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Martial World - Chapter 693


Chapter 693 - Conflict




In the eyes of Mu Yuhuang and Mu Fengxian, Lin Ming was divine Phoenix Island's ultimate secret weapon. Yesterday, Lin Ming had been in a hurry so they didn't even really greet each other, much less have an in-depth conversation. Thus, they believed that the South Sea Demon Region hadn't yet learned of Lin Ming's return.

It had to be known that Lin Ming had once messed up all of Xuan Wuji's plans in the Demon God Imperial Palace, even snatching away the Nirvana Dragon Root from beneath his fingers. If Xuan Wuji knew that Lin Ming had returned then the consequences could be imagined.

It was imperative that they train Lin Ming until he grew to the point at which he could stand alone. Until then, it was impossible to reveal him too early.

Lin Ming didn't reply. The spirit boat had fallen down from the official business courtyard.

’’Lin Ming, go back in!’’ Mu Fengxian told Lin Ming with a true essence sound transmission. She was afraid that the martial artists of Yin Yang Profound Palace would recognize Lin Ming. Although it was a very minor possibility, she had to prepare for all contingencies.

As soon as she finished speaking, her feet, of their own accord, moved her towards the meeting courtyard with Mu Yuhuang. Mu Bingyun glanced at Lin Ming before closely following behind them.

For a time, the only ones left were Lin Ming, Mu Qianyu, Duanmu Qun, Feng Shen, and Lan Xin.

Lin Ming's eyes narrowed as he glared at Yin Yang Profound Palace's spirit boat. As his gaze fell on the spirit boats twin water and fire symbols, he paused for a moment and then said, ’’Yu'er, that spirit boat carries the negotiators from Yin Yang Profound Palace?’’

’’Mm.’’ Mu Qianyu nodded. ’’Lin Ming, I suddenly remembered something. When we went to the Demon God Imperial Palace, it wasn't just Xuan Wuji that was there, but also Nanyun Wang and Great Zen Temple's Abbot Whitebrow. The three of them all had third stage Life Destruction cultivation. Because of you, they lost a Nirvana Dragon Root. If news of your survival spreads, then it would be bad for you if you caught their attention. Perhaps it might be wise to follow Honorable Sect Master's advice and conserve your strength for the time being. It wouldn't be too late for you to grow stronger before clearing all these old debts.’’

’’It doesn't matter.’’ Lin Ming shook his head. ’’After such a long time, Nanyun Wang and Abbot Whitebrow should have already guessed that I've used up the entire Nirvana Dragon Root by now. Although my strength has its limits, with the Giant Leviathan, I have the strength to deter a sect that even has a transcendent third stage Life Destruction powerhouse. Unless Nanyun Wang and Abbot Whitebrow are consumed by their obsessions then there's no way they will try to do something to me.’’

Lin Ming's plan was very simple. Since he had returned, he had no intention of acting in a low-key manner. Otherwise, it would be the same as showing weakness to others. This was a world of martial artists only when the strong were feared by their enemies. Every fool knew that the four divine Kingdoms controlled an unbelievably massive amount of resources, but who would dare to steal it? On the other hand, if someone weak were to have a massive amount of resources, then others would covet it, try to steal it, and even kill to do so.


At this time in the meeting hall's courtyard, three old men and a youth stepped out from a spirit boat. The yellow-clothed young man was around 30 years old, and he was tall with an arrow-straight posture. He was Yin Yang Profound Palace's Little Palace Master, Xing Yang. As for the three old men behind him, they were the Elders of Yin Yang Profound Palace.

’’Fairy Maiden Mu, it's been a while. I hope you've been well.’’

Xing Yang lightly smiled at Mu Fengxian. Because someone had snatched away his chance to meet the divine Kingdom Crown Prince first, he was in a poor mood. Thus, he decided to switch his aim towards divine Phoenix Island. He was hoping to obtain Mu Bingyun and Mu Qianyu's Primordial Yin Energy. Although this was less beneficial than befriending the divine Kingdom Crown Prince, it would still help pave his road to becoming an Emperor-level powerhouse in the future. Additionally, if he could really subdue these two women and marry them as their husband, then enjoying their love-making and warm nights in bed would also be great.

