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Martial World - Chapter 681


Chapter 681 - Mu Qianyu's Worries




After two and a half years, not only did Mu Fengxian's cultivation not rise, but it tended to fall instead. Her appearance was even older, and her eyes were no longer as bright as they were in the past.

This was a sign that one's life was reaching its later days. But, the truth was that with Mu Fengxian's mere 700 to 800 years of life, even if she didn't break through to the second stage of Life Destruction, she should still be able to live for several hundred more years. The reason that she was in such a situation was because she had truly overdrawn her mind and body in the South Sea war, repeatedly taking action, all of this at the cost of wounding her own life source.

On Mu Fengxian's left hand side was the red-dressed Mu Yuhuang. Mu Yuhuang's cultivation had gone even further, and now she had stepped foot into the Life Destruction realm.

When Lin Ming had first completed his 100% Tempering Marrow, he hadn't used up the entire Nirvana Dragon Root;it still had 20% of its essence energy remaining. He had given this greatly weakened Nirvana Dragon Root to Mu Qianyu, and Mu Qianyu had in turn given it to Mu Fengxian. Mu Fengxian didn't use it for herself, but instead gave it to Mu Yuhuang.

Mu Fengxian was well aware that she had reached the limits of her potential. Even if she swallowed the Nirvana Dragon Root, the insufficient essence energy within would be unable to help her cross through the second stage of Life Destruction realm. At most it would be able to bolster her life vitality, extending her life by another hundred or two years. But, this no longer held any meaning for Mu Fengxian. She would rather leave this Nirvana Dragon Root to Mu Yuhuang so that could one day take the heavy burden of carrying on the future of divine Phoenix Island.

Mu Yuhuang already had the ability to cross Life Destruction. It was just that she wasn't the Saintess of divine Phoenix Island, thus her talent was limited.

According to Mu Yuhuang's talent, she should at most be able to reach the peak of the late Revolving Core realm. That was her limit. Mu Yuhuang had cultivated for so many years but she still lacked that final push to make her cultivation method reach perfection. Thus, without good odds of crossing Life Destruction, she had delayed this for 100 years.

After she swallowed the weakened Nirvana Dragon Root, she was then able to cross through the first stage of Life Destruction with its help.

On Mu Yuhuang's other side was a young and beautiful woman. She wore robes of red silk and her form was full and round. Her legs were slender, her facial features were exquisite, and her clear white teeth were accentuated with crimson lips that gleamed with a crystal luster. This woman not only had an appearance that could bring nations to its knees but she also had a temperament as if she were otherworldly, a presence that no one could defile. Just by casually sitting there, she naturally revealed a quiet and languid serenity.

This woman was divine Phoenix Island's Vermillion Bird Faction Saintess, Mu Qianyu. At this time, Mu Qianyu's eyes were sparkling with worry.

After divine Phoenix Island's defenses were broken, Mu Yuhuang and the rest had used the ancient transmission array within the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm and had crossed several hundred thousand miles, escaping through day and night until they finally reached the Profound Province.

Although the most important personnel of divine Phoenix Island were safe, the disciples that had died in battle and the palaces that were left in ruin had constantly been a pain in Mu Fengxian, Mu Yuhuang, and everyone else's hearts. divine Phoenix Island, a once glorious land with 3000 years of inheritance, had actually been destroyed. With this, even if they died they wouldn't have the face to see the ancestors of divine Phoenix Island.

Moreover, living their days under others wasn't much better.

There were nearly a thousand survivors of divine Phoenix Island. If they wished to find a spiritual mountain or island that was rich with origin energy, that was easier said than done. Moreover, the South Sea Demon Region was well aware of the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm's existence. Because of this, they wanted to capture Mu Fengxian and the rest of them alive to search their souls for the method to open it. How could they allow Mu Fengxian and the others to rebuild their sect somewhere else?

Thus, with no other choice and in desperation, divine Phoenix Island had to seek asylum.

