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Martial World - Chapter 678


Chapter 678 - Lin Ming's Counterattack




Every single Giant Leviathan tentacle contained an extremely terrifying energy. As Lin Ming brushed past the tentacles at high speed he could feel his entire body tremble. If he were to be lashed by one then he would absolutely suffer severe injuries!

Although Lin Ming's movement technique was ghostly and superb, there were just far too many tentacles. Every time they shot past they would cause disorder in the surrounding power of space. If it were a normal martial artist, even one at the Life Destruction realm, they would find it hard withstand this.

’’This boy's got quite the ability.’’ A South Sea Demon Region Elder said.

’’Hehe, no matter how capable he is, he won't be able to last forever. He will slowly consume his energy, but the energy stored within the Giant Leviathan is unimaginable. Sooner or later we'll catch him.’’

To the Elders of the South Sea Demon Region, with the Giant Leviathan's incomparably massive body, Lin Ming simply didn't have the ability to wound it. Now, they were in an invincible position;they didn't even fear if Lin Ming decided to run away. Xuan Yuqie had already fused her mind with the Giant Leviathan and was using its spiritual sea to lock onto Lin Ming. The range of this perception was several hundred miles wide.

Now Lin Ming was nothing more than a turtle in a jar.

As the several great Elders were joking around, Xuan Yuqie was actually silent. She still didn't understand why Lin Ming dared to stay at divine Phoenix Island, daring to face the four of them and even the Giant Leviathan.

No matter how she looked at it, it was impossible for him to win!

’’Hehe, the boy is surrounded;we'll have him captured soon.’’

’’I wonder what secrets are on him... I'm really looking forward to it.’’

The Elders didn't have much hope that the Nirvana Dragon Root was with Lin Ming. After all, it had been a very long time and chances were that the Nirvana Dragon Root was mostly used up. They were thinking that there were some other secrets on Lin Ming's body that could quickly enhance their strength, as well as the Cosmic Melting Furnace.

Because the South Sea Demon Region had placed a very high valuation on whatever secrets these were, the four great clans had each sent out an Elder, forming this powerful lineup of masters.

At this time, Lin Ming had truly fallen into a trap underneath the Giant Leviathan. Several thousand tentacles formed a net around him, blocking all directions of escape.

’’Lin Ming, at the stomach of the Giant Leviathan, 10 miles ahead, this is a blind spot in its attacks. You can break out from there!’’ Demonshine's voice suddenly sounded out in Lin Ming's mind.

’’Got it.’’ Lin Ming's eyes flashed with a sharp light. By relying on Golden Roc Shattering the Void, he was able to forcefully create a path through the chaotic power of space, his body violating the rules of physics as he moved hundreds of feet at a time, passing through tentacles that had less than half a foot of space between them!


Even the South Sea Demon Region Elders within the miniature dimension were shocked. Lin Ming had been caught in the web of tentacles, but now he had actually managed to pass through them!

’’Such a narrow gap, how could he possibly make it through? Is that boy a fish or something?’’

This Elder of the South Sea Demon Region was incomparable to the Fey. He simply didn't have any understandings into the Concept of Space, so he was unable to understand the mystical elusiveness of Lin Ming's steps.

After several flashes, Lin Ming had already arrived at the so-called 'blind spot' that Demonshine mentioned.

This blind spot didn't mean there were no attacks here, but rather that there were less. But this was more than enough for Lin Ming.

He rose again and again, higher and higher, crossing several miles as he drew closer to the Giant Leviathan's abdomen!

’’1000 feet to the left, that is the entrance to the dimension within the Giant Leviathan!’’ Demonshine's voice sounded out once again. There were many miniature dimensions within the Giant Leviathan, all of them growing as the Giant Leviathan grew. These miniature dimensions were able to hold foreign life in them, and in the future, when the Giant Leviathan died, these dimensions would also collapse.

Because of this special characteristic, the Giant Leviathan was often used as a very high level transportation vehicle, particularly useful for long distance trips.

Every dimension within the Giant Leviathan had a special method for entry, it was impossible for a stranger to enter. Of course, this wasn't a problem for Lin Ming. Demonshine could be considered as a half-master of the Giant Leviathan - he naturally knew the methods to enter every dimension.

’’F*ck, this silly big fellow is actually making this father work so hard! When I followed the Demon Emperor it was still a stupid fellow. Now, even though it's plenty strong enough, it's still being controlled so easily by others. It can't even recognize its big brother! Humph, this big fellow better wait and see how I'll fix it up.’’ Demonshine's scolding voice echoed in Lin Ming's mind.

Lin Ming's figure flashed. With Demonshine's knowledge of the method of entry as well as Lin Ming's understanding of the Concept of Space, he instantly entered into the dimension within the Giant Leviathan!

This was a light red space. Everyone, the walls seemed to appear juicy and cushy and the ground underneath Lin Ming's feet was soft.

’’We're in.’’ Lin Ming let out a sigh of relief.

’’This stupid big fellow really makes others worry.’’ Demonshine cockily said as he shook his doggy head.

’’What do we do now?’’ Lin Ming swallowed down some pills and began to meditate. In truth, he hadn't used much energy. But, since he was going to face Xuan Yuqie shortly, he wanted to make sure he was in peak condition.

Demonshine said, ’’Xuan Wuji should have acted according to the Demon Emperor's letter and left a soul mark within the Giant Leviathan's spiritual sea. What we have to do is erase this soul mark. This isn't difficult to do. First, sink your perception into the Giant Leviathan's meridians' channels, and then I will guide you into its spiritual sea.’’

’’Okay.’’ Lin Ming nodded and then began to sink his consciousness into the Giant Leviathan's body.

