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Martial World - Chapter 623


Chapter 623 - Exit




Within the black darkness, a cold light flashed. A low-grade earth-step treasure sword was tossed into the air where it was slowly spinning around.

But at this moment, the treasure sword spinning in the air began to tremble. The air around it spun into a sharp vortex, causing even the space to tremble. With a shrill grinding noise, the earth-step treasure sword actually exploded in the air, turning into countless shards of metal!

After being twisted apart in this vortex, the metal fragments began to follow the flow of wind, causing the vortex to shine with a keen light. With a faint howling, space itself seemed to be torn apart. If a martial artist were to be placed with this sharp vortex they would have longed been ground into a meat patty.

’’This is the striking power of a battle spirit.’’

Within the world of will, a battle spirit was the most terrifying weapon. But in the real world, a battle spirit actually couldn't be used to directly attack;it had to be attached to some material object. A moment ago, Lin Ming had attached the battle spirit to the air, causing a sharp vortex that had twisted the earth-step treasure to pieces.

Attaching a battle spirit to the air wasn't considered a strong use of it. The strongest use of a battle spirit was when it was attached to a treasure and used in techniques. Lin Ming hoped to find a rival to battle so that he could see just how far his battle spirit could go.

’’I wonder how much my strength has increased by...’’ Lin Ming thought out loud as he stopped spurring his battle spirit, causing the metal fragments to immediately fall to the floor.

’’Hehe, after comprehending your own battle spirit, your defensive ability, true essence thickness, and speed, none of those have increased by too much. But, your striking power has absolutely risen by an astronomical degree. Even though your battle spirit is only in its elementary form, it is still terrifying. When it grows in the future, you won't even need to move. Just send out your battle spirit and it will be able to kill others without them even seeing!

’’Afterwards, when your battle spirit reaches the Large Success stage, you can even have it attach to your armor to enhance your defense. In short, as you grow stronger, this battle spirit will become an increasingly important aspect of your strength. This is also the reason that when martial artists are at the same cultivation boundary, the martial artist that is stronger in their world of will is much more respected and feared. This is because their capacity for growth is greater. Now, you've comprehended your own battle spirit before you've even reached Revolving Core. The room for your growth is... limitless.’’ Demonshine sighed, truly envious of Lin Ming's lucky chance.

’’I wonder if I'm a match for High Lord Limitless Demon now...’’ Lin Ming had been on the Road of Emperor for more than half a year now. His cultivation and techniques hadn't increased by much, but his striking power had leapt up because of the formation of his battle spirit. Now, if he faced High Lord Limitless Demon, he still wasn't too sure of his chances.

However, even if he could deal with High Lord Limitless Demon as he was now, Lin Ming wouldn't have gone against him at this moment. He still wanted to borrow High Lord Limitless Demon's name in order to enter the Eternal Demon Abyss. It was far too early to kill High Lord Limitless Demon.

’’It shouldn't be too long until the Eternal Demon Abyss opens;I don't have enough time to make a breakthrough to the Revolving Core realm. With the time I have left, it's much better for me to use it to sharpen my battle spirit!’’

Lin Ming continued towards the next will light If he wasn't able to test the power of this battle spirit in the real world, then he could test it out in the world of will.

After entering into the world of will once again, Lin Ming felt something completely different.

He felt that his body and surroundings had become remarkably real, with almost no difference from the real world. His perception had become incomparably acute, and strength filled his body. His speed, his thick true essence, his comprehension of Laws, everything had come back!

In front of him was the will body of an Emperor level powerhouse. This figure was completely wrapped in a layer of black fog, impossible to clearly see.


A thought flashed through Lin Ming's mind. Lin Ming hadn't even moved, but an incomparably sharp spear actually appeared in front of him, piercing towards the figure's heart!

Blood sprayed out and the will body slowly faded away, turning into a pure energy that flowed into Lin Ming's body, vitalizing his will.

’’This is visualization?’’

Lin Ming remembered that feeling just now. As Lin Ming had said, in the world of will, he was god. He could create any weapon, vicious beast, or if he was strong enough, he could even form a God Beast!

And these forms he visualized, these weapons and vicious beasts, they could become the most dangerous and deadly of tools.

’’The difference in the world of will between those that have a battle spirit and those that don't is simply too great. Before I formed my battle spirit, I would have to suffer several grievous wounds and risk myself in order to destroy an Emperor level powerhouse's will body. But now, after I formed my battle spirit, I can actually instantly kill them.’’

In truth, what Lin Ming had destroyed was not the true will of an Emperor, but rather a similar Emperor Will formed from energy that the Road of Emperor created based on its memories of these ancient Emperors.

These energy forms had their own attack power, but they were naturally inferior to the true will of an Emperor level powerhouse. Otherwise, even if Lin Ming had comprehended a battle spirit it would still have been impossibly difficult for him to win.

Next, Lin Ming continued sweeping his way through. With a battle spirit, these Emperor Wills that didn't have a battle spirit were completely outmatched.

In such battles, the elementary form of Lin Ming's battle spirit within his spiritual sea constantly solidified, continuously growing.

Feeling his battle spirit growing stronger, Lin Ming eagerly awaited fighting in the real world;he wanted to see just how much his strength had increased by.

On this day, as Lin Ming stepped into a new world of will, he suddenly felt a terrifying pressure fall on him, causing all the blood in his body to come to a standstill even as it swelled up in his chest.

Looking up, Lin Ming could see a blurry face in the skies, looking illusory and cloudy.

