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Martial World - Chapter 658


Chapter 658 - Killing the Monsters




Those humanoid monsters, which they had thought were invincible... two of them had instantly died!?

It wasn't just the Imp martial artist that was astonished, but the Giant Demon martial artist and young Fey girl were also shocked. Before this, all of them tried attacking these humanoid monsters, but no matter what martial skill they used, even with their full strength, none of them had been able to break past these creatures' fur!

They were on completely different levels!

But just now, two beams of light had pierced through two of the humanoid monsters, instantly killing them without the least bit of resistance.

Just who had done this?

Watching the two shaking monster corpses on the ground, the three martial artists were overjoyed to be alive. Subconsciously they took several steps backwards. A gaping red hole had appeared in these two monster's head, and their blood and brains were spilling out, flowing along the ground.

As the three remaining monsters saw their companions die, all of them flew into a rage. They roared, twisting around to see just who had dared to ambush them.

But at this time, within the fog the figures of several people began to slowly come into view.

As the three monsters saw these people's figures, they rushed towards them!

Chi! Chi! Chi!

Three more beams of light shot out, piercing through the fog and directly passing through those three monsters' foreheads!

The three monsters' bodies shook. After their heads were pierced by this light they all fell to the floor. But the center one, because of inertia, stumbled towards the figures of the several people.

And then, a scene that the three martial artists would never forget suddenly occurred. A flaming azure light shot up into the sky, passing straight through that large monster and splitting in half!

Blood fell like rain!

Peng! Peng!

The corpse fell apart as its body was cut vertically in half. As for that figure that was revealed between the halves, they were protected by a flow of energy and not a single drop of blood stained them.

As the three martial artists saw this, all of them began to celebrate surviving this catastrophe. At the same time, they all began to feel uneasy - they could see that the several figures approaching were humans and Fey.

This trip into the Eternal Demon Abyss was reaching its end. Their first worry was that they didn't have a guide, and their second worry was that any martial artist that managed to survive up until this point would often have a considerable amount of resources with them.

Thus... the killing between squads had become increasingly frequent. The act of killing someone and stealing their wealth had occurred multiple times!

Currently, those four approaching martial artists could chop up the three of them as if they were melons. As long as any of them harbored any evil intentions, all three of them would die here.

’’I truly thank the Tower Masters for the grace of saving our lives...’’ The Imp martial artist who led the three of them quickly rushed forwards to thank their saviors. In his view, only a Tower Master had such strength. He could only hope that these Tower Masters didn't take a fancy towards weaklings like them, otherwise they were done for.

After giving his thanks, the Imp martial artist looked up. But now, he froze once more. As the four martial artists stepped out of the fog, he could finally clearly make out who they were.

They were actually Duanmu Qun, Lan Xin, Feng Shen, and... Lin Ming!?!?

When they first entered the Eternal Demon Abyss, Lin Ming had been the focus of everyone, so of course he could recognize him. But afterwards, he heard that Lin Ming had died somewhere. How could he suddenly show up in this 1100 mile zone of the Eternal Demon Abyss?

The three martial artists' minds were in chaos. Then the Imp martial artist suddenly realized something. Based on their positions, those several rays of light must have come from Lin Ming!

How was this possible!?!?

The Imp martial artist had to admit that he was only an average ranked High Lord from the Skysplit Towers. He hadn't been able to break through the defense of those monsters, but now they had actually been instantly killed by Lin Ming. Did this mean that Lin Ming had strength close to that of a Tower Master?

Thinking of this, the Imp martial artist was flabbergasted. Just what was going on?

’’So it's Little Sister Blue Lotus and High Lord Sandstone...’’ Duanmu Qun smiled as he spoke. He was acquainted with the young Fey girl in the center of the three. As for that Imp High Lord, he only knew of his name.

’’Senior-apprentice Brother Duanmu, thank you for saving us...’’ The young Fey girl called Blue Lotus said in a soft voice. She wasn't blushing because of shyness, but because the rapid series of events and her near death had made her blood flow quicken.

’’Haha, it's not me who rescued you, I just don't have this ability. If you must thank someone, then thank Brother Lin here.’’ Duanmu Qun laughed. From when they had strayed into the 1000 mile forbidden zone, and in addition to the month they had practiced in the tomb, it had been a full month and a half. With Lin Ming's leadership, they had finally made it out alive. After having survived such a disastrous event, Duanmu Qun was in an excellent mood.

As the Imp High Lord Sandstone saw that Duanmu Qun wasn't planning on killing them, and that he also knew Blue Lotus, he was ecstatic. It seemed that they had managed to escape a calamity!

’’I am Five Color Tower's High Lord Sandstone. I thank Young Hero Lin for saving us.’’

There was no time now to wonder why Lin Ming was so strong. The Imp High Lord cupped his fists together and bowed once more. Unconsciously, he had started to speak with a respectful tone.

’’It's no problem. I just have a question to ask you...’’ Lin Ming said, impassively.

’’Young Hero Lin, please ask. I will try to answer to the best of my knowledge.’’

’’Mm. I want to know, how many months have you been in the Eternal Demon Abyss for?’’

As Lin Ming asked this question, High Lord Sandstone was confused.

Duanmu Qun and the others also looked at each other, puzzled. Did this still need to be asked? The three of them had been with Lin Ming, and in total, three and a half months should have passed since they entered the Eternal Demon Abyss.

Although High Lord Sandstone was perplexed, he respectfully replied, ’’Reporting to Young Hero Lin, it's been just shy of five months since I entered the Eternal Demon Abyss...’’

