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Martial World - Chapter 604


Chapter 604 - Why Don't You Come Down and Play With Me?




At this moment, Lin Ming grasped the Purple Comet Spear and pointed it towards Yan Chi.

Yan Chi's complexion suddenly became extremely ugly.

He had carefully arranged his tactics and also used his battle spirit;this was the strongest strike that he could use. But even so, it had still failed. If they continued to fight, then the result was almost already decided!

’’Lin Ming! Stop here! Don't force me!’’ Yan Chi grasped his black sword as he grit out the words between clenched teeth.

’’Force you?’’ Lin Ming smiled, ’’Are you joking with me? When the three you thought to continuously fight me and wear me down, you think that I was forcing you? At that time, you should have thought of this moment. This is a life or death battle. If I was the one losing, do you really think that you would have stopped here? Now that I'm winning, you're telling me not to force you? Is there anything so ridiculous in this world?’’

Lin Ming sneered. With a flick of the Purple Comet Spear, arcs of electricity and fire began to twine together at the spearpoint.

’’Don't think that I'm really afraid of you. If I detonate this battle spirit that I obtained from the Road of Emperor, I will make it so that both of us die!’’ Yan Chi's eyes flashed with madness. Now that Yan Chi was pushed this far, he had abandoned his cowardice. He would absolutely do what he said he would.

’’Battle spirit? Oh?’’ Lin Ming thought for a moment, ’’So that thing was called a battle spirit? I seem to have some impression of it...’’

The soul fragments that Lin Ming had inherited from the Magic Cube were incomplete, but he had some vague recollections about battle spirits. Battle spirits and martial intents were both called two facets of a martial artist's Concept of Martial Arts.

However, martial intents were usually supportive skills, there were very few of them that could actually be transformed into something with actual striking power. But, a battle spirit was just the opposite. Most of time they were directly used to increase one's attack power. They could be attached to anything, and could enhance a martial artist's attack to the limit.

’’I'll say it again. If I detonate this battle spirit, then I will undoubtedly suffer greatly, I might even die, but you won't be any better off. I will drag you all the way down with me!’’ As Yan Chi spoke, his black sword began to burn with a gray flame. The flame became more and more vibrant;just looking at it made the soul feel drowned in ice!

Yan Chi had bet everything on this single gamble. In his desperation, he had called up every single ounce of battle spirit in his body!

Lin Ming simply didn't care. He raised his long spear and pointed it towards Yan Chi's throat. The cold and sharp purple spearpoint hissed as arcs of electricity pierced the air.

’’Let's stop here! I will tell you everything I have comprehended about battle spirits.’’ Yan Chi used a true essence sound transmission to speak. Although it was humiliating, when it concerned his life, he could only endure it.

’’Oh?’’ Lin Ming smiled, ’’Tell me what you've understood about battle spirits, and add three pigeon egg-sized Demon God Bones. If you do then I'll spare your pathetic life.’’

’’Three pigeon egg-sized Demon God Bones!?’’ Yan Chi fumed. ’’You think that Demon God Bones are some cabbage you can pick up at the local market? After so many years at Skysplit Tower, the most I've gotten are two longan sized Demon God Bones, and I've already used them! Where can I possibly give you three even larger ones!’’

’’Well then, since that's the case, go die!’’

Lin Ming coldly shouted and thrust out his spear. The Concepts of Thunder and Fire twined together...

Penetrating Rainbow!

’’You bastard! Since you want to die so badly, let us perish together!’’ Yan Chi's eyes flashed maniacally, his face twisting like a lunatic's, ’’Combust, Emperor battle spirit!!’’


Atop of Yan Chi's black sword, dark gray flames spewed forth like an erupting volcano. Blue veins twisted on his face, and all the blood vessels on his arms began to stick out.

With a maddening shout, Yan Chi grasped his sword in both hands and cut down at Lin Ming!

Gray flames exploded in the air. As the explosion raged on, one could hear the wailing sounds of tortured ghosts. These sounds were obviously illusions, but for some reason they echoed directly in one's ears, sneaking through their brains and causing their spiritual seas to tremble.

