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Martial World - Chapter 648


Chapter 648 - Corpse Devil




’’You've figured out a way to leave the Eternal Demon Abyss?’’ Demonshine asked, startled.

’’Just a general feel... I don't know if it's possible yet...’’ Lin Ming quietly said. He was continuously playing out scenarios in his mind.

Demonshine was shocked. He was very familiar with Lin Ming's personality now. If Lin Ming said he could, then he must have around a 70 to 80% assurance that his plan would work.

The 1000 mile forbidden zone was known as a land of no return that not even birds could cross. Even a high stage Life Destruction or weak Emperor level powerhouse might die here.

But, Lin Ming was able to discover the method to leave this land...

When they had captured the demon bone together, that had mostly been relying on Demonshine's help. But after they entered the 1000 mile forbidden zone, the truth was that Demonshine hadn't played too great a role. Most of it had been due to Lin Ming's own hard work and effort!

'This boy...'

Demonshine sighed with emotion. Perhaps it wouldn't be too long before a broken remnant soul like him would no longer be able to help Lin Ming.

After a quarter of an hour, Lin Ming had finished deducing the scenarios in his mind. He stood up and said to the group, ’’Follow me.’’

With Lin Ming's words, everyone quickly stood up. Although they had placed all their hopes on Lin Ming, they still didn't have much confidence they would be able to make it out of here.

This entire time, they had always been going deeper and deeper into the Eternal Demon Abyss. The closer they got to the center, the faster they were sucked in. It was like there was some invisible gravitational force that was constantly sucking them in.

Demonshine had said that the Eternal Demon Abyss was like a black hole. The closer one was, the greater the attractive force was and the more distorted space became. Wanting to come back out was extremely difficult.

But, Lin Ming had found that he had been caught in a trap of his own misunderstanding. He had thought that to come out of this twisted space maze, he would have to look for an exit.

However, this space maze was extremely complex with countless twist and turns. There were even some crisscrossing paths that were 100 to 200 miles away from the Eternal Demon Abyss. If he had to pass through these then he would have to approach to 100 miles away from the Eternal Demon Abyss, which was undoubtedly very dangerous.

Moreover, there were innumerable danger zones in this 1000 mile forbidden zone. If they encountered some danger and were forced to run away, then all their efforts would have been for naught.

In this sort of situation, Lin Ming felt as if he had walked into a dead end. But then, that great ancient beast had suddenly appeared, giving Lin Ming a groundbreaking inspiration.

When that great ancient beast had let out a deep roar into the skies, the powerful shockwave had surged outwards and destroyed the surrounding space maze!

Then, when the great ancient beast had unfolded its vast wings, the following terrifying storm that swept out had again shattered the space maze, directly blowing them out 1000 feet. This 1000 foot distance was towards the outside of the Eternal Demon Abyss!

In other words, they were blown 1000 feet away from the Eternal Demon Abyss.

As this happened, it was like a light lit up in Lin Ming's mind. The distorted space here could change the walking direction of the weak, but it could not change that violent and tyrannical shockwave and energy storm from the great ancient beast. The reason for this was because they were far too strong!

If he could be like the great ancient beast and destroy the surrounding space maze, then leaving this place would be much simpler.

Shattering the space here was a madman's idea. If it were several months ago, Lin Ming wouldn't have believed he could accomplish this. But now that he had broken through to Revolving Core and his battle spirit had also reached the bronze stage, his striking power was incomparable to how it used to be.

A battle spirit had a colossal effect on striking power. In just this aspect alone, Lin Ming had already surpassed a second stage Life Destruction powerhouse.

Initially, Xuan Wuji and others had cut open a space channel in a broken world. Now, he too should have this ability. Well, at least he should be able to change the curved space at a weak point of this space maze.

Now, the reason that Lin Ming was walking was to look for this weak point in space.

Blackstone closely followed behind Lin Ming. Uneasily, he asked, ’’Young Hero Lin, how come you didn't place down an array symbol mark this time?’’

Without a mark, how would they return? Blackstone simply didn't have any sense of security here at all.

Duanmu Qun and the others didn't understand either. But what they knew was that Lin Ming had his reasons for doing this. They didn't understand the strange and mysterious principles of this 1000 mile forbidden zone, so there was no reason to ask.

’’There's no need to.’’

Lin Ming responded simply without explaining. In fact, leaving battle spirit marks meant that he would have to lose some willpower. One mark was not much, but hundreds of them added together would exhaust him. Right now, Lin Ming had to ensure that his striking power and battle spirit would be at their strongest state.

Blackstone noticed Lin Ming's silence and tactfully didn't ask any further. All he could do was follow Lin Ming, his heart anxious the entire time.

After walking for a quarter of an hour, Lin Ming finally found the first weak point in space.

As long as he could destroy this distorted space in front of him, he would be able to leave this level of the space maze and go into the next. It would save him a great amount of time and effort.

Lin Ming closed his eyes.

The Heretical God Force opened.

He revolved the true essence within his body to the limit.

Penetrating Rainbow!

With the battle spirit fused to his Purple Comet Spear, Lin Ming thrust out!

The sudden attack took the other five by surprise. They thought that an enemy had arrived and all began to take out their weapons, preparing themselves for the final showdown. However, as they waited, they discovered that nothing happened. Lin Ming had simply stabbed at empty air just then.

