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Martial World - Chapter 688


Chapter 688 - Towards the Yin Yang Profound Palace





The four scouts from Storm Valley were shocked. This mysterious youth actually knew of their Storm Valley?

This other character was likely some divine Kingdom Crown Prince or a Holy Land's Holy Son. As for them, they were from a tiny fourth-grade sect that didn't even have a Life Destruction Elder. In front of a Holy Land, they were just a little ant.

In addition, the Five Element Region was far, far off from the central region of the Sky Spill Continent. By all reasoning, they would barely even know of them. But, they never imagined that this mysterious youth would speak of their Storm Valley.

Could it be that the Five Element Region's seven sects were somewhat famous?

Thinking of this, the four scouts' hearts filled with bravado. ’’Reporting to Great Expert, us four are indeed from the Five Element Region's Storm Valley.’’

There was silence for a moment, and then, ’’Enter!’’

’’Yes, Sir!’’

The four scouts were overjoyed as they began to respectfully walk through the entrance.

As the four of them passed through rows of ruining buildings, they finally made it to a great temple. Upon entering this temple, they could feel a powerful energy emanating from within.

As they entered the temple, they could see a black-clothed youth appear in front of them, his arms crossed behind his back.

This black-clothed youth seemed like a straight and sharp spear. He emitted an extraordinary aura, and all of the heaven and earth origin energy within the temple seemed to be stirred up by him in a completely spontaneous manner. As for the black-robed youth, he simply didn't seem to notice or care.

This degree of cultivation was truly shocking.

The black-clothed youth turned around, his eyes sweeping across the Storm Valley symbols on the four scouts' clothes. Then, he slowly said, ’’Storm Valley... if I remember correctly, you have a chief disciple named Zhan Yunjian?’’

Hearing Lin Ming mention Zhan Yunjian's name, the four scouts were surprised. It was already unbelievable to them that he knew of their Storm Valley, but he even knew of Zhan Yunjian. How was this possible?

’’Great Expert knows my sect's Little Valley Master?’’

’’Just a brief meeting.’’ Lin Ming casually said.

’’Great Expert truly has an extraordinary memory.’’ The four Protectors didn't recognize Lin Ming. They only assumed that Lin Ming had a near-photographic memory, able to recall any small fish and shrimp-like characters that he met. To them, it wasn't strange that a top talent would be able to do this.

However, when did the Little Valley Master ever have a chance to see this great expert?

As the four Protectors were thinking about this, Lin Ming said, ’’Do you four know where the survivors of divine Phoenix Island have gone?’’

’’divine Phoenix Island?’’

The four Protectors were surprised. Why would this great expert care about divine Phoenix Island's survivors?

They didn't dare to ask such a question. They bowed and said, ’’Reporting to Great Expert, this little servant does not know where divine Phoenix Island has gone now. But, my sect's Valley Master and Little Valley Master should know.’’

Lin Ming didn't have much hope in the beginning, but after hearing the four Protectors say this, a sharp light shined in his eyes.

’’Ask for me!’’ These few words were said with a tone that brooked no doubt. It was simply impossible to defy this youth's will.

The four Protectors didn't ask why Lin Ming wanted this information. They respectfully said, ’’Yes Sir, this little servant will take at most one hour of time.’’

divine Phoenix Island was extremely far away from the Five Element Region. Information had to cross through the transmission arrays of several relay stations. A round trip for a message would take at least one hour.

After Zhan Yunjian received the news from this sound transmission of the four scouts, he was also shocked. He didn't ask why this mysterious youth wanted this information either.

He naturally didn't dare to be negligent towards this mysterious youth's question. Not to mention what sort of mighty background this person might have, it was simply impossible for such a character to covet anything from divine Phoenix Island. Even if he was harboring some evil intent, Zhan Yunjian would still honestly tell him of divine Phoenix Island's situation. What a joke. This person had nearly completely annihilated the South Sea Demon Region, much less their tiny Storm Valley. Zhan Yunjian feared that even a little sneeze from the Giant Leviathan would leave their entire sect in ruins.

’’Yin Yang Profound Palace?’’

Lin Ming's eyebrows rose. He had just obtained information that divine Phoenix Island had gone to Yin Yang Profound Palace.

Lin Ming had only heard about this sect in passing before. As for its peculiarities or even where it was, he didn't know any of this at all. He casually traced his spatial ring and tossed two treasures towards the four scouts.

’’Lead me there.’’

The two treasures shined with a cold light. As the four scouts caught them in their hands, they found that they were a sword and a spear.

As soon as the four scouts discovered the rank of these two treasures, they were immediately left dumbfounded.

High-grade earth-step treasures!

Generally speaking, within the South Horizon Region, Five Element Region, and surrounding area, only a large sect's Sovereign or Life Destruction Elder would have the qualifications to wield a high-grade earth-step treasure. Even someone as illustrious as Nanyun Wang only used a peak high-grade earth-step treasure.

As for a heaven-step treasure, within the entire South Horizon Region only Xuan Wuji was known to have one.

For two high-grade earth-step treasures to be so casually awarded to them for just a little bit of information and to lead the way, this was something that would only happen in a dream.

It had to be known that these four scouts' cultivations were at the extreme Xiantian. A single one of these treasures was several times their entire net worths combined.

’’Yes... yes... this little servant will report to Storm Valley.’’ The four scouts stuttered. This youth was truly worthy of being a great figure from the four divine Kingdoms. Just a casual reward was with high-grade earth-step treasures.

