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Martial World - Chapter 605


Chapter 605 - Force Field in Full Bloom




Come down and play?

Lin Ming wanted to challenge a High Lord!?!?

And he did so with such a casual tone. Clearly, he didn't even place High Lord Heian in his eyes.

This was far too brazen!

The 12 High Lords.

Although their talents were inferior to Feng Shen's, and even inferior to Yan Chi's, their ages were high. Of the High Lords, the weakest of them had strength that surpassed every challenger.

It was widely rumored that Feng Shen was comparable to the weakest High Lord, but, this was only a comparison. In a true life or death struggle, Feng Shen would most likely lose.

Moreover, Heian wasn't even the weakest High Lord. He had been a High Lord for many years now. His strength could be ranked in the middle-upper reaches of the 12 High Lords!

But as for Lin Ming, while it was true that he was strong, he had just fought through three matches and consumed a great deal of his true essence. Wasn't challenging High Lord Heian at this time just looking to die?

’’Lin Ming has already fought in continuous battles and now he even wants to fight High Lord Heian... is he insane!?’’

’’Three matches. Although his wounds aren't serious, he's used up at least 40 to 50% of his true essence. Does he want to die or something?’’

’’Do you think Lin Ming is an idiot? For the last year Lin Ming has fought so many times, but when have you ever seen him lose?’’ Some people said with dissatisfaction.

’’It's true that he hasn't lost, but it's not as exaggerated as you imagine. Feng Shen hasn't lost either. Those that have lost on the third floor, most of them have already died! You think that just because Lin Ming hasn't lost in a few battles he can prevail over High Lord Heian?’’

After this reversed question, the martial artist who just spoke proceeded to shut his mouth. In Skysplit Tower, the status of the High Lords was deeply rooted within everyone's subconscious. They had stood at the pinnacle of Skysplit Tower for so many years, controlling the massive amount of resources in their hands, and especially practice places. There was the Road of Emperor, and even... many Demon God Bones!

In this situation where they possessed all these resources, and also with the passing of time, their strength could be imagined!

The 12 High Lords hadn't fought in many years. Challenging them? No one had ever dared to do so!

High Lord Heian looked at Lin Ming for several breaths of time. He didn't think that Lin Ming would actually dare to challenge him, and had been worried about finding an excuse to kill Lin Ming somehow, but now, this fellow had actually delivered himself right up to his door.

This boy had hidden a part of his strength in these past battles, but High Lord Heian's mouth only curved up in a sly smile. He simply didn't care about this. As a High Lord, he was able to freely use any resource within Skysplit Tower, including even the Road of Emperor. In addition to his superior age and cultivation, there was no way he could possibly lose!

’’You want to challenge me?’’

’’I do. After killing Yan Chi, my Heavenly Demon Tattoo hasn't been able to break through to 10 wings.’’

His Heavenly Demon Tattoo hadn't broken through to 10 wings?

His meaning was that he wanted to use High Lord Heian to help further his own Heavenly Demon Tattoo?

The surrounding martial artists were all shocked.

What gall!

’’Heavenly Demon Tattoo? Hahahahaha!’’ High Lord Heian wantonly laughed. ’’Then that being the case, allow me to fulfill your wish!

With a casual step forwards he arrived on the arena stage. No one had been able to discern High Lord Heian's movements.

Lin Ming gripped the Purple Comet Spear, pointing it straight towards High Lord Heian. His expression was calm. When he fought with Yan Chi and Maha, he had been always been conserving his strength, and that was for this one battle in front of him.

In this battle, he would use everything he had!

Reasonably speaking, it was far too rash to challenge High Lord Heian at this moment because Lin Ming didn't even understand his complete strength. But, Lin Ming wasn't able to suppress the fighting spirit that bubbled up in his heart. He wanted to fight in a hearty and fulfilling battle, using his own peak condition to truly determine just how much his strength had increased after entering the King's Cage.

