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Martial World - Chapter 662


Chapter 662 - Sentence You To Death




At this time, the Great Ax Tower Master had fallen into a dilemma. Even if he joined together with the Polaris Tower Master to deal with Lin Ming, that didn't mean they would necessarily be able to win. But, if he didn't save him from death, then the ruler of the Blood Slaughter Steppes would shift the blame for his child's death onto him. At that time, him being killed wouldn't be strange.

As the Great Ax Tower Master hesitated, how could Lin Ming give the Polaris Tower Master a chance to catch his breath? Lin Ming stepped forwards and once again seemed to teleport in front of the Polaris Tower Master, his spear thrusting towards his heart!


The Polaris Tower Master drew back, injured once more. Before, he didn't understand Lin Ming's Concept of Time, but now he was finally prepared for it, so the loss he suffered was less. But, he was still injured. If this continued, he would be defeated sooner or later.

’’Lin Ming, I am the son of the Blood Slaughter Steppes' ruler! If you kill me now then that's the same as dying with me!’’

The Polaris Tower Master frantically shouted like a madman. After being beaten up so miserably by Lin Ming, he had no choice but to reveal his identity!

’’What? The son of the Blood Slaughter Steppes' ruler?’’

Most of the martial artists present didn't know the identity of the Polaris Tower Master. Hearing him suddenly say this left everyone shocked. The ruler of the Blood Slaughter Steppes was the only twelve-winged Heavenly Demon in the entire Blood Slaughter Steppes. It was said that his cultivation had already broken through to the Emperor level!

The Polaris Tower Master was actually the son of the Blood Slaughter Steppes' ruler?

This news was inexplicably shocking to everyone. But, Lin Ming didn't seem to care about this. Who cared if he was the son of the Steppes Master? He would still die the same!

Spear after spear stabbed towards the Polaris Tower Master's fatal points. Lin Ming was determined to kill the Polaris Tower Master!

’’Ahh!’’ Facing Lin Ming's storm of attacks, the Polaris Tower Master had no choice but to use his clan's secret technique!

’’Lin Ming, you're the one who forced me! I will bet a hundred years of my cultivation to die with you!’’

The Polaris Tower Master bit down on the tip of his tongue and spat out a mouthful of brilliant blood. On top of the Heaven Opening Sword, a blazing red flame ignited!

Heaven Shattering Strike!

A sword cut out. The blood vessels on the Polaris Tower Master's arms ruptured, the void trembled, and the earth began to tear open, creating ten foot wide fissures everywhere!

Lin Ming's pupils shrank. Above the Purple Comet Spear, thunder and fire wove together.

Penetrating Rainbow!


In a fierce collision, all of the energy within a few hundred feet of the two was blown away into a raging vacuum.

The Polaris Tower Master was sent flying backwards and Lin Ming was also swept backwards by the aftermath of the attack. As he was forced back, a strange energy snuck into his right arm like a serpent!

The Purple Comet Spear was still a treasure that was an entire boundary of quality lower than the Heaven Opening Sword. Since Lin Ming had to separate a portion of his battle spirit to protect the Purple Comet Spear, he wasn't able to display its greatest striking power.


The clothes on Lin Ming's arm suddenly burst apart. His body flew backwards, the blood within him tumbling.

As for the Polaris Tower Master, he was in an even more miserable state. He crashed into the earth, collapsing the ground beneath him and causing dust and smoke to fly up everywhere.

Feeling the Purple Comet Spear tremble in his hands, Lin Ming frowned. With such an intense impact, it was truly somewhat difficult for the Purple Comet Spear to withstand it.

And just at this time, Lin Ming could only hear a sword wind rushing at his side. He turned around and saw that 100 feet away, High Lord Bloodfire had grasped a thick broadsword and was rushing towards him.

Seeing this, Lin Ming shook his head. High Lord Bloodfire was controlled by the Polaris Tower Master's slave seal, he was beyond all medicine or hope. The only chance he had was if the Polaris Tower Master died. However, High Lord Bloodfire was his most loyal servant, so how could he allow something like that to happen?

Lin Ming's spear potential revolved, true essence erupted!

The battle spirit fused into the Purple Comet Spear. Brilliant flames twisted on the spear shaft as thick arcs of purple electricity sizzled atop it, blinding all of the martial artists present!