Facing this overwhelming battle spirit fire that covered the skies, Lin Ming's pupils shrank. The Heretical God Force's compressed true essence erupted to the limit and the blood of the Ancient Phoenix burned within him!

The space under his feet began to strangely twist. Lin Ming became one with his spear, and the power of thunder and fire twisted together faster and faster until it became a tornado, the spiraling force repelling all of the battle spirit power nearby.

Bang bang bang!

Like a flying beam of light, Lin Ming grasped the Purple Comet Spear and cut through the void, tearing apart the battle spirit flames. However, this was still an Emperor battle spirit. Even if it was only a trace, as it bloomed with its final light, its final dregs of power still created a terrifying impact. In the intense collision of energy, the battle spirit fire was a like a knife that cut through Lin Ming's bodily protective true essence and stabbed into his flesh.

However, after Lin Ming had completed 100% Tempering Marrow and even opened the first door of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, his bodily defensive power was incomparably tough. Despite the power of the battle spirit stabbing into his body, it was only a minor flesh wound.


Lin Ming passed through the screen of flame and shot towards Yan Chi!


Yan Chi was immensely shocked. At this point he had already used over 70% of his true essence. Clenching his teeth, Yan Chi bet his last ounce of strength on a single attack and thrust his sword towards Lin Ming's throat. This was an attack that had absolutely no defense behind it. Yan Chi knew that he was dead. Since things were like this, then he would bring Lin Ming with him!

’’How naïve...’’

Two indifferent words echoed in Yan Chi's ears. This was also the last voice that he heard. In the next moment, Yan Chi's head exploded like an impacted watermelon. Lin Ming's spear ran through Yan Chi's head like a blazing meteor. The powerful impact along with the explosive force of the twisted thunder and fire caused Yan Chi's head to be directly smashed into pieces, his brains and blood instantly evaporating!

As bits of skull and flesh still flew in the air, Lin Ming had already landed on the other side, hundreds of feet away. Behind him, Yan Chi's sword was only half-raised, and it would never go any higher ever again.

This was the difference of absolute speed.

’’It's over.’’

Lin Ming put away the Purple Comet Spear. In this battle, in a situation where he hadn't opened the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, his victory hadn't come easily. His clothes had been torn apart, and his body was covered with cuts from the battle spirit's power, dozens of areas on his body were bleeding. After all, Yan Chi's battle spirit still came from an Emperor level powerhouse. When it erupted in that final burst with all its might, the strength it displayed was extremely terrifying. In the end, it had even cut open Lin Ming's protective bodily true essence.

In truth, these several dozen bloody cuts on his body couldn't even be considered injuries to him, they just made him look a bit distressed. Perhaps there were some haughty and proud martial artists that cared about their image and would always want to win in a beautiful and spectacular manner, but to Lin Ming that was nothing at all.


Yan Chi's headless corpse fell to the ground.

This was how he had died.

This third match was also the last. With Yan Chi dead, it was Lin Ming's complete victory!

The audience had fallen silent. In three continuous revolving matches that were designed to wear him down, Lin Ming had battled to the last one. Judging from his appearance, he may have been wounded, but he still had strength left!

These three had all been part of the Heavenly Demon Seven Stars, and not just that, but they had all entered the Road of Emperor, causing their strength to be greatly increased. Originally, no one thought that Lin Ming would win. Everyone simply thought he was too brash and reckless, but, the true final result had defied all expectations. All three great masters had been completely killed off by Lin Ming!

At the start of the fight, who could imagine that Lin Ming, who had only just finished the King's Cage, would have his strength rise by such a ridiculous degree!

’’This is freaking me out. I think that Lin Ming still has at least 50 to 60% of his strength left. I can't imagine just how much true essence he has within him.’’

’’Three continuous matches, and all three opponents were from the Heavenly Demon Seven Stars. There were even top characters like Yan Chi and Maha, but even so, Lin Ming killed all of them while just receiving some minor wounds.’’

