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Martial World - Chapter 639


Chapter 639 - Living Sacrifice




The seven-man squad had already been searching through this blood-red land for an hour. High Lord Sandlight seemed to be very patient, but some of the newcomers were intolerably impatient. With such a great lucky chance in front of them, they were all excited.

’’Mm? What's that?’’

A Giant Demon martial artist saw that not too far away there was a bump of dirt in the ground, as if there was a grave mound there. Normally, this sort of mound wasn't anything strange, but the Giant Demon martial artist could feel a rich and sleepless energy moving about there.

This energy caused the Giant Demon martial artist to pause. What was under that mound? Could it be the earth-step Demon God Bone that High Lord Sandlight mentioned?

After thinking of this, the Giant Demon martial artist's heart began to race within his chest. Looking all around, he determined that no one was paying attention to him and he began to slowly tiptoe over to the mound.

This blood-red island was several dozen miles wide. The squad had split up to each seek their own lucky chances. If one of them found the treasure alone, then they certainly wouldn't share it.

The Giant Demon martial artist also had this idea. He raised his guard as he slowly approached the mound. As he closed in, he could feel the energy becoming increasingly rich.

’’There really is something buried here.’’

He thought for a moment about how to dig out this mound. Using his hands would be a bit improper, so he brought out a halberd from his spatial ring;using this halberd to dig would be much safer. But at the moment he extracted the halberd, his body suddenly shook. His eyes burst open and all the flesh of his body was instantly charred black, his body turning to ash in the next moment. All of his blood vitality had turned into a deep red wisp of light that shot into the mound!

A gentle breeze blew past and the ashes of the Giant Demon martial artist scattered into the wind. From beginning to end, the Giant Demon martial artist hadn't even said a word.

The squad continued to search. Another hour later, some people began to discover that something was strange.

A few people had vanished into thin air!

’’Stop, stop everything!’’ A martial artist cried out. He didn't dare to shout loudly but used a true essence sound transmission instead. ’’I feel that... there are a lot less people!’’

After the martial artists of the squad heard this, they gathered together. As they met up, they sucked in a breath of cold air. Three of them had disappeared and they hadn't even noticed!

’’Where did they go?’’

The martial artists present fell a bone freezing cold in the air. They didn't believe that these three had quietly left the squad. The greatest probably was that all three of them had been killed!

The three of them were all strong High Lords, but they had been killed so quietly. There hadn't even been a sound! This was far too horrifying!

’’We must leave immediately!’’

A High Lord from the Great Ax Tower said, his face paling. Although a lucky chance was tempting, they still hadn't found anything for such a long time and three people had already died, quietly and without their notice. If this continued, then just how many more of them would die?

Moreover, they hadn't even been able to see this enemy. Those that died must have instantly died. The difference in strength was too great!

Even with a lucky chance in front of them, continuing to struggle for it when they didn't even have the strength to obtain it was just the actions of a fool.

’’Let's get out of here.’’

A Heavenly Demon Seven Star from White Stone Tower concurred.

’’You want to retreat? We're about to find it soon, so why would we retreat? If we leave now, then all of our efforts would be wasted.’’ High Lord Sandlight shook his head as he spoke.

’’I agree. There are already some clues appearing. As people that entered the Eternal Demon Abyss, we should already be prepared to die. How can there not be dangers on the road of martial arts?’’

A High Lord echoed. His name was High Lord Sky Eye. Like High Lord Sandlight, he too came from Five Color Tower.

After hearing that High Lord Sandlight and High Lord Sky Eye wanted to stay, the two previously speaking martial artists glared at them as if they were crazy.

’’If you want to stay so badly then I won't stop you. Let's go!’’ The High Lord from Great Ax Tower said, raising his foot to leave.

High Lord Sandlight shook his head, ’’How unfortunate. If you stayed, then we might have been able to find it in another hour. Now, it seems that...’’

As High Lord Sandlight spoke to here, his eyes suddenly flashed with a thick killing intent. Demon essence erupted from his body!


He drew out a saber from his spatial ring and slashed down at the leaving High Lord's back!

A sharp saber light cut through space;wind howled!

This High Lord from Great Ax Tower was not some common martial artist. Although he was slightly worse than High Lord Sandlight, it wasn't by much. Within the Eternal Demon Abyss, he had kept absolute vigilance of his surroundings, not even relaxing if his so-called squad was guarding him. Towards those cruel individuals that walked the killing road, having someone aim at their back was a completely normal matter!

The Great Ax Tower High Lord's eyes flashed with an angry light. He suddenly swiveled around, and a sword jumped into his hand as if it were alive, cutting out!


Demon essence violently collided. The Great Ax Tower High Lord gave a stuffy cough and drew back. After all, he had to quickly counterattack and his strength was also weaker. With this sword strike, he had suffered a loss. But, it was only a loss - he hadn't been injured.

As he retreated several dozen few, the Great Ax Tower High Lord's eyes were blood red as he said, ’’Sandlight, do you want to die!?’’

’’Hehe...’’ High Lord Sandlight sneered. Then, he actually put away his saber, as if he didn't want to continue fighting.

