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Martial World - Chapter 611


Chapter 611 - Skysplit Tower's Tower Master




Either choose to leave now or chose to fight with the 10 High Lords?

Lin Ming's pupils shrank, his right hand subconsciously tracing his spatial ring.

Under the watchful eyes of everyone on the third floor, none of these people dared to do anything to Lin Ming. But on the fourth floor, if a fight broke out, the martial artists on the third floor wouldn't necessarily know.

’’Don't be so nervous. When I say fight, I mean a match on the martial arena stage. Unless I'm forced far enough I won't resort to doing something so silly like breaking the established rules.’’

The black-robed person slowly said. The implicit meaning behind his words was that if Lin Ming insisted on staying in Skysplit Tower and insisted on entering the Road of Emperor, then he wouldn't hesitate to break the rules of Skysplit Tower and ruin its reputation to kill Lin Ming.

Martial arena battle...

Lin Ming fell into a silence. He wasn't so brazenly confident to the degree that he felt he was invincible within Polar Skysplit Tower. Not to mention a potential continuous revolving fight, he didn't even feel fully confident he could defeat this black-robed man in front of him.

The black-robed man's eyes studied Lin Ming, his starry eyes seeming as if they could completely understand him. ’’Lin Ming, if I'm not wrong, that energy field that you're emitting from your body is a kind of martial intent related to the Heavenly Demon force field!’’

Lin Ming's mind went cold. This old fox had extraordinary eyesight, he had actually seen through everything with a glance.

The black-robed man didn't know that one could obtain the Asura force field after completing the entire King's Cage, but he had seen the Death God force field before, which was one held by all twelve-winged Heavenly Demons. Both of them had similarities so he had naturally noticed it.

Lin Ming hesitated for a moment before frankly admitting it, ’’Yes!’’

The black-robed man smirked, ’’Although I haven't obtained the Heavenly Demon martial intent myself, I do still have some understandings about it. I don't know how you managed to obtain this sort of force field, but what I do know is that you only gained it after you entered Skysplit Tower. This martial intent has similarities with the Heavenly Demon martial intent. The more martial intents a martial artist receives, the more powerful they become, especially if they can fuse them together... your martial intent and the Heavenly Demon martial intent are similar. I do not believe that you don't desire to obtain the Heavenly Demon martial intent and then fuse them as one!’’

’’But to obtain the Heavenly Demon martial intent, you have to first become a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon. This is the absolute taboo, thus, do not be so delusional to think you will enter the Road of Emperor!’’

The black-robed man's antagonizing words relentlessly barraged Lin Ming, leaving him no wiggle room.

Now was the time to deal with Lin Ming. If Lin Ming entered the Road of Emperor, the black-robed man didn't have the slightest belief that he would be able to defeat Lin Ming. When that time came, nobody in Polar Skysplit Tower would be Lin Ming's match and no one would be able to stop him from becoming a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon!

’’Lin Ming, you killing Heian was through a mutually agreed life or death battle. Since it is in line with Skysplit Tower's rules, I won't pursue the matter any further, but... if you do not leave Skysplit Tower today, I won't be polite anymore!’’

As the black-robed man spoke, he took a single step forwards. His aura suddenly erupted into a blood-red flame around him, making it appear as if he had caught on fire.

This black-robed man was High Lord Bloodfire, and his title had come from the cultivation method that he practiced as well as the bloody flames that surrounded him.

When Lin Ming had killed Xue Man on the second floor, he had seen an image of High Lord Bloodfire in a jade slip of his. Even though Xue Man was an extremely cruel and proud person, when he mentioned High Lord Bloodfire he did so with the utmost respect. This was a respect that came from the bones, and even from fear!

Now it looked like High Lord Bloodfire was one of the stronger High Lords;no wonder Xue Man had feared him so.

The entire hall's atmosphere was grim, everyone tensed for action.

Lin Ming lightly traced his spatial ring as he revolved his true essence. If he couldn't enter the Road of Emperor or even become a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon, then the Heavenly Demon martial intent would be lacking two forms. How could he even think of fusing them anymore?