Thinking this, Xing Yang grinned from ear to ear.

’’Thanks to the blessing of your Yin Yang Profound Palace, this old woman still hasn't died yet.’’ Mu Fengxian's response was a bit dreary. In negotiations within the world of martial artists, one never made concessions to the other party because of something as silly as courtesy. Indeed, if it weren't because of all this then Mu Fengxian would never have bothered speaking to such a slimy snake like Xing Yang.

’’Hehe, Fairy Maiden Mu, then let's cut with the nonsense and continue with our previous conversation the secret transplant method of the Vermillion Bird blood essence!’’ As Xing Yang spoke, he walked straight over to the meeting table and gestured. ’’I've come with enough sincerity this time in the hope that Fairy Maiden Mu will know when to kindly give way!’’

Xing Yang's voice was filled with warning. divine Phoenix Island had hurriedly taken asylum within Yin Yang Profound Palace, not even having time to discuss all the major details. With such important interests of both sects at stake, naturally negotiations would carry on for a long time.

Mu Fengxian sneered inside. She was well aware of just what disgusting plans this Xing Yang was making. She knew that the reason he continuously set up obstacles was not only for the secret skills of divine Phoenix Island, but also because he desired the Mu sister's bodies.

How could Mu Fengxian possibly let him continue this wishful thinking?

If it were a few days ago, then under the absolute threat of the South Sea Demon Region where Mu Fengxian was in a much weaker position, she would have no choice but to endure this rude oppression from Yin Yang Profound Palace. But now, with this unknown factor of the divine Kingdom Crown Prince and the South Sea Demon Region having suffered loss one after another, Mu Fengxian didn't intend to keel over so easily.

When she was about to go to the negotiating table to argue with Xing Yang, she suddenly turned around to look at the courtyard entrance.

She saw five people standing there. They were Lin Ming, Mu Qianyu, Duanmu Qun, Lan Xin, and Feng Shen.

Damn! Just what were they doing here?

Mu Fengxian's heart skipped a beat. Lin Ming's return was divine Phoenix Island's greatest, absolute secret! Once this news was leaked then the consequences would be unthinkable!

It wasn't just Mu Fengxian, but Mu Yuhuang was also looking ill.

Mu Yuhuang tried to suppress her panic. Although Xing Yang might not have seen Lin Ming's portrait, his age contrasted with his cultivation too spectacularly to not be noticed.

She yelled, ’’Yu'er, what are you here for?’’

Mu Yuhuang was thinking to bring up Mu Qianyu to distract Xing Yang's attention and allow Lin Ming an opportunity to leave. But currently, Mu Qianyu seemed to be at a loss for words.

Xing Yang glared at Lin Ming. He coldly said, ’’Who are you?’’

Xing Yang truly didn't know Lin Ming. He was sure that he didn't see Lin Ming when divine Phoenix Island first came to Yin Yang Profound Palace. If he did, then he definitely would have remembered him. Lin Ming seemed to be only 20 some-odd years old but his cultivation was at the early Revolving Core. Not just that, but the true essence around his body was exceptionally thick. He was obviously not some ordinary early Revolving Core powerhouse.

Of course, he may look to be in his early twenties but his age might actually be closer to 30. After all, a martial artist aged at a very slow pace. There wasn't that great a difference between 30 years and 20 years of age. Because he wasn't able to determine Lin Ming's age, he had no grounds to ascertain the degree of Lin Ming's talent. But he had to be at least at the pinnacle of Saint level talents.

The reason that Lin Ming caught Xing Yang's attention was not just because of Lin Ming's talent, but rather because of a much more important reason.

That was...because Mu Qianyu was holding Lin Ming's hand!

Xing Yang felt his heart sink as a dense light of jealousy entered his eyes. He clearly knew Mu Qianyu's origins. She only had a younger sister, and had no older or younger brother.

Then this meant that Lin Ming could only be her lover.

Mu Qianyu's and Mu Bingyun's feelings and sentiment were no small matter. This was because the first time they had se* with someone else, they would pass a part of their Primordial Yin energy to that man. This would also dilute the Saint Beast bloodline within the Saintess to a certain degree.

