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Martial World - Chapter 654


Chapter 654 - Peak of Ten Wings




After Lin Ming killed Blackstone with a spear, Duanmu Qun's complexion changed. Out of everyone here besides Lin Ming, he was the most clear minded!

Even though Blackstone was a Holy Land descendant, Lin Ming had killed him with absolutely no qualms. His actions were ruthless and decisive!

Seeing that Lan Xin was also controlled, Duanmu Qun fell into a panic. What should he do? She might also be killed by Lin Ming!

Taking back the long spear, a stream of blood shot out and Blackstone's body shook and he took several steps back. His eyes were still blood red, his hands covering this neck as he stared at Lin Ming with utter hatred burning in his gaze.

’’What a mess.’’

Lin Ming coldly looked at Blackstone. This type of person was nothing but a vicious black-hearted wolf. He had been showing kindness and good intentions in saving him from this hellhole, and not only was he not grateful but he actually held a grudge because he wasn't given more resources, wanting to kill Lin Ming in the future just for this. This type of person, even if he hadn't been controlled, Lin Ming would still have killed him. He didn't want to waste any effort in saving a potential enemy. This was the profound lesson that Ouyang Boyan had taught him. Even if he didn't have any family or friends or anyone else in the Holy Demon Continent, he still wouldn't let such a snake lay hidden here.



Lin Ming's palm cut across Blackstone's neck, directly severing his throat!

Blackstone was like mud as he softly slumped to the floor...

Like this, a great Holy Land descendent had died here drowning in his hatred.

’’Next is...’’ Lin Ming turned to the heaven-step Demon God Bone. As he withstood its will attack, he stepped closer and closer to the Demon God Bone. The Demon God Bone trembled panicked and began to tremble, issuing out whining howling sounds. It started to desperately activate its inherent Emperor Will to attack Lin Ming, but there simply wasn't any effect at all.

Like this, it had no choice but to give up, using its will attacks on the others present.

As a result, Lan Xin and High Lord Cloud Demon lost the last sliver of sanity in their eyes. They rushed towards Lin Ming, coming in from both sides!

’’Tsk!’’ Lin Ming's eyes flashed with a thick killing intent.

’’Brother Lin! Please, show mercy!’’ As Duanmu Qun saw this, he was dismayed. But, because of the will attack from the heaven-step Demon God Bone, he was rooted in place. Even just this shout almost caused him to lose his mind because he had diverted a bit of his attention!

Towards Duanmu Qun's pleas, Lin Ming simply turned a deaf ear. He flicked the Purple Comet Spear in his hand, and in the next moment, a brilliant spear light shot through the sky!

Around Lin Ming, the flow of time seemed to instantly slow down. As Lan Xin and High Lord Cloud Demon rushed towards Lin Ming, he immediately thrust out twice!

One spear towards High Lord Cloud Demon's heart and the other between Lan Xin's eyes!

Seeing this, Duanmu Qun's pupils contracted, overcome with a hysterical horror!



A bloody light shot out!

For those controlled by the heaven-step Demon God Bone, although the energy within their body would momentarily increase, because they lost their rationality and thinking, they were completely unable to break through Lin Ming's strange Concept of Space and Time attack.

Lin Min's attack could penetrate the most durable of defenses;how could High Lord Cloud Demon defend against it?

A spear easily thrust through High Lord Cloud Demon's heart. With a twist, a tyrannical true essence erupted, directly crushing High Lord Cloud Demon's heart!

At the same time, another spear light flashed, piercing between Lan Xin's eyes!

Seeing that cold spearpoint and the keen energy it released, Duanmu Qun felt his heart sinking into despair!

As for Lan Xin, her expression was still vacant even as she kept stumbling towards this attack!

The Purple Comet Spear was like a bolt of lightning as it thrust between Lan Xin's eyebrows before quickly returning, blood blooming!

Lan Xin's body stiffened. She immediately slumped to the floor as if she had lost every bone in her body.

’’Lan Xin!’’

Duanmu Qun's heart stopped beating for a second as his world fell apart around him!

