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Martial World - Chapter 637


Chapter 637 - Power of the Revolving Core Realm

A battle spirit was the manifestation of a martial artist's will. A battle spirit was invisible and without form, but it could actually be attached to anything, turning it into an incomparably sharp killing weapon. A withered leaf, with a battle spirit attached, could even cut apart a treasure. This meant that when one's battle spirit was attached to a withered leaf, the degree of its hardness had surpassed that of a treasure.

Using the same logic, if a battle spirit could be attached to a treasure armor, then it would make that treasure armor even more solid.

But, speaking was easier than doing. After a martial artist just formed their elementary battle spirit, it was still impossible for them to freely manipulate it.

A battle spirit could easily be used for attack. This was because a battle spirit only needed to be concentrated onto certain points.

But using a battle spirit for defense was much more difficult. This was because one had to spread the battle spirit evenly over a surface.

In the moment that Lin Ming was just attacked, his battle spirit vanished from his spiritual sea, evenly spreading out over his body and merging with his skin. This caused Lin Ming's skin to instantly become as tough as a high-grade earth-step armor. With the addition of Tempering Marrow, which made his ribs a nearly impassable fortress, both of these factors combined were able to abruptly block the Giant Demon High Lord's hammer!

As Demonshine realized all this, he paused. Did the battle spirit in Lin Ming's body spontaneously protect him? Or had it been under his control?

If it was under his control, did that mean that Lin Ming had awoken?

As Demonshine was rapidly thinking, the three High Lords that had sneak attacked Lin Ming all had gloomy expressions. To use the flesh and blood body to resist the attack a treasure weapon... how was this possible?

’’Is there some kind of special energy on his body?’’ The hammer-wielding martial artist muttered. He didn't believe that someone could use just their body to resist his attack.

’’What nonsense. Watch this!’’

The other Giant Demon High Lord shouted out and stepped forwards.

’’Mountain Shattering Strike!’’

In order to ensure a killing blow, the Giant Demon High Lord used a martial skill. If he didn't take advantage of this time to kill Lin Ming, then once Lin Ming completed his Revolving Core, matters would become troublesome.

With an explosive banging sound, the ground underneath Lin Ming was chopped apart and the earth ruptured. But, in this turbulent flow of demon essence, Lin Ming's body was sent flying up again, all of his clothing torn and as he dripped with blood all over!

’’He didn't die?’’

The saber-wielding Giant Demon High Lord was bewildered. He had used a martial skill just now but had only managed to wound Lin Ming.

Just what in the world was this?

Lastly, as the Goliath High Lord saw this, his eyes flashed with a sharp light. His body began to emit explosive 'ka ka ka' sounds.

Sky Piercing Devil Arts!

This was a secret arcane skill of the Goliath race used to detonate all of the power within their body. Although this move damaged his body, with it, the Goliath High Lord could put his everything into this attack!

After the second attack had failed to kill Lin Ming, a dark and foreboding premonition filled his heart. He thought that if Lin Ming awakened now, the results would be extremely bad for all of them!

Lin Ming's current condition was far too weird!

Demon essence was drawn from all over his body and began to flow into the Goliath High Lord's staff. He would take this staff and directly smash it into Lin Ming's skull!

The skull was a vital point of the human body. The Goliath High Lord didn't believe that Lin Ming could have such a strange and mystical protection on both his chest and head. He would smash apart Lin Ming's head like a sweet watermelon!

Wind howled. The staff contained a massive energy, twisting the space around it. With a shout, the staff came crashing down!

But in this instant, all the surrounding heaven and earth origin energy went wild. The demonic clouds of infernal energy in the sky madly funneled towards Lin Ming's dantian. Energy flowed out like a vast and surging stormy sea, rocking the earth.

At this moment, Lin Ming's eyes suddenly shot open, his vision like bolts of lightning shooting out!

As the Goliath High Lord saw Lin Ming's eyes open, he was incomparably shocked. At this time, it was impossible for him to stop. With an earth-shaking bellow, all of the demon essence was revolved to the point where his meridians were about to break apart, all in order to display the highest power of this staff strike. He estimated that since Lin Ming just woke up, he wouldn't have the time to dodge this attack.

The staff whistled as it came crashing down. By the time Lin Ming's eyes had fully opened, the staff was a mere two feet from his forehead.


A golden light erupted and energy surged up in massive waves. The Goliath High Lord only felt his hands shake as the arch of his palm cracked. The staff in his hand seemed to suddenly be stuck in stone, unable to move a single inch.

Looking down, he saw that the end of his staff had been firmly grasped by Lin Ming. And, underneath Lin Ming, a massive web of cracks extended out in the earth, reaching out to over a thousand feet, deep fissures in the ground.

This web of cracks was obviously created from a great impact force. But, Lin Ming had withstood this crushing shock without his arm even bending.

’’This... this...!’’

The Goliath High Lord looked at the end of his staff that was held in Lin Ming's right hand, his lips shaking. His strike that had contained his complete strength was actually received by the unarmed Lin Ming?

This staff strike was enough to shatter apart a great mountain!

’’Lin Ming... you... ’’ The Goliath martial artist's voice shook. The power of the Lin Ming in front of him had exceeded his scope of understanding.

At this time, a thick killing intent spread out from Lin Ming's body. Naturally, the Asura force field had also expanded. With the Goliath High Lord's strength, facing this force field, even he felt as if resistance was impossible!


The Goliath High Lord didn't know what sort of lucky chance Lin Ming had come across, but, without a doubt, the truth was that he had no ability to resist the Lin Ming presently in front of him!

