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Martial World - Chapter 620


Chapter 620 - Prime Emperor Force Field




Lan Xin was a woman, but her will and beliefs were very firm, otherwise she never could have arrived at this point. However, when facing that soul-tearing pain in the road of wills, she really found it hard to bear, and she had to do so every day without end, from morning until night!

Even when withstanding such tortuous pain, the increase in her strength was actually limited. Lan Xin found this hard to accept.

As Lan Xin stepped onto the second Road of Emperor, she regretted a bit that she wouldn't be able to sharpen her will any further. But this regret also disappeared soon, because she had been completely attracted to the first Emperor stone tablet.

Now this was truly worthy of the Road of Emperor's great fame! The road of will that she had passed through until now hadn't been much better than the King's Cage.

After Lan Xin made her choice, at Heavenly Cloud Tower, Duanmu Qun was also making his.

Duanmu Qun's background was even more terrifying than Lan Xin's.

Lan Xin also originated from a Holy Land, but even Holy Lands were divided into ranks. According to the longstanding traditions of the Holy Demon Continent, once an Emperor level powerhouse was born to a fifth-grade sect, then that sect became a Holy Land.

Those Holy Lands with only a single one-star Emperor level powerhouse were naturally the weakest;in fact, some could even be considered mere high level fifth-grade sects.

As for those Holy Lands that had two Emperor level powerhouses, or even five or six, some of which were even two-star, three-star, or had formed their own battle spirit or had reached high attainments in certain Laws, those were the pinnacle existence of Holy Lands. This sort of Holy Land could be considered a peak fifth-grade sect.

Higher than that was a sixth-grade sect. That would be a Holy Land on the same level as the Demon God Imperial Palace.

Duanmu Qun happened to come from a super Holy Land that was almost a sixth-grade sect.

He was different from Lan Xin. Before entering the Road of Emperor, Duanmu Qun already had a decent understanding of it.

The moment when he was given the choice the take a second Road of Emperor, Duanmu Qun knew that he had failed.

He ruefully shook his head and said, ’’It looks like I was too confident. I, a mere one-star Fey King actually wants to condense his own battle spirit. My goal was simply too arrogantly high. This is only the second quasi Emperor will light but I am unable to continue any further. Behind this I would even have to bear the will of true Emperor level powerhouses! The difficulty of that could be imagined! Even if I grit my teeth and continued on, it would still be useless.’’

Duanmu Qun was a peerless genius of his era when it came to willpower. Not just that, but he had a terrifying background and a talent that surpassed even Lan Xin. In addition to his exceedingly high perception and top cultivation methods, Duanmu Qun could be said to truly be a favored son of heaven.

These past twenty some years, every outstanding heroic youth after heroic youth was defeated in front of Duanmu Qun. Even deacons that were several dozen years older than him were not his match. Gradually, inevitably, this invincible, infallible mindset had engraved itself into Duanmu Qun's bones.

This was the self-confidence and pride that belonged to a top genius.

He had fantasized that when he entered the Road of Emperor, he would be able to complete it in a single go and form his own battle spirit!

However, reality had slapped him down. This first quasi Emperor will was also the weakest quasi Emperor will. Duanmu Qun had spent a tremendous amount of time and energy in order to defeat it, but against this second quasi Emperor, he was completely helpless. The disparity between them was simply too great.

Shaking his head, Duanmu Qun self-deprecatingly said, ’’The Highest Elder was a four-star Fey King when he first touched upon the threshold of a battle spirit, and was finally able to form his own when he was a five-star Fey King. I will sincerely take the second road with the Emperor stone tablets. If I continue down the road of will, then not only will my strength not rise but I might even be injured.’’

Duanmu Qun was reluctant to leave the road of will. But, he finally tamped down the feeling in his heart and stepped onto the road with the Emperor stone tablets.

Although he understood in his heart that the advantages he obtained would be greater if he traveled down the road of will, that advantage, no matter how great it was, simply couldn't be used at present. It was not as beneficial as receiving an immediate increase in his strength.

