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Martial World - Chapter 703


Chapter 703 - Xing Ji, Who Nearly Vomited Blood




Before this, Xing Ji had left for some errands, and had not returned until now. At the time that Xing Ji returned to Yin Yang Profound Palace, Lin Ming had already directed the Giant Leviathan above the skies of Yin Yang Profound Palace's medicine garden.

Yin Yang Profound Palace's medicine garden had its own guardians. As these guardians saw the Giant Leviathan in the skies, its vast body which caused dark clouds to twist in the heavens, all of them gulped, before bracing themselves as they flew up.

’’Just who do you think you are you that you dare break into my Profound Palace's private grounds!’’ A late Revolving Core Elder gathered up the courage to say. Just now he had witnessed the two alchemists in the tower instantly ripped in half by the Giant Leviathan's tentacles, dying a cruel and horrible death. If it weren't for Palace master Xing Ji catching up right behind them, then he would have probably turned around and fled.

’’Out of my way!’’ Lin Ming commanded. With the support of the Giant Leviathan, his voice was like a tsunami that spread out in all directions, echoing between the heavens and earth. The several Revolving Core Elders were shaken up by this voice and nearly spat out mouthful of blood.

This was the disparity of absolute strength. Knowing that they were just eggs waiting to be smashed against a stone, the several Elders could only drawback with pale faces.

Lin Ming controlled the Giant Leviathan and sent out hundreds of tentacles that fluttered about like mystical snakes.

His plan was to directly scoop out the medicine garden.

Although the origin energy within the Giant Leviathan's dimension was rich, it was actually short on soil for medicinal plants to grow in.

There were very stringent requirements for soil suited for medicinal plants. It had to be innervated over hundreds or thousands of years with rich origin energy before becoming spiritual earth that was able to grow medicinal plants. Thus, Lin Ming decided the best choice for soil at the moment was Yin Yang Profound Palace's own medicine garden.

After digging up Yin Yang Profound Palace's spiritual earth, in addition to the South Sea Demon Region's spiritual earth, he could use this to form a medicinal garden within the Giant Leviathan. This way, being able to shift it around would also be very convenient.

Moreover, as more and more medicinal herbs, they would be able to naturally emit heaven and earth origin energy. This would cause the spiritual earth of the medicine garden to grow much more rich and potent.

’’Hoho, boy, that Xing Ji is looking at you. Look at his eyes, you can see he's angry! Haha! How funny!’’ Demonshine cackled as he tried to stir things up. At this moment, Xing Ji was only seven to eight miles far from Lin Ming.

’’Doesn't matter. I'll shatter the medicine garden's protection first.’’

Lin Ming completely ignored Xing Ji and commanded the Giant Leviathan to attack.

Instantly, dozens of tentacles lashed out like massive whips.


With an explosive sound, tentacles smashed into the medicine garden's protective array. Like an egg being struck by a hammer, the protective array instantly burst apart.

More and more tentacles appeared until there were over 200 in total. They completely circled the medicine garden, digging 100 feet into the ground. Then, they began to pull it up from the center. Lin Ming planned to use the tentacles to completely dig up the earth and drag away the whole medicine garden.

’’Lin Ming! If you dare to take away my Profound Palace's medicine garden today, then I swear I will kill off your divine Phoenix Island today! You will regret everything you've done here!’’ Xing Ji roared, his eyes red with rage. After receiving Xing Can's sound transmitting talisman, he already understood everything that happened.

Until now, Lin Ming had only killed several Revolving Core Protectors of the Yin Yang Profound Palace. This was still a loss he could bear. But now, as the Palace Master of Yin Yang Profound Palace, if he had to look helplessly on as Lin Ming stole away their entire medicine garden this his lungs would probably blow up with rage.

This wasn't just about losing the medicine garden, but more so a matter of allowing someone to freely beat up his face. If this matter spread out in the future, that Yin Yang Profound Palace, a dignified fifth-grade sect, allowed a 20 some year old boy to completely take away their medicine garden, then they would become the laughingstock in the entire martial arts world. They would be the greatest joke underneath the heavens!

