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Martial World - Chapter 670


Chapter 670 - Young Girl Incense Burner




’’Several great sirs... can... could you wait a bit?’’ Seeing that Lin Ming and his group were about to leave, Elder Zhao nervously blurted out some words.

’’Is there something else?’’

Lin Ming frowned. At this time, he simply wasn't in the mood to be delayed here.

’’Nevermind... it, it's alright.’’ As soon as Lin Ming's vision fell back onto Elder Zhao, Elder Zhao's breath paused in his chest. He didn't even dare to speak the words that he had planned to say. He had wanted to ask Lin Ming if he could bring their group of injured martial artists out of here. But thinking about their speed and how they were no different to snails in comparison, he didn't have the courage to ask.

Lin Ming didn't pay attention to Elder Zhao, he turned around and soared away.

But, Lan Xin guessed what Elder Zhao was thinking about. She faintly smiled as she took out a little boat from her spatial ring, ’’This is for you. It should be enough for you to safely leave the range of this South Sea.’’

’’This is...’’ Elder Zhao's mind jumped as he saw that little boat. Before he could guess what it was, Lan Xin had already casually tossed it over to him. As it soared in the wind, after several breaths of time, that small boat turned into a large spirit boat several dozens of feet long!

Feeling the energy emitted from that spirit boat, Elder Zhao was stunned.

A spirit boat was a type of treasure and also had differential grades. The spirit boat currently in front of him, if he wasn't wrong, was a high-grade earth-step treasure!

High-grade earth-step treasure!?

It had to be known that within the Sky Spill Continent, it was already considered extravagant for a Xiantian realm martial artist from a third-grade sect to have a low-grade earth-step treasure. As for a medium-grade earth-step treasure, that was something that only a martial artist at the level of a Highest Elder would be able to have.

As for a high-grade earth-step treasure, that was something only important figures of a fourth-grade sect would have. For instance, Lin Ming's Purple Comet Spear was enough to startle everyone at Revered Master Tianguang's banquet dinner.

And this was a high-grade earth-step spirit boat. Would anyone ever just casually give it away?

Elder Zhao was dumbfounded. The value of this spirit boat alone was several times that of his third-grade sect's total wealth!

’’Fairy... fairy maiden, you...’’ Elder Zhao felt his mouth go dry, as if he were living in a dream.

Lan Xin chuckled, ’’Take this spirit boat and go. As long as you don't encounter a top Revolving Core vicious beast along the way, there won't be any danger for you and your group. You should be able to ride this all the way to the mainland. We have some matters to deal with, so we'll be heading off first.’’

Lan Xin said as she launched herself towards the direction Lin Ming went in.

The martial artists that were left behind were in a stupefied daze. In particular, the several young men. As they saw Lan Xin's rapidly fading figure, their vision began to blur.

These people had appeared like gods from heaven, suddenly saving them from fatal danger. Especially that blue-clothed lady. Not only was she amazingly strong but she was also kind at heart and her looks were near perfection. She was like a fairy maiden descended from the skies, making everyone below her feel the weight of their own inferiority.


’’Brother Lin, that South Sea Demon Region you mentioned just now, what rank of power is it? Are we unable to deal with them?’’ After they travelled several dozen miles, Duanmu Qun suddenly asked Lin Ming with a true essence sound transmission.

Lin Ming shook his head.

’’The South Sea Demon Region is a fifth-grade sect and it also has a third grade Life Destruction master protecting it, as well as a number of second stage and first stage Life Destruction Elders. Our strength is still lacking.’’

Lin Ming's current greatest advantage was his striking power. It was beyond that of an ordinary second stage Life Destruction powerhouse. But, in terms of complete integrated combat strength, he was still worse. With Lin Ming's current strength, he would be able to kill a first stage Life Destruction powerhouse. As for Duanmu Qun, Feng Shen, and Lan Xin, their strength was still weaker than a first stage Life Destruction master. If they wanted to attack the South Sea Demon Region any time soon, then this simply wasn't a realistic goal.