Calming his heart, Duanmu Qun began to perceive the first Emperor stone tablet.


One month later, Polaris Tower's Road of Emperor -

Lin Ming had already defeated the vicious beasts that Gu Xiao's will summoned. Now, he was directly fighting the main body of Gu Xiao's will.


Within the world of will, Lin Ming's will was scattered once again. This soul-tearing pain almost caused him to faint on the spot.


Lin Ming shouted out loud and his dispersing body began to gather back together. Within the world of will, all power depended on the strength of one's will! Within Lin Ming's mind, he recalled the time when he was still at the Body Transformation stage and had encountered the ownerless soul fragments within the world of the Magic Cube. He recalled the time when he fought against Demonshine, and he recalled the time he had experienced 100 samsaras within the Sorcerer Pagoda.

’’My will is indomitable. My soul is endless, indestructible. Even when I faced the soul fragments of the Supreme Elders of the Realm of the Gods, I still wasn't swallowed by them. Even when I faced 100 samsaras, I wasn't lost in my illusions. Although you are an Emperor level powerhouse, and in terms of strength I admit I am still far weaker than you, but in the aspect of will, how can I willingly lose to you!’’

Lin Ming gave a loud shot, grasped his spear and shot towards Gu Xiao!


A golden light flashed. Half of Lin Ming's body was pierced by this light, but in the last moment before his will was about to collapse, he suddenly threw out the Purple Comet Spear in his hands.

Blazing with thunder and fire, the Purple Comet Spear drew a dazzling arc through the air as it pierced into Gu Xiao's body!

Blood rained.

In the next moment, Lin Ming had returned to the real world. ’’This is the first time I've wounded him!’’

Lin Ming dripped with a cold sweat from the pain. As he wiped the sweat from his face, he collapsed to the ground in exhaustion.

Taking out a top-grade Blood Demon Crystal from his spatial ring, Lin Ming sat in meditation and began to restore his energy. These past days, he had been undergoing intense tempering of his will in countless battles. After the passing of a long time, unconsciously, the strength of his willpower had greatly increased.

Within Lin Ming's spiritual sea, Demonshine awoke from his deep slumber. As he stretched out his feet he said, ’’Boy. You. Are. Crazy. If you continue like this then it will be easy for your will to be damaged. Your face is white to the point where it doesn't even have a hint of blood to it;this is proof that you overdrew your willpower.’’

How could Lin Ming not know the truth behind Demonshine's words? When he was still in the Body Transformation stage, he was clearly aware that if he practiced too much it would leave hidden wounds in his body. But at that time, in order to break through to the Pulse Condensation period, he had no choice but to tread onwards regardless of the consequences.

Now, the same was true.

The only advantage that Lin Ming had from the past was that he had sufficient resources. It wasn't like the past where he couldn't even afford medicine.

Lin Ming had killed many geniuses of Skysplit Tower these past two years, and in doing so obtained a great number of pills that were used to nourish the soul. Those Imp race geniuses were mostly masters of soul attacks, and soul attacks were also the types of attacks with the greatest risks. If one wasn't careful then it was possible to be wounded from backlash, thus they naturally had to prepare a large amount of soul recovery pills.

Especially after he had killed Yan Chi and Kai Yang. Those two had both been Heavenly Demon Seven Stars of Skysplit Tower. Yan Chi had also been the second ranked master and extremely wealthy.

Lin Ming was glad that he killed Yan Chi;otherwise, he wouldn't have dared to continue fighting today.

Taking out one of Yan Chi's soul recovery pills from his spatial ring, Lin Ming quickly swallowed it. This pill was called a Nine Revolution Mind Pill. Yan Chi was the sort that valued wealth almost more than his life. He couldn't even bear to swallow a whole pill at a time, but rather swallowed them half at a time. He would never do something as wasteful as Lin Ming.