How could he tolerate this!?

’’Kill off my divine Phoenix Island?’’ Lin Ming indifferently looked at Palace Master Xing Ji from within the Giant Leviathan's dimension. ’’In my life, my principles have never changed. If someone gives me one foot of respect then shall give them 10 feet of respect. If someone punches me, then I will stab them with three sabers. Whoever dares to harm my friends and family, then I shall annihilate nine generations of their entire family! Xing Ji! You can do whatever it is you want, but I can promise you that if you dare, I will henceforth wipe off the entire Yin Yang Profound palace along with your family from this world!’’

As Li Ming spoke, his voice was as chilling as the nine nether abyss. No one suspected whether or not Lin Ming would follow up on his words. Not only that, but he had the ability to do so.

Xing JI's voice caught in his throat and his momentum suddenly reduced by half. He truly didn't dare to recklessly bet everything against Lin Ming unless he was absolutely sure he could kill Lin Ming here. Otherwise, Lin Ming's future potential was limitless. Completely exterminating Yin Yang Profound Palace wouldn't be difficult at all. In fact, he already had that ability right now.

’’Lin Ming, you have gone too far!’’

’’Gone too far? Humph! Xing Ji, you know in your heart just how you've treated divine Phoenix Island these past few months. Even so, I've only wounded Xing Yang but haven't killed him. I gave a chance for your wife to negotiate, but she decided to give up this chance. So don't blame me for taking away your medicine garden, because this is only interest!’’

Taking away the medicine garden was only interest!?

Hearing Lin Ming's abusive and brazen words, Xing Ji nearly convulsed in anger. This medicine garden had been built over thousands of years with the accumulated resources of the Yin Yang Profound Palace. It was especially rich in fire and water attribute heavenly treasures. Yet Lin Ming actually called this 'only interest'!?

If he weren't forced to the end of the line then he really would want to tear Lin Ming to pieces with his bare hands. But now, with the Giant Leviathan right in front of him, he had no choice but to endure this insult. He humbly said, ’’Lin Ming, I apologize for all the wrongs that have been done to divine Phoenix Island. Give this old man some face and stop things here.’’

Towards someone like Xing Ji, who was famous and also honored everywhere, admitting defeat could be said to be a very big concession. But, Lin Ming frankly didn't care about this.

’’Give you face? Stupid! Who cares about your face! How much is your face worth? When my divine Phoenix Island was in a weaker position and was being bullied and suppressed from all directions, when did you give my master any face? Now that you lot have been suppressed by my strength, I have to care about your face and your Yin Yang Profound Palace's face? Do you think I'm that cheap? Your face is that valuable, and yet my master's face isn't even worth some broken grass?’’

Lin Ming relentlessly refuted all of Xing Ji's thoughts, making him incensed with anger.

In Xing Ji's opinion, he had already dropped his dignity as a fifth-grade sect Sovereign and had apologized. To him, this was a massive concession. And yet, Lin Ming had simply mocked him.

Lin Ming also no longer bothered exchanging such nonsensical words. He ordered the Giant Leviathan's tentacles that were stabbed into the medicine garden to directly suck up the everything, including the spiritual earth.

The ground cracked and soil was constantly sucked into the tentacles. As Xing Ji saw this, his heart exploded with raging anger! ’’Lin Ming, you can forget about it!’’ Seeing that the medicine garden was being sucked into the Giant Leviathan, Xing Ji felt as if it were his ancestor's graves were being dug up.

’’Lin Ming, this old man will remember this humiliation!’’ Xing Ji revolved his true essence and flames combusted all around him. He was thinking of smashing apart the entire Profound Palace medicine garden with a strike from his palm. Since he couldn't keep this medicine garden here, then he wouldn't let Lin Ming take it either. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to swallow this insult. In the future, once this event spread out, then Yin Yang Profound Palace would become a joke of the entire martial arts world!

