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Martial World - Chapter 647


Chapter 647 - [Ancient Beast]



’’Yellow Springs River... that is... from the legendary hell from the fables of a bygone era... the skeletons within the river are countless, without end...’’ Duanmu Qun's voice trailed off as he turned to look at Lin Ming.

Lin Ming was silent throughout. Whether this was a random name given by the Demon Emperor, or whether this was truly the legendary Yellow Springs River of the Holy Demon Continent, what was important was that because they frantically ran away just now, they had approached the Eternal Demon Abyss by over 100 miles!

This meant that they were just over 400 miles away from the Eternal Demon Abyss. They could already clearly see the black energy that gushed out of the ground, spanning the heavens and earth, setting the stars ablaze!

As Lin Ming became increasingly gloomy, and the others also realized this point. In truth, they had run at most around 20 to 30 miles just now, but they had gone another 100 miles towards the Eternal Demon Abyss. This proved that the closer they were to the Eternal Demon Abyss, the faster they would get sucked into that gaping void!

This was seriously bad news!

Duanmu Qun let out a heavy sigh. At this time, he felt that his chances of making it out of the 1000 mile forbidden zone with his life intact were becoming increasingly low.

’’We only have six people left...’’ Lan Xin suddenly said.

Of the group of 10, the only ones left over were Lin Ming, Feng Shen, Duanmu Qun, Lan Xin, High Lord Cloud Demon, and Blackstone.

These six were the strongest of the group. As for the other four, because their strength was lacking, they had already died!

When everyone encountered the same danger, it was usually the weakest who would die.

As Blackstone discovered there were only six people remaining, he felt his heart rapidly beat in his chest, his face paling.

Because, of the six people left, he was the weakest!

There was no need to mention Duanmu Qun or High Lord Cloud Demon, he couldn't even think of catching up to them.

Lin Ming's strength was unknown, but he shouldn't be much worse than Duanmu Qun.

As for Lan Xin and Feng Shen, they were also above him.

This meant that if someone were to die, it would most likely be him!

’’Young... Young Hero Lin...’’

Blackstone's forehead began to furiously drip with sweat, but he didn't know what to say. In the past, when he had formed teams, he had taken others to be his shield because they were weaker than him.

But today, the tables had turned - he was the weakest.

This was an immeasurably bitter and ironic situation.

High Lord Cloud Demon knew what Blackstone was thinking and patted his shoulder in consolation. As he saw the four others die just now, he also felt as if he had stepped into death's door.

For those two dangers just now, if it wasn't for Lin Ming promptly alerting them in time, they probably would have all died.

’’Young Hero Lin, you must choose a lucky road, ah, we're all counting on you here...’’ Blackstone's voice was a bit hoarse as he spoke, ’’If I make it through this alive, I'll leave all my infernal energy and even give everything in my spatial ring to you, I don't want any of this... hey, if I had known things would be like this earlier then I never would have entered the Eternal Demon Abyss. Now even if there was an earth-step Demon God Bone given to me, I still wouldn't want it...’’

Blackstone morosely said. Now, any regrets he had were useless. In truth, Blackstone was different from the High Lords of the Skysplit Towers. He was a Holy Land descendant and a high Emperor level talent. Even if he didn't risk his life to search for lucky chances he still would have a very high chance of breaking through the Emperor level bottleneck in the future and becoming a one-star Demon Emperor.

Of course, unless he had some further great lucky chance, he would be stranded there for the rest of his life, forever unable to break through to a two-star Demon Emperor. He would only be the most ordinary of Emperor level powerhouses.

The reason that Blackstone had come to the Eternal Demon Abyss was this. He came to seek his own lucky chances because he didn't want to resign himself to fate and desired to reach a higher boundary.

But now, he regretted coming to this hellhole. After entering the 1000 mile forbidden zone, his hopes of leaving this place were quickly fading.

He would most likely die here.

Even if Lin Ming could really solve this land and figure out how to leave, that didn't mean he could bring everyone out with him. If there were people Lin Ming had to leave behind, then Blackstone would probably be one of them.

Thinking of this, Blackstone could only let out deep sighs. Becoming the most ordinary of Emperor level powerhouses was still better than death. An ordinary Emperor level powerhouse could live for 5000 to 6000 years. If he broke through to a two-star Demon Emperor, his lifespan would increase by another 2000 to 3000 years. The difference between the two wasn't astronomically great.

High Lord Cloud Demon also had the same feeling. They had entered the 1000 mile forbidden zone by mistake and had encountered repeated life and death experiences. There were just too many existences here that he was unable to stand against. He could envisage that in the future, no matter how assiduous or hardworking he was in his cultivation, the difference between him and these hellish demonic spirits was far too great. All he could do was sigh at his own fate.

As everyone was thinking, suddenly, there was a great and terrifying sound like billowing heavenly thunder that resounded through the entire world! No one could tell just where this sound came from. All they felt was thunder in their ears, their eardrums almost exploding!

Everyone hastily sealed their ears with true essence lest they start bleeding out from their heads.

That horrifying sound intensified, smashing against the world like a natural disaster. The earth shook for 10,000 miles around them, causing them to tremble with fear, their hearts inexplicably filling with fear.

Lin Ming's complexion changed.

What was that sound!?!


No, there was no way that a thunderclap could have so much power behind it. It was like the sound of the world itself quaking in dread!

And at this moment, a scene occurred, searing itself into the six people's eyes so that they would never forget for the rest of their lives.

In the Eternal Demon Abyss, several hundred miles in front of them, the black energy flow suddenly became turbulent, quickly diverging. With it, a massive head, several hundred miles long, quietly appeared!