’’Five months...’’ Lin Ming thought for a moment, no surprise on his face. But Duanmu Qun and the others were completely shocked. How could it be five months? It had obviously been three and a half!

They looked towards Lin Ming and immediately understood as they saw that he had an expression as if he had expected this. Perhaps within the 1000 mile forbidden zone, there was something odd about the flow of time.

The truth was that time and space often existed as one existence. If a powerful force field could twist space, then it would likely change the flow of time. It wasn't strange for both time and space to always be affected simultaneously. Thus, Lin Ming had guessed that the time they spent within the 1000 mile forbidden zone was different from outside of it. Now, from High Lord Sandstone's answer, it seemed that the time within was slower.

’’Mm, we're alright.’’ Lin Ming waved his hand, thinking of something else.

Back when he was in the King's Cage, he had also entered a cage of space and time, understanding the essence of time there. Time was simply the illusion of change between all living beings. As long as he could remove the heart demon that existed within this illusion, he could guarantee that his mind wouldn't be chaotic and he wouldn't lose himself in the distortion of time.

But now, it seemed as if this wasn't necessarily true!

Even if he held onto his heart and mind, he could still be caught up in a whirlpool of time and space without being aware of it.

Thinking of this, Lin Ming could only sigh.

Time was simply far more illusory and baffling than space. Now, he realized just how much he didn't understand about time, and just how little of its source he had touched upon. His past understanding of time had its place and use, but now put amongst a wider use of the Law, it was no longer feasible.

’’Let's go, we're leaving here.’’ Lin Ming no longer thought about the chaotic time within the Eternal Demon Abyss's 1000 mile forbidden zone. This was a level that he was far from being able to understand.

’’Where are we going?’’ Duanmu Qun asked.

’’We're leaving the Eternal Demon Abyss!’’ Lin Ming decisively said.

The Eternal Demon Abyss would only be open for six months. Now that five months had passed, it was around the time they should leave.

As the Imp martial artist heard Lin Ming's words, his eyes widened, ’’Young Hero Lin, could, could you take us with you?’’

The Imp martial artists idea was very simple. Now, there were only three of them left, and it was doubtful they would be able to find any more lucky chances in the last remaining month. They could already count their blessings that the three of them were able to make it out of here safely. Naturally, if they followed Lin Ming, it would be much less dangerous for them.


Lin Ming answered without hesitation, nodding. Forming a team was a mutually beneficial relationship to begin with.

Thus, the group of them stepped onto the road to return.

Coming here, there was a guide to lead the way. But leaving here, all of that depended on one's own ability. In this nearly half year adventure, the surviving martial artists had accumulated a great deal of experience within the Eternal Demon Abyss. Now, with Lin Ming leading the way, they encountered several minor dangers but all of these were easily resolved. Besides the young Fey girl called Blue Lotus receiving a minor wound, no one else was harmed.

15 days later, the group reached the northern entrance of the Eternal Demon Abyss.

At this time, there were already many people gathered at the entrance. Although there was still half a month until the channel into the Eternal Demon Abyss closed, there were always some matters where arriving earlier was better than coming later. If one were to try arriving just on time and then stumble into some accident or danger and ended up trapped within the Eternal Demon Abyss, dying like that would truly be an injustice.

Seeing Lin Ming, Duanmu Qun, Feng Shen, and Lan Xin all appear together, this immediately aroused a great uproar!

These four were all characters with unbelievable origins. Without accident, all of them would become Peerless Emperors in the future!

’’Lin Ming, that boy! He hasn't died!?’’

Rumors of Lin Ming's death had long since spread to everyone's ears. Everyone knew that Lin Ming had returned to a danger zone and disappeared afterwards, most likely having died for his stupidity. But now that they saw Lin Ming safe and sound, and also in the company of Duanmu Qun and the others, all of them were shocked speechless.

’’How come Lin Ming is with Duanmu Qun?’’

’’Didn't they say that he fell into some danger zone? Was he rescued? Did Duanmu Qun rescue him?’’

’’Maybe... or they might have run into each other later...’’

The martial artists all began to speak. Lin Ming was a focus of attention, but Duanmu Qun was too. Although it was acknowledged that Duanmu Qun's talent was slightly inferior to Lin Ming's, in terms of strength, everyone assumed he was actually the stronger of the two. With both of them appearing together, this naturally attracted everyone's attention.

Lin Ming simply didn't care to bother with anyone, ignoring them all. He went and sat down next to a boulder, entering into meditation to adjust his condition.

As for Duanmu Qun and the rest, they also followed Lin Ming. There were many people present that Duanmu Qun knew of. According to Duanmu Qun's character in the past, he was always happy to speak with heroic elites of the world, so he definitely would have gone over to speak to them. But now, he was actually disinclined to do so. After entering the 1000 mile forbidden zone and experiencing so many horrible and wonderful things, Duanmu Qun felt as if his vision of the world had suddenly grown. Now, all of these people could no longer enter into his eyes.

’’How interesting!’’ Not too far away, a black-clothed youth smirked. He was Five Color Tower's Zhuan Yu, who was also a Holy Land descendant. His reputation was only a bit below Duanmu Qun's, and much higher than Lan Xin's.

During this journey into the Eternal Demon Abyss, Zhuan Yu was extremely fortuitous and had obtained a very great lucky chance, causing his strength to rapidly soar!

Because of this, Zhuan Yu's already confident and arrogant nature had become extremely overinflated. He now believed that he had the capital to be equal rivals with Duanmu Qun!

With a slight hesitation, he walked over to Duanmu Qun.


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