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Martial World - Chapter 613


Chapter 613 - Demonshine, Go!




Travelling along the dark corridor, all the way into the deepest depths of the fourth floor, High Lord Bloodfire finally arrived in front of a shadowy temple. As he opened the door, there was only a gentle creaking sound as it swung open.

The darkness within that temple hall was like the endless maw of a ravenous beast.

’’If you please, High Lord Evil God.’’ High Lord Bloodfire said with a twisted smile.

Behind him, several other High Lords followed, faintly cutting off Lin Ming's escape paths.

Lin Ming hesitated for a moment before Demonshine's voice sounded out in his mind, ’’Go in, they don't matter.’’

As Lin Ming stepped inside, his field of vision completely darkened.


The door leading in slammed shut. Lin Ming felt as if he had fallen into a completely separate dimension. There was no sound, no light, nothing at all.

’’Don't worry. Everything you're seeing is an illusion, including this great hall and even the door into here. In fact, when you entered through the door you actually passed into an illusory magic array arranged by that old fellow. Look, that old fellow is standing right in front of you at this moment. He wants to take advantage of the moment when you're startled and plant a slave seal in you!’’

’’Illusory magic array?’’

Lin Ming's mind stirred. He was very familiar with array formations and he also had the Samsara martial intent to defend his mind. It wasn't impossible for him to destroy this array and break out of here.

’’Calm down, don't break this array otherwise that old fellow will think that the illusory magic array isn't enough to deal with you. It will be troublesome if he tries to hold you down himself. Just fidget a little like you're struggling here, and then we'll put together a good play for him.’’


Lin Ming nodded, immediately calming down. But at this moment, there was a screaming noise as a trident-holding ten-winged Heavenly Demon appeared out of thin air and rushed towards him!

Lin Ming eye's filled with a hint of believable panic. He thrust out his spear, Chasing Thunder!

The power of thunder was particularly potent in dealing with ghosts and illusions. With a scratching sound, the ten-winged Heavenly Demon turned into a wisp of black smoke that quickly faded away.

’’In the chaos of fear and confusion you can still defend your mind. Indeed worthy of being a Titled Asura.’’ Outside of this illusory magic array, around 100 feet away from Lin Ming, a black-cloaked man was quietly muttering to himself. His eyes were as deep as the stars in the night sky, and from his appearance, he wasn't from any specific race. Instead, he seemed like a hybrid of a Giant Demon and Goliath.

Of the Bloods Slaughter Steppes' 12 Skysplit Towers, he was the Tower Master of Polaris Tower - High Lord Limitless Demon.

’’Unfortunately, your cultivation is too low to break through this 10,000 Devouring Ghost Array Formation. When these 10,000 ghosts overcome your mind, you are mine!’’

Within the illusory magic array, more and more ghostly ten-winged Heavenly Demons were appearing at an increasingly fast apace. Not only were there ten-winged Heavenly Demons but there were even some massive twelve-winged Heavenly Demons mixed in. It was becoming difficult for Lin Ming to deal with.


With a light sound, Lin Ming finally wasn't able to avoid the attack of a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon. A wisp of soul force pierced into Lin Ming's spiritual sea like a needle!

Lin Ming grimaced. He revolved the Samsara martial intent and twisted this wisp of soul force into pieces. But then, the other Heavenly Demon ghosts followed this up with a barrage of attacks.

’’Hahaha! So what if you're the number one talent of the last 10,000 years, you'll still become my faithful dog! I'm really looking forward to your growth. During the trip to the Eternal Demon Abyss, you will be my best tool!

’’Soul slave seal, go!’’ The middle-aged man squeezed his fingers and formed a pitch black seal. With a flick, it shot straight towards Lin Ming!

This seal was mixed into the attacks of a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon;it was impossible for Lin Ming to find.

’’Mm? You've broken my soul seal? Good! Very good! I like you more and more! Such a fierce tiger is truly worth taming.’’

