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Martial World - Chapter 650


Chapter 650 - Great Lucky Chance




Lin Ming took a deep breath and held the Purple Comet Spear steady, the spearpoint still trembling.

To use the Purple Comet Spear to pierce through the green-haired female corpse devil was the same as using a peak earth-step treasure to ruin a heaven-step treasure;this was entirely due to the added striking power from his battle spirit!

Lin Ming's battle spirit was currently at the bronze level. In the future when it grew, it would become even more terrifying. The battle spirit was well known as the mightiest attack, this reputation was not unearned.

As the other three corpse devils saw this, they let out increasingly savage roars and ignored everyone else, all of them simultaneously rushing towards Lin Ming!

Facing the concurrent attacks of three corpse devils, Lin Ming's eyes flashed with a keen light. He flicked his fingers, and a battle spirit-infused divine Demon Steel Needle howled forth!

The power of thunder was a force that most constrained ghosts and evil spirits. With the added support of the battle spirit, the might of this thunder grew to yet another level!


The divine Demon Steel Needle sank into the body of a corpse devil, causing thick arcs of electricity to shoot out. The corpse devil trembled and then fell to the floor. Although it wasn't severely injured, this still allowed Lin Ming to face two instead of three.

With his feet stepping atop Golden Roc Shattering the Void, Lin Ming suddenly accelerated. Take the first strike and take control of the battle!

His figure seemed to teleport in front of a corpse devil. True essence erupted from his body, revolving to the limit as the spear in his hand came smashing down!

At this moment, Lin Ming had no intention of hiding even the least bit of his strength. Facing three corpse devils at once, he had to maintain the utmost caution and guard. Although his protective true essence and bodily defensive power were strong, he still couldn't allow his skin to be scratched even the littlest bit. Once his skin was broken, that terrifying corpse poison would drill into his body. Lin Ming didn't believe he would be able to resist that at all!


The Purple Comet Spear came slashing down like a whip. With the spear shaft's flexibility reinforced by the battle spirit, he directly smashed apart a corpse devil's chest. The corpse devil was like a ragdoll as it was pounded backwards hundreds of feet by Lin Ming's spear!

At the same time, the other corpse devil's claw was reaching towards Lin Ming. But, as that corpse devil's claws approached, its speed suddenly drastically slowed, as if it were mired in mud!

In a situation where Lin Ming had just struck with his spear, he still managed to pull out his spear and strike at the other corpse devil!

In other words, in an instant, Lin Ming had made two spear strikes!


With an explosive sound, the second corpse devil was smashed backwards, sent flying away by Lin Ming's spear!

With three corpse devils rushing towards Lin Ming at once, one had its body paralyzed by electricity, and the other two were smashed away by Lin Ming's spear one at a time. As the other five people saw this they were all shocked. Was this even human?

If this striking power was used upon a person's body, it would shatter their body and break everything within them into pieces;who could still block this?


Lin Ming turned his spear and pointed towards that corpse devil that was paralyzed by the power of thunder. The power of the Heretical God Force and Eight Inner Hidden Gates erupted together. Lin Ming's true essence seemed to rage around him like a roiling inferno, his long hair recklessly waving in the air.

Penetrating Rainbow!

A spear light shot through the void. Fire and thunder intertwine and energy violently exploded. The distorted space maze was split asunder even as Lin Ming's spear pierced through that corpse devil's chest!


It was like a meteor had struck the ground. The terrifying blast of energy cracked earth, sending chunks of dirt flying into the skies with abandon. Fog and crushed stone rolled up in a wave hundreds of feet high as it surged outwards. As the other five people saw the terrifying impact of these shockwaves, all of them began summoning their true essence to resist it!

Fog and dirt began falling back to the ground. Where the corpse devil had been, there was now a massive gaping hole in the earth hundreds of feet deep. The corpse devil was completely buried within this earth, its fate unknown.