When he had been at the Demon God Imperial Palace, he had once thought about capturing the Giant Leviathan. But at that time, his strength was simply too lacking, so that was a naturally impossible task.

Now Lin Ming's cultivation had reached the peak of the early Revolving Core realm and he had also comprehended his own battle spirit. With this, subduing the Giant Leviathan would be as easy as turning his hand.


’’What's wrong?’’

At this time, in the dimension between the Giant Leviathan's eyebrows, Xuan Yuqie had suddenly lost sight of Lin Ming. This caused her to be greatly shocked.

’’I obviously used the Giant Leviathan's soul force to increase my perception range. As long as he isn't more than 1000 miles away, he shouldn't be able to escape my grasp. How could I have possibly lost sight of him!?’’

An intense foreboding feeling began to surge within Xuan Yuqie's heart. She had always felt that something was wrong, but even so she still couldn't figure out why Lin Ming was daring to face four Elders of the South Sea Demon Region together as well as the Giant Leviathan Saint Beast.

Now that Lin Ming had suddenly disappeared from her mind, she felt a trace of fear appear in her heart.

The other three Elders looked at each other in panic. One asked, puzzled, ’’Maybe he died to the Giant Leviathan's tentacles?’’

’’How would that even be possible!?’’ Xuan Yuqie breathlessly shouted as her delicate eyebrows jumped up.

Of the three Elders she brought here today, none of them had entered the Demon God Imperial Palace with Lin Ming.

In the end, rumors were rumors, seeing was believing. Before, none of these Elders had seen Lin Ming, and none of them understood why Xuan Yuqie stressed how strong Lin Ming was. These three Elders disapproved of this notion, thinking otherwise. In their opinion, Lin Ming was just a little baby boy.

Xuan Yuqie now felt that bringing this damn group of fellows was no help at all.

’’Something's strange. Hmm, even if he hid in the gaps of the Giant Leviathan's scales, we should still be able to detect him. How could he just disappear like that? The only possibility is he entered into another space...’’

The speaker may have been casually speaking, but the listener was keen on all thoughts. As an Elder muttered out a random comment, this caused Xuan Yuqie's beautiful face to completely pale. Had Lin Ming entered into one of the dimensions within the Giant Leviathan's body!?!?

The barrier of space was able to cut off all perception. If Lin Ming truly had entered into one of these miniature dimensions, then her perception would no longer be able to track Lin Ming.

How could this be possible!? Only Xuan Wuji and herself knew the method to enter the Giant Leviathan's dimensions. Even the South Sea Demon Region Elders didn't know the method!

Xuan Yuqie felt her heart race in panic, nervousness clouding her mind. At this time, she suddenly felt a shock in her spiritual as a web of agonizing pain began spreading out from deep in her mind!

At this moment, the soul mark of the Giant Leviathan that her mind was connected to was being attacked!

Someone was trying to rend apart this soul connection!!!

Xuan Yuqie was inexplicably horrified. Just how had he done this!?

’’Sovereign Xuan, what is it?’’ As the three Elders beside Xuan Yuqie saw her sudden and violent reaction, they understood that an accident had occurred.

Xuan Yuqie's complexion became increasingly ugly. She had already established a soul connection with the Giant Leviathan. She was on the defensive side. But as for Lin Ming, he wanted to tear apart this soul connection and establish his own. He was on the offensive side.

Being on the defensive, she had an absolute superiority. Not just that, but her cultivation and strength were far higher than Lin Ming's. As long as she was able to discover his sneak attack and prepare against it, every logical outcome would have easily been her defeating Lin Ming's soul consciousness.

However, the reality was that Lin Ming's soul force was incomparably sharp. He kept forcing her own consciousness back, constantly eroding her soul connection with the Giant Leviathan!

’’How is this possible?’’ Xuan Yuqie's milk-white breasts violently fell up and down. Because she was consuming too much soul force, her face was already flushed red. ’’How could this boy's soul force be strong to such a degree!?’’

In fact, it wasn't just Lin Ming's soul force that was powerful. More importantly, he had Demonshine's assistance as well as a battle spirit, a force that was able to cut all into nihility. Naturally, he held the advantage against Xuan Yuqie.

’’All of you, pour your soul force into me!’’ Xuan Yuqie shouted out. The other three Elders began to realize that the situation was indeed dire. Without hesitation, all of them began to deluge Xuan Yuqie with their soul force. Now, these three great Elders combined forces with Xuan Yuqie, the four of them directly resisting Lin Ming together!

’’Hehe, the little babies want to go all out. It looks like this Saint is going to have to mess around a bit.’’ Demonshine said with a hint of haughty roguishness. In his eyes, Xuan Yuqie and other 1000 year old monsters like her were indeed nothing more than little babies.

Lin Ming's soul force was powerful, but against four enemies together, he indeed fell far short of being able to handle them all. Now with Demonshine pouring his own soul force into Lin Ming, Lin Ming's own soul energy rose to a completely different level!

Demonshine had been awake for a few years now, and with the heavenly materials he had obtained from Lin Ming that were able to nourish his soul, he had restored quite a bit of his strength.


The two soul energies collided. With Lin Ming and Demonshine working together, they directly shattered the soul energy that Xuan Yuqie had released!

The Giant Leviathan's spiritual sea suddenly trembled. The soul mark that Xuan Wuji left behind was finally loosened. The Giant Leviathan let out a great roar, causing massive choppy waves within this sea below!

At divine Phoenix Island, Duanmu Qun, Feng Shen, and Lan Xin all saw this happen. All of them were dumbfounded;just what had Lin Ming done to this giant beast?


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