming's expression changed. How could Xuan Wuji's attack be this strong!?

Demonshine said, ’’Xuan Wuji figured out some defensive weaknesses of the Giant Leviathan from the Demon Emperor's letter. He's not as stupid as the Xing couple, trying to attack the Giant Leviathan's mouth. Now, Xuan Wuji is attacking an area a mile down from the Giant Leviathan's mouth where there are a pair of gray spots. These are the Giant Leviathan's auditory and perception organs, and are also used in maintaining balance;they are very sensitive. You can classify them as the Giant Leviathan's 'ears'. Once this area is attacked then the Giant Leviathan will shake.’’

As Demonshine spoke, his thoughts stirred and a screen appeared in front of Lin Ming. On this screen were seven humanoid forms. The one in the lead was Xuan Wuji. He wore a dark gray robe, and he had a strangely shaped black horn in his hands. This horn seemed as if it were crafted from some deep sea beast.

Near Xuan Wuji, Lin Ming could also make out the Black Flood Dragon Clan Patriarch he had seen at the Demon God Imperial Palace, as well as Xuan Yuqie, and the silver-masked Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign.

These four weren't surprising. But what drew Lin Ming's attention were three other monkey-like creatures that stood near Xuan Wuji. They were as tall as Giant Demons and their entire body was covered with golden fur. They had deep blue eyes that emitted a faint light.

Was surprised Lin Ming was that, within these three monkey creatures, one of them had a cultivation at the third stage of Life Destruction, and the other two were at the second stage of Life Destruction.

Lin Ming's pupils shrank. If he weren't wrong, then these monkey-like creatures were Turquoise-Eyed Apes, one of the various deep sea clans!

The endless sea around the Sky Spill Continent was vast and limitless. The races of the deep sea surpassed the Sky Spill Continent in both variety and quantity. They also had their Emperor-level powerhouses, perhaps in even greater numbers than the Sky Spill Continent.

However, the deep sea clans were not adapted to living on land. Thus, they were able to safely coexist in peace. It was unknown just why they chose to join forces with Xuan Wuji at this time.

'So he has various deep sea clans helping him;no wonder Xuan Wuji can find me in the incomparably vast sea. With the countless marine life in the deep sea clans helping to search, it would be easy to find a creature that is several dozen miles long.'

This thought flashed through Lin Ming's mind when the Giant Leviathan shook again! Although the Giant Leviathan had amazing defensive power, it still wasn't able to withstand a barrage of attacks from so many people attacking its weaknesses. At the ears of the Giant Leviathan, rivers of blood streamed out, already dying the entire sea around it a vivid red.

’’Demonshine, won't the Giant Leviathan retaliate unless it's being controlled by someone?’’

Demonshine said, ’’Of course. This big fellow is a bit slow but it won't just sit here and allow itself to be attacked. But did you see that black horn in Xuan Wuji's hand? That device can be used to control the Giant Leviathan's movements. When Xuan Wuji had captured the Giant Leviathan in the Demon God Imperial Palace, he had also relied on this black horn to do so. As long as it is blown, the Giant Leviathan will remain motionless.

As Demonshine spoke, Lin Ming recalled the black horn in Xuan Wuji's hands. So, it seemed that the horn was used to command the Giant Leviathan...

’’Lin Ming, I have a way to leave a soul mark in the Giant Leviathan's spiritual sea and control it for a brief period. But this will consume a massive amount of soul force. Not just that but...the Giant Leviathan is only good at destroying sects and engaging in large-scale battles. It does not excel at fighting high-stage Life Destruction powerhouses, especially in small numbers. If I control it in battle, then there still isn't anything I can do against Xuan Wuji.

’’I know.’’ Lin Ming's mind raced. When he had used the Giant Leviathan to face the Xing couple, he had an ultimate advantage because he was able to use the entire Yin Yang Profound Palace as a hostage. But, the Giant Leviathan wasn't able to deal with Xing couple by itself. It was only when Lin Ming threatened to raze the entire Yin Yang Profound Palace and massacre all of their disciples that the couple restrained from doing anything.

However, Xuan Wuji's South Sea Demon Region had already been ruined by Lin Ming;he no longer feared such a deed.

Even if Xuan Wuji constantly attacked the Giant Leviathan, there wasn't anything that Lin Ming could do. The Giant Leviathan's attacks were too inflexible and singular in their means. Not just that, but they also took a long time to set up. It simply wouldn't be able to strike Xuan Wuji.

’’We'll fight and retreat towards the deep sea at the same time. If we can go deep enough then Xuan Wuji's combat strength will be greatly affected by the pressure there.’’ Lin Mind could only tolerate this threat. While the Giant Leviathan had its strengths, it also had its weaknesses.

’’I fear it won't be as easy as you think it is. The deep sea clans are experts at fighting deep sea battles. They might have shared some secret skills with Xuan Wuji and Xuan Yuqie to withstand the deep sea pressure. Today, since we're going to suffer regardless, we may as well counterattack first.’’

As Demonshine spoke, he drew out of Lin Ming's spiritual sea, turning into a little pug. In the next moment he drilled through a space barrier and vanished without trace.

After another half an incense stick of time, the Giant Leviathan finally began moving. Over a 1000 tentacles shot out, counterattacking Xuan Wuji and the others. However, these were all second-stage Life Destruction powerhouses or stronger;how could they possibly fear these tentacles? They simply drew back farther. As for Xuan Wuji and that third-stage Life Destruction Turquoise-Eyed Ape, they were able to avoid the attack of the tentacles while constantly sending out beams of energy, not stopping their attacks on the Giant Leviathan's weak points.

Although a steel needle couldn't kill a whale, attacking a whale's eyes and ears over and over again would cause no small amount of damage. Not to mention, Xuan Wuji's attacks were at a much higher level than a steel needle;they could at least be classified as a dagger. The force of his techniques were several times more powerful than the Xing couple's combined attack.

’’These damn brats!’’

Demonshine angrily huffed out. He controlled the Giant Leviathan and retreated deep into the South Sea.

Xuan Wuji and the others closely followed like annoying flies.

At this time, within the Giant Leviathan's dimension, Mu Qianyu and the others also realized what was happening outside. They discovered that Xuan Wuji had come out of seclusion and was chasing them down to kill them. The disciples of divine Phoenix Island became somewhat nervous.

Especially when the Giant Leviathan trembled every once in a while. This caused their hearts to jump into their throats, a uneasy feeling pooling in their stomachs.

Could the Giant Leviathan really withstand the fourth-stage Life Destruction Xuan Wuji?


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