’’How fearful!’’ Seeing this sight, High Lord Cloud Demon paled. This was far too terrifying of an attack. Just the shockwaves had this much strength behind them!

He thought that after Lin Ming broke through to Revolving Core, he'd have a comprehensive combat strength around that of Duanmu Qun. But now, it seemed that if their strength was placed in front of Lin Ming, any one of them would just be a joke.

What the hell? How could this boy's striking power be so ridiculously powerful?

High Lord Cloud Demon and Duanmu Qun glanced at each other, seeing the deep horror and amazement in the other's eyes;this had already surpassed the scope of their understanding.

Lin Ming gently landed several hundred feet away. As he held the Purple Comet Spear in his hands, his expression was tranquil. The battle spirit truly hadn't disappointed him. Even though the corpse devil's body was as tough as refined gold, Lin Ming's spear had still torn it apart. Even if that corpse devil was still alive somewhere in that pit, it wouldn't be too great of a threat.

As the other two corpse devils saw this, an instinctual fear was born in their hearts. They hesitated, not sure if they should continue fighting. But at this moment, Lin Ming's feet stepped upon Golden Roc Shattering the Void once more, and his figure faded, seeming as if he were teleporting through the air!

A spear thrust forth, like an azure rainbow shooting through the heavens!


The corpse devil fundamentally wasn't able to even react before Lin Ming stabbed into it, sending it flying back and causing its chest to collapse. As the other corpse devil saw this, it growled out and turned around to escape!

The surrounding five people all gulped. These corpse devils had low intelligence and lived mainly based on their instincts. Still, after this brief fight the last remaining one had begun to flee. From this, Lin Ming's terrifying strength could be imagined!

’’Lin Ming, chase it!’’ Demonshine's voice sounded out in Lin Ming's mind.

’’Mm?’’ Lin Ming was startled. At this time, chasing that corpse devil was a completely unwise move. In this chaotic space, once he entered into a difference section of the space maze, all of that effort he put into passing through those several dozen miles outwards would be wasted.

’’Chase it! That fellow must have some good stuff!’’ Demonshine urged. Although the corpse devil had a slow reaction time, it wasn't slow by any means. In a short period of time, it had already rushed very far away. If it ran out of sight, it would be basically impossible to catch up in this distorted space energy field.

Lin Ming fiercely grit his teeth, grasped the Purple Comet Spear, and gave chase!

As the other five people saw this they were bewildered. What was Lin Ming doing? Was he actually thinking of chasing that corpse devil?

Damn it!

Ack! At this time, the top priority was obviously to escape from this 1000 mile forbidden zone! What was the point of chasing down this corpse devil and killing it!?

In this 1000 mile forbidden zone, one had to constantly analyze the surroundings while being surrounded by dangers on all sounds. Wasn't chasing this corpse devil the same as committing suicide?

As the other people complained in their hearts, they had no other choice. At this time, Lin Ming was their haven. If he followed, then the others would have to follow without hesitation. Following Lin Ming was the only hope they had to make it out of this dreadful land alive. Without Lin Ming they were over with!

Feng Shen was the first to run forwards. He had absolute belief in Lin Ming. Regardless of what Lin Ming did, he had to have his reasons. There was no need to suspect Lin Ming's methods, because if anyone did, that meant they were wrong!

Duanmu Qun, Lan Xin, and the rest followed right after. Blackstone frowned, ’’What is Lin Ming doing? He's just deliberately stirring up trouble!’’

Duanmu Qun glared at Blackstone with disgust, not bothering to reason with him. He only coldly said, ’’If you don't know then don't ask. If you have the ability to make it out of here yourself then go ahead and leave!’’

’’You...’’ Blackstone's words died in this throat. He was left speechless. He certainly had to follow Lin Ming, he simply had no other choice. Moreover, what happened just now was his own fault so he didn't dare say anything more.

The corpse devil madly ran away. Its speed was about the same as Blackstone, Feng Shen, and the rest's. With Lin Ming's speed, he just had to shrink the space underneath his feet to catch up, but he purposefully reduced his speed so he could maintain a distance of several hundred feet.

