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Martial World - Chapter 629


Chapter 629 - Transformed Demon Bone




His whole body bursting with true essence, Lin Ming grasped the Purple Comet Spear as thunder flashed on its point. Running at full speed, he was like a war god, unstoppable, overwhelming!

’’Now, the right side, 300 feet, strike with everything you have, break through!’’

Demonshine's voice resounded in Lin Ming's mind once more. Without any hesitation, Lin Ming pooled true essence into the Purple Comet Spear and used Penetrating Rainbow once more!

With another cracking sound, it was like some invisible barrier shattered underneath Lin Ming's spear. In the next instant, he had already run outside of the thick black fog. Everything suddenly slowed down, returning to normal.

The fog was a much lighter gray, and he could even see the stars faintly up above.

He made it out!

Lin Ming let out a long breath, not relaxing his guard. In a single breath he rushed more than 10 miles away before stopped.

’’What was that just now?’’ Lin Ming asked Demonshine.

Demonshine hesitated, not too sure, and said, ’’It should be... a Demon Blood Bone.’’

’’What is that?’’

As Lin Ming asked this, several other people made it out of the hole that Lin Ming had crushed through the dense barrier of fog. After the sudden events just now, they had dropped from 10 to eight people. Every one of them had frightened expressions, their faces wan.

Too horrifying!

These martial artists that walked the killing path were not afraid of fatal danger zones, otherwise they never would have come to Skysplit Tower to begin with.

But that strange feeling just now, that pitiful way of dying, left a lingering feeling within them that made their scalps tingle with fear.

’’This little brother is called Lin Ming, right...’’ The squad leader Sada looked at Lin Ming with some surprise. He hadn't seen that black fog array formation before and had no idea how to break through it. It was possible that all of them could have been wiped out within. But suddenly Lin Ming had rushed forwards and even made his way out.

’’Yes.’’ Lin Ming nodded.

’’Little Brother Lin, did you see through that danger zone just now and discover how to break through?’’ Sada noticed that when Lin Ming was rushing out he had actually changed directions once. Was this done unconsciously, or did he notice something?

After Sada asked this question, Lan Xin also looked at Lin Ming curiously. As for the others, they had a bit of doubt and confusion on their faces.

Lin Ming firmly shook his head and said, ’’I only thought that it was better to die fighting than to wait for death. I just randomly rushed in a direction, but I didn't think I would actually be able to rush out like that.

As Lin Ming spoke, Sada revealed an understanding expression. The truth was that he didn't believe Lin Ming had the ability to see through that black fog to begin with. After all, this was the first time that Lin Ming had entered the Eternal Demon Abyss.

As for the several other Fey youths, they felt depressed after hearing this. If they had known this earlier then they would have rushed out randomly too. How come they hadn't thought of this!

Rush out in a single go and lead everyone out. A hero rescuing a maiden, perhaps they might have been able to capture Lan Xin's heart. But, this great limelight and glory had actually been snatched away by a human boy.

A Fey martial artist sourly mumbled, ’’In this Eternal Demon Abyss, randomly rushing or randomly using moves can easily take a life. The reason that we fell into that dangerous spot just now was all because some other fellow decided to randomly attack...’’

Lin Ming naturally heard the envy in this other youth's voice. Towards this sort of unreasonable and nonsensical jealousy, Lin Ming didn't even want to bother acknowledging it. He and Lan Xin weren't even of the same race.

Sada coughed, interrupting the Fey youth's words and said, ’’No matter what, this time our luck is all thanks to Little Brother Lin. But later, remember not to be so impulsive. Before anyone acts, make sure you suppress your strength as much as possible and don't make any great movements, lest we disturb any evil being that is sleeping deep underground.

’’Alright. We'll take a short break and then set out again.’’ Sada looked at the stars, determining his position once again. Although they had deviated from their original route, it wasn't by too much.

Lin Ming didn't bother paying attention to the others. He sunk his consciousness into his spiritual sea and continued to ask Demonshine, ’’Demonshine, what is a Blood Demon Bone?’’

Demonshine answered, ’’A Demon God Bone is the energy left behind by a Supreme Elder after they die. After being sealed underground for tens or hundreds of thousands of years, this energy then condenses into a crystal form, usually in the shape of a glass bead. Normally, a Demon God Bone is only pure energy, the will has already dispersed. But, there are sometimes exceptions. For instance, there might be an ancient Supreme Elder, and because their will is too strong or they practiced some strange cultivation method, their will can pass through all these years without dispersing, only slowly weakening instead. Finally, this will will fuse together into the Demon God Bone, forming a special Demon God Bone called a Blood Demon Bone. This sort of Demon God Bone has its own consciousness, and will take the initiative to absorb the blood essence of martial artists to revitalize its damaged soul. If it obtains enough blood essence, it can even cultivate to become a demon!’’

As Demonshine spoke, Lin Ming sucked in a cold breath of air. This was truly a great world, all sorts of strange things were possible. For a Demon God Bone to fuse with an Emperor Will, be born with a consciousness, and then later even cultivate to become a demon. This sort of thinking was unimaginable.

However... to use blood essence to revitalize a damaged soul...

Lin Ming suddenly paused. The Magic Cube was also the same!

Even Demonshine had originally wanted to absorb the blood essence of the Ancient Giant Demons. Unfortunately, he had lost it to the Magic Cube.

This increasingly confirmed Lin Ming's guess that within the Magic Cube, there was some incomparably powerful injured soul that was waiting for blood essence to repair itself.

’’Demonshine, is this Blood Demon Bone a so-called heaven-step Demon God Bone?’’