Out of the several nearby domains, there were only two different powers that had some friendship with divine Phoenix Island and could also contend with the South Sea Demon Region to an extent. One was Yin Yang Profound Palace and the other was Great Zen Temple.

After the trip into the Demon God Imperial Palace, Great Zen Temple no longer intervened in the South Sea Demon Region's war. Even though the Five Element Region and divine Phoenix Island had sent out several messengers asking for help, they had been ignored every time. It was as if Great Zen Temple was also facing their own troubles and simply had no time to bother with divine Phoenix Island.

Not just that, but divine Phoenix Island's cultivation methods ran completely counter to those of Great Zen Temple. Great Zen Temple also had no interest in the resources that divine Phoenix Island could offer. Thus, divine Phoenix Island could only choose Yin Yang Profound Palace.

Yin Yang Profound Palace certainly wouldn't protect divine Phoenix Island for free. Sooner or later, this matter would be discovered by the South Sea Demon Region, and that was the same as offending them. Although Yin Yang Profound Palace didn't fear the South Sea Demon Region, they wouldn't provoke them for the sake of a mere divine Phoenix Island.

In order for them to take in divine Phoenix Island, there had to be sufficient terms. Since this was such a prime time to take advantage of divine Phoenix Island while they had nowhere to go, Yin Yang Profound Palace naturally wouldn't miss such a great opportunity to swallow up all the benefits they could.

At the start, Yin Yang Profound Palace's Xing couple had wanted divine Phoenix Island to merge with their sect, becoming a faction.

Regarding this, Mu Fengxian naturally disagreed.

After facing the unyielding Mu Fengxian, the Xing couple drew back a step, instead taking in a massive amount of resources from divine Phoenix Island, even including two Vermillion Birds.

These two Vermillion Birds were Mu Yuhuang's contracted Vermillion Bird, Fireshine, as well as Mu Qianyu's contracted Vermillion Bird, Little Flame.

After having their life's Vermillion Bird snatched from them, Mu Yuhuang and Mu Qianyu's mood could be imagined. It really felt painful to the point that their hearts bled. Within divine Phoenix Island, a life's Vermillion Bird was not only a contract beast, but a friend and lifetime companion.

In fact, Yin Yang Profound Palace's cultivation methods were truly similar to those of divine Phoenix Island. In Yin Yang Profound Palace, Yin was water and Yang was fire. And in divine Phoenix Island, the Blue Luan was ice and the Vermillion Bird was fire. Both of these cultivation methods were extremely similar, thus they were interested in not just the Vermillion Birds but also their blood essence.

In this way, the Xing couple made an oath on their heart demons and they would allow divine Phoenix Island to recover within Yin Yang Profound Palace for 100 years. In these 100 years, Yin Yang Profound Palace would protect divine Phoenix Island, and 100 years later, they would also assist divine Phoenix Island in re-establishing their sect.

After living under others for less than half a year, Mu Fengxian and Mu Yuhuang quickly discovered something was amiss. Because most of the disciples of divine Phoenix Island were women, the disciples of Yin Yang Profound Palace actually had the idea to double cultivate with them. They wanted to marry the disciples of divine Phoenix Island and practice together as husband and wife.

If this were just a single isolated incident, then Mu Fengxian and Mu Yuhuang wouldn't intervene. But, this phenomenon kept repeating itself, making them unable to remain calm. This was a way of subtly and quietly assimilating divine Phoenix Island. If this continued for several dozen more years, then the majority of divine Phoenix Island's disciples would have married with the disciples of Yin Yang Profound Palace. After their disciples became the women of others, would it still be possible for divine Phoenix Island to leave Yin Yang Profound Palace and re-establish their sect?

Although they knew that seeking asylum within Yin Yang Profound Palace was the same as walking into a tiger's den, Mu Fengxian and the others had no choice. If they didn't have Yin Yang Profound Palace, they wouldn't have any chance of survival. Sooner or later, the South Sea Demon Region would find them and kill them!

As three women were sitting around the stone table, their faces were filled with worry.