Because of the interests and entanglement of their sects, him and Lan Xin couldn't develop a budding relationship as a man and a woman. But, after knowing each other for so many years, their friendship was still very deep.

’’She's fine.’’ Lin Ming calmly said as he looked at Lan Xin. ’’I've cut away her heart demon. The wound between her eyebrows isn't even a quarter of an inch deep, she'll be fine.’’

In that attack just now, Lin Ming had used his battle spirit to invade Lan Xin's spiritual sea and destroy the heart demon residing there.

Although a battle spirit was powerful, it wasn't omnipotent. If Lan Xin really did hold hatred for Lin Ming in her heart, then that heart demon within her would have been be strong. She would have been just like Blackstone, rushing to kill Lin Ming even if she was wounded.

If that had happened, then Lin Ming wouldn't have been soft-hearted. No matter how beautiful Lan Xin was, he would have used a heavy hand to destroy the flower!

'Cut apart her heart demon? Could Lin Ming have...'

Duanmu Qun paused. As someone who came from a super Holy Land that neared a sixth-grade sect, his experiences and knowledge far surpassed the ordinary man's. Towards the understanding of battle spirits and will, his knowledge wasn't much worse than Lin Ming's!

Only the battle spirit, known as that power that could cut through all, could enter into a martial artist's spiritual sea and cut apart their heart demon!

Lin Ming, he... he comprehended his own battle spirit?

How... this... how was this possible?

Duanmu Qun was simply unable to believe this!

Initially, when he stepped into the Road of Emperor, he also had the intention of tempering his will and forming his own battle spirit. Finally, he tarried at road of will lights for over 10 days before he spent a great deal of effort and energy and finally passed the first quasi Emperor will light. When he reached the second quasi Emperor will light, he wasn't able to bear it anymore. If he was having so much trouble with a quasi Emperor will light, there was no need to mention what a true Emperor level will light would do to him.

Within his generation, Duanmu Qun had an extraordinary will. In addition to his terrifying background, his amazing talent, his uncanny perception, and his top cultivation method, he could be called a favored son of the heavens. He had also felt that he towered above others. But, when he tried to condense his own battle spirit he suffered a brutal blow;the disparity was just too great.

When he entered the Road of Emperor, he had been a one-star Demon King, equal to a human middle to late Revolving master. Even so, he had still failed! As a last resort, Duanmu Qun had chosen the road of stone tablets.

As for Lin Ming, his cultivation at that time had been an entire realm lower - he was only at the extreme Xiantian realm. With just his extreme Xiantian cultivation he had been able to form his own battle spirit?

Unprecedented since ancient times was putting it lightly!

Thinking about it, when Lin Ming entered the Road of Emperor, he had stayed within for over half a year. After coming out, his cultivation had only increased by half a small boundary. This was truly incomprehensible. At the time, Duanmu Qun had also felt that something was wrong. Knowing what he knew now, Lin Ming had most likely chosen to stay on the road of will lights and had gone as far as being able to form his own battle spirit!

The road of will lights was only useful in tempering the will, it was extremely limited in raising one's cultivation. This would explain why Lin Ming's cultivation had only increased by such a small amount.


What kind of talent was this!? Compared to this, something like some silly Titled Asura was just garbage!

For the first time, Duanmu Qun felt fear and awe towards Lin Ming. He no longer took Lin Ming as a rival, but rather as a future earth-shaking and heaven-conquering legend!

Perhaps... even being the number one master of the Holy Demon Continent wouldn't be enough to satisfy Lin Ming. In the future, it was very likely that he would break through the martial void and step into the Realm of the Gods, even becoming an overlord of a territory there!

As Duanmu Qun's thoughts were racing, Feng Shen began to lose himself.

Before Feng Shen completely lose his self-control, Lin Ming took a step forwards and raised his spear, stabbing it between Feng Shen's eyes!


Feng Shen trembled and a bit of blood splashed out from between his eyes. He didn't slump down to the floor like Lan Xin did, but instead directly woke up. ’’What happened to me?’’