But looking at Mu Fengxian and Mu Yuhuang, they obviously didn't oppose Mu Qianyu being together with this man. That meant they had already agreed to their union.

Just who was he!?!?

Looking at how attached Mu Qianyu seemed to be with that man, he feared that she would have no qualms giving her virginity to the man! This caused Xing Yang's heart to surge with a thick killing intent!

Although Lin Ming's talent was good, Xing Yang didn't fear him. Xing Yang was already 35 years old and he had just reached the late Revolving Core period. After that was Life Destruction. If he could reach Life Destruction before he was 45 years old, then his chances of becoming a Peerless Emperor would be that much higher.

Although Lin Ming was younger, his cultivation was two whole small boundaries fewer.

Once one reached Revolving Core, the difference between every small boundary was not minor. Xing Yang didn't worry about Lin Ming's combat strength, only what sort of background he had. This sort of genius would never originate from some mediocre background.

As Xing Yang noticed the two handsome men and the pretty woman behind Lin Ming, he paused. They were obviously not human, but at the same time he couldn't recognize what race they were.

Furthermore, what was strange was that Xing Yang was completely unable to tell what their cultivation was.

This was because the Fey cultivation system was different to that of humanity.

’’You dare to trespass within my Yin Yang Profound Palace!? Just who are you?’’ Xing Yang wanted to find out about Lin Ming's origin. If he came from a fifth-grade sect then he wouldn't do anything to him. But if this man came from a small sect, then he would quietly kill him.

Lin Ming sneered and said, ’’I am a disciple of divine Phoenix Island, surnamed Lin. Little Swallow Mountain has already been designated as the residence for my divine Phoenix Island. Why would it be strange for me to be here?’’

Hearing Lin Ming not avoid referring to himself as someone surnamed Lin, Mu Yuhuang and Mu Fengxian became worried. That explosive last name along with Lin Ming's talent...Xing Yang would find out sooner or later.

Mu Yuhuang repeatedly sent true essence sound transmissions but couldn't obtain a response from him. Mu Bingyun also frowned as she looked at Lin Ming, not sure what he was planning on doing.

Mm? This boy was actually a divine Phoenix Island disciple?

Xing Yang narrowed his eyes as he sized up Lin Ming. He didn't understand divine Phoenix Island's history too much, so he temporarily didn't associate this Lin character with ’’that’’ Lin Ming. He only found it strange that divine Phoenix Island still had this sort of talent remaining. Still, since he was a divine Phoenix Island disciple, there simply wasn't anything to worry about.

He began to think about finding an excuse to punish Lin Ming, and then quietly slipping him some medicine to ruin his abilities to function as a man in bed, thus removing his chances of taking Mu Qianyu's virginity.

But then, at this moment, Lin Ming opened his mouth wide to spout out some fantastical and stunning words....

Lin Ming said, ’’You there, the one called Xing Yang, I came here today to tell you...negotiations are over. Immediately return the Vermillion Birds. Yin Yang Profound Palace will also divide half of their territory as a temporary residence for divine Phoenix Island. This includes practice arrays, medicine garden supplies, true essence stone, and all other resources. Half of everyone's daily share will be given to divine Phoenix Island as an offering.’’

When Lin Ming finished speaking, Xing Yang's jaw fell wide open. He nearly couldn't believe his own ears. What had this boy said just now?

It wasn't just Xing Yang;Mu Yuhuang and Mu Fengxian were also shocked silly. Even the normally indifferent Mu Bingyun was staring at Lin Ming with a puzzled expression. Lin Ming definitely didn't seem as if he were joking around. Thus, she turned to look at Mu Qianyu.

Mu Qianyu was also surprised. She never thought that Lin Ming would suddenly demand such excessive conditions. This was the same as slicing off the flesh from Yin Yang Profound Palace!

Duanmu Qin, Feng Shen, and Lan Xin all seemed to not care too much. As descendants from a Holy Land, they naturally didn't have any interest in the resources of a minor fifth-grade sect.

