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Martial World - Chapter 677


Chapter 677 - Fighting the Giant Leviathan




’’Could this just be a smokescreen released by the South Sea Demon Region?’’ Behind Sage Sunfire, the Sunfire Princess suddenly spoke up. Normally, in such a small meeting, juniors would rarely speak up in front of their elders.

Zhan Youyun shook her head, ’’There's no reason for the South Sea Demon Region to play tricks like this. Do they think that divine Phoenix Island would return to the South Sea just because they heard this news? This matter is most likely true. Although I have no idea what sort of power did this, if they could completely destroy the divine Phoenix Island Branch then they are more than capable of destroying any sect within our Five Element Region. Moreover... according to some reliable sources of mine, the Demon Region's Western Faction Sovereign, Xuan Yuqie, will be personally moving out. She will be presiding over the Giant Leviathan to go towards divine Phoenix Island.’’

’’Giant Leviathan?’’

Sage Sunfire heard Zhou Youyun's words, he was unnerved, ’’The Giant Leviathan is an overwhelming war weapon;its ability to break through any defense or siege is almost unstoppable, but... the other party is not a fool. If Xuan Yuqie is personally taking action then those mysterious strangers must have already evacuated divine Phoenix Island.

When the Demon Region broke through the defenses of divine Phoenix Island, they sent out the Giant Leviathan in order to do so. Since ancient times, there had been a multitude of opinions and thoughts on just how large the Giant Leviathan actually was. Some said it was a thousand miles and some said it was thousands of miles. But, the Giant Leviathan that the South Sea Demon Region commanded was about 90 miles long. As it floated in the sky, it was like a massive airborne island that blocked out the heavens themselves!

Such a terrifying divine war beast had an immeasurable weight. With just a swing of its tail it was able to create massive tsunamis. When it opened its great maw, it could suck in all the heaven and earth origin energy in a radius of hundreds of miles.

When the South Sea Demon Region had faced the great island protective array of divine Phoenix Island, they had relied upon the Giant Leviathan to shatter this protection with just a single strike!

Such a terrifying vicious war beast was truly fearful.

Zhan Youyun echoed these sentiments, ’’These strangers must have already fled divine Phoenix Island. Fighting with guerilla warfare is the wisest method;directly confronting the Giant Leviathan and Xuan Yuqie would be foolish. Well, no matter what happens, the sudden appearance of this mysterious new faction is good news for all of us.

As everyone was guessing the identity of this mysterious force, a flame suddenly sparked in the meeting hall and a message was transmitted into Zhan Youyun's ears. This was a message from the scouting party that she had sent out.

After Zhan Youyun heard the sound transmission her eyes suddenly jumped open and her face was filled with disbelief.

’’Hmm? What is it?’’

Sage Sunfire couldn't help but ask. Mu Bingyun also glanced at Zhan Youyun, waiting for her response.

Zhan Youyun was silent for a while before she mumbled with an incredulous tone, ’’That mysterious force hasn't left yet. They've instead stayed on divine Phoenix Island;it seems they wish to fight to the death with Xuan Yuqie.’’


It wasn't just Sage Sunfire who was astonished, but even Mu Bingyun was greatly shocked.

Fight to the death?

Did these mysterious strangers really have a way of coping with Xuan Yuqie and the Giant Leviathan Saint Beast?


South Sea, divine Phoenix Island -

Lin Ming stood within the square of the Vermillion Bird Palace, at the summit of divine Phoenix Mountain, silently staring off into the dim and distant skies.

Under Lin Ming's feet, the former square was now in shambles. The tripod for incense was broken, the handles having fallen off, and the blue stone ground was cracked all over;it was a scene of ruins.

Beside Lin Ming stood Duanmu Qun, Feng Shen, and Lan Xin.

At this time, the clouds on the horizon were surging. Duanmu Qun squinted his eyes as he looked into the far distance. After a quarter of an hour, within those dark billowing clouds, a vague and massive shadow began to appear, as if a floating island were slowly approaching them.

’’Brother Lin, that is the Giant Leviathan you've mentioned!’’

’’Mm?’’ Lin Ming looked at the Giant Leviathan, his expression calm. Back in the Eternal Demon Abyss, Lin Ming had seen an ultimate great beast whose body was several thousand or even tens of thousands of miles long. Its horn alone was greater than this mountain he stood on, and a beat of its wings was enough to shake the world! Even though he had been several hundred miles away, just looking into that creature's dark golden pupils caused the upper Emperor level talent Blackstone to vomit out a mouthful of blood and be seriously injured!

Compared to such a great beast, this Giant Leviathan in front of him was nothing at all.

’’Brother Lin, although this fellow is much smaller than that suspected God Beast we saw in the 1000 mile forbidden zone, this simply isn't something we are able to deal with. I doubt my sword would even be able to injure one of its hairs.’’ Duanmu Qun narrowed his eyes. In just a few breaths of time he had determined just how fearful this large beast was.

Not to mention the terrifying energy contained within the Giant Leviathan, just its size was far too great!

No matter how sharp Lin Ming's attacks were, it was impossible for him to injure it. This was just like an ant trying to bite an elephant to death.

’’In a frontal confrontation, you are indeed correct - nothing I do will be able to harm it. Of course, that's not what will happen. In this battle, I alone am enough. You all do not need to help me.’’

As Lin Ming spoke, he slowly walked forwards.

Duanmu Qun glanced at Lan Xin and Feng Shen. As he saw that they seemed a bit confused, he smiled and said, ’’Brother Lin, please be careful. I really do think that there isn't much we can do to help you here.’’

