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Martial World - Chapter 638


Chapter 638 - Three Thousand Boundless Worlds




Suddenly hearing Demonshine's praising words, Lin Ming was curious, ’’What sort of degree do the geniuses of the Realm of the Gods reach?’’

’’Realm of the Gods...’’ Demonshine was slightly startled. He immediately sighed and slowly said, ’’The Realm of the Gods is a terrifying place;it was far too vast and boundless. Even when I followed Master, we only moved within a very minuscule range of the Realm of the Gods. In the Realm of the Gods, there are countless masters and countless naturally talented geniuses! Those are truly terrifying existences which people simply cannot compare to!’’

This was the first time that Lin Ming had seen the boastful and loud Demonshine look so crestfallen and powerless. He couldn't help but ask, ’’Just how big is the Realm of the Gods?’’

Demonshine said, ’’I cannot say how large the Realm of the Gods is, but, I will talk of the planes below the Realm of the Gods first. That is a plane like the one the Sky Spill Continent and Holy Demon Continent exist on. If I'm not wrong, these continents existed on the same planet, but are simply very far from each other, separated by a great ocean.’’

’’The lower mortal world that the Sky Spill Continent and Holy Demon Continent exist on is called one of the three thousand boundless worlds, a domain below the Realm of the Gods. When I say three thousand, this is not what is usually thought of by three thousand, but three different thousands multiplied together. How many do you think that is?’’

Lin Ming's eyebrows shot up. A thousand times a thousand times a thousand was 1,000,000,000!

1,000,000,000 lower mortal worlds, that was simply difficult to imagine!

With so many lower planes and so many living creatures, just how many masters would there be?

Demonshine continued, ’’Some of those abnormalities from the Realm of the Gods are already removed from the scope of humanity. There are some humans and other races that are half God Beasts or even more. The talent of their bloodlines is immeasurable!

A half God Beast bloodline...

Lin Ming took a deep breath. Initially, when he had inherited just a drop of blood from the Ancient Phoenix and True Dragon, these two drops of blood not only strengthened his body, but also changed his true essence properties and increased his talent.

If this was the effect of just one or two drops of a God Beast's bloodline, then what would it be like if he were half God Beast?

It was unimaginable!

Lin Ming recalled that when he entered the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm, he had learned it was a trial ground left behind by the Ancient Phoenix Clan. Could this so-called Ancient Phoenix Clan be one of those God Beast races like Demonshine mentioned?

Thinking of this, Lin Ming marveled at how wondrous it was. When he first entered the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm, he had only been able to complete the general level smelting trial;he basically lacked the qualifications to complete the king level trial. As for Mu Qianyu, Mu Bingyun, Mu Fengxian, all of them current or past Saintesses of divine Phoenix Island, they had only been able to complete the soldier level smelting trial!

To be a soldier in an army, that was the same as being cannon fodder.

Realm of the Gods...

Lin Ming sucked in a deep breath, unconsciously gripping his fists. That broad and endless world was the Holy Land of all martial arts!

So many masters, so many geniuses, this caused Lin Ming's heart to burn with a brilliant fighting spirit!

He didn't fear masters nor did he fear geniuses. If a person did not seek opponents or find a higher peak, they would limit their own potential. Only by entering into a land with countless masters would Lin Ming ever have a chance of reaching the peak of all martial arts.

’’Demonshine, let's go!’’ After a brief silence, Lin Ming finally spoke. The road was beneath his own feet. Whether or not he would be able to rise in glory within the Realm of the Gods, all of that depended on the current foundation he would build.

’’Let's speed up!’’

Lin Ming already had the contents of the jade slip's map memorized. As his figure faded, his feet stepped upon Golden Roc Shattering the Void and he rushed straight towards the Eternal Demon Abyss.

Currently, low-level spirits were no longer a threat to Lin Ming. But, as for those existences from the Eternal Demon Abyss, Lin Ming still had to be cautious of them. The strength of those old monsters was difficult to imagine.


Three days later, Lin Ming arrived at the 1500 mile radius zone from the edge of the Eternal Demon Abyss. Without stopping, he zoomed past.

On the fourth day, Lin Ming arrived at the 1200 mile radius zone from the edge of the Eternal Demon Abyss. This was approaching the fatal 1000 mile life forbidden zone around the Eternal Demon Abyss. Here, the dangers would rise exponentially. Of course, the lucky chances that could be found here were enough to make one go mad with greed.

’’Demonshine, let's look for people!’’

The Eternal Demon Abyss was over 10,000 miles wide and had a circumference of over 30,000 miles. But, the truth was that the area most frequently explored by the 12 Skysplit Towers was a small portion of the southern and northern tip. During every exploration, the northern six towers would explore the northern region and the southern six towers would explore the southern region, thus, the area actually wasn't too large.

It wouldn't be difficult for Lin Ming to find others in this core region.

Forming a team had its benefits. The greatest was that, once they encountered a dangerous situation, there would be people that could act as a shield. Like this, Lin Ming would be able to observe the sneak attacks of the evil spirits and formulate a counterattack.

Generally, an evil spirit would first sneak attack the weakest.

A weak martial artist understood this reason, but they didn't have any other choice. If they didn't team up with a powerhouse then the chances of them dying were much higher. In fact, their life might be in danger if they encountered enough low-level spirits.

As Lin Ming walked, Demonshine let loose all of his perception to sense the surroundings, looking for martial artists. At the same time, Lin Ming followed the map notes in his memories and examined the surrounding terrain to stay as far away from danger zones as possible, even as he looked for lucky chances.


At this time, a thousand miles away from Lin Ming, a squad of martial artists was being led by several senior High Lords, exploring the land.

In this area, for a radius of several dozen miles, the sand and rocks were a light blood red color. Around this area were two mountain ranges. Looking from afar, these two mountain ranges looked like the horns of a beast, surrounding the land around them.

This terrain could be called strange to the extreme.

’’Sandlight, are you sure there's an earth-step Demon God Bone buried here?’’ A High Lord from White Stone Tower asked after searching for a long time. The one he was talking to was an Imp martial artist that came from Five Color Tower, High Lord Sandlight.

Normally, a High Lord would only stay in his position for a few dozen years. Afterward, because they made a breakthrough to something equivalent to the Life Destruction realm, they would then leave Skysplit Tower. High Lord Sandlight had already been at the Blood Slaughter Steppes for 40 years now and had come to the Eternal Demon Abyss three times;this would be his fourth. He could be said to be very experienced, at least, not much less than any of the guides.

High Lord Sandlight investigated the terrain again and said, ’’Yes, I should be right. I believe that there is a high-grade Blood Demon Bone buried somewhere around here. If you look at the two surrounding mountain ranges, they form a natural cage of infernal energy, causing a massive amount of infernal energy to be sealed in here. This sort of place is easiest for a Demon God Bone to form, in addition, the ground beneath us is a blood-red, which is also a sign of a Demon God Bone. The Demon God Bone here is absolutely at the earth-step rank or even near the heaven-step rank!’’

Listening to High Lord Sandlight say this, the martial artists were excited. A heaven-step Demon God Bone was simply a legendary treasure. But, they didn't expect to find that. They would be satisfied as long as they could find an earth-step Demon God Bone here.

As everyone was putting effort into searching, no one saw a strange and greedy light flash in High Lord Sandlight's eyes as he turned around.


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