Once the pill reached Lin Ming's stomach, he felt an incomparably pure energy slowly nourishing his mind and soul. Lin Ming also felt his partially broken will slowly recovering.

The Imps were the race with the most talent in the aspect of souls. Naturally, the soul recovery pills they used were much superior to those of humans.


Another two days passed. Lin Ming still hadn't been able to defeat Gu Xiao, but this time he had actually succeeded in leaving two wounds on Gu Xiao.

Then three, then four!

Five days later, Lin Ming was able to fight several violent rounds with Gu Xiao. Using the method of damaging himself to damage his enemy, he managed to cut off Gu Xiao's arm.

Seven days later, Lin Min finally managed to stab Gu Xiao with three spears in a valiant effort. Then, with spear and man as one, he used Penetrating Rainbow and stabbed through Gu Xiao's will.

After defeating Gu Xiao, Lin Ming's broken body had already reformed several times and his willpower was on the edge of collapse.

In the last moment that Gu Xiao's will was smashed apart, Gu Xiao's remnant will turned into a pure energy that slowly flowed into Lin Ming's own will. At that moment, Lin Ming felt as if his mind had opened and his entire body was brimming with warmth. It was like he had returned to the womb of his mother - he felt incomparably comfortable and at peace.

’’This is...’’

Lin Ming was surprised. His damaged will and soul force, under this cozy warmth, were quickly recovering.

In several dozen breaths of time, that warmth disappeared and Lin Ming felt that his own state of mind had strengthened a great deal, his willpower rising once more. If he faced Gu Xiao now, he believed that he could fully destroy Gu Xiao's will while retaining at least 30% of his soul force.

’’If I destroy the will of an Emperor level powerhouse then I can obtain the power of its will. The longer I last, the more power of will I will accumulate. I might even be able to form my own battle spirit.’’

Lin Ming muttered to himself. In that moment he had withdrawn from the world of will.

’’Boy, you actually won!’’ Demonshine was immensely shocked. This was the first Emperor level will that Lin Ming had defeated, using an entire month of time to do so.

Everything was difficult at the beginning. As it went on, it would naturally become easier. If this continued, then it was highly likely Lin Ming would be able to form his battle spirit!

’’What a freak...’’ Demonshine mumbled. He couldn't help but use this word to describe Lin Ming. How was Lin Ming a martial artist from a little sect in the mortal world? He seemed more like a talent that was carefully raised up by a large sect within the Realm of the Gods.

’’Demonshine, you said that if I can destroy the will of an Emperor level powerhouse that has a battle spirit, I can form my own battle spirit?’’

Demonshine coolly shrugged and said, ’’This Saint was just casually speaking. If your perception is high and your destiny is excellent then you might be able to comprehend one early. Otherwise, it's useless even if you can destroy the will of an Emperor level powerhouse that has a battle spirit. In any case, this Saint is going back to sleep. Don't bother waking me up, alright.’’

Demonshine wiggled around and slowly sunk back into Lin Ming's spiritual sea, leaving Lin Ming there to helplessly shake his head.

Following this, Lin Ming spent every day fighting and killing in the world of will.

When he destroyed the will of the second Emperor level powerhouse, this Emperor level powerhouse hadn't formed a battle spirit either and his cultivation was only at a one-star Demon Emperor. Lin Ming accepted a serious injury in order to defeat it.

Next, this was followed by the third and the fourth.

The opponents grew continuously stronger. However, every time that Lin Ming destroyed the wisp of these Emperor Wills, some of their energy would flow into his body, nourishing his will and mind.

Time passed by. Soon, Lin Ming had been frigidly fighting for three months.

On this day, when he stepped into the will world of an Emperor level powerhouse, he was actually shocked.

This feeling... was it... a martial intent?

Within this world of will, Lin Ming clearly felt the terrifying suppression of a force field, causing the strength of his will to sharply fall.

A martial intent that aimed at the world of will... could it be... the Prime Emperor force field of the Heavenly Demon martial intent?


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