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Martial World - Chapter 669


Chapter 669 - News of divine Phoenix Island




The Scarlet Dawn Strait was located tens of thousands of miles southeast of divine Phoenix Island. In between two great islands that were close to each other was a great current that flowed through them. Because the water deep underneath was ripe with precious minerals, there was a very rich stock of fish within the Scarlet Dawn Strait. There were even many low level monsters and vicious beasts that gathered here to look for food.

Thus, this land had become a paradise for common mortals and martial artists. Those people that lived on these islands could simply go to the sea once to obtain a rich harvest of food, enjoying a quiet and comfortable life of peaceful days.

During a tranquil afternoon at the Scarlet Dawn Strait, a light mist permeated the sea. The Scarlet Dawn Strait was often foggy. When the sun set, the fading light would reflect onto this mist, making it seem like red clouds floating atop the water. From afar, it was like the entire strait was covered by a sea of fire. Thus, this was how the Scarlet Dawn Strait had acquired its name.

As mist rose into the air like ethereal smoke, several strange and plump species of fish leapt up from the water, sucking in deep gulps of the fresh air. As these fish leapt back into the water, everyone seemed harmonious and auspicious.

However, in the next moment this calm peace was broken apart by sharp and keening screams. The mist atop the sea was suddenly torn apart and a group of martial artists riding Heavenly Wind Eagles ran out in complete panic. There were only six Heavenly Wind Eagles, and two or three people were riding each one. Not just that, but these martial artists were all wounded and seemed on the verge of collapse. Their faces were full of worry and nervousness as if they were being hunted down by someone.

’’No good... we can't continue fleeing... we've already used the secret skill to spur on the Heavenly Wind Eagles, now they've reached their limit. If we fly for another 180 miles then I fear these Heavenly Wind Eagles will vomit their life blood and die. When that happens, all of us will die with them!’’

A yellow-clothed martial artist said. He seemed roughly around 30 to 40 years old and had a cultivation at a half-step Xiantian.

As the other martial artists listened to him, all of them revealed vacant expressions of loss and despair. Indeed, if they kept running like this then they would die sooner or later. A Heavenly Wind Eagle was only a low level mount, and there were also multiple people on each one. It was a miracle that they had persisted until now.

’’Senior Zhou, what should we do?’’ A young girl nervously cried out. She was still young, she didn't want to die yet!

The yellow-clothed martial artist called Senior Zhou remained silent. These martial artists were all from a small sect within the South Sea, and there were even some that were martial artists from the common folk. Of them, he was the only one who came from a third-grade sect and he was even an outer court Elder there. His cultivation was the highest in this group, thus he had the most authority and prestige.

But in this situation, he really was at his wit's end with no other path he could take.

’’There is no way for us to escape death! If those beasts behind us catch up then we'll be eaten!’’ A young man in his twenties cried out, his voice trembling. He wasn't able to reconcile all that was happening to him. In the South Horizon Region, there was a belief that if someone died, their soul would enter into the cycle of Samsara. But, if their corpse was eaten then their soul would be sealed away, forever unable to reincarnate.

Elder Zhao shook his head. He said, ’’I don't have a good plan. In this Scarlet Dawn Strait, there is a great island to the north and south of us. The south island is densely covered by forests. If we hide in this forest then we might have a slim chance to live!’’

’’This is the only way?’’

’’In any case, continuing like this is the same as dying... we might as well gamble our lives on this!’’

Everyone began to shout out. In truth, everyone was well aware that even if they ran into the forest, the chances of them living were extremely slim. The beasts behind them had incomparably keen senses of smell;it would be easy for these beasts to find them.

However, just as they made this decision and were about to fly to the south island, a piercing scream suddenly sounded out from deep within the mist!

The mist was completely stirred up. A vicious bird with the great wings of a bat and an incomparably ugly and bald head zoomed out!

Seeing this, all of the martial artists present turned ashen!

’’A ghost condor!’’

’’This is bad!’’

When it rains it pours. Just before this, the group of martial artists had been chased by a group of deep sea vicious beasts, forcing them to rush towards the Scarlet Dawn Strait in distress. But they didn't expect that there would be a ghost condor stationed here!

This sort of strange and ugly bird had a strength comparable to a late Xiantian realm martial artist. It was a beast none of them were capable of handling!

With this condor in front of them and a group of deep sea vicious beasts behind them, they would undoubtedly die here!

’’Scatter and run!’’

Elder Zhou shouted out. At this time, this was the only way for any of them to live!

Escaping separately all depended on luck. Dying would be normal and living would require a great stroke of luck!

It could be said that this was their final chance for farewells. In this group of martial artists, many of them knew each other. But now no one had time to bother with these sentiments. They pulled on their Heavenly Wind Eagles and the martial artists on them each randomly selected a direction to escape in!

But, just as they flew several hundred feet away, that strange bird suddenly opened its beak and an extremely terrifying roar came billowing out!

In that instant, a roiling demon essence erupted that caused even the seawater to divide itself in half. As the several Heavenly Wind Eagles heard this roar, all of them seemed to be struck by some mysterious force, some of them running away in sheer fear and some of them simply not moving.

There was even a Heavenly Wind Eagle that lost its ability to fly. It gave a pitiful shriek as it plummeted towards the waters below!

’’Little Sister!’’

As a man in his thirties saw the two young girls on the Heavenly Wind Eagle fall towards the water, his heart twisted with dismay.

