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Martial World - Chapter 630


Chapter 630 - Capturing the Demon Bone

With every step he took, the fog around Lin Ming became increasingly thick. At first, it was only like a thin layer of gauze, but slowly, it was concentrated to the point of almost turning into essence.

A suppressive atmosphere spread out along with a vivid infernal energy.

Lin Ming restrained his aura as much as possible, while keeping his mind on high alert within his spiritual sea as he waited for the Demon Bone's surprise attack.

In the end, the transformed Demon Bone was only a high ranking Demon God Bone that had a wisp of Emperor Will within it. The only attack method it could use was also only a will attack.

’’Lin Ming, first pretend that you're not its enemy while I find the location of its main body. We will have to dig it out in a single go. We will only have one chance. If we fail, this demon spirit will be prepared and it will be impossible to fool it again.’’

Lin Ming nodded. According to Demonshine, this transformed Demon Bone was usually a few thousand feet deep underground;it would only come close to the surface when it was hunting. This was also the only chance to capture it, otherwise, in this Eternal Demon Abyss where one's divine sense was suppressed and with this transformed Demon Bone that was so good at hiding, it would simply be impossible to find it again.

After walking a dozen or so miles, Lin Ming's speed was sometimes fast and sometimes slow. Finally, he heard that sweet melodic singing again.

’’Lonely... I'm so lonely... come down and stay with me...’’

It was like the song of an ancient woman as she waited for her husband's return. Lin Ming's steps paused, his eyes flashing for a brief moment in the dim light.

It came!

Lin Ming's mind went cold. Hearing the song this time, he was much calmer than he was last time. It was very easy to distinguish the soul attack that lay within this sweet song.

The true function of the song was to charm a martial artist's heart and drag their consciousness into the world of will.

If a martial artist had never come into contact with the world of will, they wouldn't have a clue what was happening to them. They would simply stumble in muddle-headed;the results from that could be imagined.

In the world of will, Lin Ming stood in a vast green wilderness. Here, he didn't feel any killing intent at all. Rather, he just felt a trace of a new budding spring.

This sort of scenery was...

From the dark, deathly gray surroundings to suddenly arrive at such a beautiful spring prairie, the visual impact was startling.

At this moment, in front of him, a female appeared. She wore a long, fiery red skirt, and her figure was slender and exquisite, her appearance similar to someone Lin Ming had met before.

’’Stay with me! Follow me!’’

A gentle whisper rang in Lin Ming's ear, striking him like a bolt of lightning. This woman... was Mu Qianyu!

The Mu Qianyu was extremely lifelike, with even her frown and smile, everything was the same as in Lin Ming's memories.

In that instant, Lin Ming truly did have the briefest flash where his soul fell into illusion. But, he quickly recovered his mind.

’’This transformed Demon Bone can actually have me see the Qianyu in my memories. It can call back my memories to have my mind fall into illusion... this is truly a great method!’’

Lin Ming always felt that his will was as firm as iron. But even so, he had almost lost his mind. If it were someone else instead, they simply wouldn't have the strength to resist. No wonder those two Fey youths had died so easily. Once their will was defeated, their bodies simply became this Demon Bone's food.

’’Junior-apprentice Brother Lin... we finally meet again...’’ Mu Qianyu beautifully smiled, her laughter like the spring rain. Her appearance, manner, movements, everything was consistent with the true Mu Qianyu.

Although Lin Ming clearly knew this was an illusion, he still felt his mind tremble. It had been almost two and a half years. This entire time, he had worried about divine Phoenix Island, worried about his parents, and worried about Qin Xingxuan and Mu Qianyu.

At this time, Demonshine's voice suddenly sounded out, ’’Lin Ming, I've found it. Wait three more breaths of time and then attack with everything you've got! With your battle spirit, you have no need to fear it at all!’’

Three breaths of time...

Lin Ming's eyebrows shot up, silently counting in his heart as he lightly traced his spatial ring, his mind linking to his Purple Comet Spear.

’’Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, what are you doing? Why do I feel as if I sense killing intent from your body, you... you want to...’’ This 'Mu Qianyu' covered her mouth with her hands, her eyes filling with a hidden bitterness and sadness.

Two breaths of time...

’’Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, could it be you want to harm me...’’ 'Mu Qianyu' stretched out a hand as if she wanted to touch Lin Ming.

One breath of time...

Lin Ming took a step back, avoiding Mu Qianyu's hand.

’’Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, you...’’ 'Mu Qianyu's'eyes were pitiful.

Lin Ming's eyes flashed with a deep killing intent. His voice was low as he said, ’’You did what you should never have done. You turned into someone important to me in order to deal with me;how can I ever let you live!’’

The Purple Comet Spear was drawn. Within Lin Ming's spiritual sea, the azure battle spirit howled, merging into the Purple Comet Spear. With a thrust, thunderfire howled!

’’Mu Qianyu's beautiful face changed. Her incomparably exquisite expression instantly became horrid and hideous. Her hands became claws that were matted with fur, and a hoarse keening cry came out of her throat, filling the air with a sad and mournful song even as she grabbed at Lin Ming.


Lin Ming coldly coughed. In the world of will, the battle spirit was king!


The demon claw was directly pierced through by Lin Ming's spear. The Purple Comet Spear didn't lose any momentum and immediately thrust through the demon's chest. That demon's hideous face immediately revealed intense panic!