’’Chasing Thunder!’’

Lin Ming had poured his battle spirit into this spear as well as fusing the Concept of Space and Time within it. Lin Ming believed that even if High Lord Bloodfire didn't die, he would still be grievously wounded.

However, he didn't expect that High Lord Bloodfire would continue rushing directly towards Lin Ming's Purple Comet Spear with no intention of dodging!


The Purple Comet Spear easily penetrated through High Lord Bloodfire.

But at this time, a demented light flashed on High Lord Bloodfire's face. He actually rushed towards Lin Ming even as the long spear passed through his body, stretching out his arms to claw towards Lin Ming!

Both of High Lord Bloodfire's arms held onto Lin Ming's shoulders, his eyes a bright blood red, ’’Die with me!’’ High Lord Bloodfire erupted with all of his strength;he wanted to hold down Lin Ming so that the Polaris Tower Master could strike through both of them!

’’You are truly hopeless!’’

Lin Ming's eyes flashed with a killing intent. Raising his arms, the strength within his body rocketed into the sky! With a 'peng peng peng' sound, a bloody fog erupted from High Lord Bloodfire's body.

’’Well done, Bloodfire!’’

The Polaris Tower Master gave a loud shout and slashed out with his sword. From his posture, it was apparent he wanted to cut apart Lin Ming along with High Lord Bloodfire!

’’What a wretched slave.’’

With Lin Ming held down by High Lord Bloodfire, he wasn't able to move for a short period of time. Seeing the Polaris Tower Master's sword cut down at him, Lin Ming's expression didn't change at all. His feet stepped atop Golden Roc Shattering the Void and the space around him suddenly distorted.

When he was in the King's Cage, Lin Ming had been able to break through the space cage using the Concept of Space, much less something like High Lord Bloodfire's hands.

Space distorted, and High Lord Bloodfire suddenly found himself grasping onto nothing at all. But at this time, the Polaris Tower Master's sword was already cutting downwards!


A sword cut through him from head to toe. High Lord Bloodfire was directly split in half!

Blood showered down like a heavy rain!

As for Lin Ming, he came floating down 200 feet away, not even a single hair on his head harmed.

All of the martial artists were shocked. They had only seen the light around Lin Ming twist a bit, and then he had used some unknown method to break out of High Lord Bloodfire's hold, instantly flickering 200 feet away!

’’What a magnificent display of the Concept of Space!’’

Duanmu Qun sighed with emotion. He also had many understandings into the Concept of Space, but it was impossible for him to achieve Lin Ming's degree.


After mistakenly killing his own slave, the Polaris Tower Master was in an extremely poor mood. He began to become increasingly aware that he might really die here today!

But at this moment, from High Lord Bloodfire's corpse, a pure infernal energy began to leak out. Half of this infernal energy dissipated, and the other half split in half again, one part flying to Lin Ming and the other part flying to the Polaris Tower Master.

High Lord Bloodfire had died under the hands of both Lin Ming and the Polaris Tower Master, thus the infernal energy had gone to the both of them. Lin Ming had attacked first, so he absorbed more infernal energy.

The two blobs of infernal energy separately flew to the two. With a loud roar, the phantom of a ten-winged Heavenly Demon appeared behind them, directly swallowing the infernal energy.

Seeing this, all of the martial artists present were shocked. The phantom of the ten-winged Heavenly Demon that appeared behind Lin Ming was in no way smaller than the Polaris Tower Master's!

The tens wings were completely clear, and the sixth pair of wings was also in the process of forming...

This was actually... the peak of ten wings!


When did Lin Ming's Heavenly Demon Tattoo achieve the peak of 10 wings?

All of the martial artists present were shaken to their core as an inexplicable chill crawled up their spines. A twelve-winged Heavenly Demon was the ultimate taboo existence of the Blood Slaughter Steppes. Lin Ming was already at the peak of ten wings. Could he be planning on becoming a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon? Did he want to take the entirety of the Blood Slaughter Steppes as his enemy?

How audacious! How bold!

Zhuan Yu and High Lord Black Ash had gone completely pale. They finally knew just how crazy Lin Ming was. Compared to this madman, they were simply little children monkeying around.