On the trip to Ying Yang Profound Palace from the South Sea, one had to pass through multiple transmission arrays. This was only possible if one applied for passes from the involved sects. This was also the reason that Lin Ming brought the four scouts as guides. He was impatient to return;he wanted to see Mu Qianyu even if it was a quarter of an hour earlier.

As for those two high-grade earth-step treasures that Lin Ming tossed out, he was already extraordinarily rich to begin with. And now that he had also looted the South Sea Demon Region, those two treasures were simply a drop in the ocean. Let alone high-grade earth-step treasures, even low-grade heaven-step treasures didn't concern Lin Ming that much.

In response to Lin Ming's request, Storm Valley immediately wrote an order so that he could use all transmission arrays as he pleased.

Lin Ming took out a spirit boat. As the four Storm Valley scouts began boarding the boat, they discovered Duanmu Qun, Feng Shen, and Lan Xin.

Before this, they had felt several powerful energies besides Lin Ming in the temple. Now, this was the first time that they had seen just who these energies belonged too.

Duanmu Qun, Feng Shen, and Lan Xin were all the favored of heaven, each being a high Emperor level talent. As the four scouts from Storm Valley saw them, they all sucked in a deep breath.

Without a doubt, these were all proud sons of heaven and arrogant daughters of divine Kingdoms.

'The four divine Kingdoms truly live up to their reputation.'

The four scouts thought to themselves. All of these four outstanding youths were dragons and phoenixes;when had such a scene ever appeared in the South Horizon Region?

Duanmu Qun and Lan Xin smiled at the four scouts. Like this, the spirit boat embarked on its journey.

The speed of a peak high-grade earth-step spirit boat was close to a first stage Life Destruction powerhouse.

Behind them, divine Phoenix Island rapidly shrank. Soon, all they saw was the vast and endless sea.

Looking at the passing scenery around him, Lin Ming's heart filled with emotion.

After two and a half years, he was finally returning home.


As Lin Ming was leaving divine Phoenix Island, above the ruins of the South Sea Demon Region, Xuan Yuqie and the remaining Elders were floating high above. As for the other martial artists, they were slowly trickling back in.

Xuan Yuqie was known as the woman with a thousand flavors, but now, all she showed was a gloomy anger, her face twisted to the point that it seemed she would leak water.

As she looked over the palaces that were destroyed, the great training arrays that had collapsed, her milk-white breasts heaved with anger and her entire body trembled.

When Lin Ming invaded them, he shattered their great protective array, recklessly killed off their disciples, and then even pillaged all of the buildings, looting everything he could and using the Giant Leviathan to raze the rest to the ground.

This included even the Netherworld medicine garden that the South Sea Demon Region had spent countless resources and over a thousand years of effort to establish. Because everyone had been panicking and in a hurry, they hadn't had the time to move all the precious medicines away. The result was that they had all been taken or destroyed by Lin Ming!

If she could endure this, what could she not endure?

’’Lin Ming!’’ Xuan Yuqie clenched her teeth, her fists clenched until her knuckles turned white. ’’You have gone too far! I will remember this hatred! If I don't take revenge, then I shall never rest!’’

Beside Xuan Yuqie, the Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign was emitting a thick killing intent from his entire body. Because he was wearing a mask, no one could see his expression.

’’Sovereign Xuan! All of this is thanks to you!’’ The Demon Region Eastern Faction Sovereign coldly humphed. His descendants had also perished in this catastrophe. If it wasn't for Xuan Yuqie losing the Giant Leviathan, how could this have happened?

Xuan Yuqie angrily glared at the masked Elder, her eyes nearly spitting fire. ’’Zhou Yantian, I have already said it. I will bear all responsibility for this. Once Elder Xuan leaves his seclusion, I will take the appropriate punishment! But now is not the time to fight!’’

’’Humph!’’ Zhou Yantian coldly snorted and said no more.

’’Take a count of everyone!’’ Xuan Yuqie breathlessly said to a Life Destruction Elder.

’’Everyone's already been counted for. The number of disciples that died in the Giant Leviathan's raid is about 1200 to 1300. In addition, 800 to 900 disciples ran away and still haven't returned...’’

The Life Destruction Elder ruefully smiled. The South Sea Demon Region had simply been invaded too suddenly. Most of the disciples didn't even know what was happening. All they thought was that the South Sea Demon Region had managed to provoke some immeasurable power, and now that power came to exterminate them all, and they had managed to escape this calamity with a stroke of luck. If they returned to the South Sea Demon Region then they might have to suffer a similar fate once again. That time, their luck might not be so great. Since it was so, it was better to just leave.

In any case, for most of them, as long as they didn't try to further their cultivation, then with their strength they could live extravagantly for a lifetime.

Even the worst martial artists with a Houtian realm or Pulse Condensation period cultivation, if they went to a small mortal country they would still be able to receive a luxurious reception. After all, relative to mortals, they were considered top geniuses.

’’I know!’’

Xuan Yuqie took a deep breath. The result wasn't beyond her anticipation. Lin Ming was just too fateful! Because of that raid, the backbone of the South Sea Demon Region had weakened by 30 to 40%. Moreover, nearly all of their sect's resources were destroyed.

Reconstructing the buildings and mines wouldn't be too difficult. But, the medicine garden, training arrays, testing arrays, any of those would consume a massive amount of time and resources to rebuild.

She knew that in truth, Xuan Wuji had been paying attention to the situation in the South Sea Demon Region the entire time. She had no idea if he had been affected in his seclusion. If he really was affected even just a little bit, the losses would be difficult to measure.


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