Without a single word more, he turned around and fled. He didn't bother trying to take back the treasure staff. He knew with absolute clarity that it was impossible for him to take back this staff from Lin Ming's hand!

The other two High Lords were not stupid. Seeing the Goliath High Lord run, they also turned around to escape. Not just that, but they both chose different directions.

Lin Ming sneered. He reached out his hand to grasp the void.

Cage of Space and Time!

The three High Lords felt as if they had suddenly slowed down, the space around them becoming incomparably thick. It was like they had fallen into a thick bog;there was simply no way to escape.

Lin Ming's cage of space and time was far inferior to that within the King's Cage. It couldn't truly lock in someone;it could only slow down their movements. But, this was enough!

Lin Ming's feet moved and his body exploded forwards. He didn't take out the Purple Comet Spear, only using the staff in his hand. Using this staff as a spear, he thrust it towards the Goliath High Lord!


The Goliath High Lord howled like a crazed mad man. He took out another staff from his spatial ring and pounded it towards Lin Ming.

This was a strike that was completely offensive without the least bit of defense. The Goliath High Lord was well aware that he was not Lin Ming's match. Before he died, he would either grievously wound Lin Ming or force him to defend.

However, his plan was destined to fail.

In the moment that the Goliath High Lord attacked, he felt the time around him suddenly slow to a ridiculous rate. As his staff was only half way out, Lin Ming's staff had already stabbed to his chest.

With the battle spirit fused with the staff, there was only a light piercing sound like a chopstick poking into paper. That staff, without any impediment, pierced through the Goliath High Lord's protective demon essence, continuing to pass straight through his body as if he were made of tofu.

The Goliath High Lord only felt a cold feeling in his chest and an emptiness in his soul. As he looked in front of him, Lin Ming had already disappeared. Turning his head down, all he saw was an arm-thick hole gouging directly through him!

Because the speed was too quick, blood hadn't begun to gush out yet...

To instantly kill the Goliath High Lord, this was simply nothing to the current Lin Ming!

Lin Ming suddenly changed directions. The space under his feet seemed to shrink, and with just a few steps, he had caught up to one of the Giant Demon High Lords.

The Giant Demon High Lord was already horrified, panic etched all over his face As he saw Lin Ming suddenly appear before him, his complexion completely paled. He simply couldn't organize a decent counterattack. In truth, it would have been futile regardless. His attack speed was simply pathetic.

With a flash of black light, Lin Ming's staff had already pierced through the Giant Demon martial artist's throat. Because the speed was too quick, the Giant Demon martial artist's neck had been severed at the same time, his head falling off!

As Lin Ming withdrew his staff, the head flew into the air!

Next, as the last High Lord saw his companion miserably die without even being able to put up an iota of resistance, despair filled his heart. When Lin Ming rushed towards him, he died without any surprise.

As the staff was thrust into that martial artist's back, in that instant, his spine and organs were all twisted to pulp!

From the time that Lin Ming had intercepted the staff, it had only taken him three breaths of time to kill three High Lords!

To Lin Ming, as he was now, a martial artist on the level of a High Lord simply had no ability to resist him. It was as easy as chopping a chicken!

Initially, when Lin Ming had been in the Road of Emperor, he hadn't made a breakthrough in his cultivation. But, he had comprehended a battle spirit. Because of this, in truth, his strength had actually surpassed that of a High Lord. It was just that he was still inferior to the Tower Master.

Now that Lin Ming had broken through to Revolving Core, his strength had enhanced several times over. Now, killing a High Lord level martial artist only needed a brief moment.

After he killed three High Lords, Lin Ming felt the thick killing intent in his body begin to gradually fade away.

At this moment, a thick infernal energy dispersed outwards above the corpses of the three High Lords, forming into a ten-winged Heavenly Demon that clawed at him.

To the current Lin Ming, these kinds of Heavenly Demons formed from infernal energy were just a joke.

With a flick of three fingers, he attached a wisp of battle spirit to the air, instantly defeating the three Heavenly Demons.

After the Heavenly Demons exploded, they turned into pure infernal energy, quickly gathering into Lin Ming's body and helping to form his Heavenly Demon Tattoo.

The fifth pair of wings became increasingly clear. Lin Ming had originally been an early ten-winged Heavenly demon, but now after killing three High Lords, two of which were early ten-winged Heavenly Demons and one a middle ten-winged Heavenly Demon, his own Heavenly Demon Tattoo had grown, stepping into the middle ten-winged Heavenly Demon stage.

As Lin Ming saw his Heavenly Demon Tattoo grow once more, his eyes sparkled. ’’I'm getting closer and closer to a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon, If it's possible, I should try to condense my twelve-winged Heavenly Demon Tattoo here in the Eternal Demon Abyss. This will be my best chance to do so!’’

The Heavenly Demon martial intent consisted of three different force fields - Asura, Death God, and Prime Emperor. As for the Prime Emperor force field, Lin Ming didn't think much of that. With his current strength, it was basically impossible for him to fully cross the Road of Emperor.

As for the Asura force field, Lin Ming had already obtained it.

Now, the only force field he could comprehend was the Death God force field. After forming a full twelve-winged Heavenly Demon Tattoo, it would be his!

Quietly, he picked up the three High Lords' spatial rings. As he was about to probe them, he heard Demonshine's voice in his head.

’’Lin Ming, you are simply a vicious beast in human form. You've left me speechless!’’


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