At this moment, the atmosphere of the martial arena was incomparably solemn. The entire audience was holding their breath, carefully watching these two people onstage lest they miss a single movement.

In his seat, Feng Shen had subconsciously gripped his sword. Challenging a High Lord... he also had this idea, but that was only aimed towards the two new High Lords that hadn't even been in their positions for three years. As for challenging High Lord Heian, he wasn't that crazy.

On the arena stage, High Lord Heian crossed his arms behind his back. Without a weapon, he casually glanced at Lin Ming and said, ’’I want to see whether or not you can even force me to draw my sword!’’

As he spoke, an intangible aura emanated from him, like billowing ocean waves, wildly raging!

’’This aura...’’

’’How terrifying! This imposing aura isn't even aimed at us, but I feel like I'm caught in the midst of an ocean storm, it's even hard to breathe!’’

’’If I were just covered in the aura I wouldn't even have the courage to resist. How would I even continue fighting?’’

High Lord Heian hadn't even moved, but his aura was already so formidable. Facing this grandiose aura directly, could Lin Ming even withstand the tremendous pressure?

’’Force you to draw your sword?’’

Lin Ming faintly smiled. It was like he didn't even feel this tyrannical aura that enveloped him. As he gripped the Purple Comet Spear, he slanted it towards the ground and slowly drew a crescent moon on the floor...

Heavenly Demon martial intent, Asura force field - open!


The Heavenly Demon force field that was restrained within Lin Ming's body suddenly erupted! Lin Ming had already adapted to the pressure of the Heavenly Demon force field within the King's Cage. Facing High Lord Heian's aura, it was simply nothing!

The Heavenly Demon force field spread like heavy mercury, completely tearing apart High Lord Heian's aura. With unstoppable force, it completely engulfed High Lord Heian's aura and covered the entire martial arena. It wasn't just High Lord Heian, but even the martial artists in the closest rows of seats were covered by this force field.


The weakest of these martial artists immediately spat out a mouthful of blood, his face turning as white as paper!

’’Quickly retreat!’’

’’What's going on!?!?’’

’’I felt like my heart stopped.’’

Within the Heavenly Demon force field, whether it was the soul, mind, true essence, or body, everything had to bear an immensely terrifying pressure. It wasn't surprising for weaker martial artists to be directly killed by the suppression of the Heavenly Demon force field!

All of the martial artists near Lin Ming turned white and quickly ran far away. Even martial artists that were ranked 50 and above couldn't stay nearby. Although they weren't injured by this pressure, they too would suffer greatly if they stayed here much longer!

’’This is the Heavenly Demon force field...’’

Feng Shen looked towards Lin Ming, a complex emotion in his eyes. Having entered the King's Cage, he certainly wouldn't forget what the Heavenly Demon force field felt like.

It was because of the increasing strength of this Heavenly Demon force field that Feng Shen finally couldn't withstand the pressure and had to leave the King's Cage.

’’I never imagined that after Lin Ming entered the King's Cage he would even comprehend the Heavenly Demon force field...’’ Feng Shen slowly shook his head. ’’When others go into the King's Cage, they struggle to resist the pressure of the Heavenly Demon force field, using every trick they know. But when Lin Ming entered the King's Cage, he actually comprehended the Heavenly Demon force field for his own use... what kind of monstrous talent this is?!’’

When Feng Shen had entered the King's Cage, he had only lasted 28 days. But, Lin Ming had stayed within for a full 108 days.

In addition to constantly breaking through his limits and increasing his strength, Feng Shen hadn't had any other harvests. In comparison, Lin Ming had not only furthered his comprehensions of the Concepts of Space and Time, but he had even comprehended the Heavenly Demon force field.

This was already on a completely different level.

In the future, if Lin Ming entered the Road of Emperor, what heights would his strength ascend to?