’’You...’’ The Great Ax Tower wasn't willing to forgive this insult. With anger rising in his heart, he was about to take a step forwards and attack again, when at this moment, he quietly groaned and his body shook. Under everyone's eyes, his entire body disintegrated into nothing, all of the blood in his body evaporating into a mist even as the rest of him turned into flying ash. All of his blood vitality was turned into a wisp of red light that flowed into a mound on the ground.

This sudden change stunned the youth from the White Stone Tower. A chill crept up his back. However, he didn't have time to figure out how the Great Ax Tower High Lord had instantly died. All he was thinking was that he was in grave danger. Whether it was the two High Lords from Five Color Tower or this danger zone, everything here was a deathtrap waiting to kill him!

Without saying anything further, the youth from White Stone Tower turned around and fled!

’’Where do you think you're going?’’

Beside the youth, the other martial artist from Five Color Tower, High Lord Sky Eye, was already attacking!

A spear thrust forth, straight towards the youth's back!

At the same time, High Lord Sandlight also attacked. His saber cut off the White Stone Tower youth's escape routes!

In terms of strength, this youth from White Stone Tower was only a Heavenly Demon Seven;he simply wasn't a match for any High Lord, much less a pincer attack!

Only able to face one, the White Stone Tower youth blocked High Lord Sky Eye's attack, but the burst of demon essence from High Lord Sandlight swept over him, causing him to vomit blood, severely wounded.

’’Hehe, be relieved that you will be honored as my living sacrifice!’’

High Lord Sandlight cut down with his saber, combining his attack with High Lord Sky Eye. In an instant, the White Stone Tower youth's bodily true essence protection shattered and an arm was bloodily chopped off.

The White Stone Tower youth miserably shrieked. High Lord Sandlight chuckled, stepped towards the White Stone Tower youth and slammed his palm forwards.


The youth was easily struck by High Lord Sandlight, sent flying into that mound.

Then, without even a moan, all of the youth's blood dried up, turning into a stream of light that submerged into the mound.

’’Shit... just missing a bit more!’’

High Lord Sandlight shook his head regretfully, but High Lord Sky Eye only laughed and said, ’’It doesn't matter. Although we're missing some blood essence... some other prey just delivered themselves to our door. Hahaha, this fool, instead of walking the path to heaven he chose to break into hell!’’

High Lord Sky Eye turned his head towards a direction in the void and perniciously said, ’’This friend, you've already been watching for so long, come out so we can see you!’’

Without any response from the empty void, High Lord Sky Eye sneered and said, ’’Don't think I'm just bluffing. I am called High Lord Sky Eye because my eyes can see through the nothingness like the eyes of heaven! In front of me, any illusion of camouflage you try is useless! Be a good boy and come out to die, or I'll attack you all the same!’’

As High Lord Sky Eye spoke, he lifted his spear and pointed it towards a direction in the void.

At this moment, space warped, as if it were being torn apart. A blue-clothed youth stepped out. His hands were empty, his eyes were calm, and he looked as if he were taking a brisk walk in the spring.

This youth was Lin Ming.

In the moment that space twisted, High Lord Sky Eye's complexion changed. It was true that his eyes were special and he could sense fluctuations of life in his surroundings. To say that he had the eyes of heaven was an exaggeration. He could find Lin Ming's hidden position, but he didn't know just how Lin Ming had hidden.

Originally, he had thought that Lin Ming was using some strange stealth symbol or miniature array, but he never guessed that Lin Ming would hide in the distortions of space.

To use space to hide, the method of highest skill was to rip apart space and hide in the space crack, isolating all energy and atmosphere away. But, within the Sky Spill Continent, this was a nearly legendary skill. Even the Eightfall War Emperor might not have the ability to do this.

The method that Lin Ming used was to warp the space around him, making the light curve around his body, smoothly passing over him thus hiding himself. This was an extremely skillful stealth technique. It also required a very high comprehension into the Concept of Space.

High Lord Sky Eye immediately realized that he might have run into a troublesome fellow.

But, when Lin Ming stepped out of the distorted space and High Lord Sky Eye saw just who he was, his complexion completely changed. ’’You are... Lin Ming!?’’

High Lord Sandlight was also greatly shocked, ’’Lin Ming, you are still alive!?’’

When the squads had all gathered at the meeting area 1500 miles from the edge of the Eternal Demon Abyss, news had already spread that Lin Ming had gone missing. No one knew just where he went, but, according to the analysis of the events, the greatest probability was that he had perished!

High Lord Sandlight would never have imagined that he would encounter Lin Ming here!

He had gone missing for a full half month and then, by himself, had crossed thousands of miles towards the Eternal Demon Abyss and had finally reached the very edge of the fatal forbidden death zone. How had he done this? What had he experienced during this time?

As High Lord Sandlight was thinking about all this, he was suddenly bewildered, ’’You... you broke through to the Revolving Core realm!’’

High Lord Sandlight had just noticed Lin Ming's cultivation. He was at the early Revolving Core realm!

Before entering the Eternal Demon Abyss, Lin Ming had only been at a half-step Revolving Core. According to all common sense, he would need at least another half year to make a breakthrough. But, Lin Ming had actually only used a single month to make his breakthrough, and in the Eternal Demon Abyss of all places!

Combined with the news that Lin Ming had gone missing, there was only one possibility. That was... Lin Ming had stumbled across a lucky chance, and it was also a massive lucky chance!


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