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Martial World - Chapter 601


Chapter 601 - Saber Light Domain




For a time, every martial artist's eyes turned onto Maha!

Maha coldly snorted, ’’It's like you believe you're invincible!’’

He moved. Crossing hundreds of feet with a single step, Maha arrived directly atop the arena stage.

’’You killed Kai Yang, now you think you've already won against me?’’ Maha's mouth twisted. He couldn't help but acknowledge Lin Ming's soul defense abilities. He had actually even resisted the Emperor Will!

However, none of this mattered to him. Maha was a Giant Demon martial artist. His main form of combat had always been and would always be related to violent and close-combat fighting. Soul attacks were primarily the domain of the Imps.

He extracted the long saber from his back. Maha's saber blade was seven feet long, and in addition to the hilt, this weapon was as long as an adult male. The saber ridge was three feet thick, and the weapon itself weighed no less than several tens of thousands of jins. Giant Demon martial artists generally loved using heavy weaponry like this.

’’Words are useless, let's fight!’’

Lin Ming snapped the Purple Comet Spear in his hand. On the spearpoint, electricity sparkled.

Maha gripped his saber with both hands. Clouds of demon essence began to gather around him. With a cut of his saber, saber energy swept out, and wherever it went, tiles would turn into ash before vanishing to nothing!

Concept of Annihilation!

Compared to Xing Tian, Maha's Concept of Annihilation was several times stronger. With just the saber wind, tiles were destroyed, and even large areas were carved out of the hardened metal ground of the stage that was supported with array formations!

The saber wind blew through the arena. Luckily, all of the surrounding martial artists were masters in their own right. They quickly summoned their bodily demon essence protection to resist this saber wind attack. But as soon as this demon essence touched Maha's saber energy, it would rapidly melt away!


’’Even the aftermath shockwaves are like this. A direct hit must be horrifying!’’

Lin Ming also felt the pressure of the Concept of Annihilation. He wasn't a stranger to the Concept of Annihilation. Without a doubt, Skysplit Tower had areas where one could perceive the Concept of Annihilation. Xing Tian and Maha must have comprehended their Concept of Annihilation at this area.

Heretical God Force - open!

Blood Seal Twisting Murder!

A spear thrust out and Blood Drinking Seals twisted in circles as they flew, smashing against the Concept of Annihilation in a furious confrontation as it released screeching, bone-aching sounds.


The saber light and spear light simultaneously exploded. Lin Ming gently floated upwards from the force.

Easily breaking apart the Concept of Annihilation, Lin Ming didn't even break a sweat. His expression was calm and his breath was even. Although everyone had expected that Maha's saber strike wouldn't be able to do much to Lin Ming, it was still startling to see him block it so smoothly.

The Concept of Annihilation was not an ordinary Concept, but one of the highest order.

’’No need to test the waters. Come at me with everything you have!’’

Lin Ming lightly landed, his spear pointed straight at Maha.

’’Insolence!’’ Maha's eyes flashed with a cold light. ’’Since that's what you want, let me help you!’’

Maha held his saber against his chest as his demon essence erupted to the limit. In this light, all of the muscles on his body bulged, his veins sticking up like blue worms. A black light enveloped Maha and then instantly expanded to 100 feet. Wherever this light covered, countless saber lights shimmered. Every saber light contained the Concept of Annihilation.

’’This is the Saber Light Domain!’’

’’Maha's signature move!’’

The Saber Light Domain was a style that emerged from the Holy Demon Continent's western regions. This was a move that used an extremely thick true essence to create countless saber energies. Normally, when a martial artist sent out saber energies, they would need to use them to attack. Regardless of what situation it was, the saber energies needed to be set free, where they would then transform into destructive power.

But the Saber Light Domain that Maha used just now was actually able to gather these saber energies and ensure that they didn't disperse, instead endlessly enveloping their body. This was a technique that was both offensive and defensive. If a martial artist were to step into this Saber Light Domain, then they would be directly cut into pieces!

The most powerful point of the Saber Light Domain was that every time Maha used a saber strike, that strike would then fuse into the Saber Light Domain. This meant that the Saber Light Domain would continue to grow stronger!

Seeing Maha go all out with his maximum strength, all of the martial artists present rubbed their eyes.

This was the true battle!

A great number of Giant Demon martial artists began cheering for Maha. This Maha who could use the Saber Light Domain was simply a massive living meat grinder;just who would be able to defend against this?

Not just that, but in comparison to the Saber Light Domain's amazing attack power, its defensive power was even more terrifying. Within the countless and endless Saber Light Domain, any attack that entered would be completely minced to pieces!


Maha slashed out with his saber. Near him, countless saber lights were affected by the force of this saber strike. As his saber cut out, saber energies crazily flew out!

This Saber Light Domain had fused in the Concept of Annihilation. The Saber Light Domain's essence was that it could cut anything within it to pieces. Now with the Concept of Annihilation added on, its destructive power could be imagined!

Lin Ming's expression was finally sincere. All of those that held the famous title of Heavenly Demon Seven Star had true ability. Even the weaker Kai Yang was no exception. If he hadn't run out of luck and bumped into someone with such an abnormal soul defense, then things would have been different.

But now, the Maha in front of him was even more powerful than Kai Yang!

Lin Ming opened the Heretical God Force to 90%. Lin Ming held the Purple Comet Spear, the sharp point flashing with sparkling thunder and thick arcs of electricity waving around it like dancing pythons.

Chasing Thunder!

Pouring all of his will and potential into the Purple Comet Spear, this was a killing strike created from the fusion of the Concept of Thunder and the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art'!

Lin Ming became one with his spear, turning into a bolt of lightning that howled forth, impacting straight into the Saber Light Domain!

