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Martial World - Chapter 664


Chapter 664 - The Tide Turns




’’Lin Ming, go and die!’’ As the Polaris Tower Master saw Lin Ming rushing towards that heaven-step white spear, he knew that it was impossible to catch up to him with his speed. So, wielding his great sword, he slashed out at Lin Ming, wanting to force him back instead!

However, Lin Ming completely ignored the Polaris Tower Master's attack. His eyes flashed with a thick killing intent as he grabbed onto the spear shaft with a heavy clapping sound.

At this time, the Polaris Tower Master's attack was less than 10 feet away from Lin Ming!

’’The one who will die is you.’’

The energy within Lin Ming's body erupted like a colossal volcano. Holding onto that white spear, he suddenly turned around and thrust it out!

Penetrating Rainbow!


A keen spear light tore apart the Polaris Tower Master's sword light as if it were made of paper. At this time, Lin Ming no longer needed to use the power of his battle spirit to reinforce his spear. The strength of his battle spirit was completely freed from its shackles!

Along the shaft of the spear, the power of thunder and fire twisted together. With the complete increased strength from a bronze level battle spirit, the prestige of Lin Ming's spear had reached the pinnacle! Before, Lin Ming could only block the Polaris Tower Master's attacks, but now, he completely overwhelmed and swept away those same attacks!

A rainbow of light howled out, the void trembled!


The Polaris Tower Master gave out a pitiful cry as his body was swept up by that spear light. He was sent flying back like broken sack, spewing out a mouthful of blood in midair!

’’Young Master!’’

Elder Xiao was enraged. He didn't attack Lin Ming, but instead his figure disappeared as he rushed towards the Polaris Tower Master to catch him!

Rapidly stuffing a life-saving pill into the Polaris Tower Master's mouth, Elder Xiao suddenly looked up, his eyes like those of a rabid wolf.

’’Lin Ming!’’ Elder Xiao heatedly glared at Lin Ming before his eyes shifted to Duanmu Qun, ’’And you too, Duanmu Qun! You are asking to die!’’

Duanmu Qun's expression was calm. He coldly said, ’’Me? Asking to die? Haha! The Polaris Tower Master has been planting slave seals into top talents and controlling them as his own slaves. After so many years, who knows just how many outstanding young elites have died because of him. This matter is something the Holy Land Alliance will absolutely investigate! When that time comes, who dies, who lives, none of that is certain! It might be true that the Polaris Tower Master is the son of the Blood Slaughter Steppes' ruler, but as far as I know, the ruler of the Blood Slaughter Steppes probably has over a dozen children! For just a single son, will he be willing to oppose the Holy Land Alliance?’’

The Steppes Master was an Emperor level powerhouse who had lived for over 5000 years. After so many years, it wasn't strange for him to have several dozen children. Even if the Polaris Tower Master was the most outstanding and talented of all his children, he still wasn't worth such a massive sacrifice.

’’Duanmu Qun, do you think I won't kill you just because you have the divine Wood Holy Land behind you?’’

Elder Xiao's eyes flashed with a fanatical killing intent. At this time, a crazed idea began to take form in his mind. That was to kill every outsider and silence all witnesses!

As for the others, he would force them into a soul contract so that this secret was kept forever. Outwardly, he would claim that the Eternal Demon Abyss had erupted again, causing all the outstanding heroic youths here to die.

Without a shadow of a doubt, this would cause an enormous pressure to fall onto the Blood Slaughter Steppes. But, if he were to allow these people to leave, then the consequences of that would be extremely bad. Moreover, he and the Polaris Tower Master might become chess pieces that the Steppes Master would give up!

Thinking of this, Elder Xiao's heart burned with an even fiercer killing intent!

’’What? Do you want to fight?’’ Duanmu Qun was extremely intelligent. He could vaguely guess what Elder Xiao was thinking and drew out his sword without hesitation.

He was well aware that he was not a match for this old man, but he also believed that Lin Ming wouldn't just sit there and watch him die.