’’If you are willing to leave Skysplit Tower then I can also compensate you.’’

High Lord Bloodfire took a step back. Towards a character like Lin Ming, he felt an extremely deep dread. If he couldn't kill Lin Ming and instead provoked him, then it was possible that he would have offended the Holy Demon Continent's future top powerhouse. In that case, High Lord Bloodfire wouldn't ever be able to sleep in peace.

Lin Ming frowned. Naturally, he wasn't willing to accept these conditions.

At this moment, a brilliant flame lit up in the hall. In the darkness it was especially radiant.

This was a sound transmitting talisman.

As High Lord Bloodfire received this sound transmitting talisman he was immediately startled. He began to look Lin Ming up and down with some puzzlement in his eyes.

’’Lin Ming, the Chief High Lord has agreed to allow you to enter the Road of Emperor, but you will need to fulfill a condition.’’

’’Chief High Lord?’’ Lin Ming was surprised. Who was the Chief High Lord? Was he Polar Skysplit Tower's Chief High Lord? Or the 12 Skysplit Towers' Chief High Lord?

High Lord Bloodfire said, ’’The Chief High Lord is my Polar Skysplit Tower's Tower Master. He is also one of the 12 High Lords. Several hours ago he was already returning to Polar Skysplit Tower. He should arrive in another incense stick of time or so.’’

So that's how it was. Lin Ming had already noticed that there were only 10 High Lords here. Counting the already deceased High Lord Heian, there was still another High Lord missing. So, the one that wasn't here was actually Skysplit Tower's Tower Master.

Thinking of this, Lin Ming turned vigilant. If High Lord Bloodfire was already so strong, then what degree of strength would the Polar Skysplit Tower's Tower Master be at?

In front of such a person...

Lin Ming's mind chilled. He asked, ’’What condition does he want me to agree to?’’

’’I'm not sure. You'll need to speak face-to-face with the Chief High Lord.’’ High Lord Bloodfire said, expressionless.

Lin Ming's eyebrows twisted together tightly. High Lord Bloodfire only sat in his seat, not speaking a single word.

A deep silence fell over the hall.

In another half incense stick of time, a sound transmitting talisman lit up the hall again.

High Lord Bloodfire rose from his seat and said, ’’Come with me. Sir Chief High Lord wishes to see you now.’’

Chief High Lord...

Lin Ming remained silent. An uneasy feeling filled his heart. This nervousness, this anxiety, it all stemmed from his lack of strength.

Before now, when he talked to Da Gu about Skysplit Tower and the Eternal Demon Abyss, Da Gu hadn't known that Polar Skypslit Tower had a Tower Master.

Da Gu had once said that Feng Shen was able to compare to a weaker High Lord. These words had made Lin Ming subconsciously think that the strength of the 12 High Lords wasn't out of his reach.

When he rushed out of the King's Cage and also broke through to the Eight Inner Hidden Gates in the meantime, Lin Ming had great confidence in his own strength. This was the only reason he had willingly agreed to a revolving battle with Yan Chi, Kai Yang, and Maha, even following that with killing High Lord Heian.

Within Polar Skysplit Tower, strength was everything. When Lin Ming had killed High Lord Heian, that had created a great deterrent for anyone plotting against him. In this case, Lin Ming believed that although he couldn't defeat some of the High Lords, he would still be able to escape, freely coming and going.

However, he never imagined that the disparity in strength between Skysplit Tower's 12 High Lords was so great. The weak were around Feng Shen, and the strong were strong to a ridiculous degree.

High Lord Heian's cultivation was equal to the human middle Revolving Core realm, and his strength approached the start of Life Destruction. But, the Chief High Lord of the 12 High Lords probably had a cultivation approaching Life Destruction, and his strength was likely far above a first stage Life Destruction master.

In the face of such a person, it was impossible for Lin Ming to be at ease.