The current South Sea was not the same as before! There were countless more vicious beasts within the waters! If a martial artist didn't reach the Xiantian realm, they wouldn't yet have the ability to fly. They could only rely on swimming to get out of the water. But, with a group of vicious sea beasts chasing them, leaving these waters alive was clearly impossible!

The man threw out his sleeve and a whip rapidly shot out from within his robe, wrapping around the waist of the two girls, thus allowing them to avoid the fate of falling into the sea.

However, even if they didn't fall into the sea, there still wasn't any chance for them to live.

At this time, that ghost condor didn't seem as if it was ready to enjoy its meal. Rather, it exposed a cruel and barbaric smile as if the martial artists in front of it were lambs waiting to be slaughtered. As a Xiantian rank vicious beast, this ghost condor already had a low level of intelligence;it knew how to play with its prey for its own entertainment.

This damned beast!

All of the martial artists were furious. But at this time, they really were lambs waiting to be slaughtered. Besides wallowing in their own helpless despair, there was nothing they could do.

’’Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh!’’

With another strange and creepy roar, seven or eight black fish rushed out from the mist. These strange fish were all 10 feet long and looked like ordinary sharks. The only difference was that they had a great pair of translucent wings instead of fins, so they were able to fly in the air.

Seeing these disturbing fish appear, Elder Zhou ruefully smiled. From the start, they had been chased here by these seven or eight strange fish. These strange fish with wings all had strength equal to a peak Houtian master;any one of them wasn't much weaker than he was. With seven or eight of these strange fish working together, he simply wasn't able to resist their power, so his only choice was to escape.

But even when he ran all the way here, these strange fish hadn't even done anything before he already encountered a ghost condor. Truly, there was no road to the sky nor a door to the earth;they were trapped in a hopeless situation!

Knowing that he would die here, Elder Zhou seemed to disperse all the fear that had filled his heart. Instead, a heroic spirit seemed to surge within him. Flourishing the long sword in his hands, he loudly shouted, ’’Everyone, since we can't live, let's fight these damned beasts instead!’’

When humans were faced with an utterly desperate situation, it was easy for them to be affected by the emotions of others. As Elder Zhou shouted this out, all of the martial artists present felt their hearts give birth to a noble and stirring emotion.

’’Let's rush in together! Killing one is enough, killing two will all be worth it!’’

A young man shouted out at the top of his lungs. Since the Heavenly Wind Eagle beneath him didn't listen to his orders, he simply gave up on it. He grasped his broadsword and stood atop the back of the Heavenly Wind Eagle, proceeding to plunge towards the school of strange fish like a fierce and ravenous tiger!

His broadsword slashed out!

At the same time, the strange fish also rushed towards the young man. They opened their jaws wide to chomp down on him!

With this young man's peak Pulse Condensation strength, trying to kill any one of these strange fish was simply hopeless. But, just as everyone thought that he would die in the stomach of these strange fish, an unbelievable matter occurred.

As the young man's broadsword cut down, the body of the strange fish beneath him suddenly shook. In the next instant, it was split in half from head to tail!

A massive rain of blood spilled out. With two hollow sounds, two strange fish had been sliced in half, their corpses falling into the sea.


Not only were the other martial artists shocked, but even the young man was incomparably stunned.

The young man knew just how strong he was. He had known from the very start that he was rushing into his death, but he never imagined that his broadsword would actually split this strange fish in half!

The other strange fish were also astonished by this young man's strike. They all went crazy at once and zealously rushed towards the young man. However, that scene from just a moment ago reappeared! These strange fish were cut apart by some unknown force without a single bit of resistance!

Blood gushed out, dying the entire sea red.

The young man wasn't an idiot. He instantly understood that some mighty expert had helped him in secret. He looked around, then as he looked up, he saw that 1000 feet high in the sky, several figures had jumped down from a blue mount and were slowly flying towards them.

It wasn't just the young man who saw these people, but the other martial artists did too.

Who were these people? They didn't use a weapon, yet they could actually slice apart a peak Houtian vicious beast from 1000 feet away?

Even if they did something, it was still 1000 feet far away. Just how had they done this!?

Mmm? These people...

Elder Zhou looked at the four martial artists that appeared. Among them, a blue-clothed youth looked the same as them. As for the other three, they seemed completely different from the average human. Their ears were longer and pointier and their eyes were longer and angled higher, with several tiny scales embellishing the ends. Their eye and hair colors were also completely different from normal hues.

Just who were they?

As they were all dumbfounded, that ghost condor behind them let out a great roar and rushed towards these people!

At this time, they were completely shocked. Yet, at the same time, they finally saw what these people had done. Rather, it was only the blue-clothed youth that had done something, and it couldn't even really be called that. The blue-clothed youth only glanced at the ghost condor, his eyes flashing with a piercing light as if thunder existed within them.

Then, the ghost condor's body shook as if it had been struck. In full view of everyone, its body was torn into several pieces, all of its organs and bones torn into a jumble of ruined meat!

This attack method was in truth a simple use of a battle spirit. By attaching a battle spirit to the air, it could easily be used to tear apart that ghost condor's body.

All of the martial artists present certainly had no idea what a battle spirit was. All of them were bewildered, shocked, awed.

Heavens! Just what sort of cultivation method was this!? With just a glance, a late Xiantian level monster had been chopped to pieces!!!

How had he done this!?!?

The more than a dozen martial artists were horrified to the extreme. At this time, the blue-clothed youth suddenly asked, ’’I have some questions to ask you. Who are you? Why are you being chased down by those monsters? What has happened in the South Sea these past years? Have you heard about a sect near the South Sea called divine Phoenix Island? How is that sect now?’’


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