’’Mm, no need to hurry, we can think about it further. Brother Lin, how do you plan on finding those missing people from divine Phoenix Island?’’

As Duanmu Qun asked this, even Lin Ming was a bit stumped. If divine Phoenix Island had fled then they would have deliberately concealed where they went. It would be difficult for them to find out. The Sky Spill Continent was so large;if he wanted to find Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan within the entire Sky Spill Continent, then that was tantamount to finding a needle in a haystack.

’’We'll go to divine Phoenix Island first and then make plans after that.’’ Lin Ming shook his head, sighing. He could only hope that Mu Qianyu had left some sort of hint or note for him on divine Phoenix Island.

Back when he first left, he had personally made a pledge that he would return within 10 years. If Mu Qianyu fled divine Phoenix island, it was impossible that she would have forgotten this. She must have left something there for him. But... what was it? And where would it be?

They traveled the way in silence. Lin Ming and his group traveled day and night. Since they had no transmission arrays, they could only travel via spirit boats and flight.

After several days of time, they finally arrived at divine Phoenix Island.

From far away, that divine Phoenix Island that had once been like a clear and beautiful sanctuary of nature was now shrouded in a thick black cloud.

On divine Phoenix Island, the exquisite pavilions had almost all been destroyed, the great towering trees burnt down. Even the mountain ranges were sundered apart with the earth cracked and ruptured. All of this was evidence revealing the fierce and violent battle that had occurred here.

When Lin Ming was 10 miles away from divine Phoenix Island, he slowed down, coming to a stop in the air. As he saw this horrific scene before him, his eyes flashed with a dispirited light.

When the war within the South Sea first broke out, Mu Fengxian had thought that the alliance of countless sects together would be able to contend with the South Sea Demon Region. But, only after adventuring through the Demon God Imperial Palace did everyone realize that after thousands of years of slowly recovering their strength, the South Sea Demon Region's strength might have far surpassed anyone's expectations.

But, because Xuan Wuji's goal had always been the Demon God Imperial Palace from the start, he had put on an act during his war in the South Sea, pretending that the entire affair was evenly matched with a possibility of either side winning.

After they had obtained the necessary blood sacrifices to open the Demon God Imperial Palace, Xuan Wuji no longer needed to conceal his strength and quickly leveled the Wartime Alliance!

It was true that divine Phoenix Island had allies in this war, but so did the South sea Demon Region. Whether it was the Black Flood Dragon Clan or those other strange races within the deep sea, any one of them was stronger than the seven sects of the Five Element Region.

Moreover, during the trip into the Demon God Imperial Palace, he had lost a Nirvana Dragon Root because of Lin Ming, but the one to obtain the Giant Leviathan Saint Beast was still Xuan Wuji!

They were originally strong to begin with. Now with the help of the Giant Leviathan, the disparity between divine Phoenix Island and the South Sea Demon Region was far too great! It wasn't strange for such a disastrous result to occur.

However... understanding it within his mind was one thing, and seeing it with his own eyes was another. Even if Lin Ming's will was strong, he was also sad and pensive. He was worried about Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan's safety.

Qin Xingxuan could be said to be much luckier. With her disguised status as a maid of divine Phoenix Island, it shouldn't have been hard for her to escape since no one was looking specifically for her.

But Mu Qianyu was different. As a Saintess of divine Phoenix Island, she would definitely be aimed at. Had she been able to escape from this catastrophe?

As Lin Ming remained silent, Duanmu Qun and the others wisely didn't speak up. They had correctly guessed that those missing people of divine Phoenix Island must be very important to Lin Ming, because this was the first time they had ever seen him reveal such an expression.

At this moment, there was suddenly a high-pitched roar. From far away, one could see several black spots against the sun. These were actually a squad of demon region martial artists. They were riding seven or eight large bats as they flew towards divine Phoenix Island.

