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Martial World - Chapter 653


Chapter 653 - Murder

When Blackstone had been wallowing in despair, he had indeed said that if he could make it out of this land alive, he would give all of his wealth to Lin Ming. But at that time, Blackstone had been desperate to survive, so it wasn't strange that he would make such a promise in that situation.

Now he saw just how powerful Lin Ming really was. Not only had Lin Ming managed to find the method to leave this 1000 mile forbidden zone but his strength was indomitable. By himself, he had defeated the four corpse devils, making it seem that their chances of leaving here were much higher.

Under the constantly hanging threat of death, when a person was doing everything they could to survive, as long as they were tossed a rope they would be willing to give up all their wealth. But when that threat was gone, their heart would change and their greed would return. This was the debased nature of man. Moreover, with such a lucky chance in front of him, something so precious that could only be found through a stroke of fate, how could Blackstone not be moved?

After being rebutted by Lin Ming's words, Blackstone's bleak expression became even uglier. ’’Lin Ming... it's true that I said those words, it's just that... we entered the 1000 mile forbidden zone together and I risked my life this entire time. Although I wasn't the one to kill the enemies, I still managed to serve as a shield for you. At least, consider that I lost my arm...’’

Blackstone hadn't even finished speaking when he was interrupted by Lin Ming. ’’You risked your life for me? Was I the one that pushed you into the 1000 mile forbidden zone? Was I the one who forced you to 'bring up the rear' and have your arm cut off?’’

This series of rhetorical questions left Blackstone dumbfounded. Initially, the reason he had lost an arm was because he was too scared to rush towards the corpse devil.

At this time High Lord Cloud Demon butted in, ’’Young Hero Lin... I know that without you, none of us would be alive right now, let alone have a chance to obtain resources. It's just that... someone as majestic as you will inevitably become a Peerless Emperor in the future and have countless more resources. In fact, aren't all these resources not too effective for you? I don't think you'd be able to use everything. If this fist sized earth-step Demon God Bone would have a base value of one, then that heaven-step Demon God Bone would probably have a value of 40 to 50. I don't know what the golden fruit is, but it shouldn't be any worse than the heaven-step Demon God Bone, making it also worth 40 to 50. In addition with the 16 earth-step Demon God Bones, that is around a total of 100. You only gave the five of us eight earth-step Demon God Bones, so that is only 8% divided amongst the rest of us...’’

’’The truth is that I don't need that much. As long as I can have 1/3... no, ¼of the heaven-step Demon God Bone then that will be enough for me to break through the Emperor level bottleneck. I can make an oath right here that as long as I become an Emperor level powerhouse, I will remember this kindness for my entire life. When that time comes, if Young Hero Lin has any needs, I will work like a horse for you!’’

High Lord Cloud Demon solemnly vowed, making swearing gestures with his hands.

Lin Ming was simply unmoved by this nonsense. His face was expressionless as he said, ’’It's true that I have a great number of lucky chances, and I could even say that this heaven-step Demon God Bone isn't too tempting to me. But, I have friends and family who also need to use them. The decisions I make, I will not change. Me willing to save you isn't because you are special or anything. Me leading you to leave this 1000 mile forbidden zone is already me being benevolent to you. As for lucky chances, why should I divide any of them with you?’’

The reason that he helped rescue everyone was mainly because of Feng Shen and partly because of Lan Xin. Lin Ming regarded Feng Shen as a friend, and Lan Xin had also been a teammate of his, both of them having risked their lives in a squad. When Lin Ming had gone back to capture the demon bone, Lan Xin had sincerely advised him not to go for his own safety, showing true consideration for Lin Ming's welfare.

Although this was only a very light and simple friendship, Lin Ming placed a great deal of importance and emphasis in these relationships he had, no matter how faint they were. Before, the reason he had been willing to stop and wait for these people and even dividing them less than 10% of these resources, was all because he appreciated Feng Shen and Lan Xin and was willing to give them some face.

As for Blackstone and High Lord Cloud Demon, he was already being merciful by not instantly killing them. And they still wanted to take part of his lucky chance? Dream on!

In fact, if it wasn't for the fact that Lin Ming was planning on returning to the South Horizon Region right after this tour of the Eternal Demon Abyss, he would have already killed Blackstone and High Lord Cloud Demon right here and right now. Whether it was the profound gold divine fruit or the heaven-step Demon God Bone, both of these treasures were enough to make him a target of powerful forces once the news spread out.

’’Young Hero Lin...’’ High Lord Cloud Demon wanted to say something, but as he saw Lin Ming's icy cold eyes glaring at him, he could only shut up and remain silent. He felt that once Lin Ming made a decision, he would not easily change it. He simply didn't have the power to bargain at all. He could only choose to accept this or have nothing at all.

As the weaker man, there was nothing he could do. He didn't doubt that if Lin Ming wanted to, he could kill all five of them.

High Lord Cloud Demon finally relinquished his desire towards the heaven-step Demon God Bone, and was planning on getting two earth-step Demon God Bones for himself before going back. At least something was better than nothing.

But, at this moment, a voice suddenly resounded in his mind.

’’Don't you want to obtain a heaven-step Demon God Bone? Don't you want to break through the Emperor level bottleneck?’’


The sudden voice startled High Lord Cloud Demon. This voice appeared in his mind, and after hearing it, it didn't sound like it came from any of the other five people here.

Could this be...

High Lord Cloud Demon's eyes turned over to the fourth sarcophagus, his face paling. It couldn't be her!