These minor flesh wounds, not to mention Lin Ming, but they weren't anything at all to every other martial artist on the third floor. They would be fully healed in just a few hours.

’’Truly worthy of being a Titled Asura. Truly worthy of being known as the number one talent of the Holy Demon Continent's last 10,000 years. His cultivation is only at the extreme Xiantian realm, but he already has such potential. After he becomes a Peerless Emperor, that will truly be terrifying!’’

’’Hey, what do you... how many stages of Life Destruction do you think Lin Ming will be able to cross?’’ A martial artist asked out loud.

Humans were weak, but that was only before they became Peerless Emperors. Humans were talented in their perception, and their compatibility with Laws was only second to the Fey's. The main limiter of their strength was their body. These weak and frail bodies caused humans to be limited in both striking power and defensive power.

But the heavens were fair. Before becoming Peerless Emperors, humans had to experience Life Destruction. Life Destruction was the door of death for humanity. The mortality rate of every single crossing was extremely high. This was also the reason that there was a far smaller number of human Emperor powerhouses than every other race.

However, correspondingly, when one successfully crossed Life Destruction, their body would be remolded. The strength of human powerhouses would rapidly rise. If one could cross eight stages of Life Destruction, their strength would far surpass every other race!

Lin Ming's current strength was already high to the point of being ridiculously freakish. If he crossed eight stages of Life Destruction in the future, just how formidable would he become?

Thinking of this, the martial artists present didn't dare to imagine any further...


In the special guest section, Feng Shen was listening to the martial artists around him who were talking and expressing their opinions.

He shook his head. These people didn't understand just how terrifying that battle was.

That was the detonation of an Emperor battle spirit. Even so, it was still fended off by Lin Ming!

An Emperor battle spirit, even if it was just the faintest of wisps, still contained an extremely terrifying explosive power!

Unfortunately, Yan Chi couldn't control this strength. All he could do was let this battle spirit explode as it wished, spreading the energy in all directions. This caused most of the energy to be wasted, and only a small portion had fallen on Lin Ming.

And when Lin Ming had become one with his spear, he had also used the spiraling power of his spear to deflect the power of the battle spirit, finally receiving only minor wounds at the end.

Feng Shen had extraordinarily good vision. He had seen profound and mysterious principles that Lin Ming had used to avert the power of the battle spirit. This caused him to admire Lin Ming even more. Lin Ming not only had terrifying strength but also a cool mind. In a tense situation he had still chosen to use the most appropriate tactic at the key moment!

'I... I am not his match.'

Feng Shen was ashamed of his own inadequacy. He was confident that he could have defeated Yan Chi, but to defeat Lin Ming at his peak condition... this was impossible.

Let alone his peak condition, even if Feng Shen went onstage now and challenged Lin Ming, who had already consumed a great deal of his strength, he had to admit that the chances of him defeating Lin Ming were no more than 50-50.

On the arena stage, Lin Ming calmly took Yan Chi's spatial ring and his black treasure sword. At this time, the infernal energy within Yan Chi's body flowed into Lin Ming. The fourth pair of wings on his Heavenly Demon Tattoo widened once again. Now he had reached the very peak of an eight-winged Heavenly Demon, and was only a single step away from being a ten-winged Heavenly Demon.

However, crossing this last step wouldn't be easy. The only way would be to kill someone at the level of a Heavenly Demon Seven Star or higher, otherwise there was no way for this Heavenly Demon Tattoo to grow any more.

’’How unfortunate.’’ Lin Ming shook his head. He was just a little bit off!


In the seat of honor, High Lord Heian coldly snorted. Everything that Feng Shen had thought of, he too had thought the same. He stood up with a dour expression, not interested in staying another half minute, and then turned around to leave.

But at this moment, Lin Ming looked up. He smiled, smirking as he said, ’’Heian, running away so soon? Why don't you come down and play with me?’’


High Lord Heian was startled, instantly stiffening on the spot. All of the other martial artists present were beyond shocked. Everyone had incredulous expressions as they looked at Lin Ming.

Just now... what... what did he say?


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