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Martial World - Chapter 705


Chapter 705 - Returning Home




Lin Ming quickly glanced over at everyone. Although a large majority of the divine Phoenix Island's disciples had died in battle, those that lived were mostly the best of the elites. With these forces, it wouldn't take too many years for divine Phoenix Island to restore itself to its former glory. With Lin Ming supporting them, it wouldn't be too difficult for them to become a fifth-grade sect.

’’Lin Ming? divine Kingdom Crown Prince, hm? Hahaha!’’ A raucous laugh sounded out. Lin Ming turned around to see that the one crazily laughing was Zhang Zhen, the first friend Lin Ming had made after entering divine Phoenix Island.

’’Zhang Zhen!’’ Seeing so many familiar faces, Lin Ming's heart was filled with a nostalgic emotion. He walked forwards and patted Zhang Zhen's shoulder.

’’There's also Senior-apprentice Brother Dingshan, Senior-apprentice Sister Xiaoqing, Senior Master Qingyi... ’’

Lin Ming called out a series of names. Mu Dingshan and Mu Xiaoqing were the chief disciples of the generation right after Mu Qianyu. They had attended Revered Master Tianguang's birthday festival with Lin Ming and their performance had been quite adequate. As for Mu Qingyi, she was the Blue Luan Faction Elder that had often looked after Lin Ming and helped him in the Demon God Imperial Palace.

To meet with familiar people after a period of separation was peculiar. Even though it had only been two to three years, after being separated by a great catastrophe, it was like they had been worlds apart, leaving a sense of infinite sadness and wistfulness.

Lin Ming spoke with these old friends and seniors, catching up with various matters. Then, he walked by to Mu Qianyu and the others' side, passing her a bunch of fire-attribute medicinal herbs.

’’Yu'er, this is for Little Flame and Fireshine. It should be enough to help them recover some of the essence energy they had lost.’’


Mu Qianyu took the herbs, her eyes wet. Little Flame was a very smart and intelligent creature;it was well aware of cause and effect, and just what had happened and why. Still, Little Flame never blamed Mu Qianyu a single bit. This caused her to feel even guiltier.

Lin Ming laid down a sound isolating enchantment and then took out a square jade box from his spatial ring. He opened it, revealing the crystal clear black colored beads that were inside. There were ones as large as a fist and some as small as a pigeon egg.

As Mu Yuhuang, Mu Fengxian, and the others saw this jade box filled with black beads, their hearts skipped a beat. They could feel an incomparably pure and tyrannical power emanating from these beads. Compared to it, any sort of top-grade true essence stone was nothing but absolute garbage!

In fact, they could even feel faint fluctuations of life from these black beads. It was as if these black beads each contained the remnant soul of a peerless powerhouse.

’’Lin Ming... what is this?’’ Mu Yuhuang found it hard to remain calm. The value of these treasures had completely surpassed her scope of understanding.

’’Sect Master, these are Demon God Bones. After a powerhouse dies, if the leftover energy field, doesn't disperse, it will condense into an energy crystal after tens or hundreds of thousands of years. The Demon God Bone can be used to increase one's cultivation. The one's with slighter weaker energy fluctuations are human-step Demon God Bones. They can be used for mid and late Revolving Core powerhouses to increase their cultivation. As for the ones with stronger energy fluctuations, those are earth-step Demon God Bones. They can be used for a Life Destruction powerhouse to step into the divine Sea.

As Lin Ming spoke these words, Mu Yuhuang and the others were frightened silly. A heavenly treasure that could be used for a Life Destruction powerhouse to attack the divine Sea bottleneck... this was truly priceless.

One could tell just from looking at the costs the various great powers had expended to compete for the Nirvana Dragon Root.

But from the fluctuations of energy from this box of Demon God Bones that Lin Ming had opened, their value was probably above even that of two complete Nirvana Dragon Roots!

This was obvious. After all, the Nirvana Dragon Root was a medicinal herb bred within the ruins of a sixth-grade sect. As for the Demon God Bones, these were formed in the 1000 mile forbidden zone of the mystical and the strange Eternal Demon Abyss. Compared to the Eternal Demon Abyss, the ancient ruins of the Demon God Imperial Palace were simply insignificant.

Mu Yuhuang had no doubt that if any of the powers within the entire southern Sky Spill Continent were to know of these Demon God Bones, then that would start a massive and bloody war of terrifying proportions. Perhaps, even Holy Lands would partake in this struggle!

Lin Ming, are you giving these to us? What about you?’’ Mu Yuhuang didn't ask where Lin Ming had gotten these Demon God Bones. She only felt that perhaps it was a bit wasted on them.

Lin Ming smiled faintly, ’’Sect Master, in truth I have even better ones.’’

Demon God Bones couldn't be used without restriction or end. Otherwise, it would inevitably lead to instability in one's foundation. If Lin Ming had to use one, he would naturally use the best. As for those ordinary human-step and earth-step Demon God Bones, these were best used by Mu Qianyu and the others.

’’You have even better ones!?’’

After Mu Yuhuang, Mu Fengxian, and the others heard these words, they were simply speechless. They had no idea what to say to express their feelings at this time.

The items within this jade box were already the most precious heavenly treasures that they had seen in their lives. But, listening to Lin Ming's words, it seemed they weren't of any use to him...

Just what sort of lucky chance had Lin Ming encountered?

Without a doubt, the greater a lucky chance was, the greater the corresponding dangers. In order to obtain these treasures, just what sort of wild and crazy situations did Lin Ming go through?

Mu Yuhuang and the others were simply unable to imagine this. The vast ocean allowed fish to swim and the endless skies allowed birds to fly. Whatever future boundary Lin Ming could reach... that was already beyond any guesses they could make.