’’I'll tell you later.’’ Lin Ming turned to Duanmu Qun.

Duanmu Qun was suddenly frightened. His will was being invaded, and he had no strength to resist Lin Ming at the moment.

He saw that Lin Ming's attacks were able to cut apart heart demons, but High Lord Cloud Demon had not received this treatment. Lin Ming's spear had directly pierced through his heart. This was a simple and pure killing move. Lin Ming had intended to kill High Lord Cloud Demon from the very start!

Perhaps it was because Lin Ming saw the hatred hiding within High Lord Cloud Demon, or perhaps it was because he was disgusted by High Lord Cloud Demon's greedy character, but, in short, he had decisively killed High Lord Cloud Demon without an ounce of mercy.

Realizing this, Duanmu Qun gulped. With some difficult, he said, ’’I... I'm alright...’’


Lin Ming nodded and then turned around towards the Demon God Bone. Duanmu Qun was still sweating from a cold fear because, just now, he had discovered something else. After Blackstone and High Lord Cloud Demon were killed by Lin Ming, the infernal energy had left their bodies, and half of it surged towards Lin Ming before being swallowed up by his Heavenly Demon Tattoo.

At this time, Duanmu Qun had seen that the ten-winged Heavenly Demon Tattoo on Lin Ming's arm had actually reached the peak of the late ten-wings stage.

High Lord Cloud Demon had come from the strongest Skysplit Tower within the Blood Slaughter Steppes, Heavenly Cloud Tower. Even there, he had been one of the top ranked High Lords. The infernal energy within him was much richer, and after this energy was absorbed by Lin Ming, he immediately broke through the late ten-wing stage bottleneck and entered into the early peak of ten-wings!

He was just a single step away from becoming a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon!

’’Lin Ming's Heavenly Demon Tattoo is actually... at the peak of 10 wings?’’

After Duanmu Qun realized this, his heart chilled. If this continued, then it was possible Lin Ming could become a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon!

He wanted to become a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon?

As a Holy Land descendant, Duanmu Qun was well aware of what a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon was to the Blood Slaughter Steppes.

It was a completely taboo existence!

Even the son of the Blood Slaughter Steppes' ruler was not allowed to become a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon without permission!

Moreover, in order to become a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon, one had to find and kill a massive amount of powerful High Lords. Even if one was allowed to become a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon, it wasn't something that an ordinary person could ever accomplish.

Lin Ming had unexpectedly and silently become a peak ten-winged Heavenly Demon. Along the way, how many high Lords had he killed?

That ridiculous Blackstone and High Lord Cloud Demon had thought something so dumb as trying to discuss dividing lucky chances with Lin Ming. They probably thought that Lin Ming was just a little amateur boy, but he was actually a tiger wearing a sheep's skin. They had both brought about their own deaths!

In any case, no matter what, he could not be enemies with Lin Ming.

This was the only thought in Duanmu Qun's mind at the time. He didn't know how old Lin Ming was, but at most he was 22 or 23. To be so young and have such a cultivation, strength, and to even form his own battle spirit in the Xiantian realm... with his firm and decisive character, his ruthless actions, Lin Ming nearly had no weaknesses!

Once offended, such a person would return hundreds or even a thousand years later. At that time, even destroying a super Holy Land might be as simple as turning a hand..

It was exactly because he had all these thoughts at once that Duanmu Qun's back was cold with sweat.

As he was lost in his thoughts, Lin Ming had already arrived in front of the heaven-step Demon God Bone.

This was another Demon God Bone that held the residual Emperor Will of an ancient powerhouse. The sort of will attack that this God Demon Bone was capable of was exactly what Lin Ming was least afraid of. Its attack, towards him who had fully formed his bronze battle spirit and had also broken through to Revolving Core, could at most scratch his boot.

As the Demon God Bone saw Lin Ming closing in, it began to issue out ear-piercing cries, as if it were an actual living creature.

Lin Ming simply didn't care. He thrust out one hand.



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