’’What? You don't want to enter the Road of Emperor?’’ High Lord Bloodfire's lips curved up in an interested smirk, ’’Sir Chief High Lord was originally cultivating at the Blood Slaughter divine Temple but, for you, he especially hurried back to Polar Skysplit Tower, and yet you don't dare to see him?’’

High Lord Bloodfire was trying to stir up Lin Ming.

Towards these childish tactics of trying to rankle him, Lin Ming didn't care. It was just that the current situation was...

Lin Ming turned his head to see that the surrounding nine other High Lords had also risen from their seats. Although they seemed to just be casually standing there, if Lin Ming really tried to run out now, then these nine High Lords would be able to instantly cut off Lin Ming!

With the elusive and fleeting Concept of Space, Lin Ming had some confidence that he would be able to escape this hall. But the problem was there was still an unfathomably powerful Tower Master somewhere!

Lin Ming took a deep breath, all sorts of possible scenarios racing through his mind.

'He promises that I can enter the Road of Emperor as long as I agree to a condition. What sort of condition is that?' Lin Ming wasn't naïve enough to think that Polar Skysplit Tower's Tower Master recognized his abilities and wanted him to enter the Road of Emperor. Then, this condition was very intriguing. Could it be to sign a soul contract?

If he didn't agree, what would happen then?

The best case was that Lin Ming would be forced to leave Skysplit Tower and the worst case was that he would immediately be attacked.

In this situation, Lin Ming felt that his chances of escaping through four floors was very slim.


Lin Ming couldn't help but admit that he had underestimated the strength of the 12 High Lords.

The reason he had made such an erroneous judgment was because of his conversation with Da Gu as well as the fact that the Eightfall War Emperor became a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon

Without a doubt, the Eightfall War Emperor of the past was weaker than Lin Ming and his talent was also inferior. By all reasoning, if the Eightfall War Emperor could become a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon then it shouldn't be too difficult for Lin Ming too. But, the sudden developments had gone beyond his imagination.

Just how had the Eightfall War Emperor become a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon?

Lin Ming couldn't imagine how. In this case, with resistance at every step, the plotting of the High Lords once becoming an eight-winged Heavenly Demon, and even the Tower Master who was above the High Lords, just who could grow to a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon in this situation?

’’Lin Ming, what's going on? You don't want to go?’’ High Lord Bloodfire said in a joking manner, ’’Do you want the Tower Master to come looking for you instead?’’

Lin Min stroked his spatial ring, connecting his sense to the Purple Comet Spear inside. He wasn't in the habit of putting his fate in the hands of others.

Today, he wouldn't enter the Road of Emperor, nor would he become a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon.

Then he could only wait until the day he reached the Revolving Core realm and then return to the Blood Slaughter Steppes. He didn't believe that at that time anyone could still stop him!

’’Hehe, little boy, you're quite the wary one eh?’’ Another High Lord said. The Giant Demon who spoke was High Lord Shengong. He had been Xing Tian's boss.

Lin Ming looked at High Lord Shengong, a cold light flashing in his eyes.

But at this moment, a hoarse voice suddenly sounded out in Lin Ming's mind, ’’Go with him. Go and see that Skysplit Tower Tower Master.’’


Lin Ming was shocked. Demonshine!

’’The damage to your soul has recovered?’’

Lin Ming asked, pleasantly surprised. Demonshine had been deeply sleeping within his spiritual sea. The two of them didn't need to use a true essence sound transmission and could directly communicate with each other.

In the blink of an eye, Lin Ming had been in the Holy Demon Continent for nearly two years now. Demonshine had been sleeping this entire time, so he had nearly forgotten about him.

’’I've recovered, hehehe...’’ Demonshine malevolently chuckled, a wicked flavor in his voice. ’’Now that I mention it, this Skysplit Tower's rich infernal energy is really suitable for healing this Saint's wounds. There's also that Heavenly Demon Tattoo, now that's the good stuff. It was really beneficial to this Saint's soul. Boy, you absolutely have to become a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon. Escaping now doesn't suit the awesome style of this Saint!’’


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