The corpse devil's mad rush wasn't in a straight path. Rather, it frequently took corners, curved around, and took sudden lefts and rights. Lin Ming steadfastly followed. No matter where it went, he would follow, with Duanmu Qun and the rest not even daring to go half a step off astray. Everyone was well aware of just how strange this 1000 mile forbidden zone was. Once someone became lost here, then this would also become their burial ground!

The corpse devil brought Lin Ming along for a half hour chase. At this time, a black mountain suddenly appeared in front of them. There seemed to be a strange spatial distortion around this mountain that meant one didn't see it until they were just 1000 feet away!

As the corpse devil saw this mountain appear, its speed became faster. It roared and quickly vanished into the mountain.

’’Chase it!’’ Demonshine shouted.

Without hesitation, Lin Ming also rushed in.

Once he stepped into this mountain, Lin Ming felt as if he had entered a completely separate dimension. The corpse devil disappeared, and the endless dreary gray lands that surrounded them also disappeared, replaced by a pitch black space.

’’Take the right path and go straight. I left a special mark on that corpse devil earlier, there's no way that it can escape my palm! And, here is probably... hehe, Lin Ming, we hit the jackpot!’’


Lin Ming's mind stirred. He didn't ask the details but said, ’’Let's wait for the others.’’

As his voice fell, Feng Shen, Duanmu Qun, Lan Xin, and the rest also rushed into this dark space.

’’Follow me!’’ Lin Ming simply said. Without further ado, he launched his movement technique and rapidly ran to the right with the five others following him.

With Demonshine's instructions, Lin Ming ran in seven or eight circles in the dark. Then, after he stepped through a strangely twisted space barrier, light appeared before him.

At this time, he discovered that he had entered into a cave. Within this cave, there were several sarcophaguses. As for that corpse devil, it crawled into a corner of the cave, sending out intimidating roars towards Lin Ming!

Lin Ming calmly took out his Purple Comet Spear and pointed it towards the corpse devil. Against a single corpse devil, there simply weren't any problems.

’’Lin Ming, this corpse devil is already frightened by you. Although it's trying to intimidate you, the truth is that this is all an act. If you make a channel for it then it will immediately escape.’’


Lin Min moved to the side. In this 1000 mile forbidden zone, he didn't want to fight in any unnecessary battles. It was best if he could retain his maximum strength so that he would have a great chance of living through the next disaster that happened here, not to mention that killing this corpse devil gave him absolutely no advantages at all.

After Lin Ming moved to the side, Feng Shen and the rest also understood as soon as they caught up and hurried to the side. Lin Ming may not fear this corpse devil, but they were different. In this narrow cave, if Lin Ming wasn't here, then it was possible they would become this corpse devil's supper.

Seeing Lin Ming allow it an opening to leave, the corpse devil roared several more times, its rotten eyes shining as it glared at Lin Ming. It cautiously scooted towards this path, and when it felt it was safe enough, suddenly rushed across the cave. Then, as if it had disappeared in space, it simply vanished.

After the corpse devil disappeared, Lin Ming asked, ’’Demonshine, just what kind of place is this?’’

’’Haha, Lin Ming! You young boy, we are rich now! I thought that these corpse devils were stronger than they should be. These corpse devils aren't those higher level monsters that come from the depths of the Eternal Demon Abyss. Rather, they are formed within the 1000 mile forbidden zone after High Lords or others die here and then have their corpse possessed by evil spirits. A corpse devil could use infernal energy to temper their corpse and make it unbelievably durable, but not to this degree. Those four corpse devils just now should not have had a defensive power equal to a heaven-step treasure. If those things just relied on the infernal energy in the Eternal Demon Abyss to temper themselves, they wouldn't be able to accomplish this even in 100,000 years! So, I suspect that they must have some special treasure to temper themselves through body transformation. And, my guess was correct! It is all right here!’’


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