’’Soul slave seal, three as one, go!’’ The middle-aged man flicked his fingers and three black seals flew towards Lin Ming. Taking advantage of a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon's attacks, they rushed into Lin Ming's body!

The three seals mixed together as one. During this, Lin Ming intentionally weakened the defense of his Samsara martial intent.

Ka ka ka!

Two of the three black slave seals were twisted apart, leaving only one that soared towards Lin Ming's spiritual sea.

’’Demonshine, it's your turn!’’

’’Hehe, alright.’’

These past years, a bond of trust had formed between Lin Ming and Demonshine. The first reason for this was because their common interests aligned, and the second reason was because of the frightening deterrence of the main soul within the Magic Cube. Because of this, Demonshine had long since discarded any thoughts of swallowing Lin Ming's spiritual sea.

As the seal flew into the skies above Lin Ming's spiritual sea, Demonshine turned into a three-headed demonic divine hound that rushed out from the spiritual sea. Only in this soul world was Demonshine able to maintain his most mighty and valiant appearance.

Demonshine roared and separated a mass of pure soul energy from his own body. This soul energy rapidly turned in a ball of light in the air.


The black slave seal sank into this ball of light, instantly turning it pitch black!

’’This Saint has separated a piece of soul energy to create a miniature replica of your spiritual sea. Once this slave seal is planted into this replica spiritual sea, it won't be able to affect you in any way. As long as you don't try to rashly disturb this slave seal, that old fellow will never know what happened. As for those orders that he sends to you through this slave seal, I will reiterate them to you and you can act along.’’


To use a portion of his soul force to create a fake spiritual sea in order to deceive the Tower Master, Lin Ming couldn't help but admire Demonshine's methods. Although this old dog boasted a bit too much of his past exploits, when he was in the Realm of the Gods he was still someone that had qualified to participate in the encirclement of the Verdant Feather Holy Lands. Although his current soul body was injured, dealing with someone from the mortal world whose strength was in the earliest stage of Life Destruction was too easy for him.

The illusory magic array slowly faded. Lin Ming's eyes flashed with a bit of a confused color.

’’Haha, congratulations to Sir Chief High Lord for obtaining another general.’’ High Lord Bloodfire said from outside the illusory magic array.

’’Mm. Bloodfire, you've done well this time. Three years later, the Eternal Demon Abyss should reopen again. When that time comes, I will allow you and Lin Ming to accompany me to the 1000 mile perimeter of the Eternal Demon Abyss.’’

’’Yes, Chief High Lord. Is it time to allow Lin Ming to enter the Road of Emperor now?’’ Bloodfire thoughtfully asked.

Lin Ming's mind stirred at these words. Road of Emperor!

Although he was faking being controlled, Lin Ming still didn't like this situation. He simply didn't like being forced to follow the whims and mercy of others.

Right now, what he was thinking of was to enter the Road of Emperor as soon as possible and obtain the highest level of strength that he could. He could then end these matters within the Blood Slaughter Steppes and return to Sky Spill Continent.

The situation of the Sky Spill Continent caused Lin Ming to worry endlessly.

In a flash, almost two years had passed. How were Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan doing? Was divine Phoenix Island able to persist until now?

When Lin Ming first left the Sky Spill Continent, his cultivation had only been at the early Xiantian realm and his strength was comparable to a normal peak early Revolving Core powerhouse. As for killing Lei Jingtian, a large reason for that was because of the suppression of the Demon God Imperial Palace's laws - it couldn't really be considered his true ability.

Now, Lin Ming's cultivation had reached the extreme Xiantian and he had also made breakthroughs in other areas. His strength was on the verge of being at the Life Destruction realm. As long as he could break through to Revolving Core, Lin Ming had confidence he could defeat a first stage Life Destruction powerhouse, or even kill them.

Only by reaching Revolving Core could Lin Ming return to the Sky Spill Continent. Otherwise, it would be meaningless to return.