Frontal collision!

It wasn't just the people watching the battle, but even Maha was greatly shocked. The Saber Light Domain could crush and cut everything! When the average person faced this ability, they would retreat and use long distance attacks, slowly consuming the strength of the Saber Light Domain bit by bit.

How could anyone think of directly rushing in!


Radiant thunder light filled the entire arena. Even the impregnable Saber Light Domain was directly pierced through by this impossibly keen spear light!

Then, the countless saber lights within the domain twined together with the spear light, sending out a series of crackling sounds. Saber light was constantly being broken by the power of thunder! But, the power of thunder was also weakening at the same time!

In this split-second, before the audience even had time to respond, Lin Ming had turned into a bolt of lightning and arrived right in front of Maha!

’’Humph! Anyone that rushes in has a death wish!’’

Maha roared. Both hands gripped his saber as he slashed down at Lin Ming!

’’Mountain Shattering Strike!’’

Maha's Mountain Shattering Strike truly had the ability to split apart a mountain peak. Now, this saber energy transformed into a several dozen foot wide saber light that cut towards Lin Ming!

Such a magnificent and overpowering saber strike caused everyone to be inexplicably frightened.


Countless saber lights broke apart. The bolt of purple lightning that Lin Ming had turned into passed straight through Maha's Saber Light Domain, breaking straight through the other side!

At the same time, Maha's saber heavily struck the arena.

Before the tiles came into contact with the blade, all of them were already shattered into fine dust by the saber energy before disappearing without a trace.

The saber light smashed into the metal ground, cutting out a massive 300 foot long fissure in the arena. The entire arena had actually been split in half by Maha's single saber strike!

The audience felt their blood freezing in their veins. This saber strike was too terrifying!

In the arena, a 100 foot wide and 300 foot long region had been destroyed. The floor tiles there had completely disappeared under the impact of the Concept of Annihilation, and in places further away, they had even turned into sand. Even the hard metal ground that was supported by array formations was cut open, leaving behind shockingly deep cracks.

Everyone's eyes almost turned onto Lin Ming's body at the same time. After Lin Ming penetrated the Saber Light Domain, he only calmly turned around, not a single hair on his head harmed.

As for Maha, his complexion was pale and a trace of blood slowly dripped down his shoulder.

’’Maha was injured!’’

’’Heavens! Even though I was so far from that terrifying saber light I still thought I had been cut apart. But... the one that was injured was actually Maha!’’

’’That just now should be Lin Ming's ultimate attack. If this continues then he really might be able to win two continuous battles and then challenge Yan Chi! Lin Ming is truly worthy of being called the number one talent of the last 10,000 years!’’

’’It's not wrong that Lin Ming is strong, but what I don't understand is why although Lin Ming's spear light is extraordinarily fast, it doesn't seem all too terrifying. But on the other hand, Maha's saber light contains the Concept of Annihilation. You just have to look at the sad state of the arena to see how scary it is. How could it be this result if this two collide?’’

The audience wasn't able to understand what had happened. The Concept of Annihilation was known as one of the highest level Concepts, and this reputation was not unearned. Maha had elevated his Concept of Annihilation to this degree, yet when he faced Lin Ming, it was like his Concept of Annihilation was useless.

As Maha looked at Lin Ming, his complexion was ugly. The audience couldn't understand, but he did. In truth, his saber strike just now hadn't even touched Lin Ming!

When his saber cut down, he suddenly had a very strange and weird feeling surrounding him. Then, Lin Ming, in a completely impossible situation, actually managed to escape the path of this saber energy. Lin Ming had only been scratched by some of the aftershocks, but these saber energy aftershocks had been far from being able to break through his protective true essence.

His Mountain Shattering Strike had struck nothing!

’’Lin Ming, if you really have the ability then come and break my Saber Light Domain!’’ Maha tore apart a piece of his clothes that had been ripped by his own spear light, his eyes flashing dangerously at Lin Ming.

’’Break your Saber Light Domain?’’ Lin Ming faintly smiled. Maha's demon essence was condensed to an incomparably thick state, and the Saber Light Domain could grow endlessly as it contained a terrifying power. Wanting to break it wouldn't be easy.

Lin Ming's cultivation was far inferior to Maha's. Also, Maha was defending while Lin Ming was attacking. The saber light in Maha's domain didn't scatter. After Lin Ming's spear light pierced in, it would be constantly attacked. In this situation it would be an extreme advantage. In this case, if he wanted to crush this saber light with absolute strength then he would most likely need to use the power of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates.

Lin Ming didn't want to do this. The Eight Inner Hidden Gates was his greatest trump card.

After that exchange of moves, Maha seemed to dread that strange movement of Lin Ming that had dodged his saber attack and proceeded to throw out more saber lights around him, surrounding him even more. This way, his defense would reach the pinnacle.

The Saber Light Domain had always been a marvelous defensive ability. Now that its defensive strength had reached the limit, it was like being protected in an unbreakable golden bell.

Maha had already made his decision. At worst, he would drag this into a battle of attrition. He had full confidence in the amount of demon essence he had as well as his ability to regenerate it.

Lin Ming had already seen through Maha's plans. Battle of attrition? He wasn't afraid of this, but he didn't want to. Skysplit Tower's third floor was full of enemies everywhere. Lin Ming was inclined to maintain his peak condition as long as possible.

He didn't want to open the Eight Inner Hidden Gates nor did he want to start a battle of attrition. His feet began moving, and Lin Ming slowly walked towards Maha, approaching the Saber Light Domain step by step.

What was Lin Ming trying to do?

The audience had no idea.

There wasn't too much protective true essence condensed on Lin Ming's body. But he was headed towards the Saber Light Domain as if he were going to walk directly into it...


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