Lin Ming passed out the Demon God Bones. Mu Qianyu, Mu Bingyun, and Mu Yuhuang received Demon God Bones appropriate to their cultivation and potential. As for Mu Fengxian, because of her old age, she mainly would use these for supplementing the fires of her life and extending her lifespan, thus she received a human-step Demon God Bone.

’’Thank you.’’ After Mu Bingyun received a Demon God Bone, she looked deeply at Lin Ming. She had never imagined that she too would receive one. ’’Lin Ming, thank you for saving Little Blue and thank you for everything you've done for divine Phoenix Island.’’

Mu Bingyun said with a true essence sound transmission. Little Blue was Mu Bingyun's life's Blue Luan. If it weren't for Lin Ming arriving, then Little Blue would have ended up in the same situation as Little Flame and also captured by Yin Yang Profound Palace.

For this, she was especially grateful to Lin Ming.


Three days later, in a normal and modest mortal country of the Five Element Region, in a small and remote town...

On this day, a pair of strange visitors came to this small town. A handsome youth wearing blue robes stepped in, accompanied by a beautiful red dressed woman. To the common people of this mortal town, these two people looked like they had jumped out of a fairy tale book.

This young man and young woman were Lin Ming and Mu Qianyu.

’’It's here.’’

Mu Qianyu said in a gentle tone.

’’Mm... ’’

Lin Ming looked at an ordinary small restaurant in front of him. The red lacquered pillars, the latticed wooden windows, the tilted roof, all of it revealed a familiar flavor. Looking up, there was a black sign hung at the top. On it was written a few words - Lin Family Restaurant.

At this moment, Lin Ming felt his mind shake. He was inexplicably held in place, his mind flying back to five years ago when he still lived at Green Mulberry City.

In Green Mulberry City, he had passed his childhood years in such a restaurant.

Blue stones, simmering tea, the tapping of an abacus, friendly guests, nodding waiters, aged wine...

Lin Ming finally didn't say anything. He quietly walked into the restaurant whereupon he saw a little girl with braided hair bouncing at the entrance. She wore a comfortable and well-crafted red jacket and there was a stick of sugar-coated candy in her hands. Her eyes were wide as she curiously looked at Lin Ming.

Perhaps because she had grown up in this small restaurant and was used to guests, this little girl was not shy. As she bit down on her sugared candy while she stared with blinking eyes at Lin Ming and Mu Qianyu. Although she didn't know who Lin Ming was, Mu Qianyu seemed to be a tad familiar to her, although she couldn't recall just where she had seen her.

At this time, perhaps because of a deep throbbing connection at the depths of his bloodline, Lin Ming recognized this three to four year old little girl. This child was his sister, that little pigeon - Lin Xiaoge.

Then, Lin Ming saw a beautiful woman in her early twenties gently holding onto the hands of a middle-aged woman as they slowly walked down from the second floor. Behind them was a middle-aged man wearing a hat. In his hand was a shiny new abacus and book, as if he was ready to take count of today's sales.

In that instant, Lin Ming eyes became wet with emotion.

Father... mother... and Qin Xingxuan...

For some reason, a strong melancholic pain surged in his heart.

Those that walked the path of martial arts were doomed to loneliness. No one would be able to keep up with his footsteps.

Parents, family, friends, lovers... the stronger he became, the greater the distance between them...

Lin Ming felt an inexplicable pain resonate in his heart. He knelt down, his knees hitting the floor.

’’Father, mother... your child has returned... ’’


After Lin Ming returned home, The Lin Family Restaurant closed down. These days, Lin Ming lived in a room his parents had specially prepared for him, enjoying rare days of quiet tranquility.

Lin Ming's parents and Lin Ming himself were excellent chefs. Even Qin Xingxuan had learned a great deal about cooking after following Lin Ming's parents these days. Only Mu Qianyu didn't know anything. This caused her a great deal of embarrassment. She also only understood some of the common mortal customs. With her special relationship with Lin Ming, if she didn't help prepare food and only allowed Lin Ming and his parents to do it, then that was extremely rude.

After quickly learning some cooking techniques from Lin Ming, with Mu Qianyu's intelligence, she was quickly able to prepare delicious meals.

During the first one to two days, because Lin Ming's parents were from a normal mortal background, they were somewhat cautious of Mu Qianyu. After they slowly became familiarized with each other, they naturally relaxed and the harmony between everyone grew much more relaxed and happy.

In the days that Lin Ming wasn't here, his parents had already recognized Qin Xingxuan as their daughter-in-law. To Lin Ming's parents, Qin Xingxuan was already his wife.

At this time, within Qin Xingxuan's room, Lin Ming took out a jade box.

’’Xingxuan, this is for you.’’

Qin Xingxuan's cultivation was at the Houtian realm. After absorbing 10 drops of Vermillion Bird blood essence, her bloodline talent even surpassed that of Mu Dingshan and Mu Xiaoqing. In addition, she had practiced the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle' and the 'True Primal Chaos Formula' these past years and her foundations were remarkably solid. Although her talent was not yet at the Saint level, she had already faintly surpassed geniuses like the Sunfire Princess and Zhan Yunjian.

Within the jade box, there were all sorts of heavenly treasures ranging from low to high level, there were even Demon God Bones. As long as Qin Xingxuan used them step-by-step, she would be able to breakthrough to Xiantian by 22-23 years of age and then Revolving Core by 30 years of age. She would basically reach the level of Mu Qianyu.

However, looking at all these valuable and precious heavenly treasures, Qin Xingxuan didn't smile or seem happy at all. Instead, she only lowered her head. Lin Ming was unsure just what she was thinking.


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