How valuable could it possibly be? Any one of the earth-step Demon God Bones that Lin Ming had obtained in the 1000-mile forbidden zone was enough for a fifth-grade sect to recklessly spend wealth for ten years.

After several breaths of time, Xing Yang suddenly laughed. ’’I thought you were some sort of genius but I never imagined you were such an idiot. You must have thought these negotiations were too boring so you wanted to tease me into laughing! Hahahaha! You not only succeeded, but you also did a great job!’’

Xing Yang's expression then turned icy. ’’Elder Jiang, Elder Sun, seize that boy for me!’’

Behind Xing Yang there were three black-clothed Elders. Two of them were late Revolving Core and the last was at the first stage of Life Destruction. They had come up to provide suppressive support.

Yin Yang Profound Palace couldn't be considered a fifth-grade sect with too prestigious a background;they weren't able to have each of their Elders at Life Destruction. Because they lacked masters, most of their Elders were actually at the mid or late Revolving Core.

Xing Yang simply couldn't bother to deal with Lin Ming himself. Elder Jiang and Elder Sun behind him both had cultivation at the late Revolving Core, more than enough to deal with the likes of Lin Ming.

Lin Ming casually swept his eyes over the two Elders and chuckled. He already knew that speaking with this Xing Yang was the same as exchanging nonsense.

Today he had come to ruin him.

Two Elders approached Li Ming from the left and right. Mu Yuhuang and Mu Fengxian's complexions changed. They were well aware that Lin Ming wasn't an idiot, but what could he do in this situation? Even if he was extraordinarily strong, what would happen even if he was able to jump ranks and defeat these two Revolving Core Elders? Could he take the entire Yin Yang Profound Palace as his enemy?

At this time, Lan Xin clucked her tongue as she slightly tittered, her laugh sweet like silver bells. Her tone was laced with sarcasm as she bluntly said, ’’Is this still a fifth-grade sect? A fifth-grade sect's Elders should accordingly be Life Destruction masters. But you use late Revolving Core Elders as an in-between and still think that you can be acknowledged as a fifth-grade sect! How ridiculous!’’

As Lan Xin said this, Elder Sun and Elder Jiang both became furious. This was not only cruelly mocking Yin Yang Profound Palace but also mocking them, exposing all of their shortcomings that no one dared to voice out loud. What Lan Xin had said was truly toxic. Although Yin Yang Profound Palace was known as a fifth-grade sect, they really did have many places where they didn't meet the definition of a fifth-grade sect.

’’Little girl, since you want to die so badly then this old man will show you just how high the heavens are and how the low earth is!’’ Elder Jiang couldn't see what Lan Xin's cultivation or race was. He assumed that she was some sect talent, and was also the naïve sort that had never left their sect before. The type that assumed just because their talent was a little high they could act like an idiot.

’’Haha, you're going to make me die of laughter! I'm standing right here. If you can approach within three feet of me then I'll count you as having won!’’ Lan Xin winked at Duanmu Qun. She had never been a polite, good little girl to begin with. With such a fun opportunity in front of her, she certainly wouldn't want to miss it.

Duanmu Qun was speechless. He thought that Lan Xin would take action, but he never expected that this little lady would circle everything back to him.

Indeed, with Lan Xin's strength she would be able to defeat Elder Jiang. But it wouldn't be easy;she might even be wounded. If so, it would be difficult for her to maintain her lofty attitude.

’’You are far too arrogant! Old Sun, you deal with that boy and I'll capture that little girl!’’ Elder Jian said in a furious rage.


The two Elders rushed out to the left and right.

Facing this situation, Lin Ming didn't even take out his spear. He flicked his index finger and attached his battle spirit to the air, shooting it out.

In the next moment, Elder Jiang only saw an azure light flash in front of him. With the sound of a muffled crashing sound, Elder Sun, who had rushed out with him, had suddenly disappeared!

Elder Jiang turned his head and saw that a massive, human-shaped hole had formed in the wall behind him. As for Elder Sun, he was toppled over on top of the courtyard fence, vomiting blood as his limbs hung lifelessly down like a dead dog...


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