After spending such a long time together, Lan Xin had joined Feng Shen in having absolute faith and blind trust in Lin Ming's strength. Even though it seemed obviously impossible to deal with this Giant Leviathan in front of them, she didn't doubt that Lin Ming had some unknown method to deal with it.

’’Brother Lin, be careful.’’ Feng Shen tersely said as he stepped back.

Lin Ming took out the white spear from his spatial ring. He walked forwards and then began to slowly fly towards the Giant Leviathan. Facing such a titanic beast, his eyes were as tranquil as an immortal lake, without a hint of panic in his eyes.

At this time, in between the Giant Leviathan's eyes was a field of energy with a sealed miniature dimension within it. Here, three black-robed South Sea Demon Region Elders were standing, along with a black-armored Xuan Yuqie.

The Xuan Yuqie of the battlefield carried a black sword that was even longer than herself. Her black armor was tightly wrapped around her and it served as the perfect foil to her se*y body, as if she were a war goddess descended from the heavens.

Xuan Yuqie silently stared at Lin Ming as he approached them.

An Elder laughed as he said, ’’This Lin Ming really isn't so simple. Not only is he not escaping but he's actually coming here of his own volition. There are very few people that have the courage to walk to their deaths like this, haha!’’

’’Don't underestimate him. In this world, there are no fools.’’ Xuan Yuqie's eyebrows twisted together. Although she said this, the truth was that she had layers upon layers of doubts and worries in her heart.

This sudden development in events had completely surpassed her expectations. She had thought that Lin Ming would give up divine Phoenix Island and escape;that would have been the strategy that nearly anyone would have chosen.

The reason that Xuan Yuqie brought the Giant Leviathan was because she had taken this into account. She had planned on combining her perception with the Giant Leviathan's spiritual sea, using the beast in order to increase her already far-reaching perception to unprecedented levels. Then, she would be able to chase after Lin Ming.

However, Lin Ming didn't even run away. By all reasoning, Lin Ming should have some sort of backup, a great master that would help him. But now, it seemed as if Lin Ming was all alone by himself.

His cultivation was only at the peak of the early Revolving Core realm. Relative to his age, this cultivation could be considered unprecedented since ancient times. Perhaps he was invincible in his level, but in the face of the Giant Leviathan and the combined forces of several great Elders, this was a futile resistance.

This made Xuan Yuqie feel puzzled, confused about just what Lin Ming was doing. Out of all the Elders present, she was the only one who had gone into the Demon God Imperial Palace. Lin Ming's acting within the Demon God Imperial Palace was impeccable. He had been a polite and courteous youth was seemed as harmless as a little bunny. However, this non-threatening youth had tricked all those old geezers present. Xuan Yuqie found this the hardest to accept. From then until now, she still hadn't figured out just what method Lin Ming had used to play them.

Just how could the proud Xuan Yuqie admit that she had been conned?

’’Cute little boy, no matter what tricks you have up your sleeve, I will catch you alive this time, pry open your little head and see just what secrets you have!’’

Xuan Yuqie bit her shining teeth and began to silently revolve the 'Netherworld Devil Arts', priming the true essence and soul force within herself to the limit.

Seeing Xuan Yuqie act as if she was heading into her final battle, an Elder laughed and said, ’’Sovereign Xuan, you are being far too careful. How could we possibly lose?’’

’’We have four people together and the Giant Leviathan's perception has already locked onto him. He can't escape even if he has wings!’’ Another Elder concurred with contempt in his voice.

Xuan Yuqie didn't respond. The third Elder said, ’’The Giant Leviathan's full strength strike can destroy an entire island. If its attack hits a person then there won't even be ashes left of them. There are far too many secrets on this boy's body. Let's use the tentacles to catch him!’’

The Giant Leviathan had two different methods of attack. The first method was an energy attack. The Giant Leviathan's head and body were covered with a wide variety of spheres. The Giant Leviathan could open its massive maw and absorb heaven and earth origin energy, compressing this into energy beams that could be used to attack. This was the main mode of attack of the Giant Leviathan.

The second method of attack was for the Giant Leviathan itself to attack. Around the edges of the Giant Leviathan's maw was a massive quantity of tentacles that surrounded it like a great comb. These tentacles could be used to surround or kill an enemy. This could be considered a supportive attack method. But, even though it was supportive, if faced with a single martial artist, it was actually much more deadly. Although the Giant Leviathan had an incomparable striking power in its great energy beam, the direction of the attack could not be changed. Thus, for it to build up the energy, fire the beam, and for the beam to land, this would take several breaths of time. It was very easy to dodge during this period. If one wanted to use the Giant Leviathan's energy beam to kill a top master, then that would be quite difficult.

’’Let's go!’’

Although her enemy was only a single person and he was also just a baby boy with an early Revolving Core cultivation, Xuan Yuqie was taking this battle with complete sincerity, not underestimating Lin Ming at all. She fused her consciousness into the soul mark of the Giant Leviathan, controlling the beast to attack Lin Ming.

Woosh woosh woosh!

Several thousand Giant Leviathan tentacles lashed out towards Lin Ming like a hail of black whips, making the air tremble. These Giant Leviathan tentacles all contained a terrifying energy. If a mountain were to be struck by them, it would simply collapse!

’’Come on!’’ Lin Ming looked at those tentacles that seemed to form a giant net in the sky. He faintly smiled. Then, the space underneath his feet twisted -

Golden Roc Shattering the Void!

This movement technique depended on the support of both the Concept of Wind and the Concept of Space. As Lin Ming's understandings into the Concept of Space became increasingly sophisticated, his Golden Roc Shattering the Void movement technique also became more and more profound.

Cha cha cha!

In the dense rain of Giant Leviathan tentacles, Lin Ming was like a slippery little fish that swam upstream, rushing straight towards the Giant Leviathan!


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