As this idea grew in his heart, a chill rose from the soles of his feet and traveled up his spine, shooting straight into the skies. He did want a heaven-step Demon God Bone, but he absolutely didn't want to come into contact with this kind of ghostly being.

At this time, High Lord Cloud Demon also noticed Blackstone's situation. Before, Blackstone had a very ugly complexion, but now he looked confused, his pupils losing focus as if he were in a trance.

’’He also heard the voice?’’ High Lord Cloud Demon was shocked. Also, it appeared that Blackstone had already fallen into this trap!

At this moment, High Lord Cloud Demon suddenly discovered that it wasn't just Blackstone that heard this voice, but also Feng Shen, Lan Xin, and Duanmu Qun. All of their complexions had changed. Among them, Duanmu Qun and Feng Shen still appeared lucid, but a trace of turmoil had appeared in Lan Xin's eyes!

'This is bad!' High Lord Cloud Demon's heart surged with a strong sense of unease. At this time, he remembered Lin Ming and quickly turned to look at him, but then, his field of vision suddenly turned into an endless white field. In the dim light, he could see a peerless powerhouse wearing armor, holding a divine weapon as he looked upon the world with contempt!

And this powerhouse's appearance was exactly the same as High Lord Cloud Demon's!

This was his appearance several hundred years from now after he became a Peerless Emperor!

’’Peerless Emperor? My Peerless Emperor!?’’ This thought reverberated in High Lord Cloud Demon's mind. Then, he lost himself in illusion, forgetting what was happening now.

Many martial artists had a mental weakness. Once they suffered a soul attack or tried to make a breakthrough, this weakness would become their heart demon, struggling to swallow their spiritual sea.

High Lord Cloud Demon's heart demon was his obsessive desire to become an Emperor level powerhouse!

At this time, besides Lin Ming, the only one able to maintain their sanity was Duanmu Qun. But, his forehead was seeping with sweat and he had an extremely grim expression.

Feng Shen was second to Duanmu Qun. Although his strength was weaker, his heart was firm and he was able to maintain his consciousness. As for Lan Xin, High Lord Cloud Demon, and Blackstone, all three of them were completely entranced.

’’Who is this?’’ Lin Ming's mind went cold. He grasped the Purple Comet Spear and maintained full alert. He own will was as firm as iron and he also had the battle spirit and Samsara martial intent;he was able to completely ignore this sort of soul attack.

He didn't even blink to destroy that illusion in his soul.

There weren't any signs of evil spirits around... could it be...

Lin Ming suddenly turned to look at the fourth sarcophagus!

Was it her!?

If it truly was her, then the consequences would be calamitous!

She had been an unbelievable existence. Even if she had died 100,000 years ago, her residual will was not something that Lin Ming could contend with.

But at this moment, Demonshine's voice sounded in his mind, ’’Lin Ming, do not panic. It is not that woman, no, it is the heaven-step Demon God Bone! I was negligent! A heaven-step Demon God Bone must have a mind of its own. How could it willingly be caught and eaten up by others?’’

Demonshine's voice suddenly woke up Lin Ming! Demonshine had once said that a heaven-step Demon God Bone must have a consciousness and would be much more difficult to capture. In fact, even a top earth-step Demon God Bone would be intelligent. For instance when Lin Ming had caught the Blood Demon Bone from before, that demon bone was intelligent, and could tempt martial artists close to absorb their blood vitality.

So this was it!

Lin Ming let out a deep breath. If it was just the heaven-step Demon God Bone, then there wasn't a reason to dread it at all.

He took a step forwards, wanting to seal up the heaven-step Demon God Bone that was causing all this trouble. But at this moment, Blackstone let out a bellowing roar as he rushed towards Lin Ming!

The heavy sword in his hand swept out straight towards Lin Ming's neck!

Blackstone had been thoroughly controlled.

It was apparent that the heaven-step Demon God Bone feared Lin Ming so it had controlled Blackstone and made him attack.

Seeing this scene, Lin Ming coldly snorted, ’’Since it's like this, don't blame me!’’

Towards someone like Blackstone, Lin Ming wouldn't stay his hand for fear of harming him, or do something so stupid as withstanding Blackstone's attacks while trying to suppress the heaven-step Demon God Bone.

If he was controlled because his mind was weak, who was to blame?

Grasping the Purple Comet Spear, the Heretical God Force opened. Lin Ming's spear swept out!


The heavy sword was struck away. Blackstone's arm shook and his palm ruptured

In terms of striking power, he was no different from a baby in front of Lin Ming.

However, after the heavy sword was sent flying away, Blackstone still rushed towards Lin Ming, wanting to strangle him. His eyes were already a deep blood red.

Seeing this, Lin Ming sneered. His attack just now had contained his battle spirit. A battle spirit was invisible and intangible. It could crush all, including the divine soul, negative emotions, life force, heart demons, and everything else that was insubstantial.

Lin Ming had wanted to help Blackstone by destroying the heart demon that had invaded his spiritual sea, but his spear strike simply had no effect, Blackstone was still desperately trying to kill him at all cost. So, it seemed Blackstone really did hate him from the depths of his soul. This heart demon had galvanized the hatred in his heart and made him desperate to kill Lin Ming.

’’You are hopeless!’’

Lin Ming was expressionless as he thrust out the Purple Comet Spear!

This spear strike was infused with his battle spirit as well as the full power of the Heretical God Force.


With the added sharpness from the battle spirit, Blackstone's protective demon essence and neck were both torn apart by Lin Ming's spear like paper, blood shooting out!


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