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Martial World - Chapter 702


Chapter 702 - Xing Ji Arrives




The youth that stood atop the Giant Leviathan didn't have too high a cultivation but when the black-clothed Elder looked at the monster that was beneath his feet, he couldn't conjure the least bit of resistance.

Moreover, based on the circumstances, the black-clothed Elder highly suspected that this youth in front of him was the divine Kingdom Crown Prince that had been making such an uproar for nearly the entire last month.

Or at least a subordinate of the divine Kingdom Crown Prince.

’’Isn't that Mu Qianyu and Mu Yuhuang?’’

The black-clothed Elder saw the two red dressed women beside Lin Ming and gulped. He could feel a strange nagging sensation at the back of his mind. How could divine Phoenix Island possibly be together with the divine Kingdom Crown Prince? And looking from their appearance, they were obviously close to each other.

Upon seeing the massive amount of energy condensing within the Giant Leviathan's body, the black-clothed Elder quickly said, ’’Great expert, mercy!’’

Then he quickly turned to the two middle Revolving Core Protectors at his side and roared out,

’’What are you two doing? Hurry up!’’

To the Giant Leviathan, the Yin Yang Profound Palace's great protective array was no different from paper. If they opened the array too late, then the entire thing would be completed broken by the Giant Leviathan. That would require an unthinkable amount of resources to restore.

The two middle Revolving Core Protectors froze for a moment before quickly flying out, shooting forwards like arrows.

In a short time, the entire array formation began to tremble. The barrier shield around the Yin Yang Profound palace slowly faded away. Standing atop the Giant Leviathan, Lin Ming calmly entered within.

The black-clothed Elder's face was bitter as he saw this. He didn't know what they had done or when Yin Yang Profound Palace had managed to offend such an evil star.

’’Lin Ming, I can feel Little Flame's energy from the southeast section of Yin Yang Profound Palace.’’ Mu Qianyu said from behind Lin Ming.


Lin Ming ordered the Giant Leviathan to turn. The several dozens of miles long Giant Leviathan was nearly able to cover the entire Yin Yang Profound Palace.

Seeing this massive monster block out the heavens, all the martial artists within Yin Yang Profound Palace stopped what they were doing and looked towards the skies with bewildered expressions. They were shocked speechless. Just what the hell was this thing?

The South Sea Demon Region was over a million miles away from Yin Yang Profound Palace. Although the Giant Leviathan had become infamous even this far out, the martial artists of Yin Yang Profound Palace had never seen it before, thus they couldn't recognize it.

They all came out of their residences and training areas, flabbergasted as they stared at the massive titan floating in the sky with absolute dismay.

The Giant Leviathan's terrifying aspect laid in its great size. It's thick and oily skin was more than thousands of feet thick. Let alone how tough this skin was, even ordinary rock that thick would have been difficult to break open. Thus, the Giant Leviathan's defense was nearly impenetrable by any martial artist below the divine Sea realm.

As for its striking power, there was no need to elaborate on it. The massive figure didn't even need to use its energy attack. As long as it was allowed to free fall, it would be able to flatten the entire Yin Yang Profound Palace.

’’It's that building over there!’’

Mu Qianyu rapidly spoke as she pointed at a red tower 30 miles away. She could feel Little Flame's energy coming from over there.


In that a great hall within that red tower, Little Flame and Fireshine were cowering, their neck and feet locked by red chains. During these past months, the two Vermillion Birds had constantly suffered from having blood drawn out from them, and now they were weakly crawling on the ground, their large red eyes bleak and filled with utter sadness.

The Vermillion Birds were intelligent creatures;they clearly knew what destiny awaited them.

Beside the Vermillion Birds, two old red-robed alchemists had squat down near the Vermillion Birds feet. They used a small silver dagger to cut open the leg of the Vermillion Bird, allowing the thick red blood to flow out, capturing the blood in small jade bottles. What they took was blood, not blood essence. A Vermillion Bird had a limited amount of blood essence;naturally, they couldn't randomly take it. But, even if it was blood, taking it every single day still slowly consumed the Vermillion Bird's vitality and essence energy.

However, the two Vermillion Birds seemed to understand that resistance was meaningless. They let the two red-robed old men draw their blood, lying there motionlessly as if they had already died.

In order for the alchemists to use the blood for research, they needed to have Vermillion Bird blood that was brimming with blood vitality. Thus, Yin Yang Profound Palace had force fed the Vermillion Birds blood poison pills to stimulate their bloodline potential. This sort of blood poison pill would certainly reduce the fires of the Vermillion Bird's lives, shortening their life spans even further.

Of course, these alchemists never took these effects into consideration.

The red-robed alchemists chuckled as fresh blood streamed into the jade bottles.. Just when they were about to put away the bottles, the half-dead Little Flame suddenly shook its head as if it were shocked by something. The two Vermillion Birds raised their heads, their bright and innocent eyes filled with a glimmer of hesitant hope and excitement.

’’What are they doing?’’

The red-robed alchemist frowned, not understanding the situation. Little Flame suddenly beat its wings as it tried to stand up. As it flapped its wings about, it directly caused the jade bottle of blood in the alchemist's hands to fall down.


The red-robed alchemist was furious. He took out a thick whip from his waist and struck Little Flame with it. With a loud snapping sound, Little Flame's body fiercely trembled. After several months of torture, the Vermillion Bird was weakened to the point where it could not withstand such a cruel beating.

A blood wound appeared and several red feathers were whipped off. But, Little Flame bit its beak together, not making a single sound. Its eyes were full of wondrous hope as it looked outside of the hall. It could feel Mu Qianyu's energy approaching. This caused Little Flame's breathing to quicken, its big red eyes glowing with tears.