’’Junior, you are not my match. Stop here, and return.’’

A voice echoed out from the endless horizon, reverberating in Lin Ming's ear like a thunderclap.

Lin Ming was shocked as he heard this voice. Before now, he had already destroyed the will bodies of dozens of Emperor level powerhouses, but none of them had ever spoken. Because of this, Lin Ming had subconsciously come to believe that these will bodies were nothing more than dead objects or simulations conjured up by the Road of Emperor. Otherwise, if top talents destroyed so many Emperor Wills when they came in, then these Emperor Wills should have already been used up.

In this world of will, could there really be a true wisp of remnant soul from an Emperor level powerhouse?

This thought just formed in Lin Ming's mind when an overwhelming pressure came crashing down on him from above, causing his body to shatter into pieces. In the next moment, Lin Ming had withdrawn from the world of will, his body streaming with a cold sweat.

The disparity was too great!

From the last will world to this one, the difficulty had soared up by countless times!

’’This is an Emperor level powerhouse that had formed his own battle spirit, he might even have left a wisp of his consciousness inside the will light. I am absolutely not his match.’’

The difference just now was like the difference between the mud and clouds;it was so great that Lin Ming couldn't even summon the thought of resistance before he was destroyed.

Had he reached his limit?

Lin Ming looked at the will lights that stretched far off into the distance and shook his head. He still had such a long way that he hadn't yet traveled but he had already reached his limit. He wasn't even close!

’’Boy! Are you still not happy enough!?’’ Within Lin Ming's spiritual sea, Demonshine jumped out and grouchily said, ’’The road of will lights far surpasses the stone tablets in terms of difficulty, but now you've even crossed through a good half of it! What more do you want? You're just a half-step Revolving Core boy, if you so easily crossed the Road of Emperor then what good would it be?’’

The Road of Emperor not only included the road of will lights but also other sections. But currently, Lin Ming had chosen the road of will lights. If he entered the Road of Emperor next time, then this would be where he would continue from.

Before he finished walking this road, it was impossible for him to step onto the Road of Emperor stone tablets. Thus, there was no more point in staying here.

’’This is the end so far!’’

Lin Ming took a deep breath. It was about time for him to exit.

In the blink of an eye, Lin Ming had stayed within the Road of Emperor for seven months now. Unconsciously, his birthday had passed yet again. After leaving the Road of Emperor, Lin Ming was now 20 years old.

This time, the eruptions of the Eternal Demon Abyss had died down. In another two months, the energies would stabilize and the 12 Skysplit Towers would open the entrance to the Eternal Demon Abyss. At this time, all of the outstanding young elites and High Lords would be able to enter the Eternal Demon Abyss to seek their own lucky chances.

When Lin Ming exited, it naturally aroused a great amount of interest.

To them, Lin Ming would be a powerful competitor.

The Eternal Demon Abyss was a land of death. Since ancient times, countless heroic young elites and extraordinary High Lords would perish here. Some would die from the danger zones of the Enteral Demon Abyss, and some would die at the hands of other martial artists. In fact, this second reason was one of the major reasons for death in the Eternal Demon Abyss.

Within the Eternal Demon Abyss, there were lucky chances abound, but there were also no rules. Killing someone and stealing their wealth was common, especially in the new era after an eruption of the Eternal Demon Abyss when there were even more lucky chances and treasures to be found. Before entering, many martial artists were already cleaning their murder weapons.

To martial artists that walked the killing path, such an environment was sure to be a frigid and bloody battle.

However, those martial artists that qualified to enter the Eternal Demon Abyss were either peerless geniuses or High Lords, all of them hardened veterans. Despite how powerful one was, facing such a great group of tigers, one had to be careful, otherwise it was possible to end up being the one killed instead.

So, investigating the information of other people that would enter was also one of the necessary preparations for entering the Eternal Demon Abyss.

Lan Xin, Duanmu Qun, Blackstone, and other top talents were naturally the focus of these investigations. As for High Lord Bloodfire, High Lord Three Eyes, and those like them, they had been High Lords for a long time so there was no need to mention them.

But as for Lin Ming, as a rising star that had killed High Lord Heian, he too was the focus of attention.

’’Before Lin Ming entered the Road of Emperor he had strength equal to an upper middle High Lord of Polaris Tower. After leaving the Road of Emperor, he probably has strength equal to Polaris Tower's top three High Lords!’’

Within Heavenly Cloud Tower, the dozen or so High Lords had their minions researching their competitors' strength in order to prepare themselves for the Eternal Demon Abyss. Naturally, they mentioned Lin Ming.

Another High Lord said, ’’Of the 12 Skysplit Towers, Polaris Tower's High Lords are only in the lower middle ranks. But, our Heavenly Cloud Tower's High Lords are overall ranked number one. Lin Ming is strong, but if he were placed in our Heavenly Cloud Tower group then he wouldn't be so exaggerated. Lin Ming is a powerful competitor of ours, but we don't need to especially fear him.’’

’’I wonder how that Duanmu Qun and Lan Xin would compare with him. Especially that Duanmu Qun. I heard that his strength wasn't necessarily any worse than Lin Ming's to begin with. After entering the Road of Emperor, his cultivation rose, not to mention his comprehension of Laws. His harvest in there was certainly great.’’

As these martial artists were speaking, a sound transmitting talisman suddenly lit in the main hall. As the leader of these High Lords heard the news, a strange look suddenly crossed his face.


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