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Martial World - Chapter 631


Chapter 631 - Departing Alone




’’Demonshine, since we've captured the Blood Demon Bone, I plan on heading off by myself now so that group of fellows thinks that I've died. I have to look for a place as soon as possible and make a breakthrough to Revolving Core!’’

The reason that Lin Ming kept delaying breaking through to Revolving Core was because he didn't have a chance to. When he was walking the Road of Emperor, Lin Ming had chosen to travel the road of will lights;that was completely unhelpful to Lin Ming's cultivation. If he practiced by himself, it would take up to a year if he wanted to make a breakthrough with the most solid foundation possible.

Lin Ming could not waste this much time.

All along, Lin Ming had greatly desired to break through to Revolving Core. Currently, rising through the small boundaries of the Xiantian realm, relative to Lin Ming's currently terrifying combat strength, wouldn't have too great of an impact. But, Revolving Core was different, that was a true leap in strength. That was because only after breaking through to Revolving Core would he officially enter the ranks of the masters and gain the qualifications to return to the Sky Spill Continent.

As for the battle spirit he formed before, that only increased his striking power. Facing the Polaris Tower Master, Lin Ming didn't believe he could defeat him as he was now.

In order to truly increase his strength, he had to break through to Revolving Core!

’’Boy, you are impatient aren't you? Don't forget that we're still in the Eternal Demon Abyss. Where can we possibly find a safe place for you to make a breakthrough?’’

Lin Ming said, ’’I have the map that the Polaris Tower Master gave me. I've already looked over the map before. There truly are places where one can go into closed-door seclusion. Although they aren't absolutely safe, they are still relatively safe. When that happens, and with you protecting me, I'll just need to squeeze out half a month at most to make a breakthrough to Revolving Core!’’

’’Boy, I think you are nuts. This father only has a soul body left over, how can I possibly protect you?’’ Demonshine grouchily said.

’’If you go and possess a body then you'll have some combat strength!’’

’’F*ck!’’ Demonshine cursed without any sense of the grace of the master he was, ’’Do you think it is so easy to seize a body? A soul can only seize bodies a limited number of times! Moreover, once they do, if the soul and body are incompatible with each other, then a fierce battle can even occur! Even still, just adapting to the body will take a long time. Even if you offered up your body to this saint, this saint would still have to consider a number of factors. And now you want this father to seize the bodies of all these trash!!? You should be slapped for even thinking of this!’’

When a different soul and body fused together, there would often be an intense and violent battle. The fusion itself was not a short term process. If the method was too violent, then this would often damage the body instead. This was also the reason why so many mortals, after having their bodies possessed by a fox spirit, would slowly wither away, finally having all their essence energy sucked dry.

Lin Ming didn't speak. He really didn't know that there would be so many conditions for seizing a body.

At this time, Demonshine said, ’’Here's my suggestion. You continue to follow that group of people and go forwards with them. Although it's not too convenient, they can still be a shield for you when an evil being attacks. The evil beings will usually target the weakest first. For instance, that Blood Demon Bone attacked the two fellows with the weakest will first. If it wasn't for the way they died giving me some clues as to what that evil being was, it would have been impossible for you to catch the Blood Demon Bone.’’

If there weren't other people present as a shield, then the Blood Demon Bone would have attacked Lin Ming instead. Even if Lin Ming won the battle of wills against the Blood Demon Bone, he still wouldn't have been able to catch it. He would only have alarmed it and caused it to run away instead.

Demonshine's words weren't without reason. However, Lin Ming hesitated for a moment and then shook his head. ’’I've already decided. As for needing a shield or something like that, I can find that whenever. Later, I can join another group, but it doesn't have to be with those same people.

’’I need to break through to Revolving Core. I need strength. Breaking through to Revolving Core in a place like this is dangerous, but with my strength as it is now, isn't walking 1200 miles near the edge of the Eternal Demon Abyss, especially when it just erupted, not also dangerous? Just now, the reason that I could deal with the Blood Demon Bone was completely because the Blood Demon Bone could only use will attacks, so it just happened to be suppressed by me. What if I encountered something that was good at physical attacks? Would I really be a match for these kinds of evil beings? What if I met a turbulent flux of energy from the Eternal Demon Abyss? If everything is a risk, then I would rather choose to break through to the Revolving Core realm! Because after I do, I will have enough strength to seek my own lucky chances. But, without breaking through to the Revolving Core realm, I fear my current journey into the Eternal Demon Abyss will only result in piddling mediocrity!’’

Lin Ming's mind had been decided. To someone like Lin Ming, with such a firm heart of martial arts, it was usually difficult for him to change the choices he made. Such a person would often be stubborn and not even consider just how far they could push themselves. But sometimes, as the matter continued, because they had a great destiny befall them or perhaps because they were absolutely confident in their own strength, in the end, they could use their actions to prove to the world that their choice had been right all along!

Demonshine saw that Lin Ming wasn't going to change his mind and shook his head. He said, ’’Well then, that's fine too. But, if you insist on breaking through in these damned lands, this Saint still won't seize a body to protect you, that is absolutely impossible! This group of so-called 'Emperor level talents' is nothing more than trash in this saint's eyes! It's not like I'm trying to be picky here!’’