’’Lin Ming, now is the time, don't let it escape!’’

Lin Ming thrust out his hand, loudly shouting, ’’Seal!’’

Thunder and fire formed a cage in thin air, sealing the demon within. Here, in the world of will, Lin Ming could use any method he wished to defeat his enemy, as long as his will was stronger.

As for the Blood Demon Bone in front of him, all it had was a wisp of Emperor Will;it was far from forming a battle spirit. Naturally, it wasn't Lin Ming's match.

’’One mile straight ahead of you, 300 feet underground, that is where it is!’’

Demonshine took advantage of the time when the Blood Demon Bone was distracted with Lin Ming in the world of will to accurately pinpoint the exact location of its main body.

’’I've got it!’’

Lin Ming's eyes flashed with a bright light. As the Blood Demon Bone's soul was still sealed within the world of will, his own will had withdrawn to reality. He pulled out the Purple Comet Spear - Penetrating Rainbow!

Lin Ming didn't even need the blink of an eye to cross one mile. There was only a flaming rainbow of light that pierced through the void as the ground suddenly exploded. Tens of thousands of jins of earth were turned over. One with his spear, Lin Ming was like a nail that thrust into the sharp rock, instantly reaching the position that Demonshine had said!

There, an enchantment of energy spread out for several dozens of feet. And within that enchantment, there was a crimson glass bead a bit smaller than a pigeon's egg, hiding at the very center.


How could the frail enchantment possibly defend against Lin Ming's Purple Comet Spear? In the instant that Lin Ming had arrived, his attack had already broken it apart!

The transformed Demon Bone panicked. It galvanized the energy around its body as if it wished to escape into the dirt, but how could Lin Ming allow it to do as it wished!

’’Concept of Space, seal!’’

The space around the transformed Demon Bone instantly collapsed, forming a cage from the power of space around the transformed Demon Bone, imprisoning it within. With Lin Ming's comprehension of the Concept of Space, wanting to create a stable long-term cage was impossible. At most, he could create one that lasted for several breaths of time. But, this was enough!

As the Demon Bone was trapped, Lin Ming immediately twisted his fingers, creating hundreds of seals that shot forwards. These golden seals all fell upon the Demon Bone. This was the sealing technique used for Thunder Souls and Flame Essences. Using it to deal with this Demon Bone was also suitable!


The transformed Demon Bone issued a miserable scream. To see a little glass bead make such a sound felt extremely strange.

Lin Ming simply didn't care at all. His fingers became faster and faster as more seals fell upon the Demon Bone. As the seals were finished, Lin Ming flicked his finger and thin strands of thunder surrounded the Demon Bone, quickly forming a cocoon of lightning around it. Lin Ming still wasn't assured. He also placed a wisp of the power of space around the cocoon, then took out a jade box and placed the cocoon in the jade box.

With so many layers of protection, the Demon Bone wouldn't be able to escape even if it had wings!

Demonshine chuckled and said, ’’That was well done. Boy, you really are ruthless in your actions. I thought that you might not have more than a 30% chance of capturing the Blood Demon Bone, but I never imagined you would be so clean and decisive. The Blood Demon Bone was really caught by you and it didn't even have a chance to respond!’’

Lin Ming faintly smiled, ’’That's also thanks to you finding it so soon.’’

Lin Ming could feel that Demonshine's soul force had rapidly recovered to a great extent. After he broke through to the Xiantian realm, he had faintly felt that Demonshine's soul force had been inferior to his own. But, after all these years, Demonshine's soul force had already surpassed his own by a great deal. To find some clever Demon Bone hiding in a spot one mile away and 300 feet deep, Lin Ming didn't believe he had this ability.

This was the skill of a Supreme Elder from the Realm of the Gods. In the end, even a skinny camel was still bigger than a horse. As time passed and Demonshine's soul force restored even more, the disparity between them would only grow.

Lin Ming had just covered the jade box when Demonshine said, ’’Boy, hold up.’’


’’Let this Saint go in and enjoy himself first, hehehe!’’ Demonshine rubbed his doggy paws together, his long tongue sticking out to lick his lips. His expression was no different from a se*ual predator running into a bath full of beauties.

Seeing Demonshine act like this, Lin Ming couldn't help but laugh.

’’Boy, what are you laughing your ass off about? Rest assured, this Saint will make sure to keep your half for you. I will not cheat you even a little bit.’’

Lin Ming drily coughed, ’’I don't want to eat your leftovers.’’

After successfully obtaining the Blood Demon Bone, Lin Ming's mood was very good. He could break through to the Revolving Core realm and even raise his battle spirit. But, this place wasn't good for going into closed-door seclusion to make his breakthrough. He had to find a relatively safe place to do that.

Demonshine unhappily said, ’’What do you mean this Saint's leftovers? This Saint will first subdue this tiny bone's spirit and then divide half for me and half for you. After this Saint processes his treasure, it will be much easier for you to swallow. It won't be like that time where it was so rough you even had to swallow the Nameless divine Pill and suffer so much distress!’’

Lin Ming smiled, ’’That's fine then, ah... we just had a fierce battle, it's not good to stay here too long. Let's leave first.’’

Within the Eternal Demon Abyss, fierce fighting could easily awaken evil beings that were slumbering deep underground. If something jumped out that Lin Ming couldn't deal with, then there really would be no escape to heaven or hell for him.


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