’’I would rather destroy this medicine garden than let you shame me!’’

Xing Ji furiously shouted. To be forced to ruin his own medicine garden;was there anything more tragic than this?

However, Xing Ji soon discovered that, in fact... there was.

As Lin Ming saw Xing Ji gather his potential, he had long guessed what this Palace Master was trying to do. He coldly coughed and said, ’’Xing Ji, if you dare to destroy your own medicine garden, then I will destroy your Yin Yang Profound Palace! Go ahead and try!’’

’’You... ’’

At this time, Xing Ji nearly vomited blood in anger. His lungs hurt, his liver hurt, his intestines, gallbladder, his entire body hurt. ’’Lin Ming, I hope you f*cking die!’’

At this time he had already gathered his potential, ready to attack. But with just a few words from Lin Ming he was forced to suppress his true essence, blood rushing to his head. If he weren't angry to the extreme, then as a dignified fifth-grade sect Sovereign, he would never have said such rude and uncouth words.

Xing Ji was so angry he felt his blood tumbling in his body.

Lin Ming had already controlled the tentacles and had safely stored the medicine garden into the Giant Leviathan's dimension.

Watching his medicine garden disappear just like that, Xing Ji felt his vision go black. He could already envision how several months from now, how the various powers of the Southern Sky Spill Continent would discuss Yin Yang Profound Palace.

As a noble Yin Yang Profound Palace Palace Master and a master who had lived for over 1000 years, he had actually been played around by a little hairless boy called Lin Ming. Just how shameful of a matter was this?

’’Lin Ming, if you have the guts then come out and fight me in the open!’’ The incomparably angry Xing Ji had no choice but to resort to goading Lin Ming to come out. Also, this was the only method he had to give vent to his frustration, reminding himself that there was at least some aspect which he was superior to Lin Ming.

How could this crude and low level taunt actually affect Lin Ming?

’’Xing Ji, you're an old dog that has lived for over 1000 years. As for me, my age can't even be considered spare change to yours. Yet you actually dare to challenge me? Well, I can promise you a match, but you'll have to wait till one year from now. Though, after a year, would you still have the courage to challenge me?’’

One year!

Xing Ji grit his teeth with hate. He was well aware that Lin Ming's strength, as it was now was able to kill a first stage Life Destruction powerhouse. In fact, Lin Ming might not be much worse than he was right now. With Lin Ming's terrifying speed of growth, let alone one year, Xing Ji might not even be his match in half a year.

Even his challenge against Lin Ming had been reversed against him. Xing Ji's final bit of dignity was crushed, his face slapped into the ground.

His resentment curled in his stomach as if it wanted to burst out in a mouthful of blood. Suddenly, he noticed another light streaking towards Yin Yang Profound Palace at high speeds. This person was also at the extreme second stage of Life Destruction. Since this person came from Little Swallow Mountain, it was without a doubt Xing Ji's wife, Xing Can.

She naturally knew that her husband had returned and rushed over after helping Xing Yang. If the couple combined their strength, they would be able to display their greatest combat strength. She certainly wanted to come and help her husband.

Xing Can's arrival slightly relieved Xing Ji's extremely angry mood. With his wife coming to help him, he felt somewhat reinvigorated.

He angrily stared at the Giant Leviathan. His flaming eyes seemed as if they could see right through the Giant Leviathan and stared straight at Lin Ming. Raging with a burning hate, Xing Ji wished he could rip apart the Giant Leviathan's body and devour Lin Ming!

At this time, a sudden idea emerged in Xing Ji's mind. Was it really true that no power underneath the divine Sea could seriously wound the Giant Leviathan?

In fact, this rumor had been spread out my Xuan Wuji to begin with. As the one who was controlling the Giant Leviathan at the time, it wasn't strange for him to boast in an exaggerated manner.

As for how truly powerful the Giant Leviathan's defensive power was, no one really knew. This was because the Giant Leviathan had never battled against a third stage Life Destruction master, thus no one was able to confirm Xuan Wuji's words!


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