And the Road of Emperor was the fastest shortcut to making a breakthrough in his strength. Although Lin Ming wasn't sure if he could reach the Revolving Core realm within, his strength would surely be increased by a great deal. Even if he couldn't break through to Revolving Core, there was the high chance he would finally become strong enough to fight with a first stage Life Destruction master.

’’Road of Emperor...’’

Polar Skysplit Tower's Tower Master hesitated for a moment. He glanced at Lin Ming and said, ’’Do you want to enter the Road of Emperor?’’

Lin Ming expressionlessly replied, ’’I naturally desire to enter the Road of Emperor, but I shall follow the commands of Chief High Lord.’’

The Tower Master shook his head and said, ’’Wait another two or three years for the Road of Emperor. It's still too early as of now.’’

Two or three years!

Lin Ming was dismayed. In two or three years, he estimated that he would be able to quickly break through to Revolving Core during this period. But, the Tower Master would likely closer monitor his cultivation;he wouldn't allow him to make a breakthrough so easily. If he couldn't enter the Road of Emperor then there was also no meaning in staying at Skysplit Tower!

’’This old fox is too damn cautious!’’ Within Lin Ming's spiritual sea, Demonshine was vulgarly cussing.

’’Did he discover something unusual?’’

’’Humph, if the fake spiritual sea that this Saint created could be so easily unraveled by this sort of junior, then this Saint might as well die right now! What he fears is the speed of your growth. He is afraid that if you grow too fast and your strength surpasses him too far, then at that time he won't be able to control you.’’

Lin Min took a deep breath. Whilst being in Polar Skysplit Tower for the last one or two years, it was truly filled with layer upon layer of obstructions!

He really couldn't imagine how the Eightfall War Emperor had once become a twelve-winged Heavenly demon!

Demonshine seemed to know what Lin Ming was thinking and said, ’’According to this Saint's speculation, when the Eightfall War Emperor was here, there still wasn't a unified management organized, nor was there anyone that tried to stop the birth of a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon. Or else, let alone the Eightfall War Emperor becoming a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon, he would be lucky if he was able to leave Skysplit Tower alive.’’

These past years, the Blood Slaughter Steppes had been doing everything in their power to avoid the birth of a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon. For Lin Ming, a single person, to resist the 12 Skysplit Towers, the hurdles he faced could be imagined.

’’Lin Ming, starting from today, go practice on the third floor. Remember, without my order you cannot break through to the Revolving Core realm!’’ High Lord Limitless Demon icily issued an order before turning to leave.

Lin Ming responded with silence, frowning as he left. Entering the Road of Emperor was far more difficult than he had imagined.

’’Lin Ming, don't be so restless. Although you can't enter the Road of Emperor now, at least you can still stay in Polar Skysplit Tower and practice. As long as your strength slowly rises then all problems will be easily solved. As for this Polaris Tower Tower Master, it's impossible for him to always be checking up on your cultivation.

’’If I'm right, then he can't stay in Polar Skysplit Tower for too long. He will likely need to go to the Blood Slaughter divine Temple that was mentioned and be supervised there. Otherwise, even this Tower Master might have the chance of becoming a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon. This is something that the supreme ruler of the Blood Slaughter Steppes will absolutely not allow.’’

As soon as Demonshine spoke, Lin Ming's mind moved. Indeed, this Polaris Tower Tower Master was already a peak ten-winged Heavenly Demon. If he wanted to, it wouldn't be too difficult for him to become a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon. This sort of event would naturally not be allowed to happen.

The rules of the Blood Slaughter Steppes were truly strict. There were even layers of rules aimed at limiting the Tower Masters.

’’Demonshine, even if Polaris Tower's Tower Master doesn't notice my cultivation, I can't wait that long. If I follow this path to break through to Revolving Core then it might take another one or two years. That is simply far too late. I made a promise that I would return in 10 years, but now I can't imagine what the situation in the South Horizon Region would be like in 10 years. I want to return to the South Horizon Region within three years. Now, for time... there is only a year left!’’


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