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Martial World - Chapter 621


Chapter 621 - Blooming In Splendor Through Competition




According to the temple spirit, the Heavenly Demon martial intent was divided into three different forms. They were respectively the Asura force field obtained from the King's Cage, the Death God force field obtained from becoming a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon, and lastly the Prime Emperor force field from completing the Road of Emperor.

Lin Ming didn't know what the Death God force field was like, but he had personally experienced the Asura force field. The Asura force field was absolute multi-level suppression. Whether it was physical strength, the undulations of organs, the circulation of true essence in the meridians, perception, all of this and more was completely suppressed to the point that it was several tenths less than at peak condition. The weaker one was, the harder this suppression would fall. To extremely weak martial artists, their heart might even stop if they entered this force field and their spiritual sea would collapse. This was also the reason that geniuses would die within the King's Cage.

Although the Asura force field was terrifying, it was only for the real world. After entering the world of will, the Asura force field was no longer effective.

Now, within the world of will, Lin Ming also felt the absolute suppression of a Heavenly Demon force field.

Lin Ming immediately thought that this might be one of the Heavenly Demon martial intent's three great force fields, the Prime Emperor force field!

It was the same as the King's Cage. After completing the entire trial, one could obtain the Prime Emperor force field. But, before that, Lin Ming would have to withstand the suppression of this force field!

If he wasn't wrong, then the power of this suppression would only grow stronger!

Thinking that he would have to face an Emperor level powerhouse that had a battle spirit while under the suppression of this force field, Lin Ming immediately felt his own weakness. The disparity was simply too great. No wonder it was said that anyone that passed the Road of Emperor could become a Peerless Emperor.

Within the world of will, Lin Ming's will once again took a human form, with all of the organs of a human, as well as meridians and a dantian.

The will body within the world of will was the same as Lin Ming's body in the real world.

Now, under the suppression of the Prime Emperor force field, the organs of Lin Ming's will body, the meridians, the dantian - all of this came under a massive pressure, causing his strength to weaken by 50%.

When Lin Ming had fought in the world of will, even when he exhausted all of his willpower and approached the point of collapse, there were always points on his will body that he hadn't tempered.

But now that he was placed under this pervasive pressure, Lin Ming could merely stand still and he would still feel every inch of his soul resisting the Prime Emperor force field, thoroughly exercising him.

'The Asura force field aims at the real world and the Prime Emperor force field aims at the will world. Both of these force fields are like twins that complement each other. Truly, this Heavenly Demon martial intent is wonderfully unique.'

Lin Ming praised in his heart. But at this time he couldn't spare another thought, because right in front of him, his next enemy had already appeared. This was the will body of an Emperor level powerhouse!

Although his opponent hadn't yet condensed a battle spirit, they still once had a cultivation of a three-star Demon Emperor. If it wasn't for the suppression of the Prime Emperor force field, then Lin Ming might have had a low chance of winning. But now, the chance of success approached zero.

No miracle happened. Within three moves, there was an explosive sound as Lin Ming's will body was smashed apart. In the next moment, he withdrew from the world of will, his entire body covered in a cold sweat.

It was too painful!

In these three months, Lin Ming had consumed 60 to 70% of Yan Chi and Kai Yan's soul recovery medicines. If it wasn't for the fact that he would obtain pure soul energy to nourish his will after extinguishing an Emperor Will, then Lin Ming would have already collapsed.

’’These medicines, I should use them sparingly...’’

Lin Ming swallowed down half of a soul restoring pill and also pulled out a top-grade Blood Demon Crystal, immediately going into meditation. Not only did he not feel fear facing the Prime Emperor force field, but he was instead filled with a brilliant fighting spirit. The Prime Emperor force field was able to temper the will body;it was the best whetting stone to help form his battle spirit.


Time quietly passed. In the blink of an eye, fourth months passed since Lin Ming entered the Road of Emperor.

Outside of the Blood Slaughter Steppes, the eruption of the Eternal Demon Abyss continued unabated. The scope and magnitude of the vibrations had weakened by a great deal now. Now, there would usually only be a large-scale vibration at the Skysplit Towers every two or three days. If this continued, then it was estimated that the eruption of the Eternal Demon Abyss would completely finish in another three months.

Afterward, there would be a stable period of two or three months. One could enter the massive Eternal Demon Abyss and explore the most infamous death zone of the Holy Demon Continent.

From High Lords to the peak talents among the challengers, everyone was preparing for this journey into the Eternal Demon Abyss.

’’I heard that the High Lords of all the Skysplit Towers are planning to explore the area 1200 miles from the edge.’’ Within the Heavenly Cloud Tower, several top ranked martial artists of the third floor were discussing the journey into the Eternal Demon Abyss.

The thousand miles around the immediate edge of the Eternal Demon Abyss was an absolute death zone. Even a bird would find it impossible to cross. There was no point in desiring or wishing for this region. Anyone who entered would die - not even High Lords were exceptions.

But a distance of 1000 to 1200 miles was a red danger zone. This chances of dying here were relatively high, but the harvests were correspondingly rich.

’’1200 miles? Amazing, those people are too bold. These people are really dreaming big, they would even risk their lives like this.’’

’’Even the direct descendants of Holy Lands like Zhuan Yu, Duanmu Qun, Lan Xin, and famous High Lords like Polaris Tower's High Lord Bloodfire, White Stone Tower's High Lord Three Eyes - all of them are planning to enter this area. There's nothing more to say about it. Without risk, it's only possible to live a mediocre life.’’