'Is that fellow too nervous and attacked empty space?' Blackstone maliciously thought. Before this, he didn't have any confidence that he would be able to defeat Lin Ming. But, seeing him mess up in public, he couldn't help but start thinking to himself, 'So even you'll have times you're embarrassed.'

’’Let's go!’’

Lin Ming said succinctly and lifted his feet to walk. His thoughts had been correct. With the bronze battle spirit fused into his attack and added to the fact that his cultivation had reached Revolving Core, he really was able to change the distortion in space here!

As everyone saw Lin Ming calmly walk forwards, the rest followed him with no questions.

Following this, a set pattern began to appear. Every now and then, Lin Ming would suddenly attack the empty air.

Everyone was confused;just what was this?

To be honest, attacking empty air looked sort of silly.

If this were another martial artist, they would have assumed that they had a mental sickness. But Lin Ming was different. If Lin Ming did it, then no matter how absurd or ridiculous it looked, there must been some unexplainable mystical function behind it. This could be called the weighty stature of a master.

Attack after attack, everyone was startled at first, but after that they became accustomed to it. No one asked why Lin Ming did what he did - they knew that asking was useless anyways.

Blackstone was disquieted. Were Lin Ming's silly-looking attacks really effective?

Casually, Blackstone turned back to look at the Eternal Demon Abyss. As he saw it, he was immediately startled.

’’Everyone, look!’’

The rest of the group turned around to see that the far off Eternal Demon Abyss seemed blurrier now. That billowing flow of energy had sunk back into the thick fog, looking ethereal and dreamlike.

From being clear to faint, this proved that they were walking further from the Eternal Demon Abyss! Moreover, they had gone at least several dozen or a hundred miles!

Realizing this, everyone grew excited.

They didn't know how Lin Ming had done this, but now no one dared to disturb his thoughts.

As for Lin Ming, every time that he attacked space, the strike of the Purple Comet Spear would completely sink into the invisible surface of space and be camouflaged by it, so that no one could see just how much energy was behind each of these attacks. Everyone assumed that they were just ordinary attacks, but the truth was that every single strike used 80 to 90% of Lin Ming's strength.

For these short interval and high intensity attacks, even though Lin Ming had the support from the Gate of Healing, he still found it hard to continue.

He had no choice but to take out some pills and restore his strength.

Within the Eternal Demon Abyss, Lin Ming had to constantly make sure he was at this peak state. Otherwise, if a catastrophic danger were to happen, no one would come to his rescue.

’’Young Hero Lin, what is so mysterious about your attack? Can we help out?’’ As Blackstone saw that Lin Ming had already rested for half an hour, he couldn't help but ask this question. He was too worried right now. Every second longer that they were in this 1000 mile forbidden zone meant that there was that much more danger.

Lin Ming didn't even have time to respond before High Lord Cloud Demon coldly coughed and shouted, ’’Blackstone, sit down!’’

Blackstone dejectedly returned to his spot.

’’You not bothering Brother Lin is already the greatest help!’’ Duanmu Qun said. He had also been carefully observing Lin Ming's attacks. Those seemingly random attacks actually came in at very particular angles and speeds;wanting to replace Lin Ming's attack with their own was easier said than done.

Three quarters of an hour later, Lin Ming was completely restored. At this moment when Lin Ming's eyes flashed open, he was immediately shocked. He could see a dim green shadow behind Lan Xin. As he took a closer look, a creepy feeling instantly shot up his back. ’’Lan Xin, behind you!’’


Lan Xin was greatly shocked. She suddenly turned around, a cold sweat already dripping down her back. Behind her, a long green-haired corpse woman was silently floating in the air, her crimson lips open as she continuously sucked wisps of essence energy from Lan Xin's body into her mouth!


Lan Xin cried out in alarm, her beautiful face turning pale!

’’It's sucking in your life force!’’ Lin Ming said, shocked. This kind of green corpse was called a corpse devil. After a martial artist's corpse was possessed by an evil spirit, it absorbed the infernal energy from the world and slowly became this sort of ghostly monster.


Duanmu Qun's face flashed with a merciless light. He took out his long sword and stabbed at the corpse devil. Once a corpse devil absorbed one's essence energy, it would greatly shorten their life. It was unknown just how much of Lan Xin's essence energy had been swallowed, but if they didn't kill this green-haired corpse devil then that essence energy would never return.

Facing Duanmu Qun's violent sword strike, the corpse devil didn't even try to dodge. It let that sharp sword cut down on its body.


The sound of metal striking metal rang out. Duanmu Qun's sword cut open the ragged clothes of the corpse devil, but it didn't even manage to scratch the skin.


Duanmu Qun's complexion paled. Although that attack just now was rushed and he wasn't able to use his full strength, it was at least 60 to 70% of his peak power. Yet he wasn't even to scratch the skin of this monster! If this was so, then even if he attacked with all of his strength he might only be able to give it a minor wound!

The other martial artists also grimaced. Duanmu Qun's strength ranked amongst the top in their group. If he couldn't even injure the corpse devil then there was no need to mention the others.


This was the idea that simultaneously appeared in the minds of several people. However, just as they thought this, it was like they were suddenly thrown into an icehouse. In front of them, around 70 to 80 feet away, were three more corpse devils. They had gathered in a formation and had them surrounded!


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