Thinking of this, Feng Shen thought that it was too unfortunate. It was impossible for Lin Ming to enter the Road of Emperor because the 12 High Lords would never permit it to occur.

After this battle, if Lin Ming didn't die by some stroke of luck, then he would most likely be forced to leave Skysplit Tower.

There was no longer any place here for him.

On the arena stage, High Lord Heian grimaced as he was bathed in the Heavenly Demon force field. The surrounding martial artists were only slightly affected by the fading edges this force field, but he had to bear the full and complete pressure of the Heavenly Demon force field!

In this environment, he even felt the circulation of his demon essence being stymied within his body.

’’After entering the King's Cage you even managed to comprehend the Heavenly Demon force field... I will acknowledge that you have the qualifications to force my sword.’’

High Lord Heian gently caressed his spatial ring and withdrew a dark crimson longsword. The blade of this sword was only two inches wide and less than three feet long. The ridges of the sword weren't straight, instead having a straight twist that made it seem like a floating red serpent.

’’This sword is...’’

As Lin Ming saw this dark crimson sword, his pupils shrank. The quality of this sword was absolutely higher than the Purple Comet Spear in his hands!

The Purple Comet Spear was forged from a piece of 10,000 Year Sacred Flame Parasol Tree, 10,000 year Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo, as well as all sorts of rare and precious materials. It was personally crafted by Ancestor Chi and refined with the support of an ancient array formation.

Even so, this spear couldn't compare to the sword in terms of quality. Could that sword be... a heaven-step treasure?

The only heaven-step and above treasure that Lin Ming had ever seen was the Cosmic Melting Furnace. Of course, the Cosmic Melting Furnace might even surpass the heaven-step rank. At the bare minimum it was a high-grade heaven-step treasure.

Lin Ming had never seen a true low-grade heaven-step treasure before, so he was unable to judge the rank of this dark crimson longsword in front of him.

With an unfathomably deep cultivation, the free use of any practice area, massive amounts of Demon God Bones and resources, and even this suspected heaven-step dark crimson snake sword...

High Lord Heian's strength could be imagined!

In the audience, even Muk Gu, who had always believed in Lin Ming's strength, felt weak at heart. Facing such a formidable High Lord Heian, just how could Lin Ming ever win?

’’Dying under my Crimson Ruby Snake, you should be satisfied.’’

High Lord Heian pointed his sword straight at Lin Ming. He moved, and although no one was able to perceive what actions he took, there was only a light 'chi' sound as if space was torn apart and High Lord Heian's sword suddenly appeared in front of Lin Ming!

What a ghostly sword! There was no surging demon essence nor was there a brilliant sword light. There was only a simple and basic sword strike, but even Feng Shen didn't have absolute confidence he could block this sword!

Lin Ming's eyes widened. His feet stepped upon Golden Roc Shattering the Void, and his form disappeared like a fading wisp of blue smoke.

After fusing his increasingly skilled Concept of Space into his movement technique, his movements were already as illusionary as ghosts and gods, ambiguous and fleeting!

A sword stabbed into Lin Ming's afterimage. High Lord Heian sneered, and with a twist of the snake sword in his hand, a Concept erupted from within it.

Concept of Annihilation!

In that instant, the air itself was destroyed.

Stabbing his sword out again, High Lord Heian's speed erupted to the extreme. Lin Ming's form had just appeared when High Lord Heian's sword already pierced towards his chest!

Lin Ming's pupils shrank. As he thrust out his spear he also used Golden Roc Shattering the Void once more!


In a split-second, Lin Ming appeared hundreds of feet away. But, on his right arm, the blue fabric of his sleeves had silently turned into powder before fading into nothingness.

In that flash, High Lord Heian had only used two sword strikes without any ravishing collisions of true essence. However, all the martial artists present felt like they had lost their breath.

That exchange of moves just now was only testing the waters. It was hard to imagine just how fierce the battle would be when the true fight began!


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