The road of a martial artist was paved with layers of obstacles and dangers. Even a top Emperor level talent was no exception. If they turned timid in their adventures and hesitated to grasp every lucky chance they could, then the halo of their Emperor level talent would slowly fade away until they ended up only being able to become a high stage Life Destruction master, never being able to take that final step.

’’Yes, ah, there's also that Polaris Tower's Lin Ming. That fellow is simply a monstrous freak. He's a Titled Asura! For the last 10,000 years there have only been 30 to 40 Titled Asuras even with all 12 Skysplit Towers combined. I wonder whether or not he will enter that 1200 mile region.

’’He should be entering it. I heard that he already entered the Road of Emperor. When he comes out, I have no idea just how strong he'll be. I wonder how he compares to Heavenly Cloud Tower's Duanmu Qun?’’

’’Lin Ming entered the Road of Emperor and Duanmu Qun also entered the Road of Emperor. So have Exquisite Tower's Lan Xin, Five Color Tower's Zhuan Yu, Great Ax Tower's Hei Shi, and also other famous talents, all of them have entered the Road of Emperor. Each and every one of them are monstrous geniuses. I have no idea who will have the greatest improvements after coming out!’’

As the two martial artists were talking, a sound transmitting talisman lit in front of them, appearing especially bright in the dark hall.

’’Oh? Great Ax Tower's Hei Shi just came out! His cultivation has risen from a one-star Demon King to a two-star Demon King! That is just his cultivation too, I wonder how much his moves and Concepts have improved by. This Road of Emperor is even better for improving one's moves and Concepts!’’

The martial artist who spoke was obviously filled with envy.

The Skysplit Towers gathered all the peak killing path talents of the entire Holy Demon Continent. It could be said that there were more geniuses there than dogs in the world. Cultivation was not the only factor in one's combat prowess, but it was an important factor. A two-star Demon King was a bit abnormal. Much less, Hei Shi's Concepts and moves had most likely improved too. It was hard to imagine just how terrifyingly high his combat strength had risen to.

’’Before Hei Shi entered Skysplit Tower he was already a bit better than the weakest High Lord. After coming out, he can probably fight on par with an upper middle ranked High Lord.

Normally, a High Lord's talent was far less than that of a peak challenger talent. It was because the peak talents nearly all originated from Holy Lands, so they never desired or planned on staying in Skysplit Tower and becoming High Lords. Only those with ordinary backgrounds that were also willing to submit themselves to the Blood Slaughter Steppes' supreme rulers could become a High Lord.

Thus, as long as these Holy Land descendants stayed for long enough, their strength would sooner or later surpass the High Lords'.

’’This is too incredible. The last 10 years of the Blood Slaughter Steppes challengers have talents that far surpass the past generations'. Even Polaris Tower's Feng Shen is said to have entered the Road of Emperor. The sect behind him should have paid no small price for this.

The martial artists of the Blood Slaughter Steppes were all looking forwards to a few months from now when all these peak talents would begin exiting one at a time. That would truly be a blooming moment for all of these geniuses. As for the Eternal Demon Abyss, that would be the true test for all of these individuals. At that time, who was a True Dragon, who was a fake, all of these would be made brutally clear.

Four months passed, and then in the blink of an eye, the fifth month passed too. Feng Shen exited! And then Lan Xin also exited!

These peerless proud sons and daughters of heavens, each of them had scarily prodigious backgrounds. Feng Shen's background ranked slightly worse amongst them, but he was still from a Holy Land.

Facing this group of characters, the high level personnel of the Blood Slaughter Steppes naturally didn't dare to do anything to them. Now when they returned to Skysplit Tower, their strength would surpass a great number of High Lords. It would become increasingly difficult for the Blood Slaughter Steppes to control them.

However, these various Holy Lands weren't unreasonable. After this journey into the Eternal Demon Abyss, they would all have their respective descendants leave the Blood Slaughter Steppes.

At this time, when these Holy Land descendants left, those challengers who had talent a level lower than them and had also pledged their allegiance to Skysplit Tower would become new High Lords, replacing all those that died within the Enteral Demon Abyss.

In this way, this generation of challengers would be considered finished. Then, the Blood Slaughter Steppes would welcome a new generation of young heroic elites, starting the cycle anew once again.

Five months later, on the 160th day, besides Duanmu Qun and Lin Ming, every other challenger had made their exit.

Their cultivation had significantly improved. And in comparison to their relative cultivation, their comprehensive combat strength rose even more!

All of these martial artists burned with a brilliant fighting spirit. They all impatiently desired to go to the Eternal Demon Abyss to prove themselves.

Normally, all of these top geniuses had great pride and belief in themselves. After entering the Road of Emperor, they all believed they had perceived the greatest profound and mystical principles from within, and that their increased strength was also the greatest. They earnestly wanted to compete with other young heroic elites and see just who had obtained the greatest benefits from the Road of Emperor.

This could be considered the proof of talent.

For those martial artists that wished to, they really did compete with each other. Their combat strength had truly risen, and this was mainly reflected in their moves, comprehension of Concepts, and cultivation. Without doubt, when these individuals were given the choice to take two different paths within the Road of Emperor, all of them had stepped onto the path of Emperor stone tablets instead of the path of will lights.

Even Duanmu Qun was the same.

Within Heavenly Cloud Tower's Road of Emperor, Duanmu Qun gasped, his face pale and his body shaking with weakness. He took out a pill from his spatial ring and swallowed it. After meditating for some time, some color was finally restored to his complexion.

’’My Road of Emperor... has also reached the limit.’’ Duanmu Qun let out a long breath, shaking his head. He realized that this was the furthest he would be able to go.


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