Mu Yuhuang rose up to fill a cup of tea. After she passed it to Mu Fengxian, she began to slowly say, ’’Bingyun has sent some news. It came from Storm Valley, and is quite good...’’

’’Oh? What news?’’ After Mu Fengxian heard Mu Yuhuang's words, her aged eyelids slightly trembled. In these past few years, good news was truly strange.

Mu Yuhuang said, ’’According to information obtained by Storm Valley, a few days ago, the South Sea Demon Region's divine Phoenix Island Branch was eradicated. And the leader of the force that did this was less than 30 years old.’’

’’30 years old?’’ Mu Fengxian was startled. ’’Hm, heroes really do come from the young. I wonder what sort of power this is, why would they move against the South Sea Demon Region?’’

’’Storm Valley hasn't been able to find out the status of this mysterious party either. They only know that there are just a few of them, maybe four of them, and all of them are extraordinarily strong heroic youths. Afterwards, Xuan Yuqie personally took action and even sent out the Giant Leviathan...’’

’’Giant Leviathan?’’ Mu Fengxian frowned. Regardless of what goal this mysterious party had, an enemy of her enemy was her friend - she naturally worried for them. ’’To think they would actually use the Giant Leviathan. It seems that Xuan Yuqie is really taking this situation seriously. Are they personal mortal enemies of the South Sea Demon Region?’’

As Mu Fengxian thought this was strange, Mu Qianyu actually seemed to remember something. She slowly became lost in her thoughts.

An extraordinary heroic youth, less than 30 years old...

When Lin Ming left, he had said he would return in 10 years' time. At that time, Lin Ming should also be nearing 30 years of age. When he returned, just how strong would he be? He should also be able to rely on just his own strength to strangle a branch of the South Sea Demon Region.

By that time, Lin Ming could support the skies for her, sheltering her from rain and wind...

Thinking of this, a trace of longing shined in her eyes. In the end, she was still human. After facing so many changes in these past years, even she was tired.

And this 10 year meeting was truly too far away.

Mu Qianyu had left behind a message within the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm's array formation. Although her wishes were firm, living in this precarious and dangerous South Sea for 10 years... it was quite hard.

'10 years later, Thundercrash Mountain, nameless cave, can we really meet again?'

Worry appeared on Mu Qianyu's face. She was worried about Lin Ming. Lin Ming had gone through that ancient array formation all by himself. Where had he gone? What dangers had he encountered? Would he be able to safely return in 10 years?

The road of martial artists was filled with fatal dangers. Those outstanding heroic youths looked glamorous and glorious, but in truth, every day was a furious struggle against the heavens. One wrong step and anyone could fall beyond redemption!

Although Mu Qianyu believed in Lin Ming, she was still incomparably worried about him.

As Mu Fengxian saw Mu Qianyu's expression, she knew what this young woman was thinking in her heart. She sighed, but ended up not saying any comforting words. Instead, she asked Mu Yuhuang, ’’Since Xuan Yuqie has personally taken command of the Giant Leviathan, has this mysterious force been made to retreat?’’

Mu Yuhuang shook her head, ’’They have not. They chose to fight!’’

’’Fight!?’’ Mu Fengxian was shocked. Even if Xuan Wuji wasn't there, just having Xuan Yuqie control the Giant Leviathan was terrifying. If this mysterious force dared to fight, then that proved that their strength far exceeded their imaginations!

’’You said that there were four of these heroic youths?’’

’’This... perhaps they might have some mighty expert secretly helping them...’’ Mu Yuhuang shook her head. She couldn't believe that four youths that were younger than 30 years of age had the ability to face Xuan Yuqie and the Giant Leviathan.

’’This news was sent a few days ago. By now, they might have already fought the Giant Leviathan;I have no idea who won and who lost. If they could defeat the South Sea Demon Region, even if they didn't injure the Giant Leviathan they could bring down the arrogance of the South Sea Demon Region by several points. At least, they wouldn't be like us, unable to raise even the slightest bit of resistance.’’


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