Demonshine had always been arrogant. Naturally, the geniuses of the mortal world didn't enter into his vision. These so-called geniuses were only Emperor level talents if placed in the Sky Spill Continent or Holy Demon Continent. But in the Realm of the Gods, the Emperor level talents they mentioned were on completely different levels.

Lin Ming said, ’’I understand. At that time, if there really is danger, it's enough for you to give me a warning.’’



’’Time's up!’’

10 miles away, Sada was watching the last grain of sand fall through the hourglass in his hands. He gazed deeply towards the direction that Lin Ming had gone in. All he saw was a thick fog, without even a hint of Lin Ming's shadow.

Lin Ming... he died here?

’’That idiot, I told him not to go back, haha, I've never seen such stupidity before!’’ High Lord Black Ash guffawed.

In that sort of environment, without even knowing where the enemy was, two martial artists had died a miserable and shockingly tragic death. Those two were Emperor level talents! Within the 12 Skysplit Towers, they were top ranked Heavenly Demon Seven Stars. Even if they were weaker than a High Lord, it wasn't by that much!

But even such extraordinary people could summon no resistance against their deaths. They hadn't even seen the shadow of the enemy!

In this sort of situation, High Lord Black Ash only had one explanation. That was... the disparity between them had been too great!

That evil being had been so much stronger than them that it could play with them in the center of its palm. And finally, Lin Ming was forced to go back for some stupid spatial ring, possibly even walking into a trap. Wasn't that just seeking his own death?

It wasn't just High Lord Black Ash that had these thoughts, but many others as well. A Fey youth said 'lamentingly', ’’I warned him not to go back, but... yeah, this Lin Ming was far too confident. Just because he randomly broke through the fog the first time, he believed he could do the same the second time, and now look what happened!’’

As the Fey youth spoke, his blue eyes couldn't help but glance over at Lan Xin, as if he wanted to find a trace of disdain or ridicule for Lin Ming on her face.

This was the exclusive mindset of male animals. This Fey youth knew that a Fey Holy Land would never accept a human marrying into their sect, but Lin Ming had still stolen their thunder so he was jealous of him all the same. At the time, all of them were scared, none of them daring to move lest they alert the evil being. But, Lin Ming had actually dared to rush out, leading them to escape in a single go. This had greatly contrasted against the Fey youth's timidity at the time.

And now, Lin Ming had done something stupid, and it was far worse than what they had done. This caused a lofty sense of superiority to rise in their hearts. That Fey youth's expression seemed to say, 'Look, that Lin Ming was such an idiot! He luckily bumped his way into an exit once, but that loser thought he could do it again. The result was... death. We weren't timid, we weren't scared, we were just being careful! In this Eternal Demon Abyss, it's not wrong to be so cautious.'

Randomly stumbling his way through, he had hit the jackpot the first time. But, the second time was absolute death!

After this Fey youth spoke, two other Fey youths echoed his sentiment, ’’Indeed. Ah, we should be more careful from now on. That Lan Yuan, the first fellow to die was also a bit simple-minded. How could he not have taken Sir Sada's advice? He actually ended up attracting an evil being to us. Fortunately, we're no longer with that Lin Ming fellow. If he continued to go with us, then who knows when he would do something hotheaded and put us all in danger, hahaha!’’

Several Fey youths were gloating as they talked, weaving a story that Lin Ming was their unlucky star. If their squad really did keep such a simple-minded and hot-headed fellow with them, then it would easily place the entire group in danger.

Lan Xin didn't seem to hear their discussion. She had always been looking far off into the distant hazy fog. She suddenly said, ’’A quarter hour before, there was an intense collision of energy. Did you notice...’’

The intense collision of energy that Lan Xin mentioned was obviously when Lin Ming had used Penetrating Rainbow to dig out the transformed Blood Demon Bone. Lin Ming had gone all-out with this attack, and the energy fluctuations were easily seen even 10 miles away. Naturally, these martial artists had also seen it.

’’Yes, I did. I guess that attack was Lin Ming's final struggle before death. After that attack, it completely disappeared. It proves that after that strike, the outcome was decided. But since Lin Ming hasn't returned yet, who won and who lost can be imagined!’’ A Fey youth rationally analyzed the situation.

Although Sada felt that something was off, he couldn't help but acknowledge this too. The Fey youth's analysis made a great deal of sense. It was likely that Lin Ming had died.

’’This damn Lin Ming!’’ High Lord Bloodfire frowned. He didn't hold out on any further hope. Of everyone here, he most understood Lin Ming's strength. Although Lin Ming hadn't been able to break through to Revolving Core, he absolutely had the strength to rank amongst the top five High Lords of Polaris Tower. If Lin Ming could enter the 1200 mile radius zone of the Eternal Demon Abyss, then he truly could have been a great help to him. When that time came, they would have been a powerful combination, able to seek a great lucky chance for Sir Chief High Lord. What a pity, that plan had now come to nothing, leaving him with nothing but the desolate sense of being alone.

’’Sir Sada, let's go!’’ A Fey youth said. The one hour agreement had ended, and even an extra incense stick of time after that. It was becoming increasingly clear that Lin Ming had died.

Sada sighed, ’’It's true that we can't wait here forever. If Lin Ming didn't die he should have returned long ago. Let's continue then.’’

Sada didn't think of the possibility that Lin Ming would not only be alive, but also intentionally leaving their group. Alone, without a guide, without a squad, his chances of living in the Eternal Demon Abyss would certainly be slim to none.


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