Even Great Ax's expression changed. If Lin Ming killed the Polaris Tower Master, would that be enough for him to become a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon? If that happened, then the ruler of the Blood Slaughter Steppes would inevitably vent all of his rage onto him!

At this moment, there was a sound of distant wind and rustling clothes. Everyone turned around to look, seeing a black-robed old man walk in with the wind.

This old man was the host of this trip into the Eternal Demon Abyss!

’’Elder Xiao, save me!’’ As the Polaris Tower Master saw this black-robed Elder appear, his face lit up with joy. In his darkest moment, he had found a final straw to grasp, fervently calling out for help.

Lin Ming's eyebrows shot up... this old man!

He remembered that this old fellow was a supervisory envoy of Blood Slaughter divine Temple. He was solely responsible for the opening of the Eternal Demon Abyss. He had once said that if anyone's Heavenly Demon Tattoo had gone beyond the middle ten-winged Heavenly Demon stage, then he would personally disperse some of their infernal energy.

Another enemy had appeared!

Lin Ming gently stroked his spear, his expression calm even as his eyes shined with a blazing killing intent.

’’Lin Ming!’’ As the black-robed Elder caught up, he arrived just in time to see the ten-winged Heavenly Demon phantom disappear back into Lin Ming's body.

’’You've secretly condensed your Heavenly Demon Tattoo to the peak of 10 wings;how many High Lords have you killed during this trip to the Eternal Demon Abyss? Now you have even attacked your superior and committed the crime of killing a High Lord! Could it be that you want to plunder the infernal energy of the Polaris Tower Master and become a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon, becoming mortal enemies with the entire Blood Slaughter Steppes!?

’’You've simultaneously committed the crimes of fomenting rebellion, murdering a High Lord, and reckless killing! With these three crimes side by side, I hereby sentence you to death!’’

As the black-robed Elder spoke, he extracted a lance from his spatial ring and pointed it straight at Lin Ming.

’’Sentence me to death? Hahaha...’’ Lin Ming chuckled, ’’If you want to kill me, then why spout so much crap. What the Polaris Tower Master has done to me, everyone here is well aware! Good! Since you want to play so badly then you're welcome to join in on the fun! My Heavenly Demon Tattoo just reached the peak of 10 wings. Even if I kill the Polaris Tower Master, it won't be enough for me to reach 12 wings. But, with your pathetic old bones added to the mix, it might just be enough!’’

’’What a brave young fellow! You've already reached the end of the line yet you remain so blithely arrogant! Great Ax!’’ The black-robed old man suddenly called out to the Great Ax Tower Master.

The Great Ax Tower Master looked extremely distressed. He had originally been waiting for the Polaris Tower Master to be killed by Lin Ming, and then he had been planning to flee the Blood Slaughter Steppes to avoid the wrath of the Steppes Master.

But he never thought that at this critical moment, Elder Xiao would suddenly arrive. Now it was impossible for him to hide any further.

But then again, if the three of them joined forces, killing Lin Ming might not be too difficult. On the other hand, if he didn't help and Lin Ming killed the other two and still couldn't condense his twelve-winged Heavenly Demon Tattoo, then Lin Ming might even turn his spear onto him.

Thinking of this, Great Ax stepped forwards and stood beside the black-robed old man, extracting a double-headed ax from his spatial ring.

Three great masters simultaneously faced Lin Ming.

The martial artists present felt their throats twitch. Two Tower Masters and a supervisor of the Blood Slaughter divine Temple. Any one of them was a remarkable and mind-blowing character within the Blood Slaughter Steppes. Now, all three of them had joined forced to deal with a mere junior.

’’Three against one?’’ Lin Ming looked at the black-robed Elder and his lips curved up in a taunting smile. ’’I thought you were quite powerful and would be able to handle me alone. But it appears that you're actually... mediocre.’’

’’Humph, you don't have to try stirring me up. From ancient times the winner has always been the hero and the loser becomes the villain. There is no shame in using your complete strength. Now, Lin Ming, prepare to die!’’ The black-robed Elder remained unmoved. Within the Eternal Demon Abyss it was impossible for them to reach the outside world. They could only depend on the manpower available here to kill Lin Ming. By attacking together, their chances of killing him were that much higher.


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