Ferocious dark red scales, taller than a mountain, a massive horn, it looked like a dragon, but different from the True Dragon depicted in legends.

Seeing this great ancient beast appear, every martial artist, including Lin Ming, was completely shocked!

In that instant, they couldn't even breathe. If just the head was several hundred miles long then the body must be thousands or even tens of thousands of miles long!


What in the world was that!?!?

The great ancient beast simply didn't pay attention to the six people standing several hundred miles away. To it, these six people simply weren't qualified for it to care about. Its dark gold pupils were vast and uncaring, regarding every creature under the heavens as mere ants!

As the group inadvertently glanced at these dark gold pupils, it was like they had been physically struck. Blackstone, the weakest amongst them, suddenly shook, a tyrannical energy rushing through his body, causing him to vomit out a mouthful of blood!

Even Feng Shen and Lan Xin were forced back a step, their faces whiter than death.

Those dark gold pupils were several thousand feet high. It was like the infinite void of the universe was hidden behind them, making everyone's minds quake with fear.

Duanmu Qun and High Lord Cloud Demon quickly looked away, no longer daring to gaze upon this being. But Lin Ming was actually staring at this great ancient beast, his eyes blazing with brilliance even as the blood vessels there bulged like they were about to burst.

’’Lin Ming! If you continue looking your eyes will explode!’’ Demonshine's shout resounded in Lin Ming's mind.

However, Lin Ming kept his gaze firmly fixed on this great ancient beast until his eyes began to bleed!


The blazing black flow of energy was pushed back once again. The head of the great ancient beast rose up 100,000 feet. Then, a pair of wings began to unfurl. As these wings spread out, all of the clouds in the skies were washed away, the black flow of energy was twisted apart, the rocks from all around were turned up in a great storm and even mountains were swept away!

As High Lord Cloud Demon saw this, he was greatly shocked, ’’Watch out!’’

With a great roar, the terrifying storm instantly swept through the 400 miles towards the group, directly impacting into them!


The ground was split apart. The six people were swept into the strong winds, no different than straw!

High Lord Cloud Demon was aghast. If they were blown away by these strong winds, while they might not be seriously wounded, they couldn't afford to lose Lin Ming!

In this hellhole, once they were separated, the chances of finding anyone else again were close to zero! If they didn't have Lin Ming with them then they could forget ever leaving here!

’’Come to me!’’

Woosh woosh woosh!

Five chains of energy shot out from High Lord Cloud Demon's body, twining around the other five like spirit snakes. The six of them were tossed several thousand feet in the sky before coming crashing down again!

Bang bang bang!

Earth and rock collapsed. Blackstone had a mouth full of dirt.

’’Holy f*ck, what was that thing!!?’’

Blackstone spat out a mouthful of dirt and wiped off the blood from his lips. As he turned around to gaze at the Eternal Demon Abyss, the great ancient beast had disappeared into the hazy black fog. It had turned around, its great head submerged into the Eternal demon Abyss, leaving nothing behind but a great tail in the sky like a pillar that held up the heavens.

Just glancing at this great ancient beast had severely wounded Blackstone and caused him to vomit blood. It had to be said that they were more than 400 miles apart. Just what sort of terrifying existence was this!

’’Don't speak nonsense!’’ Hearing Blackstone's curse, High Lord Cloud Demon's complexion changed. ’’Blackstone, if you want to be an idiot and die then go ahead, but don't drag us in. if you dare to offend this glorious divine being then we will all die here!’’

High Lord Cloud Demon's voice was stern but Blackstone only curled his lips, feeling that High Lord Cloud Demon was over exaggerating things. He said, ’’There's no need to be careful, I'm just talking. The creature is several hundred miles away so I doubt it can hear us. Then again, even if it could, that doesn't mean it understands our language.’’

’’You idiot!’’ High Lord Cloud Demon's face sank. ’’Blackstone, I hope you remember the legend of the Eternal Demon Abyss. Several tens of thousands of years ago, during a period of unprecedented glory and prosperity, there was once a sixth-grade sect that had almost united the entire Holy Demon Continent. They gathered 12 Emperor level powerhouses and wanted to cage all of the infernal energy within the Eternal Demon Abyss in a great array formation so that they could use it all for themselves, guaranteeing that their Holy Land would have a great destiny of 100,000 years. And the end result for this hubris was that those 12 Emperor level powerhouses were all instantly killed by a giant claw that stretched out from the Eternal Demon Abyss, killing even the Hallowed Lord of that Holy Land without even ashes remaining! Afterwards, that sixth-grade Holy Land completely disintegrated, and every single one if their disciples died tragic deaths under the power of a mystical curse. Tell me, do you want to follow in their footsteps!?’’

As High Lord Cloud Demon spoke, Blackstone paled. Indeed, even if that great ancient beast just now wasn't that same fellow from tens of thousands of years ago that destroyed a sixth-grade Holy Land with just a great claw, it wasn't any less of an existence.

With such divine beings, it was best to remain respectful to them. Otherwise, if they were cursed, there was naught remaining for them but death!

Blackstone gulped several times. Scared witless, he kneeled down and prayed in his heart several times, begging for this divine being to pardon his sins.

As Blackstone and High Lord Cloud Demon were talking, Lin Ming had been deep in thought, his eyes still bleeding.

’’Lin Ming, you're crazy! You're lucky that big fellow sent everyone flying into the air or else your eyes really would have exploded!’’ Demonshine admonished Lin Ming from within his mind.

Lin Ming let out a long breath. He silently gazed at the Eternal Demon Abyss for a long time. Then, he slowly and calmly said, ’’I think I've discovered the way to leave the 1000 mile forbidden zone...’’


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