As Duanmu Qun glanced over at Lin Ming, he saw Lin Ming's lips really did move, passing on a true essence sound transmission to him, ’’Thank you Brother Duanmu! I, Lin Ming, will carve this kindness in my heart. I will never forget this for the rest of my life!’’

Lin Ming was a person who believed in the commitments he made. If he made a promise or a pledge, he would inevitably accomplish it.

He was aware that Duanmu Qun's actions were all in order to repay him for saving his life earlier. For such a peerless and proud son of heaven like Duanmu Qun, what someone like him would find most reluctant was owing favors to others. Only when he returned the kindness would his thoughts be able to flow smoothly.

Of course, Duanmu Qun also did this because he wished to form a better relationship with Lin Ming. To befriend a top master in the prime of their youth and also temper that friendship through the fires of life and death, this sort of friendship would be extremely strong and reliable in the future.

Going out, making friends and comrades, knowing masters, all of this would be of great help in the future. Even for someone like Lin Ming who tended towards being a loner, he still liked to make friends. For instance, gaining access to materials, news, and so forth, all of this would be much easier in the future with a friend to help him.

But, what Duanmu Qun didn't expect was that at this time, Elder Xiao's face would flash with a ferocious light as he loudly shouted out, ’’Every High Lord of the Blood Slaughter Steppes, obey my orders! Kill Duanmu Qun! If you can kill Duanmu Qun, you will receive five jins of low-grade earth-step Demon God Bones and three jins of medium-grade earth-step Demon God Bones!’’

As Duanmu Qun heard Elder Xiao issue out this comment, his complexion changed. This old man was so insane that he wanted to openly kill him here!?

Did he not fear offending his divine Wood Holy Land at all!?

Woosh! Woosh!

Behind him, Lan Xin and Feng Shen moved to cover his sides, both of them extracting their long swords. Their attitude and meaning were clear.

As friends, they would live together or die together!

At this time, they also guessed what Elder Xiao was doing. If he was willing to kill Duanmu Qun to silence all the witnesses here, then how could they be let off?

It was true that the Holy Land Alliance was powerful, but they were only able to indirectly exert pressure onto the Blood Slaughter Steppes;it was impossible for them to directly attack the Blood Slaughter Steppes.

That strange and mystical power within the Blood Slaughter Steppes could kill any powerhouse that was at Life Destruction or above. The higher one's cultivation, the higher the chances of dying from that curse. Even an Emperor level powerhouse might die if they stepped into the Blood Slaughter Steppes!

Within the entire Holy Demon Continent, there were only a handful of Emperor level powerhouses that had the qualifications to safely reenter the Blood Slaughter Steppes. Of these people, besides the Eightfall War Emperor, most of them had gone into seclusion in who knew what heaven-forsaken lands and were nearly impossible to find.

Hearing such generous rewards, the High Lords present immediately felt their hearts stir with temptation. It had to be known that of these High Lords, the majority of them didn't have the ability to enter into the Emperor level in the future. But, if they had that much Demon God Bone, that wouldn't necessarily be true.

Some of them were already tracing their spatial rings!

Duanmu Qun smiled, his face immeasurably cold and decisive, ’’Truly humans die for wealth and birds die for food. So what if you obtain so many Demon God Bones? Is it worth it if you aren't alive to enjoy it? If you kill us, do you not fear the combined retaliation of our three Holy Lands, all of them willing to hunt you down? That is, unless you plan on never leaving the Blood Slaughter Steppes in the future!’’

As the High Lords present heard Duanmu Qun's words, many of them began to waver with hesitation. All of them would have to leave the Blood Slaughter Steppes after they reached a boundary equivalent to the Life Destruction realm. If they had to simultaneously face the combined forces of three Holy Lands chasing them down, then there really wasn't any way they could survive that.