’’I'm not too sure. It shouldn't be heaven-step, but rather a high-grade earth-step. If you can obtain it, not only will it help you to break through to Revolving Core sooner, but you can even use it to help raise your battle spirit. A Blood Demon Bone is absolutely a great treasure to temper a battle spirit!’’ Demonshine said, his voice full of temptation.

’’It doesn't matter how good it is, it's impossible for me to obtain it. I almost lost my life just now...’’ Lin Ming shook his head, a bit regretful. He knew just how far he could push himself.

’’Hehe, well, logically speaking, this Blood Demon Bone is not what someone with your cultivation can mess with. But... you have a battle spirit, and that is the greatest weapon you can rely on!’’

’’Oh?’’ Lin Ming's mind stirred.

’’The greatest difference between a Blood Demon Bone and an ordinary Demon God Bone is that that Blood Demon Bone contains an Emperor Will. After gaining its own consciousness, it will go out to hunt and kill martial artists of its own initiative, absorbing their blood essence. In a way, it is similar to a spider that is waiting for martial artists to rush into its web! But, the way that a Blood Demon Bone attacks is through a will attack. The two Fey idiots just now were defeated in the world of will by that Blood Demon Bone, that's why they weren't able to summon any resistance at all in the real world.

’’But you are different. You have a battle spirit. You are not like them at all!’’

Lin Ming pondered this for a moment. In the Road of Emperor, he still vividly remembered the massive gap that existed between him and an Emperor battle spirit.

He couldn't help but ask, ’’My battle spirit is still only in its elementary form. But that ancient powerhouse that left behind the Blood Demon Bone probably reached Large Success of his battle spirit. I fear that I am far from being its match.’’

Demonshine shook his doggy head and revealed a smirking satisfied expression that he knew far more than Lin Ming, ’’The ancient powerhouse certainly reached Large Success in forming its battle spirit, otherwise it would have been impossible for it to leave behind a Blood Demon Bone. But, that ancient Supreme Elder died far too long ago. It must have been at least tens if not hundreds of thousands of years. Through the span of time, even that powerful will would slowly weaken. This Blood Demon Bone contains that will, but that will already has no relation to the ancient great Emperor that died. It is only a blood demon, dependent on swallowing others' blood essence in order to strengthen its consciousness and cultivate to become a true demon. Its true strength isn't any greater than yours, otherwise do you think you would have really been able to break out just now?’’

Demonshine's words caused Lin Ming's heart to move even more. If he could really obtain this Blood Demon Bone for himself then the advantages were obvious. After breaking through to Revolving Core, he would then have the strength to return to the South Horizon Region!

The South Horizon Region was the place that Lin Ming always worried about. He wished that he could return immediately.

’’How can I find it?’’ Lin Ming asked.

’’Hehehe, just follow this Saint's instructions and you'll be fine, but... this Saint has a condition, and that is... after obtaining the Blood Demon Bone, I get half!’’

’’Alright!’’ Lin Ming thought for the briefest of moments before agreeing.

The Blood Demon Bone was originally a treasure that was closely related to the will - it could even temper a battle spirit. Presumably, it would be very helpful to Demonshine in repairing his damaged soul.

Without Demonshine, Lin Ming simply wouldn't have dared to capture this Blood Demon Bone, much less that he and Demonshine also shared a mutually beneficial relationship, with each helping the other obtain what they needed. He had also been helped by Demonshine many other times, so giving half of this Blood Demon Bone to him was reasonable.

’’Alright, I will now tell you the main points for capturing the Blood Demon Bone...’’

The method for catching the Blood Demon Bone was much simpler than what Lin Ming thought it would be like. After approximately understanding the process, he stood up and then began walking back to the area of the dense black fog.

’’Lin Ming, where are you going?’’ Seeing Lin Ming walking back to that danger zone, Sada felt a creep crawl over his scalp. Lin Ming actually wanted to return there?

Lin Ming shook his head and casually lied, ’’When I struck out just then, the power was too great and I ran too fast, dropping a spatial ring there. There are some important things inside, so I have to go back to look for it.

Dropped a spatial ring?

Wasn't that just too careless right now!

Normally, a martial artist would always leave a touch of perception on their spatial ring so they would know as soon as it fell. But in a panicked, frantic situation such as what just happened now, it was possible to drop it in a moment of inattentiveness.

’’However precious those things are in your spatial ring, they are not as precious as your life!’’ A clear voice called out. The one speaking was Lan Xing. In her opinion, if Lin Ming went back then he might not be as lucky as he was escaping. It was possible he could die.

High Lord Black Ash stared at Lin Ming as if he were an absolutely klutzy idiot. Several other Fey youths were also looking at Lin Ming with gloating expressions. Most of them thought that if Lin Ming went back now, his chances of living through that danger again would be exceedingly slim.

’’Brother Lin, what is in your spatial ring? If it's resources, then Sir Chief High Lord can recompense you.’’ High Lord Bloodfire said, even as he subsequently used a true essence sound transmission, ’’Our main mission this time is to enter the 1200 mile region to seek lucky chances for Sir Chief High Lord. This is our most important objective. If it's just some personal wealth, then it's better to forget it.’’

Hearing High Lord Bloodfire's true essence sound transmission, Lin Ming truly felt sad for him. This Bloodfire so desperately wanted to go adventuring into danger zones just so he could seek lucky chances for others.

’’Brother Bloodfire, that ring is truly useful to me. There are some weapons, pills, and array flags that greatly relate to my combat strength.’’ Lin Ming lied again.

’’Alright. Then you go. Come back as soon as you can.’’ High Lord Bloodfire had no choice but to give up.

’’Lin Ming, we will only wait one hour for you. If you can't return before then, then we will set off regardless.’’ Seeing that Lin Ming was so adamant on going back, this was all Sada could say.

Lin Ming nodded. ’’Okay.’’


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