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Martial World - Chapter 602


Chapter 602 - Another Killing




Use his flesh and blood body to step into the Saber Light Domain?

What a joke!

Such terrifying saber light was also coupled together with the Concept of Annihilation;everything would be crushed upon entry. Generally speaking, a martial artist's bodily true essence protection was the same as scrap paper when faced with these saber lights. Even though Lin Ming's true essence was thick, there was a limit to what it could do. It was impossible for him to depend on his bodily true essence alone to block this storm-like attack.

’’What he is doing?’’

’’He's taking another step forwards... he wants to enter the Saber Light Domain!’’

In the special guest section, Feng Shen's eyes were glued onto Lin Ming. He himself had fought with Maha once. When he faced Maha's Saber Light Domain, he didn't have any better method than to delay the battle and slowly whittle the domain away through a battle of attrition.

Now, Maha's strength had obviously risen by another level and his Saber Light Domain became correspondingly more terrifying. To walk into the Saber Light Domain with just their body, even a High Lord would die like this!

Maha also wasn't sure just what Lin Ming was trying to do. He glared at Lin Ming, his true essence revolving to the limit as he said, ’’If you're trying some trick, then you're looking to die!’’


With a step forwards, Maha's saber lights began to stir up strong gusts of wind that covered Lin Ming. ’’I don't believe that you can block these hundreds and thousands of saber lights!’’

In the second that the saber lights were about to pierce Lin Ming's body, Lin Ming lightly caressed his Purple Comet Spear and took a sudden step forwards. The Purple Comet Spear thrust out!

Although this one spear seemed ordinary, an impossible scene suddenly occurred. Lin Ming carried his spear and seemed to pass through space itself, instantly arriving in front of Maha. He had completely ignored the saber lights as if they hadn't even existed!


Maha was tremendously shocked!

When Lin Ming had been in the King's Cage, the space storms that he had faced were many times more terrifying and deadly than this Saber Light Domain! By using the power of space within the Saber Light Domain, he had instantly crossed the void

Chasing Sun!

Lin opened up 100% of the Heretical God Force, thrusting his spear forwards!

A brilliantly shining flame combusted in the void like a miniature sun had been birthed within the arena. Between Lin Ming's eyebrows, the flame mark there began to issue a radiant light.

By burning the blood of the Ancient Phoenix, the power of Lin Ming's Chasing Sun had risen to the limit!


Maha didn't have time to think about how Lin Ming had passed his spear lights and appeared in front of him. He howled and summoned all the strength within his body, his saber cutting down at Lin Ming.

However... as this saber came cutting down, he suddenly felt everything around him slow down. Those saber lights that were dancing in the air slowed, and even Lin Ming's spear seemed slow.

But this spear, although it was slow, it was actually impossible for him to block or dodge. This was because the speed of his saber had become even slower!


Maha raved like a madman. Demon essence erupted like a volcano within his body, and blood vessels on his arm began to burst open. But, no matter how much of his bodily potential he released, he was unable to break through these shackles of time! He could only stare helplessly as Lin Ming's Purple Comet Spear ran right through his throat.

Blood gushed out!


In the next moment, Lin Ming had already left the Saber Light Domain. Behind him, Maha was blankly standing there, his eyes glazed over and fresh blood spraying out from him.

After Killing Kai Yang, Lin Ming had now killed Maha!


The thick seven foot long saber fell into the metal floor foundation, breaking it even further. Maha's tall and burly body lost all support, and he plopped onto the floor.

The entire audience was in utter shock.

It could be said that Lin Ming had been able to kill Kai Yang because his specialty was suppressed by Lin Ming. But when he killed Maha, it had been a true battle under fair circumstances!

Maha was originally ranked third within the Heavenly Demon Seven Stars. Not just that, but after entering the Road of Emperor, his strength had increased astronomically. How could he possibly have died in such a miserable manner?

Lin Ming had only entered the King's Cage, and yet the gains he had made within the King's Cage had far surpassed Maha's gains from the Road of Emperor. Just what sort of abnormally monstrous talent was this!

Also, many martial artists present didn't understand. Just how had Maha died?

What had happened just now?

Maha's Saber Light Domain was a technique that was both offensive and defensive. Its defensive capabilities were especially strong. With the ability to grow endlessly, it could simply be called a perfect defense. But Lin Ming had walked into that Saber Light Domain with just his flesh and blood body, and had somehow instantly passed through space, completely treating the Saber Light Domain as if it were nothing but air.

Then, that spear thrust seemed very ordinary and its speed seemed slow, but for some reason, Maha didn't even have enough time to withdraw his saber and was then killed by Lin Ming!

If this were a normal fight, then people might have even thought that Maha had faked it and lost on purpose. But this was a life and death battle, there was naturally no way he had allowed that to happen.

’’Those were the Concepts of Space and Time just now...’’ In the audience, a martial artist had recognized Lin Ming's technique.

’’That is too terrifying. After reaching the pinnacle in comprehending the Concepts of Space and Time, can Lin Ming actually teleport?’’

’’It isn't teleportation. It was only stepping forwards using the Law of Space. We don't understand this Law, thus it looks like teleportation to us.’’

A Fey martial artist explained. As a Fey, he had a somewhat limited understanding of the Concepts of Space in Time. In the ancient legends, it was said that those existences that had reached the utter limits of the Concept of Space, once they touched upon the origin of Space Laws, could actually teleport across vast distances. But, that sort of boundary only existed in the ancient texts. These days, it was unachievable. Not even the Eightfall War Emperor had the ability to do so.

’’Aiya! The difference in talent is too great! Each of them had entered into practice areas, but Maha had entered the Road of Emperor and Lin Ming had only entered the King's Cage. If Lin Ming enters the Road of Emperor in the future, just how strong would he be then?’’