Each of these martial artists held a lance in their hands. On the back of a few bats there were several young women tied up. From their appearances, they were obviously young girl martial artists from the surrounding South Sea area, captured in order to be used as incense burners for the cultivation purposes of others.

There were two common paths in the demonic realm of martial arts. One was the slaughter path and the other was the se*ual path. In the Blood Slaughter Steppes, those demonic realm martial artists had nearly all taken the slaughter path as their foundation. But in the South Sea Demon Region, they were primarily on the se*ual path. In the past, because the Netherworld Great Emperor needed a young woman with a special physique in order to further his practice of the devil arts, he had finally abducted an Emperor level powerhouse's daughter. This event had caused a massive reactionary war that finally ended with the Netherworld Great Emperor's death!

As for the South Sea Demon Region, a great reason that they decided to conquer the South Horizon Region was in order to obtain these richer incense burner resources.

As Lan Xin saw these martial artists blatantly capturing young women for obscene purposes, her face was covered with utter hate and loathing. She naturally hated those that captured women like this.

’’Lin Ming, are those Giant Demons?’’

Duanmu Qun asked with some surprise. He could feel some weird demonic realm energy from their bodies. But, what was strange was that these people cultivated true essence;it was very chaotic.

Lin Ming shook his head, ’’Those people are humans. Sky Spill Continent only has the human race within it. But, these people share some of the Ancient Giant Demon race's bloodline. Although it is very thin, it is still an outstanding bloodline.

The martial artists of the South Sea Demon Region were mostly descendants of the Giant Demon clansman that the Netherworld Great Emperor had brought over, thus they also shared a blood relationship with the Giant Demon race. As for their cultivation method, although it was similar that of the Giant Demons, it was adapted for human use.

’’What should we do now?’’ Duanmu Qun asked.

’’Kill them all!’’

Lin Ming's eyes flashed with a cold light. Underneath these dreary skies, his eyes were like bolts of lightning.

After comprehending the Death God force field, Lin Ming would inadvertently release a terrifying aura when he was feeling strong negative emotions. Even Duanmu Qun was secretly scared by this.

’’Kill them? Aren't you afraid you'll alert the enemy?’’ Duanmu Qun asked. He thought that Lin Ming only wanted to vent his anger. But in his opinion, this divine Phoenix Island had obviously become a base for the South Sea Demon Region. If they didn't know how many people were in this base or how strong they were, it wouldn't be wise for the four of them to act recklessly. Moreover, even if they killed this low level garbage it wouldn't mean much.

However, before Duanmu Qun could speak further, Lin Ming had already rushed out. As Feng Shen saw Lin Ming shoot forwards, he wordlessly followed him. For Feng Shen, who had full faith in Lin Ming, he knew that even if Lin Ming was affected by his turbulent emotions he still wouldn't do anything without a reason. Thus, he followed right after him.

Seeing this scene, Duanmu Qun ruefully smiled. He was too lazy to follow. After sweeping over this group of demon region martial artists, he saw that the highest cultivation amongst them was only at the Xiantian realm. They were probably just scouts sent by the South Sea Demon Region. Even if Duanmu Qun went over, Lin Ming would probably have obliterated every single one of them before he was close enough.

’’Haha! After searching all the islands around here there truly was some 'good food' that we missed. These four young women are all third-grade and fourth-grade martial arts talents. What is rare is that there are also two virgins among them. One shall be given to Sir Protector and the other shall be taken by me. If I take her virgin energy then my Netherworld Devil Arts will rise yet another level! Hahahaha!’’

As the captain of these demon region martial artists wantonly laughed, the several other underlings were also in a great mood. ’’Boss, you take the meat but make sure you leave us some soup! Give those two young married ones to us brothers to enjoy!’’

’’Of course!’’ The captain of these martial artists said in high spirits.

As the women heard these remarks they began to imagine just how pitiful and bleak their future lives would soon be. One by one, fear and despair began to cover their faces.


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