As Elder Xiao saw these High Lords waffle around, he laughed and said, ’’Duanmu Qun, you really are skilled at fooling the hearts of others. Do you think you are that important? Outside of here, we will say that you died because the Eternal Demon Abyss erupted! Even if your divine Wood Holy Land tries to pressure my Blood Slaughter Steppes, all we will have to do is pay some compensation for their losses! You said that the Steppes Ruler has many sons, but your divine Wood Holy Land has even more talents. You are the most outstanding junior of the last 100 years, but that is only 100 years! To the divine Wood Holy Land that has existed for 10,000 years, what do you think 100 years is to them? There have been many 100 year peerless talents that have died the same within the Blood Slaughter Steppes! As long as there is enough interest in both parties, any conflict can be resolved! Do you really think that for a mere you, your divine Wood Holy Land would actually completely break off from the Blood Slaughter Steppes? Do not forget, this land is the best trial by fire for raising the new generation of geniuses!’’

Not only was Elder Xiao rich in combat experience, but he was an eloquent individual who was skilled at speaking. With just a few superficial moves, the winds were behind him and all the High Lords believed he was right.

And right he was. The Blood Slaughter Steppes had to fear and give face to the divine Wood Holy Land, but the divine Wood Holy Land also had to do the same in return. Otherwise, they would never be able to send their outstanding heroic youths there again.

For these two forces, as long as the issue wasn't too great, it could be resolved in secret with appropriate compensation. If they both fought, then it would simply be a lose-lose situation.

Finally, over 20 High Lords began to move. High Lord Black Ash was also amongst these 20 some High Lords. He malevolently smiled as he said, ’’Sorry, Brother Duanmu. Even if I don't kill you, others will. Why give advantages to others when I can take them myself? Please understand... hehehe...’’

Seeing the situation deteriorate in front of him, it wasn't just Duanmu Qun who was grimacing. Even Zhuan Yu, who wasn't involved in any of this, began to nervously sweat. He too was a Holy Land descendant. Although he wasn't a Fey, it was still possible they would kill him in order to eliminate another potential witnesses!

’’What do we do?’’ Lan Xin was a bit panicked. Although she was a Holy Land descendant, she had never been in this sort of situation before. Facing this sort of crucial moment, she was at a bit of a loss.

There were only three of them. Against the many High Lords in front of them, there was simply no path to survival!


High Lord Black Ash shouted out. He was about to rush at Lan Xin, when at this moment, Lin Ming suddenly moved!

He raised the white spear in his hands and stabbed it towards the Polaris Tower Master!

At this time, the Polaris Tower Master had basically lost all of his combat strength, hanging onto life simply because of the pills that were sustaining him. Now, it was impossible for him to block Lin Ming's attack!

Elder Xiao's eyes glinted with a cold light, ’’You dare!?’’

He placed his lance horizontally, protecting the Polaris Tower Master. But at this moment, Lin Ming sneered. His feet stepped upon Golden Roc Shattering the Void and his figure instantly vanished!

In the next instant, he appeared several hundred feet away. The location he had appeared at was actually within those 20 some High Lords, right behind High Lord Black Ash!

Without a further word, Lin Ming thrust out his spear!

In terms of his elusive ability to appear anywhere like a fading ghost, no one could rival Lin Ming!



High Lord Black Ash only felt his chest go cold. Looking down, he froze as he saw a white, bloodstained spear stretching out from his chest...

The spear lifted up. High Lord Black Ash's originally diminutive body was lifted up on the shaft. As he was stuck on the spear, he looked no different from a frog on a skewer.

’’I...’’ High Lord Black Ash's face flashed with a thick and pure unwilling despair. He grabbed the spear shaft, wanting to turn around. However, as an Imp martial artist, his neck was too short so he couldn't turn much.

’’Go die!’’

The power of a battle spirit erupted. High Lord Black Ash suddenly shook as all his organs were twisted into goo!

Lin Ming withdrew his white spear, the front wet with blood. His entire body blazed with an overwhelming killing intent!

At this time, he stood within the many High Lords. All of the High Lords felt a chill crawl up their backs as their courage began fading away!

A wisp of pure infernal energy left High Lord Black Ash's body and was sucked up into Lin Ming's. As Elder Xiao saw this, he immediately paled.

This was disastrous! He realized that Lin Ming wanted to use these ordinary High Lords as his blood sacrifice, becoming a true twelve-winged Heavenly Demon!


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