Thinking of this, the martial artists present couldn't help but shudder. Killing Kai Yang and then executing Maha, Lin Ming had simply swept away his opposition with absolute force without allowing any of them to resist. Kai Yang's Emperor Will and Maha's Saber Light Domain were completely useless against Lin Ming.

At this moment, a martial artist with a deep voice said, ’’Don't be an idiot, it's impossible for Lin Ming to have the chance of entering the Road of Emperor. How could the 12 High Lords ever allow that to happen? Isn't that just taking a rock and smashing it against their own feet? The only way would be for Lin Ming to wholeheartedly pledge his loyalty to Skysplit Tower.

None of the martial artists present were fools. They could all see that High Lord Heian had wanted to place Lin Ming in a deathtrap.

’’This damn boy, letting him live will only mean disaster for the Blood Slaughter Steppes;it might even mean catastrophe for the Giant Demon and Imp races within the Holy Demon Continent!’’ In the seat of honor, High Lord Heian traced his ring, his eyes flashing with killing intent.

Lin Ming and the Eightfall War Emperor were too alike. In the King's Cage, everyone's experience was different. Whether it was difficult or the type of cage, it was completely different for each person.

But, Lin Ming and the Eightfall War Emperor had both comprehended the Concepts of Space and Time within the King's Cage. This sort of chance coincidence caused High Lord Heian to feel fear in his heart.

The Eightfall War Emperor's accomplishments in the Concepts of Space and Time were exceedingly high and he had also reached the eighth stage of Life Destruction. Because of these factors, no Emperor powerhouse within his same level could even think of offending him.

Now, Lin Ming was also the same. Moreover, what was most horrifying was that the time he stayed within the King's Cage was almost twice that of the Eightfall War Emperor!

If this was allowed to continue, then dozens of years later, as long as Lin Ming didn't die, he would become an Emperor level powerhouse.

And several hundred years from now, Lin Ming would become nearly unrivaled throughout all the lands.

And several thousand years from now, Lin Ming would have a high chance of becoming the number one powerhouse of the entire Holy Demon Continent!

When that time came, the interests of the Giant Demon and Imp races would inevitably be severely damaged.

On the arena stage, Lin Ming was calm as he took Maha's spatial ring. At the same time, Maha's infernal energy also rushed into Lin Ming's body.

As someone that been ranked in the top three of the Heavenly Demon Seven Stars, the richness of Maha's infernal energy could be imagined. As half of that infernal energy rushed into Lin Ming's body, Lin Ming's Heavenly Demon Tattoo instantly promoted to the peak of eight wings!

From a ten-winged Heavenly Demon Tattoo, the difference wasn't all that far.

To reach 10 wings was possible, but to go from 10 wings to 12 wings was an extremely long and arduous process. When arriving at that level, the greatest problem would be finding a match. In order to further form the tattoo, one would have to fight with High Lords. But what High Lord would dare to fight?

Not just that, but a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon was a great taboo within the Blood Slaughter Steppes. This was because once this character became an Emperor level powerhouse they wouldn't be affected by that mystical curse within the Blood Slaughter Steppes that killed all entering powerhouses. A twelve-winged Heavenly Demon could return to the Blood Slaughter Steppes as they wished. This was simply a massive factor of instability!

After killing Kai Yang and Maha, Lin Ming had in fact obtained a Hundred Winning Streak Emblem and earned nearly a 100 slaughter points. But after reaching this level, emblems, slaughter points - none of these mattered much anymore.

Next... this third match was also the last match.

Lin Ming against Yan Chi!

Everyone's eyes turned onto Yan Chi. Yan Chi appeared surprisingly calm, without even the slightest trace of fair.

When Yan Chi had entered the King's Cage, he obtained the title of earth-step Asura.

Of course, when compared with Lin Ming he was completely overshadowed. But when placed within any fifth-grade sect within the Holy Demon Continent, this was actually a first class result!

Without a doubt, Yan Chi was also an Emperor level talent. As long as he could maintain this pace of progress, then it was very likely he would become an Emperor level powerhouse in the future.

His footsteps light, Yan Chi slowly floated onto the arena stage like a fading autumn leaf. Without a sound he extracted his weapon from his spatial ring. This was a black high-grade earth-step treasure sword.

With sword in hand, Yan Chi's aura suddenly changed. It had immediately become sharp, violent, and swift!

It was true that Imp martial artists were skilled in soul attacks, but if anyone were to presume that they were only skilled in soul attacks, they would be making a fatal mistake.

Yan Chi was an excellent example of this.

He was proficient in soul attacks and also in physical attacks.

’’Truly worthy of Yan Chi. Facing Lin Ming, he doesn't have the least bit of panic!’’

’’This is the bearing of a true master!’’

’’Don't underestimate Yan Chi. Lin Ming is strong, but Yan Chi's strength is also unfathomable. No one knows just how much Yan Chi's strength has risen within the Road of Emperor. Moreover, Lin Ming has already fought in two matches. Although it looked like he easily won them, in truth his consumption of energy probably isn't minor.’’

Martial artists had limited reserves of true essence. When martial artists fought, they would normally start with probing moves before using their true ultimate techniques. It wasn't strange for a powerful martial skill to use 10% of one's true essence. As for a final killing move, it was normal for those to use up 20 to 30% of one's true essence.

Thus, even if one easily ended their fights, they would still usually consume 10 to 20% of their true essence. If they fought in two straight matches then they would only have 70 to 80% of their original true essence from when they had been in their peak form. When fighting continuous matches, unless there was an overwhelming difference in strength, it would be difficult to continue.


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