At that moment, a voice echoed in its mind.

’’Don't move! Little Flame, I'll save you!’’


Another whip slashed against Little Flame's body, opening its skin even more. ’’Get on the floor! Didn't you hear me!?’’

The red-robed alchemist angrily said. In order to draw out Little Flame's blood, he needed the bird to lie on the ground.

However, Little Flame only trembled but it still struggled to stand with all its energy. It raised its head, waiting to greet its master.

Little Flame didn't want to see Mu Qianyu in a distressed state where it seemed half-dead.

’’You stupid bird! Are you dumb or something!’’ The red-robed alchemist's whip came striking down again. Vermillion Birds could understand his words. But, even under this constant pain and intimidation, Little Flame simply didn't listen to him.

’’Lin Ming, please, faster, Little Flame is under attack...’’ Mu Qianyu covered her mouth, tears running down her eyes. She and Little Flame were connected to each other;she could feel everything that was happening to it.


Lin Ming's voice was ice-cold as his eyes filled with rage. 30 miles was only one thirds of the length of the Giant Leviathan.

’’Crack open that tower!’’

Lin Ming ruthlessly ordered.

Woosh woosh woosh!

Five thick tentacles shot out towards the red tower. As they approached, a barrier of light appeared around the tower. This was the tower's defensive array formation.

Seeing this light, Lin Ming wasn't surprised. He ordered, ’’Rip it open!’’


Underneath the forceful impact of five tentacles, the defensive array was torn apart and the tower shook.

Just as the alchemist was about to strike out with his whip again, he paused. Mm? What happened? He looked up with a dazed expression, and then a horrifying scene occurred.

The red tower's roof suddenly split apart. It wasn't just the roof, but the walls, floor, load-bearing beams, everything was being torn apart. Several large black tentacles crashed inside as the entire tower was torn in half.

’’What is that!?’’

The two red-robed alchemists paled. Their cultivations were at the early Revolving Core and extreme Xiantian. Underneath these massive tentacles, they were no different from little rats in front of a giant snake. They had no ability to resist.


The two red-robed alchemists reacted fairly fast. But, just as they turned to run away, tentacles already ripped through the floor and smashed into them.



With two miserable cries, the two red-robed alchemist's chest were directly crushed flat, all of their organs turning to goo.

Against these two people, Lin Ming didn't show the slightest bit of mercy. Since he had already killed eight people here, he didn't mind killing another two.

’’Little Flame!’’

As soon as the tentacles ripped open the roof, Mu Qianyu was able to see Little Flame's injured appearance. Little Flame's entire body was covered with scars and blood, and the fires of its life were only one third of what they were at its peak. Mu Qianyu felt weak, like someone had twisted a knife in her heart.

Without waiting for the tentacles to wrap around Little Flame, Mu Qianyu rushed towards it. She clung to Little Flame's neck, her tears soaking its faded feathers.

’’Squawk squawk...’’

Little Flame cried out in a soft voice. Its large red eyes were wet and its body shook as it gently covered Mu Qianyu with its wing. This was how Little Flame expressed its love and joy at seeing Mu Qianyu at least, all of the pent up emotions that had suddenly come swelling up.

Lin Ming and Mu Yuhuang also fell down at this time. As Mu Yuhuang saw Fireshine's appearance, her eyes reddened with tears. However, she was much more composed and restrained than Mu Qianyu was. She walked forwards and gently touched Fireshine's head.

’’Let's go up. I will settle Little Flame's debt with Yin Yang Profound Palace.’’

As Lin Ming spoke, several tentacles formed a lotus-like throne in front of them. By stepping onto this, they could quickly enter the dimension within the Giant Leviathan.

’’Yu'er, Sect Master, please enter into the Giant Leviathan's dimension first. I have a matter I must finish first.’’

’’Mm? What do you plan on doing?’’ Mu Yuhuang asked.

’’Collect interest from Yin Yang Profound Palace.’’ Lin Ming's eyes flashed with a cold light as he spoke. This caused Mu Yuhuang's eyes to jump up. She wanted to give a few words of advice and tell him not to go too far. But after thinking about it some more, she didn't say anything. For these past years, Lin Ming had always handled affairs accordingly and with absolute confidence. Even if it seemed impossible, he still managed to accomplish it somehow.

Thus, there was no need to say anything more. She only told him to be careful of Yin Yang Profound Palace's Palace Masters and then stepped into the Giant Leviathan's dimension with Mu Qianyu and the two Vermillion Birds.

Lin Ming stood on the Giant Leviathan's fin and ordered it to fly towards Yin Yang Profound Palace's medicine garden.

’’Hehe, little boy, you want to rob Yin Yang Profound Palace's medicine garden? I like this! Huhuhahaha!’’ Demonshine's maliciously playful voice sounded out in Lin Ming's mind.

’’Mm...’’ Lin Ming nodded. In fact, had an idea. Since the heaven and earth origin energy was so rich within the Giant Leviathan, then why didn't he simply build up his own medicine garden within the Giant Leviathan? He could raise some spirit plants and spirit grass to pave his way to becoming an alchemist later.

As Lin Ming thought of this idea, his eyes suddenly widened. He discovered that several dozen miles away, a streak of light was racing across the horizon at an extremely high speed. Although this light was very far away, Lin Ming could determine that this incoming master was a second stage Life Destruction powerhouse.

Yin Yang Profound palace only had two second stage Life Destruction powerhouses: Xing Ji and Xing Can.

Xing Can was still at Little Swallow Mountain. Thus, this streak of light that was approaching from the opposite direction could only by the other Palace Master of Yin Yang Profound Palace, and also Xing Yang's father... Xing Ji.


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